When it’s better to rest in the Maldives. Weather by Months

When it’s better to go to Maldives

When is better to go on vacation to Maldives?

When is the best time to fly to rest in the Maldives? A description of the weather by month, information about water and air temperature. Time of the beach season and rainy season.

The Maldives enjoys a flat, tropical climate with temperatures that vary little from month to month. The average daytime temperature is +30°C, nighttime temperatures are +25°C, and the ocean water is +28°C. The weather is entirely controlled by the monsoons. The northeastern monsoon, Iruwai, brings dry and sunny weather in winter, and the south-western monsoon, Hulhangu, brings heavy and prolonged rainfall in summer. As a result, the dry season, aka high season, lasts from December to April, and from May to September there is a wet rainy season. You should decide when it’s best to holiday in the Maldives by getting to know the weather conditions for each month.

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Monthly weather in Maldives

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Weather in the Maldives by month

In January, the temperatures in the Maldives offer great opportunities for beach holidays and sports. The weather is sunny and windless. Rainfall does not exceed 3-4 days per month and the warm, calm ocean invites you to explore the underwater world. In February, the visibility of the water is perfect and the month itself is considered the driest of the year. This is a good time for boat trips and fascinating dives.

The northeasterly winds continue in March, but it gets a little warmer: +31°C during the day and +26°C at night, the water in the ocean +29°C. Sometimes the wind increases, there can even be small storms, but in general, judging by reports, the weather in the Maldives does not impede a pleasant time on the beach or fishing. At the end of the month, the sky is increasingly cloudy.

April is considered the hottest of the year, but far from the driest. Daytime temperatures are +32°C and nighttime temperatures are +26°C. It often rains 1-2 times a day, with more frequent and abundant rainfall in the south. Vacationers are engaged in diving, fishing and underwater hunting. The cost of tours by the end of the month decreases.

In May, the wind changes direction and the weather becomes unstable and capricious, which can interfere with traditional beach activities. The rainy season begins: the sky is often cloudy, the ocean becomes restless, and the air becomes humid. Due to the unpredictability of the weather, the number of vacationers decreases noticeably.

Despite the strong winds and frequent showers, it’s still warm in June in the Maldives: +30°C during the day and the water in the ocean is fresh milk. At this time you can visit the islands rather cheaply. However, as repeatedly noted in the reviews, the weather in the Maldives in June half of the month is overcast, and tropical showers are often accompanied by thunderstorms. During this period, the ocean is often restless, and sea swims have to be replaced by professional spa services.

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In July, the winds abate a little, but the rains are frequent, for several hours in a row. In August, the weather improves in the Maldives. Rainfall decreases, rains are brief, and in September, most of the rain falls at night. During this period you can go sailing, surfing, exploring the underwater world and fishing, water-skiing and catamaraning.

The weather in the Maldives in October is warm but rainy. The number of rainy days reaches 15 per month. Wait out the afternoon showers and go back to the beach is unlikely, because the rains are intense and often prolonged. Surfers prefer to spend this time in the northern atolls of the Maldives, but fans of diving and snorkeling expect better weather – the ocean water is turbid and over-saturated with plankton.

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November weather and temperature in the Maldives heralds the best holiday season for tourists. The northeast monsoon comes to the islands again, and the wet season is replaced by milder days. There are no more heavy tropical downpours, thunderstorms are rare and short-lived, the sun is shining more often and the humidity is gradually decreasing.

December in the Maldives is warm and a bit humid, especially in the first half. The number of overcast days reaches a third of the month, periodically the ocean storms. Since mid-December, judging by reviews, the weather in the Maldives is dry sunny, ideal for a beach holiday, and prices for tours increase. New Year’s beach holiday in the Maldives can be varied by boat trips, diving safaris, wildlife watching and sightseeing tours.

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Maldives holidays season with best weather

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Conclusions: when to go on vacation in the Maldives

The best holiday season in the Maldives, judging by tourist reviews, is from mid-December to mid-Spring. At this time there are ideal conditions for beach holidays and sports, you can go parasailing, diving, snorkeling, water skiing and catamaraning. But also the prices of tours are the highest.

For surfing is ideal for the windy period from March to October. Diving can be done almost always, but in June-August and October it can be difficult. The best visibility of the water in the dry season from the eastern part of the island, and in the rainy season – from the western part.

It is possible to rest well in early April and in late October and November, but in June-July many do not risk because of the high probability of cloudy and wet weather, which, combined with tropical heat and humidity is not the best option for a vacation.

In general, the best season to go on vacation in the Maldives, each sets for itself, based on their preferences and goals. Either way, the impression tourists mostly remain positive.

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When best to go to the Maldives and the weather by month (+ seasons in the Maldives)

When it is better to go to Maldives

When best to go to the Maldives and how to choose the best time to go to the Maldives is the most important question when planning a trip to the Maldives. After all, everyone wants, flying so far into the Indian Ocean to the paradise islands, to get the best impressions of his vacation in both summer and winter. And this means that overhead should be a cloudless equatorial sky, the water should be turquoise, and the sand is clean and soft. No one wants to sit in a room in the Maldives and watch the rain out the window. And that means you need to know in advance when the Maldives is high season, when it is best to go there and what weather awaits upon arrival. In this article, I will talk about the best time to travel to the Maldives, the weather in the Maldives by month and all the secrets of the Maldivian seasons.

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In addition, many vacationers want to know when there may be discounts on hotels in the Maldives, and whether you need a tourist visa there, which is also very important when planning a trip and buying airline tickets Moscow-Mali.

Weather in the Maldives by Month

When to go to the Maldives

The Maldives are located almost on the equator and are famous for their year-round summer! The temperature is almost flat from month to month. So the easiest answer to the question “When is the best time to go to the Maldives? ” – at any time!

However, there are a few important nuances. The tropical paradise of the Lakkadhiv Sea is located in the Indian Ocean, where the monsoons are responsible for the weather. There are only two of them, northwest and southeast, and for the most part they are very punctual. The Maldivian calendar even has exact dates for the arrival and departure of the southwest monsoon, which brings wind and rain.

When to go to the Maldives

The Maldives can be overcast during the southwest monsoon

Good to know: So, the humid southwest monsoon, called Hulhangu, usually comes on April 8 and leaves the Maldives on December 9. It is during the nine-month period that the Maldives may experience rain, clouds and storms.

The good news for all tourists is that it very rarely rains all day in the Maldives during the wet season and it does not rain every day. For the most part, it rains at night or in the afternoon. The rest of the time the sun is shining bright and gentle, so there is nothing to stop your beach holiday. And despite the fact that the sea can sometimes be not as clean as in high season, but if you choose the right island, and this will not be an obstacle to the trip.

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For example, we ourselves have been to the Maldives during the southwest monsoon, and never once got caught in the rain, as it only rained a couple of times at night. And in the evening and during the day it was sometimes overcast. That said, there was a nice cool breeze blowing, but the air was warm and the water in the sea was quite comfortable. These days we walked around the islands a little more, exploring the local life.

When is the best time to go to the Maldives

As for the high season, the best time to visit the Maldives traditionally begins on December 10 and ends on April 7. It is during this short period of time over the islands is a dry northeasterly monsoon, called Iruvai. Christmas, New Year and gender holidays right up until the second month of spring are said to be the most ideal time to visit the Maldives! The sky is always clear, the water in the sea is clear and warm, so you can see all the inhabitants of the reefs, and the sand on the shore is soft and gentle. Just like in the brochures or advertising “Bounty”.

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Thus, the peak season in the Maldives is the period from mid-December, all of January, February, March and early April. So if you are going to vacation in the Maldives during this period, we advise you to buy tickets and book a hotel in advance (best 6 months in advance). Because so many people from around the world come to the Maldives in the winter to get away from the cold in a tropical paradise.

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We too once took advantage of this opportunity and vacationed in the Maldives in winter, at the most perfect time. It was a truly unforgettable pleasure – to bathe in the clear sea and bask in the equatorial sun. We chose the affordable Summer Villa Guest House hotel on the most popular island of Maafushi and were very pleased with our paradise holiday in the Maldives.

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The best time to vacation in the Maldives is December, January, February and March

The best time to vacation in the Maldives is December, January, February and March

Useful to know: Another peculiarity of weather conditions in the Maldives is a little secret “Indian summer”, which falls in August . As with the weather in Sri Lanka, which is also influenced by the same monsoons, there is a small lull in the weather in the middle of the wet season (southwest monsoon) when the Maldives is once again in paradise. So decide for yourself whether you should go to the Maldives in the summer or if it’s better to wait until the fall or new year.

  • In late summer the climate is nice and almost no rain. And although the weather in August in the Maldives is not at all like the peak season, it is still much more pleasant than during all the other rainy months of the wet season.
  • This is something that Australians, New Zealand and South Africans take advantage of when it is winter and they escape to the Maldives in eternal summer. Also Italians love to visit the Maldives beaches in August, which is a vacation season in Italy. In Russian-speaking countries August is also considered a vacation, so this secret can be used when traveling on vacation to the Maldives with children during the summer vacations.
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Weather in Maldives

Weather in the Maldives by month

As we have already found out, the weather in the Maldives is beautiful all year round, it corresponds to the mild equatorial climate, so summer reigns there all year round. The temperature of the air and water in the sea almost does not change and is a pleasant +30 ° C during the day and +25 ° C at night and the water warms up to an average of +28 ° C.

Briefly about the weather in the Maldives by month:

  • The most pleasant months in the Maldives archipelago are December, January and February, when it is not very hot and there is no rain. This is the best time to vacation in the Maldives in 5-star hotels in resort islands.
  • The hottest months are March and April – this period is hotter, but still no rain.
  • In the summer and fall months from May to November, the skies are overcast but still warm. In June and July, the Maldives often rains and the air is very humid, but because the wind blows harder than usual, it is almost never stuffy.
  • August in the Maldives is a pretty good month to vacation because it rains much less than in the other months of the wet season, and the sun almost always shines.
  • The Maldives in September and October have been enjoying quite good weather lately, but the skies are occasionally cloudy during the day and it can rain for a short time.
  • November is the worst month of the year to travel to the Maldives because of the unpredictable weather.

However, when planning a trip, it is still best to make sure that your vacation has been statistically perfect and is likely to be so.

Weather in the Maldives – average air and water temperatures in the Maldives by month:

Month Daytime, °C Nighttime, ° C Water in the sea, ° C
January +30 +25 +28
February +30 +25 +28
March +31 +26 +29
April +31 +26 +29
May +31 +26 +28
June +30 +26 +28
July +30 +25 +27
August +30 +25 +27
September +30 +25 +27
October +30 +25 +27
November +30 +25 +28
December +30 +25 +28
New hotels in Maldives - 2021-2022

When to go to the Maldives

How the weather affects the prices of tours and hotel prices in the Maldives

It is worth bearing in mind that in the Maldives there is a pronounced high season (winter), when there is the best weather and tourists from all over the world go to rest. Prices of tours to the Maldives and room rates in all hotels and resorts at this time are much higher than in the low rainy season (spring-summer). Moreover, if you want to go on a tour to the Maldives in the New Year (during the Christmas vacations) and during other winter holidays, then you need to book the best hotels in advance (at least six months), when room rates are not too high.

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The same applies, by the way, for airline tickets. On how to better organize your flight, read here. So the earlier you make your plans for a trip to the Maldives in winter, especially for the New Year holidays, the better it will be for your budget.

Previously in the Maldives there were even the so-called “dead” tourist season: the period from May to July and September to November. But now there is no such thing, because these paradise islands are experiencing just a boom in popularity. Despite the weather, every year more and more people come to rest on this archipelago of islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean (so the Maldivians have even begun reconstruction of their small airport in Male).

This is due in part to the fact that in the past few years, the Maldives has become not only an example of luxury holidays in all-inclusive hotels, but also inexpensive. On the island-villages, where ordinary people live, began to build small gesthouses and 3-star hotels, which invite guests. The average cost of living in such a hotel – about $ 60-80 dollars a day (excluding taxes). Read more about how to go to the Maldives inexpensively.

By the way, during low season, almost all hotels in the Maldives often give discounts and reduce the cost of living. Therefore, tourists who want to rest inexpensively, can take a risk and go there in the off-season. Sometimes it will rain, but the rest will definitely be much cheaper than in winter.

Maldives Seasons

Seasons in the Maldives by month

Anyone who is just about to go on a trip will be interested to know more about the seasons in the Maldives by month: which season is the best to vacation, what time there is the rainy season and the beach season, as well as when the high and low tourist season begins and ends. About all this I will tell you here.

The best season for holidays in the Maldives

It is traditionally considered that the winter months of December, January and February is the best season to vacation in the Maldives . During this time, the best weather when it is not hot and there is no rain at all. The water in the sea is clear, and snow-white beaches are always very clean. Pretty good month for a beach holiday is August, during which there are almost no cloudy days.

Maldives Season for vacations

Rainy Season in Maldives

The annual rainy season in the Maldives begins in early April with the arrival of the monsoon and lasts most of the summer (except August) and all autumn until early December. During this time, it often rains and there is even a storm in the sea, after which the water may not be as clear as in high season. However, it rarely rains all day, mostly in the evening and at night. The weather is very warm and the beach holidays in the morning are still great. Sometimes there is sunshine for several days in a row, and a fresh sea breeze can be a nice addition. Keep in mind that November is the rainiest month in the Maldives .

New Year in the Maldives - 2023

High and low seasons

  • The high season in the Maldives for holidays begins in December and ends in March. During this time, a large number of tourists come here and all the hotels are full. So if you want to vacation in the Maldives in winter, book your hotel room in advance.
  • The low tourist season lasts from April to June and from September to November. Its peculiarity is low prices in hotels, and with sunny days as you are lucky. However, on the whole, the weather for beach holidays is pretty good, and although there are overcast days, you can sunbathe and swim when the sky clears and the clouds go away. The main thing is that it is always warm and quite comfortable.

When to go to the Maldives

When to go on vacation to the Maldives

So when best to go on vacation to the Maldives? The answer to this question depends entirely on your desires and abilities, whatever your holiday in the Maldives – budget or luxury. But here’s exactly what you need to keep in mind:

  • The best weather in the Maldives and the best conditions for recreation should wait from mid-December to early April. Will not cease to say that at this time, book hotels in advance on their own Booking here that just go to rest, not travel agents, who often have problems in recent times.
  • There is also an option to consider August, when it will be worse than ideal conditions, but still good.
  • If you want to save money and go to the Maldives cheaply, it is worth to go on a trip in the period from May to July or from September to November.
  • Now that we found out when the best time to vacation in the Maldives, you can safely start preparing for your trip. Convenient tickets for direct flights from Moscow or with a connection in Dubai we recommend to look at the Aviasails website → link.

Watch a detailed video about the weather in the Maldives by season and climate in the Maldives:

Have a great vacation and the best experiences!

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