Where to Eat Cheaply in Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo: Secret Canteens

Secret Moscow Airport Dining Rooms

Where to have inexpensive meals at the airport in Moscow

How to eat in an airport in Moscow for 200 rubles? Look for the secret dining rooms at Domodedovo, Vnukovo, and Sheremetyevo airports. We will tell you in detail how to find them and save money.

God bless the employee canteens! Say no to cafes with obscene prices at Moscow airports and go in search of secret canteens. Some, like at Vnukovo, build hurdles for passengers and make them give their blood money in branded establishments. And others are happy for everyone. We tell you how to find them and what substitute there is for the stingy canteen in Vnukovo.

Where do you want to eat?

Where to eat cheap at Domodedovo Airport

A hearty meal of the first, second, and compote costs 250-300 rubles per person at the secret canteen in Domodedovo! For comparison – so much for just one cutlet in the Moo-Moo Café at the airport. The canteen is good: clean, tasty, nutritious and not expensive. There are quite a lot of people.

Dinner for two for 500 rubles. The S7 canteen at Domodedovo.

How to find a secret canteen in Domodedovo

Standing with your back to the airport building, walk forward through the parking lot, keeping to the right. After the parking lot you will see two five-storey buildings on your right – these are S7 buildings. The coveted canteen is waiting for you in the second one. At the entrance, turn right immediately.

Attention: The canteen is not open 24 hours. Entrance for mere mortals is from 13:15 to 23:00, Monday through Friday. The break is from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Walk along the parking lot to the right of it. We come to the S7 five-story building, we need the second one. There is a canteen here.

Where to eat cheaply at Sheremetyevo airport

Cheap to eat at Sheremetyevo you can in a secret canteen Free Flow. Lunch costs only 150-300 rubles per person! The cool thing is that it is open round the clock.

Secret cafeteria in Sheremetyevo

Late dinner at the canteen in Sheremetyevo, the choice of food around midnight was already small.

How to find a secret canteen in Sheremetyevo

Go to Terminal F. Behind the escalator and the restaurant, find the elevators. Take the left elevator and get off on the 4th floor. You will see a sign for Pepsi. Turn right and you will get to the dining room :)

If elevator #1 suddenly doesn’t work, call the right elevator. It doesn’t stop at the 4th floor, so get off at the 3rd or 5th floor. Further on – by stairs.

The dining room is very spacious. You can work with your laptop.

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Where to have a cheap meal at the airport Vnukovo

A few months ago a hearty meal in the secret canteen at Vnukovo cost 200 rubles per person. To eat for 212 rubles at Moscow airport is, as they say, priceless. The cost includes the first, second, and compote.

However, since July 2019, prices have risen – now a hearty lunch for two costs at least 700-800 rubles. In general, too, not bad, compared to other cafes, but not so kayfovo. To save money, take a set lunch – it’s cheaper than to take it separately! They cost 130-150 rubles.

Note: The airport staff said that now the passengers are fed only after 15:00, because the tourists occupy all the tables and interfere with eating staff. I also saw on the Internet indignant feedback from airport employees, who are annoyed by passengers in their canteen.

And also since late July 2019, there has been a booth at the entrance to UTG that says “Passengers are not allowed in” . Perhaps tourists are no longer allowed in. Write in the comments if this is the case!

Secret canteen at Vnukovo

Our dinner in the canteen at Vnukovo for 212 rubles per person! But now they’ve raised the prices and made it harder to get in.

How to find the secret canteen at Vnukovo

You need to go to the old Terminal D, which is now used as a service. And it’s worth going there not only for the canteen. There’s an atmosphere of its own, as if in the 90s: desolation, counters of non-existent airlines, outdated terminal design.

It’s just a 5-minute walk from Terminal A – get out and walk to the right about 100 meters. It will say “Police” on the doors. There is a security check at the entrance. The strict officers will ask where you are going. When we answered “to the canteen,” they would get indignant: “It’s for employees only, with passes. But they let us in anyway.

Go up the stairs to the second floor and turn right to the end where the UTG aviation service sign is lit. If the door to the dining hall is closed, press the bell on the left – they will open it for you. Or wait until someone comes in or out.

Where to eat cheap in Vnukovo

Canteen in Vnukovo.

Where to eat cheap near the airport Vnukovo

At Vnukovo Airport itself you cannot eat cheaply, except at the UTG economy diner. If you are not allowed into the canteen for employees, go to others – the budget “Stolovaya №1” and the more expensive cafe “Ekipazh”. You will have to walk a little bit to get there, so they are suitable only for tourists without big luggage. However, you can deposit your luggage.

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Where to find “Canteen N°1”: From Terminal A go straight about 600 m. It is located on the left, just past the bus stop and opposite the Central Park. Coordinates: 55.6098965, 37.2944131. It is open from 10:00 to 22:00, except Sundays.

Where to find the Café Crew: Go the same way as to the Canteen #1, but go one block further. Address: 13 1st Reisovaya Street. Open daily from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Cheap Canteens at Airports

Who has not been – will be, who has been – will not forget. This is not an army motto, but the most precise phrase that can be used to describe almost all catering facilities and cafes at Moscow airports. Everyone who at least once in his life came to the airport for the required 2.5 hours before departure, faced with the fact that the time before the flight – a wagon and a small cart, before the flight would be nice to eat, but the prices in the “coffee shops” and “pubs” are biting.

A few days ago a short tiphack on where to eat cheap in Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, and Vnukovo popped up and went out. The three-paragraph instruction seemed interesting to me, and I decided to check the people’s canteens myself. The result: there is no International Highway near Domodedovo, about which they write in the instruction, and the cheap canteen in Vnukovo is closed altogether.

Despite this, it is possible to have a good lunch for 200 rubles at all three airports, and our correspondent will tell you and show you where these wonderful places are.


The coveted building with the necessary dining room is already visible at the entrance to Domodedovo airport. As you drive, it will appear on the right side. Once you have left the aeroexpress and passed the turnstiles, most likely the first thing you will do is go to the check-in counters. Hand in your luggage and head back to the “fast train.” When you get to the turnstiles, turn left and walk along the airport building. There will be a “smoking room” on the right and maybe a couple of bored workers. Ignore them, our goal is to get a cheap and delicious meal. Let’s go!

There are construction fences there now, which will probably be removed soon. Don’t be distracted by the arrows in the green background, they don’t tell us what to do.

The happy guy must have walked out of our destination – full and satisfied. After the construction “tunnel,” come out on the footbridge. It’s hard to get lost from there: just keep walking forward!

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Take the long crosswalk to the cherished building on the left.

After the entrance “vertushki” you turn right twice and find yourself on a gloomy staircase. Let your landmark be a white A4 sheet with the inscription “Domodedovo Catering. Even I did not manage to get lost, although I am a five-time champion in the “Get lost in three pines” category.

The Domodedovo corporate canteen is waiting for us downstairs. I got here in the morning, there were very few people. The canteen offers three meals a day: from 9:30 till 11:00 they serve breakfast, from 12:30 till 17:00 it is lunch, and from 17:00 till 20:00 dinner. Everything as it should be: soups, main courses, side dishes and lots and lots of desserts.

By the time I crawled up to Domodedovo, breakfast was already finished.

Throughout the day a display case with salads and sandwiches is available.

At the cash desk is an incredibly pleasant woman Tatiana. When she found out I didn’t have a “corporate discount” she just smiled amiably and named the price.

Frankly, I was a little confused when I took the food. So the “kit” turned out pretty weird, but still cheap and delicious. Pudding with custard, cheesecake and tea – 113 rubles for everything. The cheesecake and my stupidity are to blame for this price. For comparison: rice with carrots and raisins will cost you 32 rubles, cherry compote – 29 rubles, salads – from 35 to 45 rubles a portion.

Many people will find it more convenient not to follow my instructions, but just enter the address into the navigator. The address of this magical place is: 8 Domodedovo Airport. Keep in mind that the canteen is not located at the airport building itself. It took me 9 minutes to find the way and get there. It took me an even shorter six minutes to get back.

After eating my fill at Domodedovo, I solemnly said: “Thanks to this house, I’ll go to the other one” – and went to eat at Vnukovo airport.


When you arrive at Vnukovo airport by Aeroexpress, follow the signs to Terminal D. On the street you can be guided by a bright Ajika van. If you see it, it means you are on the right track.

Near the airport there are two cheap restaurants. To get to the first one, go to terminal D and turn right. From here it’s quite simple – walk forward 5-7 minutes. On your way you will meet a carriageway without crossing, but its absence does not embarrass anyone – everyone goes over the fence and cross the road, thank God there are not so many cars there. When you walk forward, on your right side you will see a tall building with blue glass panels. The building is fenced with a construction fence.

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There will be a square on both sides and a crosswalk.

After the crossing you will have to walk along this fence and around the corner, on the left side, you will find the cherished place.

“Canteen #1 is on the left side. I found it by chance – I just followed the stewardesses of UTAIR when I realized that nothing remained of the canteen described in most of the manuals, except a couple of counters.

The inside is “noir and décor.” Establishments like this often scare people – some people think all the local criminals dine there. In fact, it’s not like that at all.

“Dining Room 1” near the airport is small. At the entrance you are immediately met by the owner of the institution Edward Mikhailovich. He sits behind the cash register and takes money personally like a real host. He refused to be photographed: “No need to take my picture, I’m not a public person. You’d better take a picture of the cook.

The chef’s name is Roman. According to the owner of the canteen, Roman is a real professional and has had time to star in a cooking show. The choice of dishes in the canteen is small, but Roman prepares each one himself. All the compotes are also local, and even the tarragon is made here themselves.

There are a lot of salads, salads are different: vegetable, carrot and, I think, olivier. The prices are pleasant.

A two-course lunch with the same tarragon cost 220 rubles. Anticipating all your questions: the food is fine. Three days have passed since my late lunch: I’m alive, not poisoned, and not covered with green scales.

When I said goodbye to Eduard Mikhailovich and Roman the cook, there was very little time left before the return air express: if I had missed the flight, I would have had to wait in Vnukovo for another hour and wait until the break between trains was over. But on the way back I found another eatery, also frequented by the staff. When you successfully navigate the carriageway without crossing, turn left, right to this joyful sign.

Don’t be intimidated, it’s not a forest, just a small clearing. That’s exactly where you want to go.

The road from the native chernozem will lead you to a building that used to be a hotel. Now there is a cafe (read: canteen), a dry cleaner and probably the offices of the airport itself.

There are stairs in the lobby – go up it and go forward. The second door on the right is a place which was proudly called “restaurant/café-bar”. In fact – still a canteen.

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Unfortunately, I didn’t have the energy or time to test another catering outlet. I rushed inside, took one shot, forgetting to switch camera settings, and was about to dash for the train to Moscow, when a lady-waitress with a high, frightened voice asked: “Are you filming dirt?” I whispered: “No-what-you-what-compromat” – and jumped out the door like a bullet. The Aeroexpress train was five minutes away.


I caught the train, but my trip to the last airport had to be rescheduled for another day. The last point of my gastronomic tour was Sheremetyevo.

Cheap and pleasant place to eat at “Sharik” – a place quite famous. The first thing we do is go to Terminal F.

In the necessary terminal we see the establishment Friday’s and go to the elevators, which are located next to it. Surprisingly, the place we are going to is not secret at all. For example, the signs next to the elevator say, “Dining Room – 4th floor. It’s worth noting that for some inexplicable reason, only the left elevator stops on the 4th floor. The right elevator takes you directly to the 5th floor and takes you directly to the Sheremetyevo Museum. From there you can go down to the floor below by the stairs.

On the fourth floor next door are the same canteen and the restaurant “Fifth Ocean”.

The Free-Flow cafe is actually the Aeropit cafe that many people already know about. It is open 24 hours a day, which is extremely helpful.

The room is spacious and very clean. Here, too, for the most part, only airport and airline employees eat. And a couple of people who like cheap and tasty food like me.

I did it again and dragged myself to the airport for breakfast. All meals can be asked to be packed to go or reheated if they are too cold for you.

In the afternoon, the dishes change: soups, side dishes, fish and meat appear.

Omelette “From childhood”, pancakes and cranberry morsel for 155 rubles. It’s a real treat.

A separate delight in “Aeropit” is a board with flights and a rack for recharging gadgets.

That’s all. As it turns out, every airport has a place where one meal costs not 500 rubles, but only 50. In all of the “pubs” they didn’t look at me sideways or try to kick me out shouting “Staff only!”. So you don’t have to worry that they might not let you in. Finally, I want to say that you can visit all canteens before entering the transit area.

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