What to take on the train

What to take with you on the train of food and belongings

When traveling by train you need to take documents, money, clothes, food, medicine and personal hygiene products. For leisure activities, you should stock up on crossword puzzles, a book, a player with headphones, and toys for the children if they are traveling with you.

A list of things to pack for the trip

When going on a trip, make a list of things to take on the train first, and then check it carefully. Think about how important each item on it is, whether it will be needed on the road. The most necessary things on the train:

  1. Documents . Without a passport, child’s birth certificate and tickets will not be allowed on the train.
  2. Money . Cash is useful as a way (to buy food, tea, bed linen), and on arrival (to get to the place of residence, to pay for housing, if it is rented).
  3. Clothes for the train, shoes. They should be comfortable to move around the carriage, sleep and appropriate for the time of year.
  4. Hygiene products. Comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, wet and dry wipes, hand sanitizer will help to clean up and protect yourself from infection during the trip.
  5. Drinks, food on the train . Homemade food is cheaper and more delicious than in the dining car. The main thing is to take with you the food that will not go bad. For example, fruits, vegetables, dried cookies, dried fruit and nuts.
  6. Utensils, cutlery. The conductor does not always have enough glasses for tea, and having your own mug, you will always make a drink (soup, porridge). Disposable plates, spoons, forks will be needed for eating, and a knife for cutting food.
  7. Medications . Be sure to take the medicines you take daily, and first aid kit medications from home.
  8. Baby supplies. For the baby is recommended to collect a separate bag with the same set of things: from a change of clothes and hygiene items to toys.
  9. Technical gadgets . Cell phone will be needed for communication, tablet, laptop, reader – for leisure or work. The main thing is to take chargers and external battery (Power Bank) for each of them in case of absence or breakage of outlet.
  10. Entertainment . It is desirable to take care of leisure and take a book to read or crossword puzzles with you on the train, and not count on a talkative compartment mate.

Clothes and shoes

Things in the train should be selected on the basis of the season. In branded trains, air conditioning works in summer and heating in winter, so the temperature is comfortable there. Ordinary long-distance trains of Russian Railways are not equipped with split systems. In winter they are heated, but there is often drafting from the windows. To make the trip comfortable, take with you these clothes and shoes:

  • T-shirt (T-shirt) made of cotton, shorts (breeches) – for the warmer seasons;
  • a shirt (turtleneck, warm sweater), jeans (comfortable pants, leggings) or tracksuit for winter;
  • a change of underwear, socks (cotton for summer, woolen for winter)
  • Slippers (flip-flops, sandals);
  • Light or warm pajamas to sleep in.
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Documents and gadgets

It is recommended to have a small hand luggage which is convenient to carry everywhere and can be kept under the pillow. What to put in the bag (purse):

  • passports;
  • Train tickets;
  • Children’s birth certificates;
  • school, medical certificates and policies, power of attorney for the child (if necessary);
  • Documents related to the purpose of the trip (if any);
  • money.

In addition, it is advisable to carry a cell phone and jewelry. It is not advisable to carry a lot of cash. A small amount to buy something on the train or at the station is enough. The rest of the money is better to keep on the bank card. If you don’t have one, divide your cash into two parts.

Carry one (small) amount with you, along with your documents, and hide the rest of the money deep in your suitcase.

Modern gadgets are a means not only for entertainment, but also for communication and communication. Which of them may be needed on the train:

Personal hygiene products

What basic necessities and personal care products you should take with you when you are going to travel by train:

  • hairbrush;
  • a small mirror;
  • toothpaste, toothbrush;
  • deodorant (toilet water);
  • wet and paper tissues;
  • toilet paper;
  • hand soap or hand sanitizer;
  • Cosmetics, sanitary pads (women);
  • Shaving utensils (men);
  • Towel.

Medical kit for adults and children

When traveling, health problems often arise, so it’s important to have a mini first aid kit on hand. What medications to take with you on the train:

  • Painkillers (Pentalgin, Paracetamol, Nimesulide, No-Shepa);
  • antipyretics (Aspirin, Nurofen, Panadol);
  • Anti-allergenic (Cetrin, Suprastin, Phenystil);
  • antiviral (Kagocel, Viferon);
  • sedatives (motherwort tincture, Valerian);
  • for upset stomach, to improve digestion (Smecta, Mezim, Imodium);
  • for the heart (Validol, Corvalment);
  • for poisoning (Atoxil, Polysorb, activated charcoal);
  • for the throat (Lizobakt, Strepsils, Hexoral);
  • for runny nose (Nasivin, Rhinostop);
  • motion sickness (Dramina, Avia-More);
  • for bloating (Espumisan);
  • for itching, insect bites (Phenystil gel);
  • For constipation (Duphalac);
  • For earache (Otipax);
  • for cuts, wounds (hydrogen peroxide, bandages, plasters, iodine, Streptocide).

What food to take on the train

Eating out of cafes, canteens at stations is not safe for your health, and eating in the dining car is expensive. It is better to take home food with you. In addition to food, it is advisable to stock up on disposable plastic dishes and garbage bags. In drawing up a “road” menu guided by the following rules:

  • Choose food that can be stored for a long time without refrigeration;
  • Do not take food with a strong odor, staining your hands and clothes;
  • give preference to food that is good for satiating the body with energy and will be tasty cold.

Dry rations for the road.

Fast food is very popular today. Not all products are healthy for the body, but on the long road such food becomes a great alternative to cold snacks. Noodles and mashed potatoes with meat are sold already with cups, containers, so they are easy to prepare on the train. Boiling water can be taken with you in a thermos or ask the conductor. For soups and porridge have to stock up on disposable tableware.

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Ardent opponents of instant food can take a snack on the road:

  1. Dried fruits (raisins, apricots, prunes). They should be well washed before the trip. Dried fruit is good for satiation, charging the body with energy.
  2. Nuts (walnuts, peanuts, almonds), sweets (candy, croutons, gingerbread, waffles, cookies), candied fruits. They are convenient to eat and are good for satisfying hunger.
  3. Vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers), fruits (apples, bananas, pears). It is recommended to take the freshest products, with no signs of spoilage. Before traveling, fruits, vegetables should be washed and cleaned.
  4. Dry breakfasts (cornflakes, rice balls). Such food can be eaten dry or infused with long shelf life milk from small packages (200 ml).
  5. Bagged tea, coffee, sugar . You can always make a hot drink from them by asking the conductor for boiling water.

Homemade food

Drinks, food and homemade meals on the road:

  • chicken (fried without oil or boiled);
  • beef, veal (boiled, baked);
  • potatoes, baked in a jacket;
  • first hot dishes in a thermos;
  • hard-boiled eggs (without cracks);
  • loaf sandwiches with melted or hard cheese, smoked sausage (without butter);
  • Tarts with dried fruit, cinnamon rolls;
  • sliced bread, pita bread;
  • Bottled water, fruit, vegetable juices, unsweetened compote, kvass;
  • salt.

What to take with you in the hot season

In summer it’s very hot inside the wagons. From this food spoils quickly, it can not be brought even to the nearest station. If there is no cooler bag, some food must be abandoned. Foods that are not recommended to take with you in the summer on the train:

  • chocolate (melts from the heat);
  • cooked sausage;
  • pastries, cakes with cream;
  • fish and meat pâté;
  • dishes with sour cream, mayonnaise;
  • any fish;
  • Dairy, sour-milk products.

Food to take with you in the summer:

  • potatoes baked with the skin;
  • fried chicken fillet, boiled beef, the first course – in a food thermos;
  • boiled eggs;
  • breads;
  • fresh vegetables, fruits;
  • hard cheese, smoked sausage (vacuum packs);
  • breakfast cereals (oatmeal, corn flakes);
  • dried fruits;
  • nuts;
  • jam, jam;
  • Gingerbread, dry cookies, waffles.

How to keep food on the train

In conditions of lack of air and high temperature inside the cars food spoils much faster. To protect yourself from poisoning, keep food fresh longer, it is recommended to take a heat pack and a source of cold – the accumulator. It is filled with salt solution, which freezes at low temperatures.

Before a trip, the accumulator should be placed inside the freezer for a few hours (or overnight) and then transferred to a thermopack with the food. The device acts like a refrigerator, so the food will stay fresh for 8-12 hours.

Instead of batteries, you can freeze half-liter plastic bottles of mineral water. They will defrost slowly inside the thermowells. Thus, for 6-8 hours you will be provided with a refrigerator and cool drinking water. It is recommended to wrap the food itself in parchment paper or foil. Plastic bags do not let the air pass through, the food inside them “suffocates” and spoils faster.

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What to take when traveling with children

A list of things and supplies for the child depends on the age of the baby. For infants need to take diapers, pacifier, wet wipes, diapers, oilcloth and grooming products (powder, cream). If the baby is artificially fed, you will need bottles and dry baby formula, a thermos with hot water.

On the train for children, be sure to take comfortable shoes, clothing that is easy to put on or take off. It is desirable to take and home pajamas, so that the baby was most comfortable to sleep in a new place. If the baby is not able to go to the toilet, you must take a folding potty and disposable bags for him, wet wipes. It is important not to forget about the means of hygiene – toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, towel, hand sanitizer.

Brakes on the road for the baby should be collected at home. Feed the baby food, bought at the station, in the dining car, categorically can not. New food can lead to allergies, stale – to poisoning, indigestion. For a snack, it is desirable to stock up on cereals, crackers, fruit, vegetable, meat puree. You can also take a quick porridge, which does not require cooking, and simply dissolve with water or milk.

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What to occupy the child on the train

If the train journey will be a long (a day or more), you need to take care of leisure activities for the child. The choice of entertainment depends on the age, sex and preferences of the child. What to take with you to organize entertainment and play on the train for children:

  • A tablet, laptop, smartphone (for children of preschool, school age);
  • album, coloring books, pencils, felt-tip pens;
  • developing game (cubes with pictures, lacing, a puzzle, a construction set);
  • A new car for a boy;
  • A favorite stuffed toy;
  • a new doll for a girl;
  • board game (chess, checkers, bingo);
  • aqua-doodle;
  • a rattle, a pyramid (for a small child);
  • a collection of poems and fairy tales by age, a book with stickers;
  • Notebook and pen for the game “tic-tac-toe,” “Battleship.


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What to take on the train

List of things to take with you on the train: food, clothes, hygiene products, entertainment, medicine. In addition – what to take on the train with a child.

If the train journey will be a long – a day or more, there is a natural question of what to take by train: what hygiene products are needed, what to choose food for the road, what to take for fun and so on. And if you are traveling with a child, you need to think about his leisure time with care, because not all passengers are happy with the ringing children’s voices resounding through the carriage. Having an impressive experience of traveling in trains, we made a list of what to take with a train. Separately discuss what to take on the train of food – including a child.

Preparing for a trip: what to take on a trip

We strongly recommend that you also read our detailed guide on packing for the trip – useful information on what things to take and what not, as well as tips on collecting documents on the road.


Documents and money

Documents, tickets, phone and money we advise to put in a small bag, which will always be with you, to avoid theft and loss. It is better to take as much cash as you need for food and travel (with a little reserve for contingencies), keep the rest on the card.


It’s hard to imagine modern man without gadgets – everyone uses at least a cell phone. Well, and in the train with technology can be a great way to pass the time.

The list of things you can take on the train:

  • cell phone – it is better not to waste a full battery charge, if you need to call on arrival or report your arrival;
  • Walkman – sometimes you want to cut yourself off from the people around you: from the noise, noise, conversations, babies crying, etc.;
  • Laptop – to work, play games or watch movies;
  • Tablet – an alternative to a bulky laptop;
  • E-book reader – low weight, long battery life;
  • camera.

Don’t forget to take all chargers!

Hygiene products

Hygiene products should be packed in advance in a small plastic bag or cosmetic bag.

List of things you need to take with you on the train:

  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • antibacterial wet wipes
  • paper wipes
  • toilet paper
  • bar of soap
  • comb
  • mirror
  • deodorant
  • For women, makeup remover, cotton pads and cotton swabs.

What to take on the train

(Photo: vi4kin / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Clothes and shoes

It’s simple here – have a comfortable change of clothes that don’t restrict movement so you can sleep comfortably in them. The choice of clothing depends on the time of year and the temperature in the car: it may be shorts, breeches, pants or jeans, on top – a t-shirt, shirt, turtleneck or jacket. In summertime dress easily, because in the non-firm trains there are no air conditioners and it is very stuffy, and in the cold season be insulated not to catch cold – from the windows may strongly blowing. True, in branded trains even in winter can be hot.

On the train give preference to shoes that are easy to remove (slippers, flip-flops, sandals). Have a change of socks.

First Aid Kit .

Wherever you go, you should always have a mini first aid kit with you. You don’t know how your stomach will react to unfamiliar food and water or if you’ll be allergic to new plants, so always have it with you when you travel:

  • painkillers;
  • medicine for diarrhea and digestion;
  • antipyretics;
  • medicine to ease the symptoms of colds;
  • antihistamines;
  • Individual medications for chronic conditions.


What to take with you on the train, you choose. We can recommend, in addition to the tablet with movies and music player, grab a notebook with pencils if you like to draw, and books if you like to read. And where without the traditional crossword puzzles (scandals, Japanese crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and so on)! You can take some chess, cards and board games.

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Travelling to the Crimea by train

(photo © Yuriy Kuzin / flickr.com)

What to take with a child on the train

If you are going on a trip with a child, take more fun things with you – favorite toys, an album with markers and pencils, coloring books, books with pictures or stickers, educational and logical games, puzzles – in general, something that will occupy him seriously and for a long time. If the child is small, you need diapers, nappies and baby food and a pacifier.

What food to take on the train to a child? Take what he likes. Bring sweets – candy, cookies, gingerbread, chocolate. In general, the problem of what to take with a child on the train should not arise – take the same as yourself.

What to take on the train of food

Train and food – already inseparable in our minds things. Only the train moves as passengers begin to rustle packages, and the smell of chicken, boiled eggs, “Rollton” and sausage spread around the car. Ring a bell? Now let’s figure out what kind of food to take on the train, if you’re not planning to eat in the dining car, where to dine costs about 1000 rubles.

When buying food on the train first of all we should take into consideration how long it can be kept without fridge. Then – how much food is nutritious and will be tasty when it’s cold.

A list of what you can take on the train of food:

  • chicken;
  • boiled eggs;
  • baked jacket potatoes;
  • hard cheese (wrap in foil) or melted
  • sliced bread;
  • roast or cooked meat;
  • raw smoked sausage;
  • Fruit (apples, pears, bananas, oranges, tangerines, and so on);
  • vegetables (cucumbers, carrots);
  • sweets (cookies, gingerbread, candy, lollipops, breadcrumbs);
  • dried fruits and nuts;
  • instant porridge;
  • Tea and coffee in bags;
  • Sugar and salt;
  • Bottled water and juice.

At home you can prepare sandwiches in advance. It is better not to take dairy products, only if you eat and drink them right away. Also, all food can be packed in a thermo pack – it can be stored for about 7 hours. As for all kinds of “doshiraki” and “rolltons,” do not feed your stomach with chemicals – better to order the soup in the dining car.


Take a set of disposable tableware on the train – plates, forks, spoons. Come in handy and plastic mug – sometimes the conductors do not have enough glasses (they, together with a teaspoon can be taken for free). Also do not forget the folding knife.

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