When is the best time to travel to Georgia? Weather and Seasons by Months

When it is better to go to Georgia

Nature in Georgia has no bad weather! We tell you when it’s best to go to Georgia for the sea, when it’s best for hiking and sightseeing, and when it’s best for skiing. Details about the weather by month, air and water temperatures, precipitation and climate features. Reviews of tourists about recreation in different seasons.

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When it is better to go to Georgia

The small country is beautiful at any time of year. If you want to enjoy Georgian food and wine, listen to great songs and visit ancient temples and fortresses, you can come whenever you want. In winter and summer tourists are waiting for an atmospheric holiday and the famous Georgian hospitality.

Bathing season in Georgia starts in May and lasts until the end of October. Skiing and snowboarding lovers can go to winter resorts from November to May, but the peak skiing season lasts from December to March.

Weather in Georgia by Months


Water and Air Temperature. In the mountainous regions of Georgia to -5. -10°С. The temperature in the afternoon in Tbilisi is +2. +4°С, and at the coastal resorts of +8. +10°С. The water in the Black Sea is cold +10. +11°С.

Weather conditions. January in Georgia is mild. There is a lot of snow in the mountains. Sometimes it gets cold up to -20°C. On the Black Sea coast it snows for half a day, and not every year. The weather is mostly overcast.

Feedback from tourists. The middle of winter is a great time for skiing and outdoor activities at the mountain resorts. Many tourists like to come to the coast to breathe fresh air, walk by the sea and admire the evergreen subtropics.

How is the weather in Georgia?

Winter in Bakuriani is mild. Because of the high mountains there are no strong winds. Photo: VictoriaBoroda / Depositphotos.com.


Water and air temperature. At the end of winter, the sun shines longer and it gets a little warmer. At the ski resorts during the day it is -2. It is -4°С, and at the coast it is +9. +11°С. It’s still far away to the swimming season in Georgia. The temperature of sea water is +9. +10°C.

Weather conditions. In the last month of winter the cloudiness is variable. Rainfall is rare. Only in Adjara it rains for about a week.

Feedback from tourists. In February, the ski season in Georgia is in full swing. Tourists like to ski on snow-covered slopes and go on excursions. Lovers of exotic plants enjoy coming to Batumi Botanical Garden, where even in winter there are lots of greenery and flowers.

When to vacation in Georgia?

Mountain peaks in Gudauri. Photo: unsplash.com / @natituna.

Water and air temperature. In March, the air temperature in the mountains rises to +4. +6°C, and on the coast up to +11. +13°C. Water in the Black Sea is still cold +9. +10 ° C.

Weather conditions. March weather is capricious. Few sunny days, winds blow. It snows in the mountains and heavy rains in the sea resorts.

Tourist reviews. The ski season in Georgia continues. According to reviews from tourists, in early spring it is more pleasant to rest in the mountainous part of the country, because in Tbilisi and near the sea it is quite dank.

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Weather in Georgia by Months

The Arch of Friendship of Peoples on the Georgian Military Road. Photo: unsplash.com / @jairph.


Water and air temperature. In April the weather is already spring-like. The temperature in the mountainous part of Georgia is +6. +12°С, and at the Black Sea coast it is +15. +20°С. By the end of the month the sea water is heated to +15°С.

Weather conditions. The number of sunny days increases to 18 and the rainfall is less. The evenings are still cool, so take both warm and light clothing.

Tourist reviews. In April, you can still go skiing, but most tourists prefer sightseeing tourism. In the midst of spring, it is nice to walk around Old Tbilisi and enjoy the sea breeze in Poti, Kobuleti or Batumi.

Water and air temperature. In May in the mountains it is +13. +15°C in the mountains, +22. +24°C in Tbilisi and +26°C on the sea coast. In the beginning of the month the sea water heats up to +16. +17 ° C, and at the end of the month reaches +18. +20°С.

Weather conditions. With the onset of warm sunny weather in Georgia begins the high season. But it rains for about a week – you can not do without an umbrella!

Reviews of tourists. Although the bathing season in Georgia has already started, in the first half of the month the sea is still cool. According to tourists, the May vacation is better spent on sunbathing, walks and excursions.

When to go to Georgia

Sion Cathedral in Tbilisi. Photo: Diego_Delso / flickr.com.

Water and air temperature. In June, the air temperature in the mountains is +18. +23 ° C, and on the coast +26. +29°С. The Black Sea is heated to +23 ° C.

Weather conditions. Almost all days in June are sunny. The rains fall on 3 to 4 days a month.

Feedback from tourists. In early summer there comes a time when it is better to go to Georgia with children. There is still no strong heat, and the sea is already warm for swimming. On the beaches of Batumi, Poti, Ureki, Gonio, Chakvi and other seaside resorts rests more and more tourists.

Water and air temperature. The temperature in the mainland of the country is +20. +27 ° C and on the coast +28. +30°С. The sea water is warm +24. +26°С.

Weather conditions. In July, there is a lot of sun and almost no rain.

Reviews of tourists. Midsummer is the time when beach lovers come to Georgia. In July, it is nice to swim in the sea, walk on mountain trails, do water sports and go on excursions.

When to vacation in Georgia?

The beach in Kvariati. Photo: vlade-mir / Depositphotos.com.


Water and air temperature. During the hottest month of the Georgian summer the temperature rises to +29. +32°С. The sea water is very warm +26. +27°С. If you are not afraid of getting too hot, you can swim for hours!

Weather conditions. On the coast there is a steady heat. The nights in the mountains are cool +11 … +13 ° C, so jackets are recommended. Sunny days a lot, but sometimes it rains.

Tourist reviews. Bathing season in Georgia is in full swing. At the end of summer, the seaside resorts have the most tourists, so the prices for accommodation and entertainment are the highest in the year. According to reviews, on hiking and bus tours is better to go in the morning or evening, when the sun is not so hot.

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When to have a rest by the sea in Georgia

Batumi (Photo: kryshen / flickr.com)


Water and air temperature. Georgian autumn is warm. The temperature in the mountains is +15. +18 ° C, and at sea resorts of +24. +26°С. The sea cools down not immediately, the water temperature is +24. +25°С. The high season in Georgia continues!

The weather conditions. In September the weather is sunny for 2/3 of the month. Compared with summer, the rainfall increases, but even in damp Adjara there are no more than 5 rainy days.

Tourist feedback. In early autumn, all kinds of entertainment are available – beach recreation, excursions, mountain and water tourism, mountain climbing, rock climbing, horseback riding tours, diving and boat trips.

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Water and air temperature. In the mountains it is already cool +9. +15°C, and at the seaside resorts it is still warm +19. +22°С. Water temperature in the sea at the beginning of the month +21 ° C, and at the end of +18 ° C. Few bathers!

Weather conditions. Golden Autumn is pleasant with warm days and bright colors of leaves. It is especially noticeable in the mountains. The coast is still green like in summer. Rainfall reaches 140 mm per month.

Reviews of tourists. October is the last month of the velvet season in Georgia. According to tourists, at this time the Georgian markets sell a lot of ripe grapes, persimmons, plums, figs and late varieties of peaches.


Water and Air Temperature. Daytime temperatures are +2°C in the Gudauri ski resort, +9°C in Tbilisi and +14°C on the coast. +16°С. The sea cooled down to +16. +17°С. It is cold to swim!

Weather conditions. At the beginning of the month there is still a lot of sun, but at the end of November the sky is often covered with rain clouds. The wind raises waves on the sea.

Tourist reviews. In late autumn, lovers of leisurely walks, sightseeing tourism and delicious Georgian cuisine go to Georgia. There are few tourists, so the resort towns and small seaside villages are half-empty.

Georgian Weather

Atsunta Pass, Georgia (Photo: unsplash.com / @dominik_jirovsky)


Water and air temperatures. Temperatures during the day in the mountainous regions of the country are -4. -1°C, in Tbilisi +4°C, and on the coast +10. +12°С. Water in the sea cooled down to +12°C.

Weather conditions. There are snowfalls in the mountains and rains at the sea resorts. Strong winds are rare, so even the cool weather is easily tolerated.

Tourist reviews. In Gudauri, Bakuriani, Khatsvali, Tetnuldi and Goderdzi there is already enough snow – the ski season starts in December. According to tourists, it is pleasant to come to Georgia on New Year holidays. There are fewer people here than in Europe, the prices are lower, and the hospitality is outstanding!

Climate and weather of Georgia by months

Georgian Climate

A land of climatic contrasts, incredible colors and smells, spectacular panoramas and hospitable people, Georgia is good in every season. Nestled between the Caucasus and the rest of the continent, Georgia has created a unique microclimate between the mountains and the Black Sea. At the same time here can play with the colors of golden autumn, blooming orange orchards and gleam in the sun freshly fallen snow in the mountains.

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“Gamarjoba, genatsevale! ” and welcome to Georgia!

Georgia’s Climate Zones

The Caucasus Range shields Georgia from northern cold air masses. The mountains and the Black Sea form the climate here. The weather often depends on the location of settlements relative to the altitude above sea level.

Zero isotherm – this complicated meteorological term means – Georgia has a very special microclimate compared to the rest of the continent, which is why Georgia is divided climatically into zones such as

  • Adjara (Batumi, Ureki) – mild subtropical climate . In winter it may reach +7°C and it often rains, and in summer it is hot up to +30°C.
  • Western Georgia has never seen frosts at sea level – mild winters prevail. Here the temperature does not drop below 0°C. Snow is also rare. Usual temperature for January is +2…+4°C. In the fall and winter there is a lot of precipitation. A maritime subtropical climate prevails here.
  • Central Georgia is located at an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level. That is why there are small frosts in winter. Summers are mild.
  • The climate of Eastern Georgia is a little bit colder, sometimes it snows. Summers are drier here than in the rest of Georgia. A moderately humid climate prevails, as well as dry subtropical climate which changes to continental.
  • The eastern coast of the Black Sea is a special region. It is warm even in winter. In December you can swim in the sea, and on land the trees are green and citrus fruits are ripening.

Tourist Seasons in Georgia

The weather in Georgia is so unpredictable that in some areas even weather forecasters find it hard to make predictions at their own risk and professional experience. If the sun shines brightly in the morning, it will certainly rain in the afternoon, after which there will be an incredible smell of blooming trees and high humidity. In just an hour, everything around will dry out, and it will be warm and sunny again. It is not said by the locals for nothing that all four seasons can be observed in Georgia within a couple of days, and it is true!

Fact! Georgia is a country of climatic contrasts. At the same time in the high mountain range of Samtskhe-Javakheti (south-central Georgia) in winter it may be -40°C, and just over the mountain range in Adjara it is +23°C, where palm trees will grow peacefully.

Cyclical nature of the weather is not about Georgia. Mother-nature has given the local climate an unpredictable nature. For example, in 2011 the mountains wintered without snow, and four years later the snowfall paralyzed Batumi in spring, when the trees in the capital have already bloomed.

For seaside recreation it is better to choose June or September. There are few people and the sea is warm. In July and August there is a very large influx of tourists, and the weather is too hot.

In mountainous Kazbegi and Svaneti it’s better to go either in May or in September-October. In spring everything is in full bloom, and in autumn the nature gives very beautiful colors to the mountains.

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It is interesting! The most comfortable (weather-wise) time to visit Georgia is May and September.

In winter there can be avalanches in some areas. For this reason it is better not to go to Svaneti Mestia in winter.

The capital of Georgia is welcoming at any time of the year. But in summer, the streets of Tbilisi are very hot and stuffy. In winter, it is damp.

What clothes to bring

Spring is the most fickle time of year in Georgia. If you visit Tbilisi in March, you should bring a warm jacket, it can be quite cold here at this time. It’s warmer in Kutaisi in March, so a short sleeve during the day, but you should pack a warm sweater or jacket for the evening.

If you’re going on a beach vacation, it’s worth buying a sunscreen.

If you’ve chosen a skiing holiday don’t forget your ski masks, because the snow often falls here or, on the contrary, the sun shines brightly.

If you are going to the Georgian capital in winter, wear warm clothes, because in the wet weather you can easily get cold. In summer on the contrary, wear clothes made of light natural fabrics, sunglasses and headgear are a must. In spring it is better not to visit Georgia without an umbrella.

Weather in Georgia by Months


If your goal is not a ski vacation, January is not the best month to travel to Georgia. There can be fogs, wet snow.

On a side note! It is worth going on a ski vacation in Georgia in January and February. At the ski resorts (Gudauri, Bakuriani, Khatsvali) at this time it is already minus and snow cover is very good. And the ski season itself starts in December and ends in April.


At this time, most tourists are in the mountains. The peak of the ski season ends, there are no more queues at the elevators, and prices are reduced.

Fact! Every year, Georgia is visited by about 6 million tourists, these are citizens of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Russia and EU countries.

Some of the roads in the mountains can be closed due to the possibility of avalanches and landslides. This is not the best time to see the sights, especially the architecture in the cities. It is damp outside, often with wet snow and more often with rain.

Important: There is no central heating in Georgia. Therefore, in cold weather each house heats by itself. Therefore, when booking a hotel at this time it is necessary to clarify whether heating is provided.

In the second half of March the real spring begins – in Tbilisi it may reach +20°C, the gardens begin to bloom. In the mountains above 2000 meters there is still snow. In Gudauri there can still be snowfalls. In Mestia it’s +8°C and may be wet snow even at the end of March. In Batumi it is humid and few tourists.

This is interesting! Early spring is not the best time to visit Georgia. Because of the abundance of melt water, a lot of mountain and unpaved roads, not all directions are passable.


In the valleys of Tbilisi, Kakheti, Borjomi and Kutaisi it is very sunny and warm (up to +25°C). In Batumi it is about +20°C. It is still forbidden to swim in the sea. In the mountainous regions there is still snow, the temperature can reach +15°C during the day and fall to 0°C at night.

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It is interesting! At this time it is worth to visit botanical gardens of Georgia (in Tbilisi or Batumi) – an incredible riot of colors and beauty!

One of the best times to visit Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Kakheti, David Gareji. You can visit Svaneti and Kazbegi. Here tourists are welcomed at a comfortable +25 ° C. Although in late May the temperature can rise to +30°C. The water in the Black Sea is +18 ° +19 ° C.

On a side note! In May the Georgians celebrate the festival of young wine. May 26 – Independence Day of Georgia, in this national holiday in the streets are the most grandiose fireworks.

The sea is already warm enough in Adjara and Guria, the water temperature ranges from +21 ° C at the beginning of the month, to +24 ° C at the end. The air temperature in Batumi is up to +29°C during the day and up to +15+19°C at night, in Kakheti it is +30°C during the day. In the desert regions of David Gareji and Vashlovani is already very hot, up to +40°C. When booking lodgings ask about air conditioning.


During this time in Georgia it is very hot (+32+36 ° C). The temperature gauge in Tbilisi in mid-summer can reach up to +40°C. In Western Georgia the humidity is very high. In Imeretia, Adjara and Guria it is very hot. It is high time to swim on the coast of Adjara.

July is a great month for climbers and mountaineers conquering peaks above 3000 meters – the temperature in the mountains around Kazbek and Tetnuld is comfortable.

September-October .

It is the season in every way. At this time Georgia can offer tourists a full range of recreation – both sea (in Samegrelo, the Black Sea, the water is still warm), and skiing (there is already snow in the highlands).

In September the temperature is comfortable (+25+27 ° C), at this time begins to collect grapes in Kakheti, many tourists go there.

Until the beginning of October the Black Sea maintains a comfortable temperature for bathing – up to +25 ° C.

Interesting! At this time it is believed that the tourist season ends, and prices for housing and services in Georgia drop significantly. This is a perfect time to visit Georgia for sightseeing.

In October the weather begins to change, the daytime outdoor temperatures reach +23+25 ° C, the water temperature drops to +16 ° C. It begins to rain. In Adjara, Kazbegia and Svaneti at this time begins a warm autumn. And in the mountains there are already frosts. But at this time the mountains are very beautiful. This time is ideal to see all the colors of nature in Georgia.


In the mountains there can be hail, there are often fogs. The temperature can drop to -5°C. In Batumi it is +20°C. In Tbilisi it is +18°C, mostly sunny.


The temperature is about +10°C in Tbilisi. It is cold and foggy. There is already snow on the mountains. Few sunny days. In the larger cities at this time you can go shopping or tour museums. The ski season begins.

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