What to see in Suzdal in 1-2 days. Itinerary + guidebook

What to see in Suzdal in one day

There are no high-rise buildings in the center of Suzdal, churches, monasteries and small wooden houses are found at every step. And outside the city there is unspoiled nature.

Suzdal belongs to the Golden Ring of Russia and is located 35 kilometers from Vladimir. In 1992 UNESCO included the white-stone monuments of these two cities into the list of the world heritage.

I vacationed in Suzdal in 2019 with my parents. We came here for a weekend. The city seemed to me calm and peaceful, without the hustle and bustle of the city – this place as if it goes back a few centuries.

I made a route of 4.8 km, which you can walk. I included the most beautiful monasteries, churches and museums, viewing platforms and a walk on a river streetcar. The program will be rich – to have time for everything, leave the trip at 8 am.

What you’ll see

How to get to the beginning of the route

By car. Usually you get to Suzdal by car from Moscow along Gorkovskoye or Yaroslavskoye Highway and M8 highway. The distance is about 250 kilometers. Taking into consideration the traffic jams the trip may take three or four hours.

By public transport. In Suzdal there is no train station and no airport. If you plan to get there by public transport, first take a train or bus to Vladimir: the distance between cities is 35 km, the trip by bus takes 40-50 minutes. In Vladimir, the train station and bus station are located opposite each other. If you come to the city by train, you will reach the bus station in one minute. About how to get to Vladimir, we told in detail in another T-G article.

Bus goes daily from Vladimir bus station to Suzdal bus station about every half hour, the first – at 06:30, the last – at 21:40. There are direct and transit flights to Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, and Shuya. Direct bus fare on the route number 159 costs 122 R . Children under 7 years old travel for free, children under 12 years old – for 50% of the full ticket price. To be in Suzdal for sure, book tickets in advance. You can see the flights on “Yandex-timetable”.

A cab ride will cost 600-700 R . You can see a rating of the best cab services in Vladimir and their phone numbers at reiting-taksi.ru.

From Moscow to Suzdal, the road by bus takes about 4 hours. Tickets cost from 619 R . Buses leave from the Central bus station near metro station “Schelkovskaya” and arrive at the Suzdal bus station. Flights are every half hour to hour, the first – at 06:30, the last – at 00:45.

Buses run and from other cities in Russia. If you want you can book a sightseeing tour. But I recommend to go to Suzdal by your own car: this way you won’t make unnecessary stops, and if you have time, you can see interesting places outside the city. I’ll tell you about them below.

Our walk begins at the intersection of Spasskaya Street and Lenin Street, right by the walls of the Spaso-Evfimiev monastery. To get to the place you can walk or take a bus. The nearest stop is “Pozharsky Square”. The bus number 1 goes to it. To another stop nearby – “Ivanovskaya Zastava” – go by buses number 2 and 3. The fare is 21 R . You can pay with cash, card or smartphone.

You can ride around Suzdal in a carriage with a professional coachman. An hour’s ride costs 5000 R . Photo: Anastasia Osyan


Sightseeing platform on Kamenka. There is an observation deck to the left of Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery on a small hill, from which you can see the Kamenka River and the opposite bank. I advise to start the walk from there, rather than from historical monuments, to admire the city and the winding river. The views are calming, and there is peace and quiet all around.

Pokrovsky monastery is located on the right bank of the river. It is very easy to find it: the main structure of the monastery, the golden-domed Intercession Cathedral, surrounded by walls of white stone, is visible from afar. The monastic complex also includes the Shatrovaya bell tower, the refectory, the Church of Conception, and the Holy Gate with a gate church.

The convent was built in 1364 under Prince Dmitry Konstantinovich. In the 16-17 centuries it was considered the largest in Russia. For a long time high-ranking officials were exiled there. Now people come to the Pokrovsky monastery to visit the relics of Venerable Sophia of Suzdal and to visit the burial vaults of famous nuns.

The monastery is open daily from 07:45 to 17:00. In winter – from the feast of the Intercession to Easter – it is closed at 16:00. Evening services are held every day at 17:00 and morning services from Monday to Saturday at 08:00. The schedule of services is available on the website of the monastery. Entrance to the monastery is free. You can book an hour-long excursion on site for a donation, which you can decide for yourself.

In wooden houses on the territory live nuns of Pokrovsky monastery. There is also a shelter for girls.

Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery is located on the left bank of the Kamenka River. From the outside, it looks like a real Old Russian fortress: majestic brick walls with towers and loopholes, a huge area with many churches, belfry and prison castle.

Now the monastery operates as a museum complex, the service is no longer conducted there. In the St. Nicholas church and other buildings with expositions are stored unique finds of the 12-17 centuries: ancient books, jewelry, iconostasis, castings. Also you can admire the frescos of the 16th century and paintings of walls in the Transfiguration Cathedral, look at the prison block and walk through the loopholes. I especially recommend listening to the bell ringing and the male orthodox choir in the main cathedral.

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The monastery is open daily from 10:00 to 19:00. There are separate tours of each exhibition, but I advise you to take a single ticket with a two-hour tour of the entire complex. It runs daily at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. for groups of two to five people. The cost of the ticket for an adult is 800 P . Concessional tickets for 600 P may be purchased by students over 16 years, students and members of the Russian Military Historical Society on presentation of documents. Children under 7 years old admission is free.

There is a tour of St. Euthymius Monastery.

On the territory of the monastery there is an apothecary garden with medicinal plants, apple orchards and flower beds. There is a cafe where you can have a full and inexpensive lunch and a souvenir shop with mugs, spoons and magnets with images of Suzdal.

The Rizopolozhensky nunnery is a 15-minute walk from the Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery. The road to it goes along the main street of the city – Lenin street. Along it there are wooden, mostly one-storeyed buildings of 19-20 centuries, various cafes, restaurants, refectory and the park of the 950th anniversary of the city – the only one in Suzdal.

The Rizopolozhensky Monastery is one of the oldest in Russia, founded in 1207. It contains the relics of Saint Euphrosyne, to whom people come to pray for the birth of children and health.

Unfortunately, many of the buildings are ruined and need restoration, but I recommend visiting this monastery for the views that open onto the city from the 72-meter high Prepodobenskaya Bell Tower. The observation deck is open daily from 07:00 to 20:00. Adult ticket costs 100 P, children admission is free.

Also on the territory of the monastery you can visit the three-domed 16th century Rizopolozhenny Cathedral, admire the Holy Gate with two large arches decorated with tiles, and buy natural farmer cheese, the price for 100 grams – 200 R .

Market Rows – a long gallery with arches and columns, built in the early 19th century. Previously, each archway housed a merchant’s shop. Nowadays, in the Trading Rows they sell souvenirs, household items, and even clothes: color shawls, woolen shawls, socks, felt boots. There is also an antique store. Near the rows is an exhibition and sale of paintings by Suzdal artists and a children’s playground.

Suzdal residents advise visitors to try mead. You can try 10 kinds of local mead for free in the Trading stalls: with raspberry, lime, horseradish, mint, juniper, and others. If you like it, you can buy mead: the price for 1.5 L is 300 R .

I liked the fact that the Trading Rows are located on the paved stone square – it creates a special atmosphere of the past. On the square towers another small church.

If you walk around the Trading Rows, you’ll come to another viewing platform. There is a cafe “Graf Suvorov” opposite it – I recommend to visit it: for 300 R you can have a snack and enjoy a beautiful view of the Church of Our Lady of Jerusalem.

The malls are open on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on weekends until 8 p.m. Source: falco / pixabay.com

The Assumption Church is part of the ensemble of the Suzdal Kremlin. To get to it, turn from Lenin Street to Kremlin Street. The church is open daily from 08:00 to 20:00 and admission is free.

Church of the Assumption is one of the oldest churches of the Suzdal Kremlin, it was built presumably in the early 17th century. After a fire in 1719, the building was rebuilt in the Naryshkin baroque style, atypical for Suzdal at the time. Believers come here to worship the relics of St. Arseny of Suzdal. They are believed to cure many childhood diseases.

Near the church there is a real fortress moat and protective ramparts, which are worth climbing. There are always a lot of tourists there: now the moat has turned into an unusual viewing platform, which offers a view of the city and the river.

Suzdal Kremlin has existed since the 10th century, it is the oldest part of Suzdal. The Kremlin has preserved earth ramparts of 1400 m in length and fortress moats. On the territory of the Kremlin there are several churches and an ensemble of bishop’s courtyard with the ancient Nativity Cathedral. I especially recommend to see Nikolskaya church – wooden building in the form of a hut.

There are eight halls with expositions in the building of Bishop’s chambers. Here you can see ancient icons and paintings, walk around the interiors of the 18th century, visit the reconstructed Zemsky School and the provincial fair.

Exhibitions are open daily from 10:00 to 18:00, and the territory of the Kremlin itself – from 09:00 to 19:00. A full ticket to the Suzdal Kremlin costs 400 R, a preferential ticket for students over 16 years old, students and members of the Russian Military Historical Society – 250 R. You can also order a guided tour.

The Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life is a large museum complex, on the territory of which there are wooden buildings of the 18th-19th centuries. They were brought from all over the Vladimir region.

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Open-air museum is actually a traditional Russian village. Here are several wooden churches, houses, windmills, wells, barns on stilts and other household buildings with thematic exhibitions. You can enter almost all the buildings and see how the poor and well-to-do peasants and merchants lived.

The museum operates daily from 09:00 to 19:00. Entrance ticket costs 400 P, reduced price – 250 P.

From the pier of Museum of wooden architecture you can go for a river trip. Sightseeing tours on the river Kamenka are from May to October.

Streetcar trip from the pier to Spaso-Evfimiev and Pokrovsky monasteries and back takes 45 minutes. The streetcar leaves every hour from 12:00 to 19:00, regardless of the number of passengers. Tickets are sold at the ticket office on the pier. The price for an adult – 500 R, for children under 10 years – 350 R . You can also order a personal tour for 5500 P.

It costs a ticket on the river streetcar

A stroll on a streetcar is an opportunity to see the main sights of the city from a different angle, and a break from walking.

The Church of Elijah the Prophet is a small, single-domed church on Ivan’s Hill. It has a beautiful view from both banks of the river. There are apple orchards near the church and an observation deck overlooking the Kremlin.

Unfortunately, the church itself is closed to the public, but a walk here would be a beautiful ending to the route.


Food. There are many places to eat in Suzdal, the prices vary. Among the popular ones is the restaurant “Trapeznaya”, where they cook according to old Russian recipes. The restaurant is beautiful, tasty and of high quality, but expensive: village cabbage soup costs 390 R , a portion of beef tenderloin in sauce – 760 R . All prices are on the menu.

You can also have a budget snack in the tea houses, coffee houses and refectory, which are located on Lenin Street and at the monasteries. The average bill for a full meal for one person – 300-1000 R .

Lodging. If you want to feel the atmosphere of the city and save money, choose a guest house, not a hotel. Rent a room in a hotel for two people costs from 2500 R , and accommodation in a guest house – 1500 R .

In most cases a guest house in Suzdal is a small wooden house on the outskirts of the city where hospitable hosts meet and welcome guests. They introduce tourists to their life, the household and the inhabitants of the house, offer homemade food and all amenities.

During the trip, I lived in the house of the foundryman Nikulichev. It is run by a married couple who keep two cats, a dog and a pig. I chatted with the animals every morning and ate delicious porridge in a pot from the hostess for breakfast. This welcoming home was one of my fondest memories of the trip.

Entertainment. In Suzdal there are fairs, games and festive mass festivities: for the New Year, Shrovetide, Epiphany. Gardening is one of the main occupations of local residents, so Suzdal residents celebrate Cucumber Day on a special scale. On this day there are fairs and tastings of all sorts of cucumber dishes, you can listen to traditional folk music, see a parade of cucumber workers, learn how to carve vegetables and learn many recipes.

Church of the Intercession on the Nerl. If you go to Suzdal by personal car, I advise you to visit a place nearby – the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl. It is 1.5 km from the village of Bogolubovo and a 40 minute drive from Suzdal along the M7 highway.

The white-stone church of the 12th century is one of the main historical monuments of the Vladimir land. Artists and landscape photographers like to come here – the views are really stunning.

Svyato-Bogolyubsky Nunnery is 2 km from the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl. Of all the buildings of pre-Mongolian Russia, only this monastery survived partially. Here is one of the largest temples of Russia – Bogolyubsky Cathedral.

Travelers walk around the beautiful territory with a small pond, look at the monastic economy: greenhouses, garden, flower bed. Believers can worship the Bogolyubsky icon of the Mother of God – the first image of the Virgin Mary written in Russia.

Photographed the Bogolyubovo meadow on the way from the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl to the Svyato-Bogolyubsky Monastery

Journey to Old Russia: Walking route around Suzdal

The Suzdal Kremlin

Today we’re going to the toy Suzdal – the city of churches, temples and monasteries, delicious mead, beautiful casings and intricate folk crafts. Join our photo walk and find out what to see in Suzdal in 1-2 days, where are the best views and locations for photos, how much tickets cost, museum opening hours and other useful facts and details.


Impressions of Suzdal

Suzdal is a small chamber town, one is enchanted by it on the approach to the Kremlin. It’s so quiet and peaceful here, that you feel like you’ve gone back in time. Couples stroll graciously along the alleys, carriage horses clatter on the sidewalk, colorful wooden houses with carved platbands hide behind thick broad-leaved firs, crosses of numerous churches and temples burn in the sunset rays. And how it smells delicious! Something rustic and native, grandmotherly: poured apples, cut hay and river. About our hectic time reminds only a deafening roar, coming from the highway.

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If you look around attentively and thoughtfully, you will see all the sights of Suzdal in 1-2 days. If you have very little time, you may do it even in half a day, but I advise to take a full day with overnight stay – believe me, the city is worth it. Besides, it’s a sin not to indulge in fine Suzdal mead in the evening!

Itinerary of Suzdal trip for one day.

So, I invite you for a Suzdal photo tour along the same itinerary which we did before. In one day we will easily see the main Suzdal sights. I will not burden you with historical facts, but I will share my impressions, details, best photo points and useful remarks. At the end of this guidebook I will tell you about the best restaurants and hotels in Suzdal, things to do there, and souvenirs to buy.

When we arrived in Suzdal, we parked our car on the curb of Lenin Street, near the Trading Rows. From the paved Market Square the first thing we did was to walk down Kremlin Street in the direction of the Kremlin. On our way we admired paired churches of 18th century – Pyatnitskaya and Entrance-Ierusalimskaya. In general remember this fact that in Suzdal there are a lot of paired churches, which once formed a single architectural ensemble.

Pyatnitskaya Church. The graceful onions of Pyatnitskaya Church.

Further on the right side of the street are the Kremlin ramparts of the 11th-12th centuries. Just imagine, these ramparts were poured to defend the city during the reign of Vladimir Monomakh! They had wooden fortifications, which burned down in the 18th century. Nowadays, tourists use the ramparts as an observation deck. The view from there is wonderful and idyllic, you might as well sit down and paint a picture. It’s a good place for photos. To the left you can see a picturesque bend of the Kamenka river, Ilyinskaya church and meadow, and to the right – bell tower of Prepodobnenskaya.

Ilyinskaya Church


Behind the rampart – dark terracotta church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, built around the 18th century. Originally the church was wooden and stood in the courtyard of Prince Ivan III. It is unknown exactly when it was rebuilt, but now Dormition Church is an atypical for Suzdal example of Naryshkin baroque.

Assumption Church

The Church of the Assumption is an atypical example of Naryshkin baroque in Suzdal.

Moving further and reaching the powerful wall of the white stone Suzdal Kremlin, it is the heart of the city and its main attraction. To get inside, you have to go around to the left. The Kremlin is very small in size, only 14 hectares. I didn’t even expect that it’s so tiny, because on the map it looked bigger. There are not a lot of buildings in it either. Note that on the Kremlin chimes instead of numbers there are gilt Slavonic letters! Very unusual.

Kremlin clock

Pay attention that instead of numbers on the Kremlin chimes there are gilt Slavonic letters!

Here we are in Kremlin. To the right of the entrance are the bishop’s chambers with the Church of the Annunciation and the bell tower. More precisely, what is left of them and what was restored. In the 16th-17th centuries, it was an impressive complex of residential and household buildings of the bishop’s courtyard. In general, the history of the chambers of churchmen is very complex and long, if it is interesting, read it separately. Now there is a museum. In the bell tower of the chambers you can see a unique monument of arts and crafts of the XVII century – Jordanian shadow. The Tsar Book, the biggest handwritten book in Russia, is also in the museum. Its dimensions are impressive: its weight is more than 35 kg, and its height is more than 1 meter!

Hierarchal chambers where the Tsar Book is kept. Wonderful windows of bishop’s chambers, and hydrangeas blossom near them.

Behind the chambers hides the huge Nativity Cathedral with its five beautiful blue domes painted with golden stars. However, the cathedral was not always so, in the 12th century it had only three domes. The Kazan Tartars burned Suzdal, and the fire caused the top of the cathedral to collapse. This is the earliest surviving building in Suzdal, dating from the late 11th or early 12th century. The cathedral is very photogenic and beautiful from any angle. Inside look at the bright frescoes and beautiful “golden gate” with drawings on metal – it is fire gilding on blackened copper. These gates are the same age as the cathedral itself!

Cathedral of Nativity in Suzdal

Then go to the wooden St. Nicholas church, standing picturesquely near the birch. There is a smell of bliss and Russian spirit from it! I love such examples of wooden architecture as we have in Perm (Khokhlovka) or in Karelia (Kizhi, Virma, Kinerma). The Church of Nicholas the Wonderworker never stood in the Kremlin – it was brought from the village of Glotovo, Yuryev-Polsk district, and put in place of the burnt-out church. Inside, alas, it is impossible to enter – it is locked.

Nikolskaya Church

From the wooden St. Nicholas church just reeks of goodness and the Russian spirit.

Behind the church there is a path to the river where from the rampart one can enjoy the beautiful views of the countryside on the other bank. It’s worth seeing the best, in my opinion, panorama of the Kremlin in Suzdal, breathe in the delicious air and take a little break.

View from the rampart to Kamenka

The view from the rampart on the other bank is so idyllic that you want to sit on the grass and watch the evening fog on the river.

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Go out of the Kremlin and along Varganov Street walk to the paired churches – St. Nicholas and Nativity. Church of St. Nicholas is wonderful in its romantic dilapidation, but, alas, it is abandoned and gradually deteriorating.

Church of St. Nicholas and Church of Nativity in Suzdal

Church of St. Nicholas and Church of Nativity in Suzdal

Such a beautiful view of the temple complex opens from the rampart behind the fire station.

Next, walk along Aleksei Lebedev Street – probably the greenest and best maintained in Russia! There is not seen so much vegetation on such a short street. It is so cozy that you want to settle down in one of the houses.

Lebedeva street is quiet, cozy and green. The cills in Suzdal are a work of art.

Now go back to Kremlin street. On the way on the right, look at the fire tower, and then go out to the Market Square and Lenin Street. There are paired churches here too – Resurrection and Kazan, but at the time of our trip they were under restoration. Walk through the cobblestone square, with grass between the stones, wander through the galleries of the Market Rows, and you’ll find yourself at the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker of Krestovsky. Behind it, at the corner of the Market Rows, there is another viewing platform. In general, there are many good sites in Suzdal thanks to the relief and the river.

Market rows

In the trading rows you can have a delicious meal, look at the handicrafts of artisans and buy nice gifts.

The next place worth seeing in Suzdal is the Old Street. It begins from the observation point. There are a lot of beautiful wooden houses with carved platbands on the street. The platbands are also a remarkable feature of Suzdal. They are so skillfully made, they are a real eye-catcher! And all of them are different, they are not repeated.

On this street stands the house of Balzaminov – they filmed “The Marriages of Balzaminov” there. The house is residential, but you can’t get inside. Opposite it are unusually bright churches – Lazarus and Antipius.

Balzaminov House

Find the house of Balzaminov is easy – there hangs a commemorative plaque.

Church of St. Nicholas and Church of Nativity in Suzdal

Walk along Staraya street until you come to the hipped gates of the Rizopolozhensky monastery. You can’t miss it – two white and red tents with intricate patterns are striking and memorable. You can enter for free, and you can take pictures anywhere, unlike in other monasteries.

The hipped Holy Gate of the Rizopolozhensky Monastery in Suzdal

Rizopolozhensky Monastery

The complex of Rizopolozhensky monastery.

Especially interesting is the Suzdal high tower – Prepodobnenskaya belfry 72 meters high. The views are amazing! All of Suzdal is at your feet. But you can leave the bell-tower for later – I advise to meet the sunset on it (it’s open till 19:00). Do not be lazy to go up, especially that the entrance costs a symbolic 100 rubles. On the way up you will learn how to cast bells.

View from the bell tower

View from the 72 meters high bell tower of St. John the Baptist. I advise to watch the sunset here!

Bells in the Bell Tower

Also in the monastery look for a fat gray striped cat and scratch behind the ear.


A fed monastery cat doesn’t mind posing.

Walk through the monastery grounds. Get out on lively but pleasant Lenin Street and admire the wooden houses and casings until you reach the public garden. Look on the right, and next to the Smolensk church you will see a rare monument of stone architecture – white posadsky house. We haven’t seen anything like that! It is made in the traditions of wooden architecture and resembles St. Nicholas Church, but is made of stone.

And on your left you can see powerful fortress walls, more befitting the Kremlin. However, these red walls and peaked towers are not a defensive bastion, as you might first think, but the Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery. In fact, such protection is not accidental, it was supposed to be a fortress since its foundation in 1352. First, the monastery-fortress was built in wood, but the stone it became in the 16-17 centuries. Inside we, unfortunately, did not have time, because we came too late – the monastery is open only till 19:00. But you should definitely go inside, because there are a lot of churches, museums and exhibitions. In the Cathedral of the Transfiguration look at the frescoes of Guriy Nikitin. There is a prison, an apothecary garden, the Golden Pantry.

Convent of the Savior and St. Euthymius

The walls of Spaso-Evfimiev monastery are more like the walls of the Kremlin.

After looking at the stunning observation deck, which is located behind the walls. There are such cinematic views to find! I fell in love. We came here at the end of the day, with the last sunset, and admiring twilight, gently descending on the river and the Pokrovsky monastery. By the way, local artists paint pictures here.


The view from the observation deck at the Spaso-Evfimievskiy monastery is like from the paintings of Levitan.

What else to see in Suzdal in 1-2 days

We haven’t managed to see everything in Suzdal. Well, there will be a reason to come back and maybe even to live in this magic city! Besides the sights that we took a photo walk with you, I recommend you to visit:

The Museum of Wooden Architecture . We did not have time to get there. It is a reconstructed village, where you can get acquainted with the old way of life. There are churches, mills, wells, houses of wealthy and ordinary peasants merchants Agapov. Address: Pushkarskaya, 27A. The complex works from 9:00 to 19:00. The entrance fee is 400 rubles.

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Pokrovsky monastery. Entrance is free, but not everywhere you can go. There is a beautiful view of the Spaso-Evfimievsky and Alexandrovsky monasteries. Address: 76 Pokrovskaya street.

Svyato-Alexandrovskiy monastery. According to the legend, it was founded by Alexander Nevsky himself in 1240, but in the 17th century it was burned down by the Poles. Address: 15 Gasteva street.

Simeon Stolpnik and Smolensk churches. Address: 148A, Lenin Street.

Tsarekonstantinovskaya Church . Address: Zaprudny Lane, 2B.

The eco-trail “Ilyinsky meadow” is on the other bank of the river Kamenka. There is also an excellent observation point on the Kremlin, the meadow and the river next to the Ilyinskaya Church. Address: Pushkarskaya, 51.

Boris and Gleb Church in Kideksha . Wikipedia says that this is “one of the oldest monuments of white-stone architecture of pre-Mongol Russia. Built during the reign of Yury Dolgoruky in 1152. That is how old it is, so it is worth a trip! So it’s worth visiting, because it’s only 5 km from Suzdal. There is also the tent tumbling bell tower. The entrance costs 150 rubles. It works from 10:00 till 18:00, and on Saturday till 19:00. On the last Monday of the month – until 15:00.

Museum of wooden architecture is across the river from the Kremlin. Pokrovsky monastery looks great in the sunset. Such a view on it opens from the observation deck of the Spaso-Evfimievskiy monastery.

Where to sleep

There are quite a few interesting accommodation options in Suzdal – you can stay in a modern hotel, apartments or in a wooden house with carved platbands. Many people come for a weekend getaway and choose a house with a bathhouse or a sauna. You usually pay 2000-2500 rubles for a two-hour bath or sauna, but you don’t always have to pay that price – check with your reservations.

See what cool options there are:

    – an incredibly cozy guest house, decorated with wood and decorated in Russian folk traditions. – hotel with a classic design. Nice, stylish, clean. – Guest house with 2 bedrooms, where the design is made in the style of patchwork. – Pretty rooms, lined with wood, with geraniums by the windows. – a hotel with 19th-century wooden cabins and, unexpectedly, a spa with a sauna and beauty salon!

But especially impressed boutique-hotel Imperial, where rooms are decorated with antique furniture, so you are transported into the atmosphere of the early 20th century. As accurately noted in the reviews: “Merchant Russia in all its glory, with the comfort of the 21st century.

Where to eat

The prices for food in the restaurants of Suzdal are high – in average 800-1200 rubles per person. As someone aptly noted in a review of the restaurant “Gostiny Dvor”: “The prices are aristocratic-tourist”. I advise you to choose a place by reviews and rating on Yandex.Map.

Many establishments are styled as a merchant’s house, a Russian hut or a noble mansion. Especially memorable is the historical restaurant in the boutique-hotel Imperial – you won’t take your eyes away from the interior and cozy glowing lamps. In the evening the cozy courtyard of the restaurant “Grafin” attracts attention.

Mostly traditional Russian dishes or their new interpretation are on the menu: fish soup, borscht, salted bogs, pot roast, vareniki, tinctures, mead. But there are also curious restaurants with author’s cuisine, for example, Le Bazar – there you can try herring of weak salt on pearl onion hay or veal cheek with creamy risotto and blue cheese.

What souvenirs to buy

First of all, it is worth bringing gastronomic souvenirs from Suzdal: mead, honey, liqueurs and tinctures, cucumber jam.

Prices for mead are about the same everywhere. We bought very tasty (to our unsophisticated taste) classic bottled mead in a store at Lenina st., 71. It cost 200 rubles per liter. Bottled mead cost 300 rubles, and sbiten – 200 rubles / liter.

Tourists still like birch bark and wood items, ceramics, all sorts of dresses, blouses and skirts, knitwear, such as socks, scarves, mittens. There is no need to list here, just take a walk through the rows of shops and you’ll see everything!

What else to do

In addition to walks around the city and visits to museums, we advise:

  • Taste everything – mead, tinctures, honey, jams. After tasting – buy the best.
  • Go to the Russian bath. There are in many guest houses.
  • Take a boat ride on the Kamenka River.
  • Horseback riding or carriage ride.

Popular tourist attraction is a photo in the retro atelier on the way to the Kremlin. There you can wear costumes of 19th and early 20th centuries and take a photo in the style of that time.

In winter, on the Market Square there is a fair, and in general, the holidays are celebrated here cheerfully. You can take a ride on a sled with Huskies, on snowmobiles on Kamenka, from the slide on icebreakers.


Horseback riding in a sled is a popular entertainment for tourists in Suzdal.

When it is better to go

We visited the city in early September and the trees were still green, but the leaves were already yellowing in some places, making Suzdal look more melancholic. I think in the midst of the golden fall, it gets even more fabulous here!

In general, any season will do, but tourists think that in April the weather doesn’t dispose to walks because it’s damp and dank. But the weather in May is the best for walks!

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