What to see in Kemer and the surrounding area on your own

Kemer sights and attractions

In the review below – Kemer sights with photos and descriptions, a map in Russian, selections, what to see on their own, where to go in the surrounding area and where to relax with children.

The main attractions of Kemer are the waterfront, the port, green landscaped parks and the central promenade with a fountain.

It may seem that there are not many places for the inquisitive tourist in the resort, but do not forget about the neighborhood, rich in viewing platforms with breathtaking views, mountains, other natural attractions and archaeological sites-cities in the open air.

All attractions, entertainment tours and informative excursions are available for tourists in summer and during the “velvet season”. However, rest in Kemer in the low season may be much more interesting: in the cooler weather is easier to endure long walks and trips out of town, and having a rental car or a bike, you can have time to visit all the ancient cities and viewpoints in the vicinity, enjoy deserted sunsets and sunrises in the most picturesque places.

There is in Kemer and an interesting diving spot – the sunken ship “Paris” of the First World War in the water just 500 meters from the port of Kemer. The sea depth in this place is about 30 meters, and when diving you can find shells and ammunition, even get into the open holds and see the sunken ship from the inside.

List of attractions in Kemer

The ancient city of Faselis is located 13 km south of Kemer and is one of the main tourist attractions.

Tahtali Mountain is the most prominent peak of the Turkish Mediterranean. It can be seen from almost anywhere on the coast.

Goynük Canyon (Goynük) is located near the resort town of the same name, which is located in .

Kemer with its long beaches, pine forests, coastal mountains and picturesque sea bays has long been transformed.

Kemer sights on the map

Overview of Kemer sights: top 20

Places to see in Kemer first, including neighborhood attractions available with guided tours and for independent tourists.

Kemer Port

The magnificent yacht port is not only the main marina of the resort, but also a real jewel of it. It’s a pleasure to stroll along the shores of the Kemer marina at almost any time of day, except in the sultry midday hours – in fact it’s the resort’s main promenade. In the evening and at night, the coast is beautifully illuminated.

Attractions in and around Kemer

The main harbor area is located between the beach of the Pegasos Hotel and the Yorük Ethnopark.

Ataturk Boulevard

Kemer’s main street Ataturk Boulevard begins at the northern (main) entrance to the city, runs through the center and rounds off at the southern edge as Ataturk Street.

Attractions in and around Kemer

Every tourist comes to Ataturk Boulevard during a holiday in Kemer, and not only because of its length. The central street has restaurants, cafes, souvenir stores and places of interest such as the monument to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and the fountain in front of it, the clock tower and a mosque a little further.

Clock Tower

The white clock tower in the center of Kemer, near Ataturk Boulevard is one of the main landmarks for tourists and an undeniable architectural symbol of Kemer.

Attractions in and around Kemer

The elegant white tower in Kemer is worth seeing at least twice: see the details in the morning or afternoon and return to it in the evening for the illumination and romantic atmosphere.

Kemer Dolphinarium

The Kemer Dolphinarium in Ayisigy Park is one of the most popular attractions in the resort, where you can go with children. Shows are frequent during the season, with an average duration of 50 minutes. In peak season, it is better to buy tickets in advance rather than just before the show.

Attractions in and around Kemer

You can also get acquainted with dolphins closer: for a fee you can swim in the pool with the sea artists.

Moonlight Park

The Ayshigy (“Moonlight”) recreational park is located near Kemer port, between the open-air museum complex Yoryuk and the ruins of ancient Idiros.

Attractions in and around Kemer

The park has many picturesque locations, a dolphinarium and water park, a children’s club, rides, summer cafes and restaurants. The park adjoins the beach in the southern part of the Kemer bay and forms an ideal resort tandem with it: you can sunbathe or rest in the shade.

DoluSu Aquapark

The DoluSu Aquapark in Kemer opens from the beginning of the beach and resort season until the end of September. Water amusement center is notable for the variety of attractions: there are 32 of them on the territory, of which 17 – extreme and family attractions for adults and teens. For the youngest DoluSu has 9 water rides.

In addition to slides on the territory there is a wave pool, play area, aquariums, dolphinarium with daily shows.

Yoriuk Ethnographic Park

There are several variants in Russian: Yoruk, Yoruk, Yoruk – and on the map of Kemer, look for Folklorik Yörük Parkı – a park on a promontory that begins just behind the eastern part of the Kemer yacht port.

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It is interesting with its wooden street constructions and reconstructed historical scenes from everyday life in the wooden huts that have been built in the park.

Mustafa Gul Mosque

The beautiful mosque surrounded by trees is located at the entrance to Kemer from the Antalya side – opposite the Ataturk Boulevard ring.

Attractions in and around Kemer

Not much is known about the mosque, and even in Turkish sources it is rarely mentioned, but the well-kept area and the view of the mosque, southern plants and mountains attract photographers every season.

The Ancient City of Idiros and the Viewpoint

The ancient ruins are located on the outskirts of Kemer, it is easy to reach them on foot, or better yet, climb to the top of the complex.

Antique structures in the ancient stones are hardly recognizable, much more impressive is the opening view of Kemer and its bay.


The Dinopark in Kemer is located not in the city, but in the nearest resort village Goynuk, 10 km from the center of Kemer, and it is even possible to get there by local dolmush.

Attractions in and around Kemer

In the open-air dinopark there are detailed figures of the most famous fossil reptiles, for children there is an archeological sandpit. There are also other attractions: planetarium, 7D-cinema, rock climbing wall, trampoline, mini-zoo, children’s workshop.

Pirate’s Cave

A natural attraction with a catchy tourist name – the Pirate’s Cave – is a place actually worth seeing and visiting. The grotto can only be seen from the sea, and it is offered to get to it with guided tours.

Attractions in and around Kemer

Associated with the cave is the story of the pirates who hid treasure in it. And now the grotto is interesting by the play of light on the walls, besides the water in it is transparent with a turquoise sheen.

Abandoned hotel

The Holiday Area Eco Dream Club Sea Resort (formerly Naturland Vacation Club In Eco Park Aqua Resort) is located within walking distance of the existing hotels in Chamyuva, and it is their guests who most often explore the territory of “Naturland” – as the name of the hotel is usually abbreviated.

Attractions in and around Kemer

The area of the territory is not small – about 140 thousand square meters. Look no longer operating funicular and waterfall, children’s railroad, sculptures of animals and models of giant stumps, Noah’s Ark and the former water park.

The Ancient City of Phaselis

The ruins of the ancient Lycian city of Fazelis are only a 14 km drive from the center of Kemer, on a small peninsula on the road to Tekirova. The closer you get to the ancient ruins, the more picturesque the route becomes: the road goes through a natural park, surrounded by pine and cedar trees. You can also get to Fazelis from Kemer by sea.

Attractions in and around Kemer

Remained sights in the territory of Faselis: amphitheater, aqueduct, ruins of three agora and basilica, temples of Athena Pallada and Hermes.

Goynuk Canyon

Sight for extreme people, 15 km from Kemer, is an impressive canyon with smooth, polished rocks from the Göyinkük mountain river. The height of the rocks on the sides of the gorge reaches 350 meters, the canyon is narrow – up to 6 meters – and stretches almost 14 km.

Attractions in and around Kemer

Visit Goynjuk lovers of canyoning – certainly in life jackets and special shoes, overcoming obstacles on the route and admiring the views. Surprised and the color of the rocks: you can distinguish the different layers of sediment in the broadest range of colors – from light to almost black rocks, shades of red and green.

Tahtaly Mountain

Tahtalıdag or Olympos is the main and the most accessible tourist attraction of the Beydaglar Sahil National Park, which is not far from Kemer: about 18 km from the resort center to the lower station of the cable car.

View from the Tahtali Mountain

The height of Mount Tahtalı relative to sea level is 2365 meters, it is the dominant peak of the ridge Beidaglar, well visible from the sea as well. Therefore, unsurprisingly, it offers breathtaking views not only of the national park and the Gulf of Antalya, but also the resort surroundings.

Olympos Teleferik cable car

The cable car that leads to the top of Tahtali Mountain is a separate attraction as you have to be very careful not to miss the changes in scenery and take photos from different heights as you go up.

Attractions in and around Kemer

The cable car to Olympos/Tahtali opened in 2007. Its lower station is located at an altitude of 726 meters above sea level, and the top station at 2365 meters. It works all year round.

The ancient city of Olympos

The route from Kemer to the ruins of ancient Olympos is nearly 40 km, passing through the resort village of Cirali. Situated in a gorge, the ancient city, just like Phaselis, was sacked by pirates more than once and was abandoned by the Byzantine Empire.

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Attractions in and around Kemer

Nature has taken its toll on Olympos, the city is heavily overgrown and much worse preserved than the ancient cities in the mountains and open spaces. The area is only partially recognizable with the ruins of a Roman church, a waterworks, a necropolis, an ancient theater and the largest building of the former city, the bishopric.

Yanartas Fire Mountain

An unusual sight just 32 kilometers from the center of Kemer is the “fire mountain” above the resort village of Cirali. The small mountain is often attributed mystical properties, including the name Chimera, but the permanent fire at its top is formed quite naturally – when natural gas escapes.

Attractions in and around Kemer

There is a path carved in the rock that leads to the peak. Even though the route is not easy, it is recommended to climb the mountain at dusk to see the amazing natural phenomenon in all its glory.

Cape and Lighthouse of Helidonia

One of the main attractions on the Lycian Trail trekking route is a beautiful cape with a lighthouse that blends seamlessly into the landscape. The cape overlooks five islands and is worth lingering here for a few pictures, especially the “golden” hours in the morning and evening.

Despite the calming view, the place is known for a few tragic stories: because of the currents at the cape repeatedly happened shipwrecks.

Suluada Island (Turkish Maldives)

During the holiday season in recent years, an excursion from Kemer to Suluada Island has become especially popular. The place is advertised as the “Turkish Maldives”, and the views really live up to expectations and such a loud comparison: a small rocky island of volcanic origin – uninhabited, and its shores, combined with turquoise water look alluring not only in photos, but also “in person”.

The way to Suluada from Kemer is more than 50 km, part of the way by land transport to the port of Adrasan, where the cruise ships depart.

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    What to see in Kemer by yourself

    Kemer is a port city with history, and its Marina is the place to start your sightseeing tour. Up to 300 yachts are moored at a time in the waters of Kemer, and the view of them, combined with the mountains and the blue waters of the town is really worth it to stay for a photo session or a cup of tea in any of the sky-board cafes. One of the port’s iconic landmarks is the Anchor Monument.

    Separate mention deserves Kemer parks within walking distance from the port – they are so thought-out for rest that here you can find both unity with nature, and rides with animation program, and very close – beaches.

    Do not limit yourself to the coast and neglect the central residential part of the resort. It is pleasant and interesting to walk along Ataturk Avenue. The main street of the resort has several important landmarks, the most famous of which is, of course, the monument to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Turkey’s first president and a key figure in the history of the Turkish state. Next to it is the “Rain of Love” fountain, perhaps the most popular tourist fountain in Kemer. Both monuments are located in the wide pedestrian part of the boulevard, Ataturk Square, and the composition is completed by the White Tower, also known as the Clock Tower, a 2006 relic that nevertheless has become the unofficial and most photographed symbol of Kemer.

    On Tuesdays, there is a vegetable market on the boulevard, and to find the main promenade virtually deserted, it is better to go for a walk in the morning.

    At the roundabout in the center of Ataturk Boulevard it is worth turning down to the shore, to the pedestrian street Munir Ozkul Liman. Its length is only 500 meters, but the street is good with an abundance of greenery and sculptures, a variety of stores, cafes and souvenir shops.

    Kemer harbor

    Attractions in the neighborhood

    A top and consistently impressive itinerary – whether with a group or on your own – is a trip to the Olympos Beidaglary National Park for the natural vistas, panoramas, and artifacts of the ancient city of Olympos. The ruins of Olympos are situated 25 km from Kemer, at the foot of Tahtali Mountain. Since 2007 the Olympos Teleferik cableway over 4 km long is functioning, an excellent attraction for all lovers of mountains and ski elevators. The national park territory also includes the village of Cirali – 35 km from Kemer, a particularly remarkable local beach – a reserve for caretta turtles, which have chosen it to lay their eggs. If you come to Cirali, do not miss the fire mountain Yanartas – on this mountain you can see constant flames among the stones: the natural gas rising from the depths is ignited, but the legends about the mystical origin of the fire are certainly more interesting for many people.

    The ancient city of Fazelis, 16 km south of Kemer, remains for most tourists even more attractive than Olympos or both places are visited as part of a comprehensive tour. On the territory partially preserved amphitheater, baths, aqueduct, the temple of Athena.

    Resort village Chamyuva, adjacent to Kemer from the south, is interesting with a large water park, but not everyone knows about the unusual stalker object – the abandoned hotel Naturland.

    Expanding the boundaries of the study of Kemer, you can go to the ancient city of Mira (aka Demre, a distance of almost 100 km). This ancient complex with tombs and amphitheaters is located near the modern city of Demre. On the way to Demre, if time permits, we stop at Cape Helidonia, famous for its views of the lighthouse and five rocky islands.

    A non-trivial route with a minimal chance of meeting crowds of tourists (unlike Fazelis and Olympos) is to go to the ancient Termessos. Even the direction is non-standard – not south or west as to most destinations, but strictly north, almost 70 km. What to see: the ruins of the temples of Artemis, Zeus and Hera, tombs, Hadrian’s Gate and the ancient theater.

    Ancient cities are all alike, and it is worth including more natural sites for a change. An inspiring attraction created by nature is Göyinkük Canyon, just 13 km from Kemer. The canyon has white cliffs and bright white-blue water – tourists often compare what they see to the colors and texture of Pamukkale’s travertines.

    With sea excursions from Kemer it will be possible to visit the Cave of Pirates and the legendary “Turtle Island” or “Island of unfaithful wives”.

    In Kemer you can rent a bicycle, bike or car. Or use public transport – local buses will take you to the top attractions.

    Where to go from Kemer

    What to see in Kemer

    Find out what’s worth seeing around Kemer, Turkey! Ancient cities, ruins, lights of Chimera, beautiful beaches and more. We tell you how to go on your own, how to get there and how much the entrance fees are. Our reviews and tips from other tourists.

    Kemer is green mountains, turquoise water and mind-blowing smells of pine needles. There is so much to do around here that we visited very few sights in one vacation. We share our experiences and tips on what to see in and around Kemer on our own.

    How to see around Kemer on your own and inexpensively: use buses or rent a car. Some places we visited by bus, and others we took a rented scooter. Renting a bike in Turkey is quite difficult (scarce choice and poor condition), so it’s better to take a car. Learn more about renting a car abroad.

    The main thing: do not take tours from a tour operator – it’s expensive, boring and inconvenient. Explore the sights on your own!


    In our opinion, this is the number 1 attraction in the vicinity of Kemer, which is worth seeing on your own. Many people come here with a tour and spend no more than an hour, but we advise to come on your own and spend more time here – the city is worth it.

    Kemer sights what to see

    The Roman baths of Fazelis. It is safe to walk through the ruins, but everyone is supervised by a caretaker.

    Faselis is a real combo: you will touch antiquity, enlighten yourself, swim in a calm bay and enjoy the shade of a pine forest on a sultry day. And what pine scents are here – you can’t inhale them for the rest of your life!

    What to see in Kemer and surroundings by yourself

    Dense pine and cedar forests.

    From the Lycian city, which was founded as far back as the 7th century BC, not much remained. It seems to be just ruins of some city, but when you learn that its history is almost twice as long as the history of Russia, it impresses. At the entrance is a massive aqueduct. Most impressive, however, is the grand amphitheater. It’s basically where all the tourists hang out and selfies. Come early and wander by yourself. Climb to the top of the theater – there’s a gorgeous view of Mount Tahtali.

    Most impressive in Faselis is the amphitheater and the aqueduct. The ruins of Roman baths in Faselis.

    Even if you are not a fan of antique ruins, we recommend to come here at least for the views and the crystal water. There are two bays in Faselis. The first is the calm Phaselis Kuzey Limanı, where there are underwater ruins and rocks. The second is the big Phaselis Güney Limanı, where all those ugly “pirate” ships with loud music and crowds of tourists come. It is good that the ancient Greeks have not lived to see the ruins of their majestic cities, temples, theaters and homes, where now, day after day, thousands of half-naked barbarians from the East stomp on them.

    The tranquil bay of Phaselis Kuzey Limanı is at the entrance to the park. The very ships with tourists in Phaselis Güney Limanı bay that spoil the whole atmosphere. To get to the bay you have to walk down the main street through Hadrian’s Gate.

    The beaches are pebbly and wild, so there are no sun loungers, umbrella bars. The place is popular with the Turks: we’ve been here twice and it’s always a full house. They come for a picnic with their families and settle in the shade of trees.

    What to see in Kemer by yourself reviews

    In the quiet bay of Phaselis Kuzey Limanı, the Turks love to relax.

    There are toilets, showers and a museum cafe on site, with mostly overpriced drinks. Water is better to take with you.

    Tip: Come to Faselis by opening time – you’ll be almost alone to walk around and admire the mountains.

    Price: 30 ₺ per person.

    How to get there. Get on the Phaselis bus in the center of Kemer at the bus stop opposite the clock tower. The ticket costs ₺ 4,5 per person one way. You have to pay at the exit in cash. We left early in the morning at 8:50.

    Ulyana Gerasimova: “It’s not just beautiful in Turkey, it’s an open-air museum!”

    Lycian City Faselis

    “Pirate” ship.

    Olympos and Cirali Beach

    The Lycian city of Olympos is in the outskirts of Kemer and it is also better to see it on your own. There are many more people among these picturesque ruins than in Fazelis, although they are worse preserved. The reason is that from the modern resort of Olympos tourists can walk to the beach only through the territory of the ancient city. On the way they see the ruins and swim in the cool river. The visitors are mostly Turks.

    What to see in Kemer by yourself

    Olympos is shady and secluded – you can spend many pleasant hours.

    The town is large and divided into two parts by the river. The right part, where the path to the beach lies, is crowded. The left side is almost no one – you can imagine yourself as Lara Croft or Indiana Jones and search for the ruins hidden in the thickets.

    Reviews about attractions in Kemer

    Picturesque and completely deserted ruins in Olympos – the left side of the city is crossed by a few tourists.

    The most interesting thing is the huge necropolis with dozens of tombs and crypts. There are no remains, but it is still interesting and atmospheric. However, be careful, we met a snake there.

    The city is full of tombs, sarcophagi, crypts and burial grounds. The crypts are free to enter.

    After the ruins it is nice to swim on the beaches of Olympos and Cirali – in fact it is one long beach. There are beautiful views and you can meet turtles that lay their eggs in the gravel. Alas, we did not see any.

    Cirali Beach near Kemer

    This is the beauty of Chirali and Olympos beaches.

    If you walk from the beach, you have to overcome a wet section. On the beach of Olympos there are no sun beds, umbrellas, toilets and showers.

    Chirali beach has sunbeds, umbrellas and a cafe. However, the beach of Olympos is wild. The beach has mostly coarse pebbles, which get very hot in the sun.

    Price: 20 ₺ per person. They sell drinks at the entrance, but the prices are overpriced.

    How to get there. It is better to rent a car or a bike, because there is no direct bus from Kemer. We rode a bike to Chiraly, then walked on the beach to Olympos. I’m not sure, but there are kind of shuttles to Cirali.

    Olya Ozerova: “Near Antalya there are beautiful waterfalls and cool canyon. I recommend it) And even go to the village Olympos, the beach and right next to the ancient ruins, and not far from there – the Chimera Mountain (where the natural gas burns – you can roast marshmallows on a stick, fun).

    Kemer Sights

    Houses of the inhabitants of ancient Olympos.

    Mountain Chimera (Yanartas).

    There is a special place on the Turkish coast. There are not many of them in the world, and we ourselves have been to such a place for the first time.

    It is called Chimera, or Yanartas Mountain. In several places natural gas bursts through the rocks, ignites and turns into a natural eternal fire.

    It’s hard to surprise us, tamer of fire, electricity and radioactive elements, but imagine what it was like to find such a place for people of past ages. Real magic, or no less than an incarnation of the deity himself. Even I envy them – they had miracles, and we do not.

    According to reviews, it is better to visit the legendary miracle mountain after sunset. We were before sunset – the fire is still burning brightly!

    Tip: Bring water with you. Wear comfortable shoes. The rocks are slippery – we saw one man fall.

    Price: 8 ₺ per person.

    How to get there. Often come here with a tour, because there are no dolmushas. It is not easy to walk up: from Cirali about 3-4 km uphill, then more to the lights. We went by bikes from Kemer – we combine it with the visit of Olympos and Cirali beach. First you reach the parking lot, then you have to walk up the steps for about 350 meters. After the first lights you can go even higher for 300 meters – up to the so called Chimaera upper lights. Learn about the 10 best excursions in Kemer.

    Andrey Prudnikov: “We should have gone at night, the experience would have been completely different. There is no light pollution, the sky is milky, in the distance is the sea with ship lights and in general zen from the lights and because there is no one at night)”.

    Alexei Moskalenko : “Only at night there is better not to sit and lie on the rocks – there are large scorpions! I’ve seen them myself!”

    Yanartas Chimera near Kemer

    The lights of Chimera are burning brightly even in the daytime. This is a spectacular sight!

    Chalsh Mountain

    If you get bored in Kemer, and do not want to go far away, we recommend you to go to the mountain Chalish. It is located directly at the resort. It is easy and pleasant trekking, on the way observation platforms on different coasts. There we met a nimble turtle :)

    What can be seen in Kemer

    The turtle on the Chalysh was scrambling dashingly somewhere in her turtle business.

    Daria Korolkova: “Come to Turkey, and it is better not on the coast, but in the mountains. In those mountains there is the Lycian Trail, one of the most famous hiking trails in the world. Last year we walked it from Heynyuk to Cirali, it’s an incredible forest, I haven’t seen it anywhere else. And the feeling of climbing Tahtali on their own feet for 4 days is certainly quite different than after the elevator)”).

    Mount Chalish in Kemer

    Trekking on the mountain Chalish very easy and pleasant.


    Take a trip from Kemer to see Antalya. Don’t take an excursion, go on your own – by dolmush or boat. We took a day trip there: we looked at the old town Kaleici, walked in the port and the park. Tourists advise to see the Düden waterfall.

    What to see in Antalya

    The beach in Antalya under the fortress wall looks cinematic!

    How to get there. By boat: From April to October from Kemer Marina at 10:30 and 17:30, from the Port of Antalya at 9:00 and 17:00. Passport or hotel voucher required. The ticket costs ₺ 15 ₺ per person one way. You must buy it well in advance.

    You can also take any dolmush for ₺ 9 ₺ per person, one way.

    The old city of Kaleici in Antalya has beautiful streets with cozy restaurants and cafes. A restaurant street with umbrellas in the center of Antalya.

    Moonlight Park.

    It is hard to call it a Kemer attraction – just a shady park to escape the heat and lie on the sandy beach. However, tourists love it. We stopped by and left right away. The beach has all the infrastructure.

    Moonlight Park beach is sandy. With sun beds, umbrellas, bars and cafes. Moonlight Park beach. Already in the morning a lot of people.

    What else to see on the outskirts of Kemer

    Subscribers in our VKontakte group advise to see attractions in the vicinity of Kemer:

    • Geynyuk Canyon.
    • Köprülü Canyon in Manavgat – cool rafting.
    • Folklorik Yoruk Parki – to educate and to take beautiful pictures.
    • The ruins of the ancient city of Perge.
    • Tahtali Mountain (Olympos). There and back by cable car – 210,64 ₺.
    • Patara, Kaputash, Kash, Kalkan.

    We have not visited these places around Kemer this time, but we will surely see them next time we come to Turkey by car.

    Alexander Agayev: “Steep rafting in an hour drive from Kemer in a place called Koprülü Canyon. Extreme descent by inflatable boat on the mountain river. The air temperature is +30 ° C and the water +6 ° C. It’s refreshing.

    Elena Gorelova: “And you can visit Moonlight Park and Folklorik Yoruk Parki in Kemer. These parks are next to each other and this is the center of Kemer, they are on the beach, the views are beautiful. At Munlait there is a paid beach with sand, unlike the rest of the coarse pebbles around. From the top of the Ethnographic Park-Museum of Yoriuk you can take beautiful pictures on the sea”.

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