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Republic of Karelia

Republic of Karelia – cities and sights . Choosing an object on the map, you can go to his page where you can see a description, mode of operation, how to get to, read reviews, leave your feedback about the visit. On the basis of the reviews, we form the rating of the cities and attractions, hotels and cafes, and any other objects of interest to auto-travelers.

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Sightseeing in Karelia

Kivach Reserve (Petrozavodsk) ☆☆☆☆

The pearl of the reserve is the waterfall with the same name – the second biggest, after the Rhine, flat waterfall in Europe (falling height 10.7 m). It is to him the Russian poet Derzhavin dedicated his ode “Waterfall”. There are also cafes, souvenirs, an arboretum, a museum, a WWII memorial and an ecological trail.

Rating: 226.03

Ruskeala Mountain Park (Ruskeala) ☆☆☆☆

Ruskeala Mountain Park

In Ruskeala quarries marble for the palaces of St. Petersburg. Now on the place of stone quarries lakes with crystal clear water and white marble shores. How to get there: by crossing from Ruskeala.

Rating: 204.06

Modern Sculpture Park (Petrozavodsk) ☆☆☆☆

Modern Sculpture Park

On the embankment of Onega Lake there is a park of modern sculptures made by sculptors and artists from Petrozavodsk sister cities. An interesting feature, the sculptures were made in Petrozavodsk and presented to the public within the limits of the City days, and the authors of works were present on their opening. The sculpture “Fishermen” was established in 1991. The author-sculptor Rafael Consuegra from Minnesota. The sculpture symbolizes the creative work of Russian and American fishermen. “Tubengen Panorama” was installed in 1994. Its authors are sculptors Bernhard Vogelmann and Kurt Geiselhart from Tyubingen – also a twin city of Petrozavodsk. The “Tree of Wishes” is established in 1996 by its authors from Umeå in Sweden. Different original idea, when natural wood was covered with fiberglass. Etc.

Rating: 177.57

Museum-reserve “Kizhi” (Petrozavodsk) ☆☆☆☆

Kizhi churchyard was first mentioned in 1496. In the 16th century there were wooden churches of Spassky churchyard. Unfortunately, they were lost in a fire. In XVIII century in their place was built the Church of the Intercession (9 heads), Transfiguration (22 heads), in the XIX century was built a bell tower. Since 1966 monuments of wooden architecture from all over Karelia have been transferred here (about 60 constructions). The oldest exhibit is the Chapel of St Lazarus of Murom (14th century). Address: tel. (8142) 76-00-87, 76-70-91 (Petrozavodsk) or (8142) 51-98-25 (Kizhi island), (8142) 76-57-64 (pre-order a tour and helicopter to Kizhi island) Working hours: 1.06 – 31.08 from 8. From Petrozavodsk – 14.05 from 10 a.m. to 15.00 p.m. 15.05 – 30.05 from 9 a.m. to 16.00 How to reach: Comet from riverside station (transfer time 1 hour 15 min): from Petrozavodsk – every day 13. From Kizhi island – daily 15.30; 20.30 Excursion comets from July to August at 9 am In winter time you can get by helicopter (book places by tel. (8142) 74-75-66) Also, you can get by comet from Velikaya Guba settlement (time in transit – 30 min): departure at 14.45, arrival at 19.45

Boring Karelia: 3 the worst sights

Rating: 125.61

Ruskeala Waterfall (Ruskeala) ☆☆☆☆

Ruskeala Waterfall

A very picturesque waterfall on the river Tohma, located directly on the highway towards Ruskeala. Familiar to moviegoers from the movie “The Dawns Are Quiet Here”. From Sortavala go by the signs to Ruskeala. You will not pass it. Nearby there is a parking lot for picnic.

Rating: 123.77

Monument to Peter the First (Petrozavodsk) ☆☆☆☆

Monument to Peter the Great

Rating: 122.69

Full list of sights

Above are some of the most popular attractions in Karelia . You can find 280 sights, 9 services, 7 crafts, 134 hotels, 58 cafes at the links in the table. You can go to the city page (column on the left), where all attractions are listed, or to the page with filtered objects of particular type.

And we also have a search function (menu on the left, topmost button).

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City Architecture Kids Museums Panoramas Nature Ruins Sculpture Technique Hotels Cafe, restaurants Souvenirs, crafts Service
Belaya Gora 1 1
Belomorsk 2 1 1 2 1 5 1
Berezovka 1 1
Valaam 2 1
Vedlozero 1
Velikaya Guba 1 1 1
Vidlitsa 2
Virma 1
Voknavolok 1 1 1 1
Vyartsilya 2
Girvas 1 1 1 1 1
Wooden 1 1
Ignoila 1
Ilyinsky 1 1
Impilahti 2
Settlement 1
Kalevala 4 2 3 5 2 1
Karshevo 2 1
Kem 5 1 1 1 5 3 1
Kirkkolahti 1 1
Kolezhma 1 1
Kondopoga 5 1 4 1 6 4
Korba 1
Kosalma 1 1
Kosmozero 2
Kostomuksha 3 1 7 1 3 1
Krivoy porog 1
Kurkiyeki 2 1 1 1 1 1
Lahdenpohja 7 1 1 1 1 1 6 2
Loimola 2
Louhi 1 1
Lyaskelya 5 1 1 4 2 1
Manga 2
Marcial Waters 1 1 1
Sailors 1 1
Medvezhegorsk 8 2 1 1 3 6 7 2
Metsamikli 1
Nadvoitsy 1 1 4
Nilmoguba 1 1
Nyukhcha 2 1
Olonets 1 1 3
Orusjärvi 1
Pegrema 1 1
Petrozavodsk 14 14 1 28 40 21 1 3
Pitkyaranta 6 1 4 1 1 2 1
Povenets 2 1 1
Pogrankondushi 1
Porosozero 1
Pryazha 1 1 1 2
Pudozh 5 1 3 3
Pushhny 2
Pyalma 2 1
Pyaozersky 1
Ruskeala 2 2 3 2 1
Salmi 1 2 1 1
Sambatuksa 1 1
Segezha 3 1 3 2 1
Sortavala 7 4 1 2 4 1 14 6 1
Sumski Posad 4 1
Suojärvi 2 1
Syandeba 1
Tiksha 1
Tipinitsy 2 1
Tedino 1 1
Hiitola 1 1 2
Chalna 1 1
Chebino 1
Chelmuzhi 1
Chupa 1
Shalsky 1
Sheltozero 2 2 1
Shunga 4 1 1 1
Essoila 1 1 3

Photos of Karelia

These pictures were chosen by random. You can see all photos of Karelia by clicking here.

Travelling in Karelia: where to go for the first time

Travelling in Karelia: Where to go for the first time

Undoubtedly, most Russians tend to go to the sea and warm up on the sand in summer. But if you are a fan of northern nature, Vikings and Scandinavian countries, do not like the heat, be sure to visit Karelia this summer. Moreover, the borders are still closed. And Karelia is a great way to see “Russian Finland or Sweden”. It is part of the tourist route “Blue Road”, which connects Russia, Norway, Finland and Sweden.

Journey to Karelia will bring you a lot of impressions. Experienced travelers, answering the question “Where to go for the first time,” unanimously recommend the Mountain Park “Ruskeala” and the waterfall “Ahvenkoski. This is a great place to relax in the summer! Near the waterfall, the film “The Dawns Here Are Quiet” was filmed.

The editorial team of the TVIL.RU blog compiled a guide to the republic. It will help you decide where to stay, where to go for the first time to rest in Karelia was successful the first time. In the guide we also tell if it is possible to go to Karelia now and what to see in Karelia in summer by yourself. More than half of the tourists recommend Valaam on Ladoga, Kizhi on Lake Onega, the Ruskeala Marble Quarry, and the Kivach waterfall, which are convenient to get to by boat in summer.

Pandemic travel in Karelia

We learned from the press service of the Head of the Republic of Karelia, whether you can go to Karelia now, to visit museums, theaters, and what you need to have, going to travel.

Reviews on vacation in Karelia - 2020-2021. Is it worth to go

Tourists who came from other regions of Russia, do not need to observe two weeks isolation. However, they need to inform the hotline of the Ministry of Health of the Republic 8-800-201-06-57 about their arrival. Isolation is maintained only for foreign tourists.

If you come to Karelia on business on a business trip, do a coronavirus test a week before your trip. The negative result should come two days before departure.

In the Republic of Karelia cafes and restaurants do not serve visitors from 23:00 to 6:00, except for roadside bistros.

Theaters, concerts, exhibitions are allowed to visit only with masks and gloves, respecting the distance. Entrance and exit areas are separated everywhere.

Karelia travel by car by yourself

@ ÃLeksanÐR TR

How to get and travel in Karelia

“I recommend driving around Karelia by car. That way, you’ll see more beautiful places and save on excursions with a local driver, who charge 10-15,000 ₽,” shares travel experience editor Daria Savelieva.

Highway R-21 “Kola” leads from the northern capital to the capital of Karelia. From St. Petersburg it will take you 6 hours, from Moscow – twice as much, covering over a thousand kilometers.

The “Besovets” airport is 16 kilometers from the city. But from Moscow few planes fly to Petrozavodsk, mainly “Pobeda” and very rarely. The most convenient way is to go from Moscow by Murmansk or Karelian train. On the way you will spend half a day and 3,000 ₽ for the ticket. Or you can get to Petrozavodsk from St. Petersburg in 5 hours by Lastochka, for 1,000 ₽.

If you arrive in Petrozavodsk, you can stay at a hotel or book an apartment near the railway station. This is the center of the city, moreover, it is convenient to get there if you are not by car.

From 550 ₽ Hotel Petrozavodsk, 28 Krasnaya Street

From 1,500 ₽ studio apartment for 3 persons at 10 Maxim Gorky Street

Summer in Karelia

@ rus-camper.ru

“Quiet” destinations for summer travel by car in Karelia

The pandemic has changed the attitude to travel among Russians, travel industry experts say. Indeed, people, tired of the hustle and bustle in the megacities, go out of town. They book cottages and houses at tourist centers to relax with friends and relatives and to breathe clean air.

Karelia is called the leader of oxygen tourism in Russia. In the silence of the forests and lakes you can restore breathing, cleanse the lungs and bronchi. And Karelian cloudberries, blueberries, cranberries, mushrooms will strengthen your immune system.

Analysts of the booking service TVIL.RU compiled the top 8 “quiet” places to stay in Karelia, to see everything. Four cities are included in the top. They are Petrozavodsk, Lahdenpohja, Medvezhjegorsk, Kodopoga, Olonets and Suojärvi. Two more settlements – Ilyinsky and Muezersky.

Lahdenpohja – 7 145 ₽ / 8 nights *

Petrozavodsk – 4,958 ₽ / 6 nights

Ilyinsky – 3,743 ₽ / 7 nights

Medvezhegorsk – 8,391 ₽ / 7 nights

Kondopoga – 6,280 ₽ / 7 nights

Muezersky – 3,706 ₽ / 8.5 nights

Suoyarvi – 4,000 ₽ / 8 nights

Olonets – 4,300 ₽ / 8 nights

* Average spending on rent per day / average number of nights booked

“The lowest cost to rent a guest house on the camping site in the settlement of Ilyinsky in Olonets district and the settlement of urban type Muezersky on the left bank of the river Muezerka. In Ilyinsky you can rent a house for an average of 3,743 ₽ per day, and in Muezersky – 3,706 ₽, “- analysts TVIL.RU bring statistics for this summer.

Summer holidays in Lahdenpohja and Medvezhjegorsk will cost you 7-8,000 ₽ per cottage per day. But neither in Ilyinsky, nor in Muezersky you will not find a large number of attractions, as in Lahdenpohja and Petrozavodsk. Therefore, the latter have become megapopular for travel in two years.

Rest with children in Karelia 2020: the best bases + tips


@ Belenikhin Dmitry

Petrozavodsk is the capital of the Republic of Karelia

“The coeval of St. Petersburg” stands on the shore of Lake Onega and meets every traveler on the way to the protected nature of the region.

Petrozavodsk is quite a compact city. It is quite suitable for a trip of 2 days. Then according to your wishes and capabilities you can travel around the city, stopping in each of the 3-4 days to rest. Believe me, the whole beauty of Karelia is beyond the boundaries of settlements. So we recommend either driving your own car or renting from 800 ₽ in Petrozavodsk.

We asked experienced travelers what to see in Petrozavodsk and surroundings in the summer, and compiled for your Karelian vacation itinerary around the city for 1-2 days. Look on the map for convenience.

Petrozavodsk route

Itinerary of Petrozavodsk.

The route begins at the railway station – it’s the center of the city, and it’s best to make your way from there. You can see Gagarina square which is situated opposite to the main building of the station with its 17-meter spire. Then follow the central Lenin Avenue, where you will see Petrozavodsk State University, stores and restaurants. The main entrance to Lenin Avenue is like Tverskaya in Moscow or Nevsky in St. Petersburg.

From the avenue you will get to Onega embankment. We recommend to walk through the alley of modern art and Victory Park. Here are installed unusual sculptural compositions. For example, the monument “Fishermen”, “Meeting place”, “Cannon”, “Friendship Tree”, “Karelian Forest Formula” and others. Take a closer look at them.

Through Petrovsky park you will get to Alexandrovskaya Wharf, from where in a warm season by high-speed motorboats tourists go to Kizhi island. Water navigation in Petrozavodsk opens at the end of May and ends with the arrival of the cold. For more information about Kizhi and other beautiful places in Karelia, which are worth seeing on your own by car, we will tell you in the section “What to see in Karelia in summer”.

Tourists and even locals consider the embankment the main attraction of the city. From May to July – white nights. And people walk around the clock to “live” music.

If you want to have a rest from people on Onega embankment, go to another embankment of Varkaus, arrange a picnic there directly on the sand and admire picturesque views of the lake.

Devote 1 day to cultural leisure in Petrozavodsk. In the daytime, go to the Kizhi Museum, the National Museum, the Art Gallery, and in the evening, watch a ballet at the Musical Theatre. Tourists say that ballets at the theater are the best. We advise to spend the rest of your vacation on trips to Lahdenpokhye, Medvezhjegorsk, Kondopoga and the settlements of Ilyinsky and Muezersky. Below we will tell you what to see in Karelia in summer by yourself.

Novy year - 2023 in Karelia: recreation centers, prices, reviews

What to see in Karelia in summer

Poll in social network Vkontakte.

A poll on the social network Vkontakte.

39% of the travelers, who took part in our survey, consider the Ruskeala Mountain Park as the #1 place in Karelia for a summer trip by yourself. Museum-reserve “Kizhi” and Ladoga skerries are in second place. 11% of Russians have been more than once to these places. The waterfall “Kivach” impresses 10% of tourists vacationing in Karelia.

An inexperienced first-time traveler finds it difficult to decide where to stay in Karelia to see everything. There are so many beautiful places!

In addition to those attractions in Karelia that participated in the survey, traveler Milena Kovylina lists a few more interesting places:

“Andronovsky (Roskelakoski, Satisenkoski, Molochny) and Yukankoski waterfalls, Voitsky Padun, Mount Sampo, Ladoga skerries, the sandy coast of Lake Ladoga, Lake Ruokojärvi. Karelia is so different and very beautiful at any time of year”.

In this guide we will focus on the three most popular places for tourists to vacation in the summer.


© Sergey Shubenko

Ruskeala Mountain Park and Ahvenkoski waterfall

What to see

Steam train and locomotive of the early 20th century. They will take you from Sortavala to the Marble Canyon.

Marble Canyon. One hour excursion along the eco-trail 500 ₽. During the tour you will see the canyon itself, the Italian quarry, and the underground lake. For 1200 ₽ guides will take you through the tunnels and you will see the underground Ruskeala.

Museum of wooden sculptures, which are carved with a chainsaw. Ticket price 200 ₽.

The waterfall Ahvenkoski is the largest of Ruskeala cascade, but not too high, 4 meters. Ahvenkoski is an intermediate point in the route of the auto-trip on the way to Ruskeala. Between them 4,5 km by car. Near the waterfall, on the banks of the river Tohmajoki, there was a filming of the legendary Soviet film about the Great Patriotic War “The dawns are quiet here” by the story of Boris Vasilyev and a modern fantasy “The Dark World”, created in 2010. From the “Dark World” was left a shabby witch’s hut. Visit it when you come to Sortavala district. The administration of the region has arranged the motorists exit to the Ruskeala waterfalls, the parking lot, the viewing platforms and the places for snacks.

Active entertainment. One hour boat ride on the Marble Lake for ₽600. Bungee jumping from 20 meters for ₽1,500. Scuba diving under the lake for 300 ₽. Rope park in Ruskeala for adults 500 ₽, children 250 ₽.

How to get there

By fast electric train “Lastochka” from St. Petersburg to Sortavala. The trip takes 4 hours. Then by the retro train to the mountain park.

Autoexpedition №5 #NashNorth: Karelia and Kola Peninsula

Where to stay in Sortavala

You can book a house in the city center, near the forest or on the shore of the lake.

Kizhi island

@ Nikolay Talitsa

The island of Kizhi

What to see

Museum-reserve “Kizhi” consists of wooden buildings of Kizhi pogost. Architectural ensemble was built without the use of fasteners and nails, only an axe was used in the work. The museum has its own funds, where tourists get acquainted with examples of old Russian paintings, icons, books and photographs.

Onega Beaches. People swim in Onega Lake on the island of Kizhi in July and early August. But the museum administration allows to swim only in the area of the village Yamka and the neighboring islands. But there are thousands kilometers long sandy beaches, deserted bays. This is where a really quiet and peaceful summer vacation is!

How to get there

We have already written that from Alexandrovskaya Wharf in Petrozavodsk there are meteors and comets to Kizhi island. Water navigation works only in summer, in winter people take snowmobiles there.

Where to stay

From 5,900 ₽ pink cottage for 4 people, 2 bedrooms, in the village of Garnitsy, on Bolshoi Klimenetsky Island

From 8260 ₽blue house for 6 people, 3 bedrooms, in the village of Garnitsy, on Bolshoi Klimenets Island

Ladoga Skerries

What to see

“The Reef Mountains are steep, rocky bluffs. Pecanriutta reef in Mäkisalo reaches a height of 92 meters, and the Kontiosuo mountain – 89 meters. These are the largest in the Ladoga skerries.

St. George’s hermitage is hidden on the island of Putsaari and belongs to the Valaam monastery.

How to get there

If you travel in Karelia on your own, the A-121 continues to the skerries. But it will only take you to the beginning of the skerries – the Lehmalahti Bay. Then you will have to take a boat to the archipelago. The boat can be rented in Lahdenpohja or Sortavala, if you haven’t own.

Where to stay

From 4,500 ₽ house for 7 people, 1 bedroom, in Lahdenpohja, Zaozernaja 7

from 5,200 ₽ cottage in the gardening for 8 people, 4 bedrooms, in Sortavala, garden plot, Zelenyi Mys, plot number 24

Travelers who explore Karelia by car also willingly visit neighboring areas on their own. Popular for such long journeys are the Solovetsky Islands in the Arkhangelsk region and the Ho-Shee-Min trail in the Leningrad region. But these routes, of course, are not for the first trip. In this guide, we’ve told you where best to stay on vacation in Karelia to see all the sights and what to see on your own in the protected region of Russia in the summer. If you are a seasoned tourist and know other interesting places in Karelia, tell us about them in the comments.

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