What to see in Paphos: exploring Cyprus on your own

Things to see in Paphos

In the catalog on Tourister.Ru we collected popular sights of Paphos with a map in Russian, photos and descriptions. If you have time to rest in Paphos on Cyprus, you can time not only to relax and sunbathe on the beaches, but also to see the ancient temples and archaeological sites, artifacts in museums, picturesque places of nature.

The history of settlement in Paphos and the surrounding area is almost 3,000 years old. Not surprisingly, even in the city area you can find unique monuments created in the Roman and Byzantine periods, impressive medieval buildings.

One of the most interesting tour objects in Paphos is the archaeological complex “Royal Tombs” (in Russian there are also other versions, such as “Tombs of Kings”), located 2 km north of the city center. This vast necropolis, created in the 4th century B.C., impresses with its surviving Doric columns and frescoes.

The most significant medieval attraction of Pafos is the city fortress known as Pafos Castle. There is now a museum inside the walls of the fortress.

On the outskirts of Paphos with tours or on their own you can go to the village of Kouklia – an authentic place with traditional Cypriot architecture, archaeological museum and the complex of the sanctuary of Aphrodite.

Not only for pilgrims but also for tourists is open the Monastery of St. Neophytos – one of the most famous Orthodox monasteries in Cyprus, founded in the XII century.

Attractions of Paphos with photos and descriptions

The Castle in Paphos is a historical landmark of the Cypriot city and a popular place.

In the vicinity of the seaside resort of Paphos there are many interesting historical sights, bearing in .

The resort of Paphos is located in the south-west of the island of Cyprus. Tourists who come here for vacation enjoy not .

Petra tou Romio (The Stone of the Romies, or, as it is often poetically called, the Rock of Aphrodite) is located .

The Byzantine Museum in Paphos (Byzantine Museum) operates on the grounds of the bishopric in the city center, by .

Paphos sights on a map

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    What to see in Paphos by yourself

    Start your city-break with a walk along the promenade, see Paphos Castle and then enjoy the view of the harbor and the arriving boats. It’s worth returning to the castle at sunset for some inspiring photos.

    From the waterfront, it’s a short walk to the Archaeological Park, the largest complex of ancient structures within the city. There is a fee to enter the park, but it includes several attractions: a museum exhibit in the building, the ruins of the fortress of Saranta Colones, the mosaics of the Villa Dionysus and other noble houses, the ancient Odeon and the lighthouse next to it.

    Without leaving the historic district of Kato Paphos, you can walk to the catacombs of Saint Solomonia, partially accessible to tourists, and the restored Byzantine church of Panagia Theoskepasti.

    The main city museums are located in the center of Paphos. The permanent exhibition at the regional Archaeological Museum focuses on the statue of Aphrodite from Kouklia and an ancient mummy, as well as collections of terracotta vessels, idols and jewelry. In the Byzantine Museum of Bishopric visitors can see ancient icons and manuscripts, samples of Byzantine art.

    Buses from Paphos will take you to the surrounding area and capture the best natural sights: the Petra tou Romiou rock on the road to Limassol, the Blue Lagoon and Akamas National Park, the legendary Aphrodite Bathing Place and the bizarre sea caves.

    Tombs of the Kings © World Traveler

    Where to go in Pafos with children

    It’s hard to imagine a family holiday in Paphos during the holiday season without a visit to a water park. Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark is open from April to October and offers a variety of water slides for children and families. It is located on the road from Kato Paphos to Geroskipa and can be reached by bus.

    Another destination for a full day trip is the Pafos Zoo, the largest in Cyprus, it is also the Park of Birds and Animals. The zoo is over 100 thousand sq.m. and is located 19 km from the resort town, next to Peyia and Kaflis. Three times a day the Paphos Zoo hosts a bird show with parrots and owls.

    For the famous Cypriot sweets it’s worth visiting the village of Geroskipou – just 3 km from the city center in the direction of the airport. By the way, in 2004 the local confectioners made the “Guinness Book of Records” when they cooked the Lukum weighing 2543 kg. Tourism in the suburban village is not limited to Turkish sweets: interesting and rich tour of temples and museums.

    Find entertainment for children of all ages can not leave Paphos: attractions are at the coast and in indoor entertainment centers.

    Private guides in Paphos

    Russian private guides can help you get acquainted with Paphos in more detail. There are 4 registered Russian guides and companies in Paphos.

    What to see in Paphos (Cyprus): 11 places for tourists

    What to see in Paphos? The places not every tourist knows about.

    November photo of the seafront in Paphos

    The waterfront in Paphos.

    Paphos: where to go, what to see

    Cyprus resort of Paphos partly justifies its “pathos” name. There are expensive hotels, luxurious apartments and very expensive restaurants.

    But to Paphos (and not “to Paphos”, as it is often said) come not only to feel all the delights of a beautiful life, but also to see the most interesting sights. Let’s talk about what to see in Pafos for the average tourist in 2022.

    Where to go? Going to see the sights of Paphos is best by car. In general, it is very convenient to have transportation at hand. You just sit behind the wheel and go wherever you want. Therefore, when we come to rest in Cyprus, we always rent a car. Most often we book a car in advance and get it at the airport when we arrive to the island. It is cheaper that way. Prices and conditions of car rental can be found here.

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    It is possible to go around some of the attractions of Paphos from the category of “mast si” by city bus, but it is long and inconvenient. You will be tied to the schedule of public transport. For example, you can get to the Archaeological Park by bus number 615. But to some attractions there is no way to get by bus. For example, one of these places is Lara Bay .

    1. What to see in Paphos and surroundings

    Medieval Fort of Paphos

    Paphos Medieval Fort. The walls of this fortress protected the town inhabitants from the Saracen raids, witnessed the secret negotiations of the Byzantine commanders, shuddered when meeting the armada of 1700 ships of Khalifa Muawiya, and in the times of the Turks they turned into ruins. Today there is a museum here and the fort’s flat roof makes it an ideal place to view the picturesque harbor with boats and yachts moored.

    Tourists on tour in Archaeological Park

    The Kato Pafos Archaeological Park, a stone’s throw from Pafos harbor, is the place to go to see the city’s most important sites. This is an entire museum complex where excavations are still going on today. There are monuments from the Neolithic to the Roman period and the Middle Ages. All tourists come here to see the famous Paphos mosaics of the II-V centuries AD. The site is included in the list of UNESCO.

    The Royal Tomb of Pafos

    Tombs of the Kings are small niches and complete halls with columns carved in the limestone rocks. The Tombs of the Kings are thought to be the burial place of the local nobility and dignitaries in the 3rd and 4th centuries BC. This is the most important Ancient Hellenistic architectural monument in Pafos. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From Paphos harbour it’s a 10 minute bus 615. The entrance is 2,5 euros.

    Catacombs of St. Solomonas

    Agia Solomoni Catacomb. These catacombs are shrouded in legends and beliefs. According to one of them, the first Christians hid here from persecutors. The catacombs got their name because of the burial here of Saint Solomonia and her sons. Near the entrance to the catacombs you can see a pistachio tree covered with beads, scarves and shreds. It is said that along with a part of the closet left here all the diseases and ailments of man go away.

    Plants in a Botanic Park

    Eleouthkia Traditional and Botanical Park. There’s no better place to explore the flora of Cyprus than the Eleouthkia Botanical Park. Tens of thousands of amazing and rare plants grow here, from cacti and small bushes to towering tropical palms. In the center of the botanical complex housed a small museum with an exhibition of typical items of Cypriot economy and life.

    Lara Bay

    Lara Bay. Of course the flora of Cyprus is enough to keep you captivated for a day but there is nothing more exciting than observing the animals in their habitat. Lara Bay Turtle Reserve is a home for green turtles, located near the sea coast. It is one of the few places in the Mediterranean where the endangered Green Turtle and Hawk’s Bill turtle species come to lay their eggs.

    Aphrodite Bath

    Baths of Aphrodite. If you get to the resort of Latchi, which is located 40 km from Paphos, you can see a picturesque natural spring with clear water in a rocky gorge. According to legend this is where Aphrodite loved to take baths which gave her youth and beauty. Here the beautiful goddess met Adonis and fell in love with him. Today, guides take tourists here, telling them romantic and fascinating legends.

    Aphrodite Bay in Pafos

    Aphrodite’s Cove (Petra tots Romiou). The stone of Aphrodite can be seen where, according to legend, the Greek goddess emerged from the foam of the sea. Some people who have visited these places say that they felt a burst of strength and youthfulness. Whether this is true or a self-influenced effect, no one knows for sure. But it is undeniable that this place, and especially the neighboring bay, is one of the most beautiful places in Cyprus.

    Yachts in Blue Lagoon

    Akamas Peninsula. The Akamas Peninsula, near Paphos, is a self-contained world of scenery. Here you can see deserted sandy bays, rocky coasts, virgin forests and gorges. Worthy of special attention is an amazingly beautiful place – the Blue Lagoon. In addition to the natural beauty of Akamas there are ancient man-made attractions: the ancient port, the Byzantine church and the lighthouse.

    Basilica of Limeniotissa

    The Basilica of Panagia Limeniotissa is a Byzantine church built in the 5th century that once served as a place of worship. Today, only ruins of the once majestic and beautiful basilica remain: columns, foundations, and fragments of mosaics on the floor. Despite the fact that it has long lost its original appearance, it is one of the most visited places in Paphos, because you can get acquainted with the ancient history of the Cypriot people.

    Saint Barbara Monastery

    Agia Barbara Monastery. Not far from Paphos and surrounded by picturesque gardens you can see the Monastery of St. Barbara. Unfortunately, entrance to the monastery is only allowed to men, but women can admire the beauty of the botanical garden and visit the monastery gift shop and icon workshop. The main attraction of this place – thousands of years old plates with carved on them the names of monks from the monastery.

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    Wherever you want to go. What a wonderful way to drive along the Mediterranean coast! The freedom of movement on the island of Aphrodite is limited only by your imagination. All the picturesque beaches, noisy resorts, quiet mountain villages, Cypriot wineries become more accessible and closer.

    A navigator for the road. The highways on the island are good, and the markings and informative road signs help on the way. In addition, any smartphone now has maps (Maps.me, Google Maps), which work without an Internet connection. It is enough to enter the destination point and the navigator will show the route from the current location, which is very helpful on the spot.

    Where to go by car?

    Traveling along the Mediterranean coast of Cyprus is best by car. At any resort it is easy to rent a car. If you arrive on the island of Aphrodite as a tourist, it is advisable to book a car in advance with delivery to the airport in Larnaca or Paphos. This will save time and avoid the problem of finding a transfer from the terminal of the air harbor to the hotel. In that case you can get a rental car right at the airport and go on your trip around the island. Please click here to see the rental car catalog and prices.

    Beach vacations. For a family vacation on Cyprus the best option is Protaras resort. You can easily get to the resort from Larnaca airport by renting a car. To do this you must drive on the highway A3, and then turn off at Ayia Napa on the road E306. The Mediterranean resort has the best beaches on the island Konnos Bay and Fig Tree Bay. The resort of Protaras is perfect for viewing the Church of Elijah the Prophet with its panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and the evening show of the Dancing Fountains. You can rent a car to go sightseeing in Protaras, here.

    Versatile rest. Tourist town Ayia Napa is very popular on Cyprus. They come here not only young companies to have fun in the clubs, but also families with children to sunbathe on the Mediterranean beaches with golden sand. The most visited places in the resort are Waterworld Water Park, Parko Paliatso Luna Park and Cape Greco. Tourists prefer to move around the resort by rented cars, quad bikes and buggies. If you’re planning to rent a car in Ayia Napa, look for options here.

    Versatile vacation. The resort of Larnaca stands out because here you can combine beach and entertainment and educational programs. So, in the city there is Mackenzie Beach, where planes land very low. The very way from the airport to the city is already a road trip around Larnaca, during which you can visit the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque and watch the life of pink flamingos on the Salt Lake. In the evening you can park your car in the parking lot and stroll along Finikoudes promenade, go to a restaurant and order a dish of Cypriot cuisine. If you are interested in renting a car in Larnaca, the directory of cars and prices is here.

    The rhythm of the city is Limassol. This is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city. In Limassol there are historical sites, water park, zoo, Municipal Park. The place for evening walks is Molos embankment. This is a great option for those who travel a lot on the island, because the city is located right in the middle of the south coast. From Limassol you can take the scenic B6 highway to Pafos, which offers superb views of the Mediterranean coast and Aphrodite Bay. Where else can I go? Take a trip by car through the mountainous and picturesque villages of Cyprus and see rental rates here.

    Antique Paphos. This resort is known for its unique romantic sunsets on the sea, historical and natural sights. In the port of Paphos you can visit the Archaeological Park in the open air. After a busy tour it’s a good idea to sit at a restaurant table and taste some seafood and have a glass of wine. For the kids will be interesting trip to the water park and zoo. To visit all the popular places in Paphos you will need a rented car. There is a full range of car hire in Paphos – here.

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    • Cab from the airport to the city (prices, routes) – here.
    • Car rental is a very popular way to travel around the island, so if you have a license, car rental prices can be found – here.
    • Excursions from locals with unusual routes – here.

    Excursions in the city and its environs.

    You can go sightseeing in Paphos and its surroundings either in tourist groups or individually. The individual excursion is designed for a group of 1-6 people. The tour lasts about 8 hours, so it lasts for the whole day. The route is specifically designed to cover the most interesting part of the trip. It is even possible to change the route at the request of the tourist. Language of communication is Russian.

    How much does an excursion cost. The cost of an individual tour in Paphos is calculated as follows. Let’s say you were told the price of 240 euros for the trip “History and Myths of Ancient Paphos. If there are 6 people on the tour, each person will pay 40 euros. If two people go, the ticket for each will cost 120 euros. Respectively, if you go alone or one, the cost will be 240 euros.

    Read more about tours in Paphos – here.

    The reviews of tourists who were on excursions in Paphos

    Alexandra (June 2022). “The tour guide turned out to be a pleasant conversationalist, a knowledgeable guide and a charming person. At our request, the tour itinerary was changed and the guide met us halfway. It was a pleasure to go sightseeing in a nice comfortable car. We enjoyed everything. “

    The city of Paphos is not just monuments

    The “highlight” of this tourist area is that in Pafos you can see not only a large number of monuments of antiquity, but also go, for example, to the zoo (Pafos Zoo) and see birds and animals.

    Our little brothers. Swans, flamingos, owls, parrots and many other birds have settled in the magnificent bird park of Pafos. The largest part of the inhabitants of the park is a collection of the island’s famous ornithologist Christos Christophoros, who was keen to show people hundreds of beautiful creatures from different parts of the world in one place. Over time, other animals were added to the park’s collection, including giraffes, raccoons, and antelopes. This place will delight not only children, but also their parents. Because in the zoo you can arrange an informative and fun family vacation.

    A visit to the green frog. If you want to ride the water slides, you don’t need to go to Limassol or Ayia Napa. Paphos has its own water park, Aphrodite. There you will see high-speed water slides, lazy river, wave pool and other water attractions. I’m not even talking about the playgrounds, the food court and refreshment areas.

    And now let’s see the sights of Paphos. Let’s start with the waterfront or harbor (Paphos Harbour), where the tourist center of the city is located. Here you can also see the main attractions of the city: the Medieval Fort and the Archaeological Park.

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