What to see in St. Petersburg: 24 the most interesting places for tourists

Top 20 unusual places to visit in St. Petersburg

Are you visiting St. Petersburg, but the tourist routes don’t interest you? Or maybe you live in the Northern Capital and are looking for some new interesting places to walk and not only? We have put together a guide that will help you get to know St. Petersburg from a new angle and visit places that only the locals know about.

Discover new places to walk around St. Petersburg. The sakura blossoms in the Garden of Friendship, the mysterious Rotunda building, the mosaic courtyard, or any of our other places that you like and get to know the city all over again.

Interesting places to walk

Rooftops of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg in the palm of your hand, an urban perspective with domes and spires dominating, fresh wind in your face, sky and sun – the atmosphere of a St. Petersburg rooftop will be remembered for a lifetime. If you still have not been on one of them – it’s time to fix it.

The easiest option is to go to one of the city’s viewing platforms. For example, on the roof of the Loft Project Etazhi (74, Ligovsky Ave.). For 150 rubles you will be able to stroll along the safe roof and admire the panorama of the city. Here you can also take a cup of coffee or mulled wine to enjoy the atmosphere to the full 100%.

If you want to get on an authentic roof through the attic, it is best to ask a knowledgeable person. Not all roofs of St. Petersburg are safe and accessible, so it will be difficult to find a suitable one on your own. Petersburg roofers are ready to accompany you.

Yards and parades

Another informal symbol of St. Petersburg – its courtyards and stately homes. The other side of the city you can admire, turning in any yard, but it is better to see in advance the address of the most interesting.

For example, look at the mysterious Rotunda (Gorokhovaya 57). In the XIX century it was a simple apartment building, but merchant Ustinov decided to rebuild it. They say that here gathered the real Masons, and later Satanists held sacrifices. Truth or fiction – you decide, but the atmosphere here is quite mystical. Just look at the lattice pattern with the image of a pentagram. Plus, if you look closely at the house, you’ll find that it has the shape of an inverted pentagram-pentagon with a five-pointed star.

Or explore the Mosaic Courtyard (Fontanka Embankment, 2). The courtyard is full of interesting mosaic themes – fairy-tale characters and ancient gods. Everything is lined with mosaics – not only the walls of houses, but also various sculptures, benches and even paths. Who created all this beauty? – Pupils of the Small Academy of Arts.

Such unusual places about which few people know in St. Petersburg, very much. Guides offer entire tours of courtyards in different districts of the city: on Petrogradka, Vasilevsky Island and, of course, in the Center. On tours you will not only show the addresses, but also tell the legends that roam around the mysterious courtyard and help understand the history of St. Petersburg indecent.

Communal apartments and apartments

To fully understand St. Petersburg, you have to go and visit St. Petersburgers. You can find such apartments in the old stock that it’s hard even to imagine. Leptina on the ceiling, 19th-century fireplaces, marble baths, hidden cupboards, spiral staircases, stained-glass windows. You do not need to look for friends or ask for a visit, but St. Petersburgers invite you to tours of unusual apartments. They will not only show you how Petersburgers live now, but also tell you the history of the houses and courtyards.


Another way to learn more about the reverse side of Petersburg architecture is to look into the burnt-out Annenkirche Lutheran Church (8B, Kirochnaya St.). In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries there was a German-speaking parish here, in Soviet times there was a movie theater and then a rock club. In the church yard some scenes of “Brat” movie were shot.

In 2002, a fire destroyed the interiors of the church. The restoration is going on gradually, but the church is open to visitors. There are exhibitions and fairs, concerts and other cultural events. Petersburgers often come here. But the most interesting thing you see here is the Gothic interior of the church, a little gloomy, but really impressive.

Vasilevsky Island

For some reason, Vaska is often overlooked by tourists. It is not unusual to visit just the Strelka Street, the Stock Exchange, the Rostral Columns, the Kunstkammer, and then either the Center or Petrogradka. Meanwhile, there is a lot to see at Vaska! Here you will find mystical Smolenskoye Cemetery and the Chapel of Xenia of Petersburg, which grants wishes, the narrowest street in the city and mysterious yard of spirits, mysterious Pharmacy of Pel, where according to legend, live griffins and Museum of Optics. To explore all the interesting places on Vaska, you will need more than one day. To save time and learn a little more about its history, book a tour. Guide will show the unusual places, share urban legends and show the sights hidden from the eyes of tourists.

Stone Island Mansions

Another interesting island rarely reached by tourists is Stone Island, Luxury Island. Historically rich townspeople settled here, built mansions and gardens. Here you will find unique monuments of architecture of XIX-XX centuries, including wooden mansions. It is especially interesting not only to look at the mansions, but also to find out who built them and who lived in them. It can be done on the thematic excursion across the island.

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Cemeteries of Alexander Nevsky Lavra

If you like to walk around the cemeteries – go to Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Here you will find two unusual cemeteries, which you will remember for a lifetime. The first one is paid, well-groomed and neat, the Necropolis on the territory of Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Here are buried famous writers, composers and other artists. Therefore, the tombstones here are real works of art.

The second cemetery is Nikolskoe. Here you will find half-destroyed crypts, sagging crosses and abandoned graves. This is probably one of the darkest places in the city. But the gloom and abandonment gives this place a certain charm and unique atmosphere.

Kronstadt Forts and Lighthouses

If you’re tired of the center of the imperial capital, explore the other side of St. Petersburg. Go explore the waters of the Gulf of Finland. There are a lot of very old and beautiful lighthouses around St. Petersburg! You can get to them by boat, with a guided tour.

Buck House

Address: Kirochnaya, 24

If well palaces ceased to amaze you, then we present the Buck House. You will definitely like it. This unique house was built in the early 20th century. It is divided by two galleries, and if you go inside, you can see gorgeous stained-glass windows, elegant staircases and railings. The atmosphere of the house brings one back to the nineteenth century, and what is surprising is that people still live here. And St. Petersburg guides even invite you to visit this house.

One of the largest mosques in Europe

Address: Kronverksky Lane, 7

Even if you do not belong to any denomination, it is not forbidden to look at the St. Petersburg Cathedral Mosque. For a long time, it was considered the largest mosque in the country. Its height is 39 meters, and the height of its magnificent minarets is 48 meters. The mosque is an architectural monument and is worthy of special attention.

Buddhist Temple “Datsan Gunzechoinay

Address: 91 Seaside Avenue

Let’s continue the theme of religion and tell about the most expensive Buddhist temple in Europe. “Datsan Gunzechoinei” was built in the early XX century. The construction was done by the architect who built the famous Eliseevsky store – Baranovsky. To ensure that the Datsan was built according to all the canons, the architect was consulted by orientalists and experts in Buddhism.

You can come to the temple and admire its stained-glass windows, which were made according to sketches by Nikolai Roerich. Here you can also taste delicious ethnic cuisine and be transported for a short time from St. Petersburg to one of the eastern countries.

Friendship Garden

Address: Liteiny prospect, 15-17

We finish our journey through cultures with the Friendship Garden. This place was given to St. Petersburg by its twin city of Shanghai in honor of the 300th anniversary of the city. Atmospheric Chinese garden in the center of St. Petersburg with apple trees, small pine trees and traditional sakura was built by professional landscape architects who came especially from China.

In the garden you can read a book, meditate or just take a walk, enjoying the tranquility.

“Tear of Socialism”

Address: Rubinstein, 7

Love unusual Soviet-era buildings? – Go to Rubinstein, 7. Here you will find a house, which is popularly known as “The Tear of Socialism”. It has a rather unusual shape, which will certainly interest you.

It was planned that the house would have a common bathroom and kitchen, and it would be inhabited by no more than 200 people. This strange experiment was unsuccessful – no more such houses were built, and this building was changed – missing rooms were added to the apartments. Because of this, it was called “The Tear of Socialism”.

Sevkabel” port

Address: 40 Kozhevennaya Liniya

A new cultural space that is extremely popular with city residents. Each room here corresponds to the nautical style of the space. The embankment is as if designed specifically for you to sit and admire the Gulf of Finland, and if you want to eat, you can easily do it in one of the many local establishments.

Unusual places for shopping


Address: 2, Marata Street.

If you are an ardent fan of records or want to make a gift to your friend who owns a record player, “Phonoteka” is for you. This place can hardly be called a store – it is a huge vinyl warehouse, where you can find good releases, as well as spend time studying the covers of old and new records.

And you can also choose the music you like, order coffee and enjoy listening in a cozy atmosphere. You can also buy CDs, art-house movies, books about music, turntables, and concert tickets here.

“Subscription Editions”

Address: Liteiny prospect, 57

One of the oldest bookstores in the city is suitable not only for buying books for all tastes. Everything is perfect here – you can order a coffee and enjoy it while reading a magazine from the nearest shelf, comfortable places for reading, homely atmosphere and responsive staff. If you want to feel the atmosphere of a cozy St. Petersburg, then be sure to stop by “Subscription Editions”.

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“Golitsyn Loft”

Address: Embankment of the Fontanka River, 20

Golitsyn is quite a large creative quarter. You can devote a separate day to explore the city’s creative clusters. But if you don’t have time for that, Golitsyn is a great choice. It consists of five buildings that, in addition to cozy cafes, restaurants, bars, and creative spaces, are full of unusual stores. Stop buying magnets as gifts for your family and find a really worthwhile and interesting gift.

Unpacked Shop B12 ZERO WASTE

Address: Vasilevsky Island, 7, 40B.

One of the counters. Photo: @lookbio.

If you or your friends and relatives are interested in ecology, refuse packages and encourage you to do so, it’s time to do it already. You won’t find packaged goods at this store – cereals, pasta, and spices are sold here by weight and put into your container. What to buy here? Start with the avocets or pouches or the stylish bamboo toothbrushes. Your eco-activist friend will love it!

Sennaya Market

Address: 4 Moskovsky Ave.

If you are looking for colorful places, then you must visit the Sennoi Market. This is that rare place, which brings back to my childhood – shouting from all sides sellers, the smell of fresh fruits and vegetables, mixed with the aroma of spices. Not only grandmothers go here, but also young people. At the same time you can buy here seasonal fruits and vegetables for dinner and breakfast – just keep your eyes open – check what they’re selling and don’t hesitate to bargain!

Eat, Drink, Snack

Cafe “Brother”.

Address: Bolshaya Morskaya Street, 10.

You like a quiet atmosphere and delicious coffee? In a small cafe “Brat”, which is located near the Palace Square, you can find plenty of these things in abundance. They serve delicious breakfasts, pasta and desserts for lunch, and a variety of coffees and healthy arugula and spinach cocktails.

If you want to take a comfortable seat and enjoy a fragrant coffee, we advise you to book a place in advance.


Address: Stachek, 72

If you are far from the center, but also want to feel the cozy atmosphere of St. Petersburg, we suggest you to visit the free space “Tsiferblat”. Here you pay not for coffee, but for time. You can come here to work or to one of the events, meet interesting people and get access to unlimited tea and coffee with cookies.

More coffee

Address: Alexandrovsky Park, 3G

There is another interesting place in Alexandrovsky Garden – a coffee shop in an ancient grotto. In the cold season you can sit inside the grotto and plunge into the atmosphere of childhood, looking at all kinds of old posters and other interesting design elements. And in summer we offer you to take a coffee to go and sit on a cozy summer veranda near the grotto.

Well, if you want to get acquainted with the local gastronomic diversity, then go on a real gastronomic tour of the city.

As you can see, apart from strolling along Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg has a lot to do. We hope that you will find a place that you will tell your friends and relatives about.

Rubinstein Street and the “Bar Triangle”.

Where do Petersburgers spend their Saturday night? Of course on Rubinstein Street or in one of the bars of the “Bar Triangle”. The best drinking establishments of the city are clustered here: Bachelor Bar, Blue Pushkin, Chronicle, Gulf, and Barslona. You can get confused by the number of them. If you’re afraid of missing out on something, take a St. Petersburg bar tour or a Rubinstein Street gastro tour. Yes, St. Petersburg guides offer those too!

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To love Peter: the 24 most interesting places

Interesting and unusual places in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg for me is the most beautiful city in Russia, a place where I have lived for two wonderful years, a place where at any time of the year the eye is delighted with wonderful architecture and pleasant parks. In this article I will tell you about the most interesting places in St. Petersburg, which should be visited by a tourist – from popular to little known and informal.

Palace Square

Once upon a time this place was a construction site, a platz, a storehouse, a pasture, a meadow for folk festivities and God knows what else. And now on the cobblestone square it proudly flaunts the Winter Palace, the General Staff Building and the Alexander Column. I especially love it when the lanterns and lights come on. In the evening, come to the Palace Embankment and admire the beautifully illuminated bridge! Don’t forget to cross the square and walk down Millionnaya Street to the New Hermitage – where the Atlanteans hold the sky in their stone arms. From Palace Square it is convenient to start walking through the center of St. Petersburg – you can build many interesting routes from here. The easiest way is to walk along Nevsky Prospect.

What to see in St. Petersburg

Alexander’s Column on Palace Square.


The Winter Palace and the General Staff are occupied by exhibitions of the immense Hermitage . All in all, the museum owns more than 3 million exhibits – just think! Someone even calculated that it would take 11 years to see the entire collection, even if you spent only a minute on each piece.

I advise to come to the museum with a specific goal in mind, like to see the Impressionists or the art of Ancient Egypt, otherwise it will all go like a fog, and by the end of it you will get terribly tired. Plan your itinerary in advance on the official website and buy tickets online, because in the summer you can get old in lines to the Hermitage. If you want to see and understand the masterpieces, but don’t want to plan anything, better take a tour with an art historian.

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The Hermitage

At the Hermitage.

Peter’s rooftops.

The best place in St. Petersburg for a romantic rendezvous is the rooftops, don’t you agree? However, this is a sore subject for tenants of the last floors of old buildings. Roofers – those who like to climb on the roofs – are rounded up by tenants with curses, threats, and calls to the police. So once they caught our editor-in-chief, Alexey Sinitsyn. Fortunately, they got away with swearing. I was “lucky” to live on the top floor of a building on Vaska, and almost daily heard the swear words of an angry neighbor, dispersing the hooligans. At Technolozhka I was really lucky – we had the keys to the roof. Find out how to get on the rooftops of St. Petersburg.

It used to be difficult to get on the roof safely by an outsider. Now it’s much easier to see Peter from above – just book a tour with a roofie and enjoy the views completely legally. You can even opt for a rooftop photo shoot. Another option is to come to the panoramic restaurant “Dawns/Sunsets” or to the observation deck “Roof”, which is located at a height of 27 meters.

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Peter’s rooftops. Photo: Ant Rozetsky / unsplash.com.

Courtyard Wells

On our last trip to St. Petersburg, we got into tracking down and photographing well yards – a real quest! I love these closed yards with a special atmosphere of isolation from the world, I lived in one on Vaska. And the maze of gangster courtyards, as in the Benoit house or on Rubinshtein Street, where Dovlatov lived, is a separate pleasure.

If you, too, are interested in this topic, I suggest you see a great map of yards, wells Peter – the author did a great job! There are a lot of photos and have all the addresses. It is a pity that some of the yards are no longer accessible to tourists – for example, with the Gryphon Tower. Some of the courtyards are closed, but you can get in with the residents. That’s how we got into Angel’s Courtyard and the courtyard of Buck’s House. If you are shy to ask the residents to let you in or want to know the history of the courtyards and at the same time to see the chic front yards that miraculously escaped the Soviet overhaul, go on a tour.

Interesting places in St. Petersburg for tourists

Cozy courtyard wells in St. Petersburg. In one of them I lived on Vasilevsky Island.

Kazan Cathedral

I love this cathedral for its magnificent semi-circular colonnade! It’s unusually harmonious, despite its size, unlike the unwieldy St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Be sure to walk along the columns and go inside during the service – I guarantee, the temple will impress you. In winter, when they put a fancy Christmas tree in front of the cathedral and fluffy snow falls silently in the twilight, the cathedral looks especially wonderful.

Do not miss a good view from the Griboyedov Canal: on the left is the Kazan Cathedral with the burial of Admiral Kutuzov, on the right is the Church of the Savior on Blood, built on the site of the attempted assassination of Tsar Alexander II.

The most interesting places in St. Petersburg

The Kazan Cathedral. Photo: Skif-Kerch / flickr.com / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Universitetskaya Embankment and Strelka V.O.

Many interesting places in St. Petersburg are concentrated on the Universitetskaya Embankment and the Spit of Vasilevsky Island. If you want to go for a walk here, you’ll need to dress warmer, because there is almost always a cold wind blowing.

Shooter of Vasilevskiy island is a place where Neva river is divided into Small and Big. Shooter is very popular among tourists! From it you can see the Peter and Paul Fortress, Admiralty, St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the Winter Palace. At the spit are located the building of the Exchange (Naval Museum), the customs, the famous Rostral Columns, houses in the classical style and other historic buildings.

And of course you should visit the Kunstkammer, especially if you have kids. It was founded by Peter the Great and has a wonderful collection of artifacts from all over the world. And a bit further along are the beautiful Menshikov Palace, a gift from the tsar to his assistant, the Academy of Arts, the building of the Twelve Collegia and much more. In the 19th century the embankment was decorated by sphinxes from Thebes. Find a griffin with a polished golden nose nearby: rubbing its nose for good luck is a student tradition.

All of the above places are postcard, parade island. Learn about the mysterious places on Vasilievsky Island on the author’s tour. About one of them – Repin Street – I will tell below.

Interesting places for tourists in St. Petersburg

A view on the Spit of Vasilevsky Island. Photo: Stanislav Kondratiev / unsplash.com.

Repin Street

My favorite street in St. Petersburg is Repin Street. The street where the noisy city suddenly falls silent and time stops. The street, where after the rain the sidewalk mysteriously gleams in the light of lanterns – and it seems that you are about to hear the clatter of hooves and the clatter of a brigade carriage.

Repin Street is a special, non-parade. It is the narrowest street of the city, its width is only 5.6 meters. During World War II there was a morgue, and now urban legends are associated with the street – the street allegedly met ghosts, and as if it “hides” from the residents. I have only positive memories of Repin: when we lived on Vaska, we used to spend evenings wandering along this charming and cozy little street. And to find it is easy – from the Middle Prospect of St. Petersburg through a block after the Cathedral of St. Michael, dive into the dark and narrow corridor. This is Repin Street.

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Before I moved to St. Petersburg I thought that the raising of the bridges was a tourist attraction. It turned out not so. Many times I watched how the giant sashes slowly unfold – it is always beautiful, there is something solemn and magical in this movement, like in the automatons of the 18-19 centuries. Sometimes it was tragic – when I didn’t have time to cross the river and had to hang around waiting for the bridges to come together again. But the most romantic action takes place during the white nights! I advise to see the raising of the bridges – but make sure you have a position beforehand with a view of the Palace, the Kunstkammer and the Rostral Columns.

Breaking bridges

Opening of bridges during the White Nights in St. Petersburg. View of the Strelka and University Quay.

Five Corners.

Five Corners is the famous crossroads of Zagorodny Prospect and Rubinshtein, Lomonosov, and Razezjaya Streets, described by Dostoevsky. On the square – an interesting architectural building, pass by just impossible! Life here is boiling, we advise you to settle in one of the many cafes and enjoy.

Address: Zagorodny Prospect, 11. Get off at “Vladimirskaya” or “Dostoevskaya” station.

What interesting places to see in St. Petersburg

Five Corners. Photo: Oleg Tokarev / commons.wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Peter and Paul Fortress

For some reason, the Peter and Paul Fortress attracts a lot of tourists, but I didn’t like it. I guess to make the history of this place come alive, you need to come with a tour guide – get into the secret tunnels, get on the roof and hear the old legends. Briefly from what I know: the citadel was a prison for political prisoners, here was imprisoned the son of Peter I, the Decembrists and other prominent figures. All the Romanovs, from Peter the Great to Nicholas II, were buried in the great ducal vault of the cathedral.

Now there are several museums on the grounds: the Trubetskoy Bastion Prison, the Commandant’s House and the Mint. All museums are paid, but admission to the fortress itself is free. Come before 12:00, and you will hear the daily midday shot of the signal cannon from the Naryshkin Bastion.

What interesting places to see in St. Petersburg

Peter and Paul Fortress. Photo: Aleks G / it.wikipedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Street Art Museum

I have a soft spot for street art and industrial buildings. If you are too, be sure to check out the graffiti and art objects in St. Petersburg at the Street Art Museum, which opened on the site of a former factory – it’s a combo! Check out the museum’s official website to see what exhibitions and events are going on.

Smolensk Lutheran Cemetery

A picturesque cemetery with beautiful somber madonnas and luminous angels is a quiet place in a bustling city. Graves overgrown with mosses and ferns are soothing and cry out: memento mori.

Unusual places in St. Petersburg

Smolensk Lutheran Cemetery on Vasilievsky Island.


An unusual view opens up on the Griboyedov Canal embankment near house 131. This interesting place in St. Petersburg is called Semimostey, from here you can see seven bridges at once. It is believed that a wish made here will surely come true. By the way, not all tourists know about it. We, for example, admired the view alone.

Gorokhovaya street

Gorokhovaya street, once the most popular street in the city, is worth paying special attention. Here there are beautiful income houses with a touch of mysticism. For example, in the house number 64 lived Grigory Rasputin, house number 57 – the so-called Rotunda – a legendary place with terrific acoustics. However, tourists write that after the repair the Rotunda is no longer the same. Beautiful department store Au Pont Rouge, which is located in a house from 1907.

Interesting places for tourists in St. Petersburg

Department store Au Pont Rouge in Art Nouveau style. This building from 1907. Photo: Stepan Ivanov / unsplash.com.

Buddhist Datsan

Take a look at an exotic item in St. Petersburg – a Buddhist datsan. It is not as imposing as in Elista, but I liked it better. Inside it is warm and quiet. You should go and spin the red drums and try posy (buuza) in the modest dining room at the datsan, they are tasty, hearty and inexpensive. Be careful – the posy contains hot broth that you have to drink. I was there a long time ago, but I’m sure the datsan still cooks delicious food. Interested in Buddhism? Go to the datsan with a guide.

Address: 91 Primorsky Prospect, Staraya Derevnya metro station.

What to see in St. Petersburg

A Buddhist datsan. Photo: Vadim Tolbatov / wikipedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Russian Museum

I have long wanted to visit the Russian Museum, and on my last visit I did. The museum is amazing! If you want to see all of the paintings that you looked at in history books and cultural studies, this is the place to go. There are a lot of interesting things, but I went primarily because of Aivazovsky, Bryullov and Vasnetsov. There are Kandinsky, Malevich and Rodchenko in the Benois building. A comprehensive 1-day ticket to the Russian Museum costs 550₽. You can get an online ticket with an audio tour.

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Address: Engineering Street, 4.

Unusual monuments

Do you like interesting sculptures and monuments? There are a lot of such places in St. Petersburg. You can make a quest and find all the unusual monuments, but here are just a few:

  • St. Petersburg Angel – Izmailovsky Garden, Fontanka Embankment. I think it is the most touching monument.
  • Griffins of the Academy of Arts – Universitetskaya nab. 17. Rub your nose for luck!
  • Ostap Bender – Italian Street, 2.
  • Elisey the Cat and Vasilisa the Cat – Malaya Sadovaya St. 3 and 8.
  • Chimney Sweep – Bolshaya Moskovskaya St. 1-3.
  • Major Kovalev’s Nose – 36 Voznesensky Ave.
  • Hare on a pile – Hare Island, St. John’s Bridge.
  • Vodovozozny – Shpalernaya Street, 56.
  • Philological Courtyard – Universitetskaya Nab. 11. Go past the janitor, either by pretending to be a student or by saying that you need to go to the Philology Department (think of something in advance).
  • And then there’s Chizhyk-Pyzhik, who would be better off without him – Fontanka Embankment, 1st Ingenevny Bridge. According to a local legend whoever gets into Chizhik with a coin, and it stays on the pedestal, will be lucky to move to St. Petersburg. We managed to flip a coin the first time, and the prediction soon came true!

There are so many non-trivial monuments in St. Petersburg that there are even author tours of them.

Interesting places in Saint Petersburg

A touching St. Petersburg angel in Izmailovsky Garden. Photo: Sokolov S.I. / commons.wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Cathedral Mosque.

A piece of ancient Samarkand in St. Petersburg is the turquoise Sobornaya Mosque. It is one of the largest in Europe! See the amazing majolica on the mosque portal. Non-Muslims can only get inside with a guided tour.

Amazing majolica of the portal of the Cathedral Mosque. Photo: Canes / wikipedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0. Cathedral Mosque. Photo: Alexey Fedorov / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Mansions of Petersburg

For me, mansions are some of the most interesting places in St. Petersburg. I really want to get into at least one of them. Old houses with remnants of former luxury are both a sad and romantic sight, such as the Brusnitsyns’ mansion. However, many houses are in good condition, and tourists can admire the interiors on excursions to the Spiridonov, San Galli, and Eliseev houses, and the Polovtsev, Kelch and von Dervis mansions. Read more about the mansions on the website of KudaGo.

Boat rides

The view of the city from the water is a little different. If you want to see a lot of interesting places in St. Petersburg at once and have a different experience, take a boat trip! There is even a canal tour on a sup board. I wish I had taken a boat trip in Peter – I will definitely try it next time I come.

St. Petersburg trip

In St. Petersburg magically you never get tired of walking the streets and along the canals.

New Holland

The island is a modern cultural center, where you can hang out for a whole day. There are concerts, exhibitions, lectures, festivals, art installations, etc. Check out the website in advance to see what events are going on in New Holland. There are also historic buildings, cafes, trendy fast food kiosks, and a playground. Tourists and locals alike like to spread out on the lawn in the summer – an urban idyll. In winter, a large ice rink is poured instead of the lawn.

Address: Admiralteyskaya Embankment, 2, “Admiralteyskaya” metro station. To get to the island you can use 2 Krustein Bridge, from the Admiralteysky Canal Embankment, 31.

Where to go in St. Petersburg

Art object “Firebird” on the island of New Holland. Photo: Alexei Fedorov / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0.

St. Isaac’s Cathedral

The massive Isaacius, the brother of the Pantheon in Paris, is not my favorite, but on white backlit nights it looks great. It’s beautiful and mysterious inside. Go up to the colonnade and look at Peter from above. Especially great at sunset, but be prepared for pandemonium and strong winds. Admission to the colonnade alone costs 200₽.

Trip to St. Petersburg for two people how much does it cost

View from the colonnade of St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

Summer Garden

Remember about the Summer Garden in Akhmatova: “I want to go to the roses, to that only garden / Where the best of the world’s hedges stands.” The park is indeed pleasant, with a beautiful fence, elegant fountains and polished marble statues. True, the original sculptures have now been replaced by copies because of vandalism and natural deterioration of the marble, but that doesn’t spoil the experience. I recommend to take a walk, especially on a hot summer afternoon, and then look at the nearby Field of Mars.

Yelagin Island

An island park in the English style, very nice and natural. If you do not want to spend time on trips out of town to the countryside, here you are – almost in the center of the city you can get away from the hustle and bustle. Yelagin island is big and very reminiscent of Pavlovsky Park. And what a bold fluffy squirrels! Take some nuts to feed them. Do not miss the Yelagin palace with the lions as from the Crimean Vorontsov palace.

The list of the most interesting places in St. Petersburg I can go on and on! Over time, the article will be supplemented. Write in the comments what to see in Peter the tourist. Share your favorite sights or secret places.

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Yelagin Palace. Photo: Ant Rozetsky / unsplash.com.

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