Where to eat inexpensive and tasty places in St. Petersburg

Where to eat inexpensive in St. Petersburg

We ordered catering for the motor ship, there were two waiters. The guys are great employees, professionals of their craft, always helped, quickly brought alcohol and food, at the end of the event helped with cleaning. There are different menu options that you can…


Everything was very good, great kids menu, the kid loved it and I appreciated the cheesecake. The staff at the restaurant was very responsive.


Was at the weekend, friendly and helpful staff, nice atmosphere and ambiance, help with song and drink selection, had a blast and made my voice booming) will definitely be back.

Tommy Gun

Waiter service left a lot to be desired. No questions about the hookah people. The waiters did not offer services that are included in the price, such as tea. They didn’t give us a birthday discount. They said something inarticulate and couldn’t repeat…


Taverna European Cuisine Restaurant

When the moment of force is no longer calculated by a well-known formula. Stretching moments of being in a car jam. It’s cold in the cabin, but I warm up by talking to the electric wires sticking out (this is not a lifehack). The mood (again…

Monkey gastrobar.

I liked the service and great food, everything was delicious. From the food I liked the pasta and from the drinks the cocktails. The staff were very friendly and helpful and were always willing to answer any questions. The restaurant is themed.


varied menu, delicious coffee, good service Good menu, there is a lot to choose from. Tasty food. Service is good.

Oasis Group

Zao van

Restaurant on Perekopskaya street. Disappointed. Haven’t been to this restaurant for years, the menu hasn’t changed in these years, and the worst thing is that the food for a business lunch was served in PLASTIC SPEEDS. The waiters took away a half-eaten bowl of soup without asking if they could clean it up

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Zao van

We had the “pleasure” of eating in your establishment today i.e. on 13.10. I`ve visited the restaurant on Narvskaya street many times before and was satisfied with service and cuisine. But today completely and irrevocably ruined our impression of the chain. Ordered chicken with…

My story


I would like to single out the coffee and waffles that are served here. In my opinion, very tasty. The interior is simple, but appropriate for an institution of this format. There are all kinds of entertainment for kids in the coffee house, so when we go there with a kid, the…

Isle of happiness

Celebrated our 50th anniversary. Everything was great: the food, service and atmosphere. They decorated our holiday. Fulfilled all our wishes, both musical and entertaining. We weren’t bored.

Crimson Jango

Celebrated his birthday 11.03.17, the staff gave a real holiday! it was fun, delicious, cheerful, sincere. thanks to all the many people!


We came on 19.02.2020. Didn’t like it, wouldn’t recommend it and won’t come back. Went in. Ordered a meal from the menu. The waiter, a dark-haired girl, Julia, took the order with a disgruntled face. It was disconcerting that after ordering a dish from the children’s menu, the waiter with a clearly unhappy…


If you’re thinking about where to go for a good time, the Balkan restaurant is at your disposal. It’s not far from the metro, which is convenient. The tastiest food, pleasant service that can advise you something really worthwhile,…


I love Georgian food. We sat in this restaurant with my girlfriend. Everything is very hearty and tasty. Really liked the khachapuri).

Puri Ojakhuri

Hello! Great place, very attentive and not intrusive waiters. Wine is delicious, nice bouquet. cuisine. khinkali not edible. I had beef and pork, and I couldn’t finish it, it was horrible. There are a lot of herbs in the stuffing, the rosemary overpowers the whole…

Buns & Burgers

Young burger place – only a couple of months old, but already in quality and prices ahead of the “veterans” in the neighborhood! Chic Smokey and RushBoy, McCain fries (the best in town). Beer American lager in general fire, with burgers comes in handy. And the guys …

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Were in a “restaurant” 03.11, at the entrance to this institution in the nose hits the smell of cigarettes! Waiter did not pay attention to us, I had to hail her 3 times! Wanted to drink beer, but from 6-7 positions was only 2 kinds of beer. asked after ordering bring …

Bull Var

Today we celebrated February 23 at Boulevard. As always everything was perfect: meeting, organization of the table, party, cuisine, serving of dishes. We always leave this restaurant in a good mood. Alena organized a table for us on the first floor and we were …



Celebrated the anniversary of the spouse in a small banquet hall restaurant complex Arizona. For a small company, a very good place to relax, a pleasant interior – we got interesting photos. Thanks to the waiters for a beautifully decorated table and a delicate…

Cheap and Serious: 15 places in St. Petersburg where you can eat on a budget

St. Petersburg is amazing because here you can feel good with thousands of dollars and with a couple of hundred rubles in your pocket. If you are not so lucky and you belong to the second type – don’t worry, we found 15 budget places where you can eat inexpensive and tasty places.

Even in the center of St. Petersburg, almost on every corner there is a cheap cafe, bistro or canteen. The editorial staff of the portal “Zagranitsa” found 15 not bad places for smart savings. In addition, you can buy souvenirs for the saved money or spend it on entertainment in the Northern capital.

Pir O.G.I.

Fontanka Embankment, 40

In “Pirs” is really inexpensive, decent and delicious. Lunch here costs no more than 200 rubles. You can order pies (from 150 rubles), shawarma, chebureks, dumplings, soups, salads, pasta, desserts. The menu includes vegetarian items. At the same time cozy and clean halls with low arches provide sincere atmosphere.

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Average bill: 300 rubles.

Photo: Pir O.G.I. 2

Dining Room 1 on Griboyedova

Nab. kan. Griboyedov, 14

Canteen praised above all for very reasonable prices. Here you will find inexpensive soups, salads, pastries, hot meals and drinks for every taste. There is ginger tea and good coffee. There are also good reviews on the Internet about the prices of alcohol.

Average bill: 200 rubles.

Beacon” tavern

20, Mayakovskogo str.

We should warn right away that this place is for those, who are looking for unusual impressions. The atmosphere of the Soviet Union times beer house is exactly what many foreigners like this place for. If you are not afraid to go to a place like this, the prices will seem just divinely low. The food here includes salads, sandwiches and hot dishes and the alcohol is probably the cheapest in the city.

Average bill: 200 rubles.

Photo: paperpaper.ru Photo: paperpaper.ru 4

Pavilion at the Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street

Б. 25 Konyushennaya St.

Yes, you won’t find a full lunch here, but you can have a quick snack or a tasty breakfast. The pyshechnaya on Bolshaya Konyushennaya is an almost historical place known to every St. Petersburger. For many years they cook pyshkas according to a special recipe and take pride in the atmosphere of the Soviet institution. Coffee, teas and lemonades are served here.

Average bill: up to 50 rubles.

Hayoval Tavern

34 Nekrasova St.

Simple interior, wooden tables with benches, free Wi-Fi, cheap food – these are the main features of the “Senoval”. Pizza costs on average 300 rubles, pancakes 150 rubles, rolls and main courses 250 rubles. There are desserts and a large choice of coffee drinks. You can pay only in cash.

Average bill: 300 rubles.

Cheburetsaya “Brynza

This cheburechka shop is famous for its choice and delicious food. You can order here cream soup for 179 rubles, shashlik from 290 rubles per 100 g, salad for 200 rubles, chicken cutlet for 227 rubles and side dishes up to 100 rubles besides the chebureks themselves. There’s also a good choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

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Average bill: 400 rubles.

Photo: tourprom.ru Photo: tourprom.ru 7

St. Petersburg State University Dining Hall

Birzhevaya Liniya 6

What can I say – this is the first student canteen in Russia, opened in the XIX century. This fact alone makes it worth a visit. This place is open seven days a week. The food is edible.

Average bill: 200 rubles.

Na Parah” cafe

Bolshoy Ave. 3, ST.

This place should be chosen by supporters of healthy eating. All dishes are steamed here and don’t need to be fried in oil. Business lunch costs only 250 rubles. Besides there are delicious breakfasts, salads, soups, ravioli, burgers, dumplings, meat and fish dishes, desserts and drinks. There is a special menu for kids.

Average bill: 400 rubles.

Photo: Cafe “Na Vapors” 9

Vegetarian Cafe “Lovely Green”

In “Lovely Green” is clean and cozy, like at home. Yes, and the staff treats visitors extremely friendly. The only disadvantage for opponents of vegetarian cuisine – they do not serve meat here. In this cafe you can eat salads, soups, vegetable stew, potato casserole, pilaf with chickpeas and pumpkin and other delicious dishes. A full lunch will cost 280 rubles.

Average bill: 300 rubles.

A’lo Khalol” Chaikhana

Ab. Griboedova 52

Fans of Oriental cuisine, namely Uzbek, adore this place. The meat for their dishes is prepared in halal way and cooked on steam. You’ll be offered flatbread on a tandoor (30 rubles), chuchvara (120 rubles), manty (from 100 rubles), samsa (70 rubles), lagman (130 rubles), pilaf (150 rubles) and many other things. You can drink tea with thyme and currant (20 rubles) to wash down all this deliciousness.

Average bill: 200 rubles.

Photo: alo-halol.ru 11

Cafe “Lazy Dumpling”

ul. Smolyachkova, 15/17

Varenyky is not the only thing that can treat this place. Every day here offer a complex dinner, preparing meat dishes, soups, salads and desserts. And patrons recommend our spinach dumplings or cherry dumplings.

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Average bill: 200 rubles.

Pizzeria Varna

Varna” has very loyal prices, but the choice of dishes leaves much to be desired. You will pay here 330 rubles for any pizza 30 cm in diameter, salad – 135 rubles, soup – 110 rubles, French fries – 65 rubles only. You can drink sodas, morses and beer.

Average bill: 250 rubles.

Photo: the-village.ru Photo: the-village.ru 13

Teremok Bistro

Crossing of Moskovsky Ave. and Sadovaya St.

People go to “Teremok” for fast Russian cuisine. The pancakes, for example, are filled with caviar, salmon, caramel cream and baked pork. There is an abundance of soups, buckwheat porridge, dumplings and salads. Sweet Guryevskaya porridge is offered for dessert. You can choose from the fasting menu and have a big choice of drinks.

Average bill: 300 rubles.

Nutcracker Bistro

10/118 Ligovsky Ave.

This place has 9 halls and all of them have a self-service system. The interior is modest, but quite decent and even cozy. A nice feature of the bistro is the in-house beer “Hoffman”. The menu includes inexpensive breakfasts, salads, soups, hot dishes, drinks, desserts and pastries. There is a bar.

Average bill: 250 rubles.

Photo: Bistro “Nutcracker” 15

Market Place

Affordable prices along with decent crowd and tasty European cuisine made this bistro popular with young people. Design of the interior is also quite pleasant: natural materials, art objects made of dishes, paintings on the walls. The food here includes sandwiches, woks, soups, salads, pastas, rolls and other popular dishes.

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