When is the best time to rest in Jordan? Weather and Seasons by Month

When to go on holiday to Jordan

What is the weather like in Jordan

What is the weather and seasons by month in Jordan? We tell you when it is better to rest in the resorts of the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. Air and water temperature, precipitation and climate features. Tourist reviews.

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When it’s best to go to Jordan

Jordan has a subtropical maritime climate in the west and a dry desert climate in the east and south. Due to the warm weather, Jordan’s resorts are open year-round. Even in winter, the Red Sea water temperature does not drop below +20. +21 ° C, and at the Dead Sea – below +19 ° C.

When is the best time to go to Jordan? According to tourists, the most favorable season for a beach holiday – from April to May and from September to November. In summer it is too hot in a desert country – up to +38. +43°С.

Weather in Jordan by month


Water and air temperatures. The middle of winter in Jordan is dry and cool. The temperature is +17°C in Aqaba and +12°C in Amman. The water temperature is +21°C in the Red Sea and +19°C in the Dead Sea.

Weather conditions. In January, Amman can sometimes get as cold as -5°C and snow. It is much warmer in the south of the country, in Aqaba. The Red Sea is not cold, but it is chilly to go out after swimming.

Tourist reviews. January in Jordan is one of the months of low season. Prices for tours are not high, and hotels offer great discounts. We advise to book rooms in hotels with indoor pools. In winter, the seasonal currents intensify, so diving is not as good as in the warmer seasons.


Water and air temperature. At the end of winter the air temperature is +14. +19°С. The water temperature in the Red Sea +21. +22 ° C, and in the Dead Sea +19 ° C.

Weather conditions. In February, the weather is capricious. The clear skies are often obscured by clouds and the rains begin. About 60mm of rain falls per month in Jordan. The inclement weather is exacerbated by strong winds blowing from the Mediterranean Sea. Without a sweater and jacket, even during the day is uncomfortable!

Tourist comments. Because of the changeable weather, there are few tourists at the resorts. Until the beach holiday in Jordan, vacationers go on excursions to historical and religious sites, visit nature parks and spend time in spas.

What is the weather like in Jordan

Wadi Rum Desert (Photo: unsplash.com / @_sebastien)

Water and air temperatures. In March, it gets warmer than +17. +23°С. The water temperature is +20. +21°C in the Dead Sea and +21. +22 ° C – in the Red Sea.

Weather conditions. There is not a lot of precipitation, so no need to worry about rain. The differences between day and evening temperatures are large. In the evenings it gets cold. Put pants, a sweatshirt and a windbreaker in your luggage!

Tourist feedback. Although the high season in Jordan is yet to come, the flow of tourists is growing and the demand for tours is increasing. Everyone who is tired of the long cold winter, rushing to spend vacation near the sea and warm in the sun. According to tourists, it is warmest in Aqaba.


Water and Air Temperature. The average daily temperature continues to rise. In April, the temperature is +19°C in Aman, +26°C in Petra and +28°C in Aqaba. +30°С. Seawater is already warm at +22. +23°С.

Weather conditions. The weather stabilizes in mid-spring. The daylight hours increase to 13 hours. The number of sunny days reaches 29 and the rains stop until the end of October.

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Tourist reviews. The time comes when in Jordan comes the beach holiday season. Hotels fill up quickly with guests, the resorts open restaurants, cafes, bars, attractions and entertainment centers. Tourists like not only to sunbathe and swim in the sea. They enjoy visiting the ancient cities of Petra and Jerash, the Wadi Rum desert, the site of Jesus’ baptism and Mount Nebo before the heat wave sets in.

When to go to Jordan

Petra (Photo: unsplash.com / @agustinafuror)

Water and air temperatures. It’s already hot in Jordan in May. The air temperature is +29. +34°C and sea water +24. +25°С.

Weather conditions. May weather is pleasant with warmth. At night the thermometer does not fall below +20. +21°С. The daylight hours grows by almost an hour during a month and the weather is clear all the time.

Tourist feedback. In May, the high season in Jordan is gaining momentum. According to reviews, it is better to go to Jordan in May – dry and moderately hot weather is ideal for recreation with children, diving, snorkeling, yachting, off-road safaris, paragliding, hiking in the mountains and recreational tourism at the Dead Sea resorts.

When to vacation in Jordan

Salt formations on the shores of the Dead Sea (Photo: robysaltori / flickr.com)

Water and air temperatures. In June the temperature rises to +33. +36°С. The water is heated to +26 ° C in the Red Sea and up to +28 ° C in the Dead Sea.

Weather conditions. Evenings are still fresh in the north at the beginning of the month, but then the real desert heat begins. The sun is burning in the morning. The sensation of heat increases dry winds and sandstorms.

Tourist reviews. In July, the beach season in Jordan continues. Not everyone can withstand the high temperatures, so in summer, families with small children, elderly travelers and tourists who suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels try not to go to Jordanian resorts.

Water and air temperature. In July, the air heats up to +34. +37 ° C, and at the hottest resort – Aqaba – up to +37. +40 ° C. The sea water is very comfortable for swimming at +27 . +30°С.

Weather conditions. Winds from the desert make the air so hot that even swimming in the sea does not bring the desired coolness. There are no clouds in the sky.

Tourist reviews. Despite the heat, the holiday season in Jordan continues. Tourists spend a lot of time on the beaches, but try not to go out in the sun during the day. The most popular activities are diving and sailing.

Water and Air Temperature in Jordan

The city of Aqaba, Red Sea (Photo: Kempinski Hotel Aqaba / pixabay.com)


Water and air temperature. In late summer, the heat does not abate. The air temperature is +35. +38°C during the day and +28. +30 ° C at night. The water is very warm +28. +30°С.

Weather conditions. There is no big difference between July and August. At the resorts is dry and cloudless weather. From the unbearable heat can be saved only by the sea or under air conditioning.

Reviews of tourists. During the hot season, there are enough tourists in Jordan. Vacationers advise not to plan excursions, because it becomes difficult to drive around the country. During daytime hours, it is better to rest in air-conditioned rooms. To avoid heat stroke, walk in light clothing made of natural fabrics and drink more plain water!


Water and air temperature. In September the temperature is +28. +34°С. The water in the Red Sea is warm up to +28. +29 ° C, and in the Dead Sea – up to +30. +31°С. In the evenings on the beach is cooler than in the water!

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Weather conditions. On the coast, the heat is subsiding, while high temperatures persist in the desert areas. The weather is still sunny and dry, there are no cloudy days.

Tourist reviews. In early fall, the long-awaited holiday season starts in Jordan. Parents with children and elderly tourists come to the resorts. In addition to beach activities, holidaymakers go on excursions and get acquainted with the sights of the capital of the country – Amman.

Holiday Season in Jordan

The Citadel in Amman (Photo: unsplash.com / @benziad)


Water and air temperature. In October, the air temperature is +24. +30°C and sea water +27. +29°С

Weather conditions. In mid-autumn there is a change. It begins to rain a little. At night it is already cooler +17. +18°С. For evening walks and excursions it’s worth warming up!

What tourists say. The Indian summer is in full swing. Although there are a lot of tourists in the resorts, the prices for tours slowly go down. Diving on the Red Sea is popular in October.


Water and air temperature. In November, the air cools down to +19. +23°С. Sea water is still warm +24. +25 ° C, so the bathing season in Jordan continues.

Weather conditions. Daylight hours during the month decreases from 11 to 10.4 hours. The number of sunny days remains high – 28, there is little rain.

Feedback from tourists. The end of autumn in the resorts of Jordan is not like the cold and rainy November in Russia. Tourists enjoy swimming in the sea, sunbathing and traveling around the country. If the trip takes all day, pack a sweater and a windbreaker!

What is the weather like in Jordan

Sunset in Aqaba (Photo: unsplash.com / @yuli_superson)


Water and air temperatures. It’s already cooler in Jordan in December. The air temperature is +14. +19°С. The water is still pleasant for swimming +22. +23 ° C, but it is already cold to come out of the sea.

Weather conditions. There are a lot of clear days – 27 days in a month, the amount of precipitation increases to 46 mm. At night, the thermometer shows up to +8. +13°С. You can’t do without warm clothes!

Tourist feedback. In Jordan begins the low season. At the beginning of the month there are not many tourists, but in the second half of December, the resorts are visited by those who want to celebrate Christmas and New Year holidays. According to reviews, beach vacation is still possible. In addition to swimming in the sea, tourists go on excursions and visit spas.

Climate and weather of Jordan by month

Weather in Jordan

Jordan for most tourists is a country unknown, as they prefer to rest in hyped resorts of Turkey, Egypt and Israel. However, Jordan is attractive from the point of view of sightseeing, beach, therapeutic and even club holidays. The weather disposes to it all year round.

Climate .

Jordan is influenced by the subtropical Mediterranean climate. It has a hot summer and mild and cool winter. The big differences in temperature between day and night, which is typical for a desert area, which includes 90% of the country, can be called a special feature. It can be unbearably hot during the day and freezing at night.

The climate is dry, precipitation is rare, and only in the north of the country. In the south, there is no rain in the summer, while in winter it may not rain for more than a day a month. The rich flora is characteristic of the northwestern region. Only here there is enough moisture and heat due to air flows from the Mediterranean Sea. The rains pour down here, not having time to move further inland. The rainiest period is from November to March.

Climatic zones

In the north of the country and the Dead Sea in summer +34°C, the water warms up to +28°C and above. The calendar winter is characterized by temperatures of +15°C during the day and +8°C at night. The water in the Dead Sea heats up during the summer, so much so that in winter its temperature does not fall below +20°C .

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In the central areas in summer, up to +36°C during the day, +16°C at night, in winter +19°C during the day and +8°C at night. As you move towards the Red Sea, the thermometer rises to +40°C in the Aqaba area in the summer. In the Wadi Rum Desert, it’s +45°C during the day and +5°C at night. The Red Sea in summer warms up to +28 ° C, in winter cools to +21 ° C. Despite the high temperatures and heat, the heat is easily tolerated due to the minimal humidity.


Tourism in Jordan is one of the main budget components of the country. Money is being invested in this sector, which can’t but have an effect on the appearance of fashionable hotels, luxury restaurants and many others. Each year the country is visited by about 3.5 million people. Most of them are from the Middle East. Europeans and Americans appear here less frequently, and mostly do not come on purpose, and as part of a visit to Israel, where you can go on a tour to Jordan.

Beach infrastructure is developed only within the territory of fashionable hotels, so with good weather conditions, huge beaches and rich in flora and fauna of the Red Sea, few tourists rest here.

Access to the Dead Sea provides the country a stable income from medical tourism.

High season: September-November, April-May

This period is favorable for visiting beach resorts and sightseeing trips. The air temperature is +24°C and the water temperature is +22°C. All day long you can be on the beach without getting burnt. The water is pleasantly cooling, unlike in summer. For this period is characterized by a rapid change of day and night, so the temperature can drop by 10 degrees in just an hour.

The weather is ideal for long excursions with transfers. This is the best time for water sports and visiting the nightclubs in Amman and Aqaba.

The good thing about the season is that even at its peak, the beaches are not overcrowded. Minus – the high price of flights, accommodation and tours.

Low season: December-March, June-August.

During this period, tourists come for treatment at the Dead Sea or spas on the Red Sea coast. In winter you can swim and even sunbathe on the Red Sea. While most tourists come to combine beach holidays with sightseeing or medical, the low season is not an obstacle for pilgrims who come to see the monuments of history and religion. These are mostly people from Muslim countries.

In winter, the temperature is +13 ° C in the north during the day, +18 ° C in the south, at night to +6 ° C. In the desert at night, the temperature can drop to -17°C!

Temperatures of +35 C in the summer make it especially hard for Europeans. In the desert, the thermometer reads +50°C during the day and +7°C at night.

Diving season: May – October

Important: Diving is possible only in the Red Sea, which is rich in coral reefs, colorful fauna and flora. The Dead Sea is completely devoid of vegetation and inhabitants, you can not dive and swim in it because of the high salt content, which pushes people to the surface.

In Aqaba are the best diving spots in the country, which organize training and bring you to places where, in addition to coral gardens, you can see the sunken ancient ships. Diving is possible at any time of the year, but maximum visibility under water up to 40 m is only in season.

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Cruise season: fall, spring

A cruise on the Red Sea is a chance to see Egypt and Israel. Cruise ships sail along the route Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt) – Eilat (Israel), and this route goes through Aqaba. It is especially popular during the New Year holidays.

Health season

Medical facilities at the Dead Sea are open all year round, but for certain types of diseases, doctors advise undergoing procedures at different times of the year. For example, skin diseases are best treated from September to June, respiratory organs – from April to October, the nervous system – from September to May. Dead Sea salts and muds have unique properties, therefore people from all the continents come to Jordan: some treat chronic diseases, others revitalize the soul and undergo rejuvenation procedures.

Things you cannot do without in Jordan

At any time of year a tourist should have:

  • to swim in the Dead Sea will need a swimsuit, which is not sorry to throw away, as the salt water can corrode the bright colors;
  • a hat with large margins;
  • cream with a high degree of protection against ultraviolet rays;
  • In summer, you will need light clothing made of natural fabrics that will protect you from the sun on the beach, during excursions and daytime walks;
  • sweaters, shirts with long sleeves, jeans in the evening;
  • Bandana or pareo to protect from wind and sandstorms;
  • sunglasses;
  • closed-toe shoes for sightseeing;
  • Special rubberized shoes for swimming in the Red Sea, where you can be scratched by fragments of coral on the bottom or step on a sea urchin.

Weather by Months


Sudden gusts of wind bring cold air. In Amman, it can snow and freezing temperatures at night. The average thermometer is around +12°C during the day and +5°C at night. This is the rainiest month of the year, with rainfall of about 5 days a month. An umbrella is not needed, but a warm jacket, shoes and a hat would be nice. In Aqaba you can sunbathe and swim, but in the evening will have to wear jackets and warm pants. Winds may ruin your holiday, often with sand.


Warm at this time is only on the Red and Dead Sea. In Aqaba it’s +22°C, while the northern part of the country gets a lot of rain and the capital city “freezes” at +12°C. Sometimes it may snow for a short time.

On the beaches of Aqaba people sunbathe, while the north suffers from cold winds. For tours in the desert, you can enter only during the day, at night the thermometer column goes down to the minus marks. The day turns into night in just a few tens of minutes, so the air cools quickly.

T-shirts can be worn during the day, hats and jackets in the evening. Unexpected bursts of heat are followed by sudden cold spells.

The temperature in Amman is +19°C during the day and +11°C at night. There are fewer cloudy days than sunny ones and rainfall is rare. One or two days of rainfall in a month does not necessitate bringing umbrellas and raincoats.

The Dead Sea is +24°C, the Red Sea +26°C. No rain.


There are frequent changes in pressure, which leads to hot desert winds and colder temperatures. In April, the weather gets extremely hot and there are almost no cloudy days, as well as rain. In Amman, Petra and Jerash it is +24°C during the day and +10°C at night.

On the Red Sea coast it’s +29°C, but at night it’s colder +15°C. The water warms up quickly and reaches +23°C by the end of the month. There is virtually no wind, so it is calm and clear. At the Dead Sea, the air warms up to +30°C and the water up to +25°C.

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Only in the evening is it comfortable. During the day the temperature exceeds thirty degrees, at night you do not need sweaters, the temperature drops below twenty degrees rarely. In the daytime it’s better not to go out, on the beach to be under the open sunlight is not recommended. You can sunbathe in the early morning and evening, swimming is recommended in T-shirts so as not to burn the back and shoulders.

In Petra and Jerash it is cold at night, you should take this into account when going on excursions. In Aqaba during the daytime there are no people on the streets, stores and cafes are closed. Only closer to night are nightclubs, discos, concert venues, as the city is considered the most party place in the Middle East.

The oppressive heat of the desert is how you can describe the weather in June. It is especially hot at the Dead Sea, which is 400 meters below sea level. There is no rain and no wind, the water is heated to a thirty-degree mark, so you can’t escape the heat. A little relaxation is possible in Aqaba, where there is an opportunity to take a full bath.

It’s +35 ° C in Amman, +41 ° C in Aqaba with no rain and no clouds. At this time, you can only go to the Red Sea for sailing, diving, yachting, and fishing.


Clear, sunny weather with no rain and temperatures reaching the upper limits throughout the country. The coolest is Amman, where it is +32°C during the day and +18°C at night. In Aqaba it’s +40°C in the shade and you can go to the beach early in the morning and close to evening. You can get burnt in 5 minutes with open clothes, so you must wear a T-shirt to swim.


Compared to August the temperature drops only 3-5 degrees and the water does not cool down. In the central and northern part of the country the weather does not change, it is more noticeable in the area of the Red Sea coast, but even at night it is hot here. There is no rain, sandy winds make sightseeing trips to Petra difficult.


The south of the country is dry and hot, but temperatures begin to drop and tourists on the beaches increase. At night it can get as cold as +23°C. In Petra and Amman it’s up to +15°C, at the Dead Sea +30°C. Bathing in the water of +27°C brings little pleasure.

Important: Experts recommend not staying in the Dead Sea more than 5-10 minutes, and after swimming it is advised to take a shower immediately, so as not to be covered in salt crystals.


In Amman: +21°C during the day and +13°C at night. It rains no more than 1 day a month. This is the best time to visit Petra, famous all over the world in the Indiana Jones movies. It gets dark and cold fast. The thermometer reads as low as +11°C.

In Aqaba, it’s summer with temperatures never dropping below +25°C. The water in the sea is about the same temperature. It can be cold at night.


In Amman: +15°C during the day, +5°C at night. You can sunbathe and swim in the Red Sea and celebrate the New Year under the palm trees, but it gets cold in the evening and you must wear down jackets and hats. The warmest place in the country is the Dead Sea, where it’s +19 ° C during the day and +8 ° C at night, and in the sea you can still swim +23 ° C.

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