What to see in Tallinn in 1-2 days? Photos and route

What to see in Tallinn in 1-2 days? Photos and route

Tallinn is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. We recommend to go! We were impressed and conquered. For you we have made an itinerary of familiarization walk around the city. We tell and show you where to go and what to see in one or two days.

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We arrived in Tallinn by bus from St. Petersburg, and walked to the Old Town from the main station through the residential areas and the skyscrapers of Tallinn city. Our first impression was that everything was clean, neat, modest, and dignified.

What epithets come to mind when you think of Tallinn’s Old Town? Fabulous and gingerbread. You want to squeak with delight there – everything is so magical. Doors, windows, towers, tiles, paving stones – everything is like something out of a Grimm’s or Andersen’s fairy tale. We’re a bit of a critic, but in Tallinn our inner critic has shut up.

what to see in tallinn

What to see in Tallinn in one day?

Dedicate it to Vana Tallinn – the Old Town . It was divided into two parts – the upper town Toompea and the lower, where artisans lived.

Vana Tallinn even with the abundance of tourists has not lost its medieval spirit. For a start it is best to just walk around and peek into the quiet crooked streets and small courtyards – without being tied to the sights. You know that hackneyed phrase “get lost among the narrow streets”? Well, Tallinn is the right place to get lost. The old city is very compact, you can quickly get around it on foot.

Many people may find this advice outrageous. How is it possible – to come and not see all the main attractions? We understand. So after you get into the atmosphere, you can go sightseeing. Here’s a list of the places we saw in Tallinn in 1 day. There aren’t many, though, because we wandered around more at random.

interesting places in Tallinn

Town Hall and Square.

Small, beautiful, photogenic. The town hall itself is interesting – note the dragon-shaped gutters. There are many nuances with the dates and times to visit the town hall, so it is better to look at the official website. The ticket costs 5 euros, the entrance to the tower is paid separately – 3 euros. In winter, the tower is closed.

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In the building is a very atmospheric cafe III Draakon , stylized as a medieval tavern. Be sure to come and have a drink! The venison soup there is delicious.

Tallinn sights of the old town

  • “Three Sisters, Three Brothers, and Father and Son. Architectural ensembles of medieval houses. Addresses are Pikk 71/Tolli 2, Lai 38 and Kuninga, 1 respectively.
  • House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads. Address: Pikk 26.
  • On the Town Hall Square there is the oldest working pharmacy in Europe – from the XV century (Raeapteek – №11). Inside there is also a museum where you can learn what medieval people were treated with.
  • The house on the corner of Town Hall Square is a medieval building. Address: Vanaturu kael, 3.

walk around tallinn

Tallinn houses and streets

Streets of the Old Town

As we have already written, we advise just to wander. The most beautiful streets:

  • Viru Street and Viru Gate.
  • Street Pikk.
  • Long Leg Street (Pikk jalg).
  • Muurvahe street.
  • The street Lai (Lai).
  • The street Verine – the narrowest in the city.
  • Streets Gumnaasiumi, Kooli and Laboratooriumi along the fortress wall.
  • Börsi käik street is a kind of time machine. On the sidewalk tiles are marked historical dates.
  • St. Catherine’s Passage – Katariina Käik. Charming medieval street with workshops.
  • Our favorite is Aida street. There you will see a medieval theater building and a summer stage. Very picturesque! The street itself also looks medieval. Especially good in the evening, in the light of lanterns.

Tallinn where to walk

Tallinn what to see

Tallinn sights

Lookouts and towers

There are a lot of viewpoints and all of them are gorgeous! The most famous are in the Upper town.

  • Patkuli;
  • Kohtuotsa;
  • Piiskopi;
  • Kuberneri aed;
  • from Pilstickeri trepp;
  • in the garden of the Danish king (Taani kuninga aed);
  • from the tower of the town hall;
  • from the church of Oleviste.

There are about 18 towers preserved. The most popular are: Long Hermann, Fat Margaret, Virus Gate, Kik-in-de-Köck. We will not list all the sites and towers – just find them on the map in the MAPS.ME app.

Tallinn sights

Churches and cathedrals

  • Church of the Holy Spirit (Püha Vaimu kirik). An ancient church founded in 1319. It hasn’t been rebuilt since 1684! On the wall there is a clock, which reminds of the astronomical clock in Prague.
  • The Church of St. Olaf (Oleviste kirik). The tallest building in the city. It has a good view, but in winter the tower does not work.
  • Niguliste or St. Nicholas Church (Niguliste kirik). We lived next to it and admired it.
  • The Dome Cathedral (Toomkirik).
  • The cathedral of Alexander Nevsky.
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what to see while walking in Tallinn

Toompea Castle

The castle was not impressed at all. At the moment there is the Estonian Parliament – it looks very modest, you can’t even tell it’s a parliament. It looks like the city administration.

Excursions in Tallinn

If you do not want to plan a trip and read about the sights, buy a sightseeing or thematic tour of the city. You can book in Russian in advance on the site sputnik8.com or on Tripster:

What to see in Tallinn in 2 days?

On the second day it is worth leaving the Old Town and paying attention to other areas of the city.


A neighborhood for those interested in modern architecture. Imagine: all these beautiful buildings are former abandoned factories!

Gorhol, the port, and the Baltic Sea

Come and admire the rugged Baltic Sea. On the coast there is an abandoned city hall building (Linnahall), all covered in graffiti. You’ll find viewing platforms there.


Cheerful colorful wooden houses in a quiet neighborhood near the old town. This is the former fishing port.


In this area visit the TV Tower, the tallest building. From there you can see the panorama, and for an extra fee you can add an extreme and walk along the edge. Another attraction is the authentic ruins of St. Brigit Monastery.


A baroque palace built by Peter the Great, a beautiful park, Peter the Great House Museum, and the KUMU Art Museum are all in Kadriorg.

What to see in Tallinn in 1 day

If you go to Tallinn for 1 day, prepare for an interesting and intense tour. Even in a short time, tourists can get to know the Estonian capital well, enjoy the hospitality of the people of Tallinn, and see many historical sites that are its pride and treasure. We advise to get acquainted with the Old Town, where the most unique sights are concentrated. So, start your tour.

Town Hall Square

A bustling and crowded place in the city. Holiday concerts, festivals, events, fairs, contests and other events are held here. The square is very beautiful and festive, guests have something to do at any time of year. You can visit bars and restaurants. On the Town Hall Square there is a hill from which visitors will see the 5 spires of old Tallinn: the town hall, ancient churches and cathedrals.

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Tallinn Town Hall Square

Tallinn City Hall

The main value of the capital is the town hall, it preserves the traditions of European city power for centuries. In 1404 it was substantially rebuilt, expanding the building. Its architectural style (Gothic) differs from the medieval merchant houses. The town hall consists of a basement and a commercial hall. In the Middle Ages the vestibule was used for receptions and celebrations, and the hall of the Master – for the town hall. Today concerts and ceremonial receptions of officials are held in the hall of the town hall.

You can see the city and make good bargains even in a short time, and our one-day tour to Tallinn is ideal for that. The program includes a sightseeing tour and free time for shopping. To get to know the city better you can go on a two-day tour to Tallinn. In this tour you will see not only its center, but also remote places of interest.


Kadriorg palace and park ensemble is an interesting place for tourists. It was founded in the XVIII century, the initiator of the construction was the Emperor Peter I. The palace was named in honor of his beloved wife Catherine. In Estonian, the name sounds “Kadri”.

Visit the landmark of the park – the chic imperial palace. In the building is a museum of foreign art. The visitors will be attracted by the garden with a beautiful rose garden, several sculptures in it, the majestic fountains near the palace of Peter the Great. Swan pond with an island in the middle looks unusual – there is a pavilion, where the brass band plays on holidays.

Kadriorg palace and park complex

Monument to the armadillo “Rusalka

Located in the Kadriorg Park, a unique monument is a bronze angel, which stands on a granite pedestal. The pedestal is decorated with a special inscription in Old Russian. The sculpture is dedicated to 177 sailors who served in the Russian Navy under the emperor on the battleship “Rusalka”. They died defending their homeland in September 1893.

Monument to the battleship Rusalka


This is an elite area of the Estonian capital. The popular Estonian beach, yacht harbor, and a unique adventure park by the sea await guests. Take a short walk along Pirita promenade, visit Estonian history museum and recently opened film museum in Maarjamägi castle – it is former residence of Earl Orlov. St. Brigitta Monastery will open its doors to visitors.

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Pirita embankment

Maarjamägi War Memorial

Maarjamägi Memorial Complex or Square of Reconciliation is located in Pirita near the castle with the same name. The complex includes several monuments dedicated to the I and II World Wars. The attraction of the memorial is the sculpture “Unquenchable Flame”. Its central part is an obelisk 35 meters high, erected on the place of burial of the sailors from the destroyers Avtrail and Spartacus. Many tourists wish to worship the heroes.

Maarjamägi War Memorial

Singing Field

If you are in the Pirita area with a tour, be sure to visit the originally arranged Singing Field on the hillside of Lasnamäe. The symbol of the site is a stage decorated in the shape of a seashell. There is a bronze monument to the famous Estonian composer G. Ernesaks. During his lifetime he was in charge of organizing the Song Festival in Tallinn. Several symbolic monuments decorate the territory, including the Cromatico. This is a singing sculpture, made in the form of piano keys, the sound inside it has a special tone.

Song Festival Ground in Tallinn

Palace Square

Palace Square is considered to be one of the oldest in Tallinn, is located in the historic district of the capital Vyshgorod. Located on a hill, from this place you can perfectly see the panorama of the city. Decorates the area medieval castle Toompea, which is perfectly preserved. Historical value has a house of Schlippenbach, the square built the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. When coming to Tallinn for 1 day, be sure to visit this historic place.

Toompea Castle

Church of Alexander Nevsky

The construction of the church was completed in 1900, it is dedicated to the miraculous rescue of Emperor Alexander III in a train accident. The cathedral is distinguished by its extraordinary beauty – unique external and internal decoration. Its distinguishing features are the brightly painted facade, high belfry and 5 semicircular high domes. The 11 bells chime melodically before each service.

Church of St. Alexander Nevsky Tallinn

Church of St. Nicholas

It was named after the patron saint protecting all seamen. The church of St. Nicholas is one of the attractions that visitors love to visit. This is a former Lutheran church. It was founded by German merchants in the 18th century. Nowadays the church houses a famous branch of the Estonian Art Museum, and there is a concert hall. Near the premises of the temple there are some old graves, you can see the tombstones. In the church were shooting episodes of movies.

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St. Nicholas Church

Freedom Square

This name speaks for itself – the square is a matter of pride for Tallinn residents and a national symbol of Estonia. This is a great place on the outskirts of the old city for organizing and conducting mass events, leisure activities of citizens and tourists. There are a lot of modernly decorated buildings of cafes and benches on the square, the City Hall of Tallinn, art galleries, St. John’s Church and the Russian Theatre of Estonia are situated here.

Freedom Square in Tallinn

Maiden Tower

Popular landmark of Tallinn – Maiden’s Tower, was built in the 1370s. Take a look at it for sure, even if you come to Estonia for 1 day. It became part of the fortress wall and served as protection during attacks on the city by enemies. Many legends and beliefs are associated with the tower. Today there is a museum and an exhibition hall and a café where you can enjoy delicious coffee. Maiden’s Tower is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Maiden Tower in Tallinn

Dome Cathedral

One of the oldest churches in Tallinn built in honor of the Virgin Mary. The temple has been repeatedly rebuilt over the centuries, in it remains the relics of that time, burial place of the 13th century. Tourists can also see the burial of the famous explorer I. Kruzenshtern. Dome Cathedral towers over the city’s buildings, separating them from the snow-white facade, it has a large, spacious hall. On some days, there’s soulful organ music in the cathedral.

Tallinn Dome Cathedral

Oleviste Church

It was built in the city in 1267. Built in ancient times, the temple was considered the tallest skyscraper in the world. Its spire reached 159 meters and was a landmark for ships entering Tallinn. Because of its great height, lightning struck it more than once, causing a fire. The height of the Stille of Oleviste Church today is 124 meters. It still exceeds the height of many buildings in the city. From April to October tourists can admire the surrounding area from the tower.

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