Where to fly inexpensively on New Year’s Eve – 2022. Cheap Tours and Tickets

Cheap Tours and Tickets for New Year’s Eve – 2022

Where to go to celebrate the New Year

Find out where you can go for an inexpensive holiday for New Year’s Eve – 2022! A list of destinations for which you can still buy cheap tickets and tours.


What countries are now open

Here’s where Russians can fly on vacation now (read our travel guides for links, we’ve been to almost all of these countries):

Dominican Republic

Our vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Tips for a cheaper vacation in the New Year

  1. Plan a vacation in advance! Book hotels, tours, and tickets in advance – there are no cheap options closer to the New Year. Ideally, plan your next New Year’s vacation as early as January. Although during the pandemic you have to deviate from this rule.
  2. The most expensive days for flights are December 28-31. If you want to save money, go before December 28 or after January 1.
  3. Look for long voyages (7, 10, or more days). They are often only slightly more expensive than the three- and four-day trips.
  4. The cheapest tours and tickets for New Year are in Europe, Turkey and Tunisia. In winter in these countries is low season and quite cool – take it into account.
  5. Compare the prices of all tour operators (Level.Travel service) and airlines (Aviasails search engine). So you’ll find the best deal for any destination in just one minute.

Where is the best place to go on New Year’s Eve? Our reviews will help you to choose the best destination:

New Year in Munich

Christmas Munich. Photo: GGVogman / flickr.com / CC BY-NC 2.0 license.

Cheap Tours for New Year’s Eve – 2022.

In this selection we look at tours for two people with a flight from Moscow in the period from December 28 to December 31 . Prices are current at the time of publication and are subject to change.

Как найти тур? Ищите на сервисах Травелата и Level.Travel — они найдут лучшие предложения среди разных туроператоров. Научитесь покупать туры дешево >>

Turkey – from 22 500 ₽/person.

Inexpensive to go to rest for the New Year – 2022 is possible in Turkey. Tour prices are very humane now, not even higher than last year. For example, a package of five nights in Alanya with a flight from Moscow on December 28 costs from 45,000 ₽ for two people. Do you want an all-inclusive package? That too can be arranged easily and cheaply – such tours cost from 52,000 ₽ for two. Inexpensive New Year’s Eve tours can be found at many popular resorts in Turkey: Antalya, Alanya, Side, Kemer and others. Find out how to celebrate the New Year in Turkey.

UAE – from 47 500 ₽/person.

Open destination (Dubai only)!

Holidays in the Arab Emirates during the New Year usually do not cost very much. However, this year the prices are much higher because of the limited number of flights and the choice of tours for New Year is still very limited. Trip to Dubai for 5 nights with a flight on December 30 can be purchased from 105,000 ₽. Flying on January 1 is cheaper – similar tours cost from 95,000 ₽. Read about meeting the New Year in Dubai.

Tanzania – from 92,000 ₽/person.

You can get a visa on arrival.

You won’t get a cheap New Year’s Eve – 2022 on the tropical island of Zanzibar. But with the pandemic and closed borders of inexpensive Asian countries, there is no choice. The cheapest holiday stays cost from ₽184,000, and all-inclusive vacations at a 4* hotel from ₽220,000. Check out a review of the best beaches in Zanzibar.

Cuba – from 100,000 ₽/person.

The country is open to Russians from October. The entry conditions are extremely loyal, which makes Cuba the best option for a winter vacation. It is true that the prices are high, but the holidays in the Caribbean are always expensive. For 200 thousand rubles you can buy a tour for 7 nights in a good 5 * hotel on Cayo Coco.

We were in Cuba recently and saw the new year of 2020 there. It was a wonderful country! It is definitely worth a visit while the country hasn’t changed much yet. Read our Cuba vacation guides.

Holidays at sea in Russia in June 2022. Where to go

Learn more about winter holidays in warm countries:

Where to fly inexpensive for the New Year

Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar Island. Photo: René Lößner / flickr.com.

Cheap airfare for the New Year – 2022

Prefer to vacation on your own? We’ve compiled a list of popular destinations for you where there are inexpensive tickets right now with New Year’s Eve takeover. We look at tickets with a flight from Moscow between December 28 and 31 and with a return no earlier than January 2. These are round trip airfare for one person. Prices are current at the time of publication.

Where to find cheap tickets? Use the search engine Aviasails – it compares prices of all airlines. Learn the secrets of finding cheap airline tickets.

So, where is it possible to fly inexpensively on New Year – 2022?

Crimea – from 6 500 ₽.

If the prices for “abroad” have already soared, then you can always fly inexpensively to the Crimea. Now even on New Year’s Eve you can find cheap tickets – from 6,500 ₽. The Crimea is not just a summer destination. Many people purposely go in autumn and winter to enjoy the nature and sights in the lull tourist and inexpensive vacation in luxury hotels 4 * and 5 * in Yalta and Alushta. Find out what to do in winter in the Crimea and how to celebrate the New Year.

Sochi – from 7,500 ₽.

Inexpensive airfare for the New Year is also available in Sochi. The best price is offered by “Pobeda”, the flights are direct. You can celebrate the New Year’s Eve among palm trees by the sea in Sochi or Adler, or among snow-covered mountain peaks in the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana. Another option is to go to Abkhazia. Read how to celebrate the New Year in Sochi.

Montenegro – from 20,000 ₽.

Montenegro opened for Russians back in August, but air service was not launched for a long time. Now tickets to Tivat are on sale. This is good news, because the conditions for entry are simple. Learn more about holidays in Montenegro.

Tanzania – from ₽65,000

Finally, the first direct charter flights from Russia have flown to the fabulous island of Zanzibar! Tickets are certainly not cheap, but for such a far away and exotic destination, the prices are quite adequate. You can fly to Zanzibar for New Year’s Eve for 65,000 ₽. This price is available for December 29 – January 6. Learn more about holidays in Tanzania.

Egypt – from 30,000 ₽

Egypt is already open to Russians: there are direct flights to both Cairo and the resorts. Tickets are not yet very cheap. Read about holidays in Egypt.

Dubai – from 36,000 ₽.

So far, of all the Arab Emirates, only Dubai is open to tourists from Russia. Look at the conditions of entry. Airfare, even on Pobeda flights, is quite expensive. But you can save with our 10 secrets of inexpensive holidays in Dubai.

Serbia – from ₽24,000

An unconventional destination for those who are tired of Turkey, Dubai, and Sochi a long time ago. The country is completely open for the Russians: no certificates and tests are required, you don’t need a visa either. It is not a long flight, and the prices are quite reasonable.

Where to go on New Year’s Eve 2022-2023.

The closer the New Year’s holidays, the more acute the question of how to spend the long vacation in an interesting and useful way. And then travel experts add cinnamon to the mulled wine, saying that for a great vacation is not necessary to go far away. Fairs, slides, skating rinks, a cultural program and incredible nature – all bright, cheerful and sparkling in many Russian cities.

The choice of where to go on New Year’s Eve in late 2022 and early 2023 is large, and the long Christmas vacations can be broken into two parts and arrange several trips at once. We’ve rounded up the best places you’re sure to remember.

Vacation with children at sea in December 2022. Where better to go

The best places for New Year’s Eve


Krasnaya Polyana

Veliky Ustyug












Top 7 inexpensive destinations for the New Year

Kaliningrad: New Year as in Europe

The huge firtree on the Victory Square and the fair around it is not worse than in Strasbourg or Prague, and the trip to Kaliningrad is much easier and cheaper. The food at Tchaikovsky, Sir Francis Drake, Amsterdam and Parmesan is as good as in Bavaria, but much cheaper. Be sure to order a steak, the chefs here are gods! The beaches of the Curonian Spit are as spacious as in the Belgian Ostend, but without piercing wind. You will always be fed here with smoked eel and klops. Well, and the museums of amber, World Ocean and the Cathedral will not see themselves. Average cost of trip for 5 days per person: 25000 – 27000 roubles.

At home in Plese

If you want to have a real, kind New Year, as in your childhood, you need to go to Ples. You can admire the snow-covered river from the embankment, take a walk along narrow streets, looking at mezzanines, go to the Levitan museum, where you can smell homemade pastry and jam. You should definitely warm yourself in “Sofia Petrovna Kuvshinnikova coffee house”. named after the beloved of the artist. Smoked bream and pistachio eclairs in cafe – just take your breath away. For the active people, the Milovka resort is located not far from here. Two elevators, trails for beginners and advanced, instructors for skiing and snowboarding – the complete set. The average cost of a trip for 5 days per person: 18000 – 20000 rubles.

Go to Karelia to have a rest of your soul.

If you want to go skating with malamutes and huskies – go to the village of Matrosy, the village of Kudama or “Karjala Park” on the bank of Shuya river. Missed the high speeds? Take a snowmobile tour across the icy lakes and taiga, spend the night in taiga izka cabins, have a bathhouse and Karelian cuisine. You may also stay in Petrozavodsk and from there you will visit two local Ded Morozes – Pakkaine and Talvi Ukko. You will feed reindeer from your hands, ride on sledges and have a picnic in the winter forest. Everyone will be shown how the nature lab works and treated to wickets – mini pies with different fillings. Average cost of trip for 5 days per person: from 30000 roubles.

Elbrus Region: mountains of happiness for extreme people

Snowy slopes, mild climate, inexpensive hotels, tasty Kabardian cuisine, and affordable tickets – here are five pluses in favor of meeting the New Year in Elbrus. The main areas for skiing are located in Baksan Valley and Cheget. From here, it’s easy to get to the Narcan Valley or the thermal springs in Aushiger. You can make an outing to the blue Lake Tserik-Kel or to the frozen Chegem waterfalls. When the strength begins to leave you, stop by a local restaurant – try the national sausages and dried meat, all dishes go well with khychin pie. Average price for a 5-day trip per person: from 35000 rubles.

St. Petersburg and the world’s best fireworks from the water

There is nothing that can be compared with the cheerless atmosphere of St. Petersburg. Long walks along Nevsky Prospect, a 25-meter fir tree on Palace Square, fireworks in the Neva (best viewed from the Peter and Paul Fortress). And from the city you can always take a trip to Peterhof, Tsarskoe Selo or Pavlovsk. At this time it is beautiful to walk around the beautifully decorated Northern Capital. For an average trip of 5 days per person you’ll need from 20000 to 22000 roubles.

Moscow area: cottages with pools and cozy chalets

Prepare your sledge in summer and your cart in winter, but look for an option to rent a house for New Year in the Moscow suburbs from mid-autumn. This is the time when the first offers for the most “tasty” prices appear. Cottages with swimming pools, bath houses, high-rise mansions and cozy chalets. But if you did not manage to find an option in the fall, you can try to book a nest in December, too. Suggestions to rent a house in the Moscow region on New Year’s Eve are many.

Where to have an inexpensive vacation in winter 2022-2023 at a warm sea abroad

Kostroma: the kingdom of Berendei and cheese fair

Kostroma is believed to be the birthplace of Snegurochka, whose image has long been supplemented by her own Terem residence. And all thanks to the fact that playwright Alexander Ostrovsky, who invented the Snow Maiden, had a manor not far from Kostroma. During New Year holidays, you can wander through the old streets and museums of Kostroma, enjoy festive lights and the main Christmas tree on Susaninskaya Square, near which all Christmas festivals and fairs take place.

Popular ski resorts

Krasnaya Polyana



Where to go with children

  • Your child is guaranteed not to forget a trip to the home of Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug. So, while deciding where to go with the kids for the New Year in December 2022 and January 2023, consider this fabulous option. The residence of the winter wizard is divided into two parts. One is in the city on Sovetsky Avenue. Fairy tale characters and a magical tour of the palace await children here. Nearby is the Fashion House, where you can make a toy with your own hands and take it as a keepsake. A little further away there is the post office of Santa Claus, from which they send letters with requests for gifts. The second part of the residence is located 12 kilometers from the city. December 31, Santa Claus takes guests until four in the afternoon, then makes a break until eleven pm. It is at this time begins a three-hour show with songs, contests and fireworks. The average cost of a trip for five days with a child: from 30,000 rubles.
  • An alternative to Veliky Ustyug is a trip to Kostroma, the birthplace of Snegurochka. The granddaughter of Santa Claus, the mistress of Berendey Park, will meet the little visitors in a real mansion, standing on the bank of the Volga River. She will guide you through the chambers of the residence. Be sure to check out the ice room: to keep the interior from melting, the temperature inside is maintained at -14 degrees, and the sightseers are warmed with baggy coats, adults are offered hot drinks in ice stacks, and children – milkshakes. Average cost of a trip for 5 days with a child: from 17000 rubles.

How to write and where to send a letter to Santa Claus

Every year, just before the holiday, children around the world begin to write to the main wizard. They tell him how they behave during the year, tell him their secrets and what they want to get as a present for the New Year. Here are a few simple rules for children and parents. Fulfill them, and the letter will surely reach, and Santa Claus will read it and make the wish come true.

Which package tours to choose

Packaged tours are a great option for those who do not want to bother with the organization of the trip and decide for a long time where to go for the New Year in the season 2022-2023. It is convenient, fast and inexpensive. Specialists offer different options for tours that you can rebuild yourself by adding additional options for comfort or other cities in the route.

In Valday be sure to visit the Museum of Bells. Photo: novgorodmuseum.ru

The tour “Valday Bells vs Jingle Bells. Veliky Novgorod to Valday”. This tour includes St. Sophia Cathedral and the monument of the Millennium of Russia, bell ringing and winter games in the museum “Vitoslavlitsy”, a trip to the Valdai protected area, where the famous Iverskiy monastery is located. Cost of the tour for 3 days per person: from 8000 roubles.

They also praise the “Great tour on the Golden Ring”. You have a possibility to see all big cities in their snowy ornamentation and get into the history of real Russia: Vladimir, Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Rostov Veliky, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Sergiev Posad, Alexandrov, Uglich, Myshkin. Cost of the tour per person: from 27000 rubles (the number of days and the price depends on the number of visited cities).

Rest with children at the sea in February 2022. Where to go

Rostov Kremlin in winter decoration is especially good. Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

A good alternative might be the “Zalesskoye Principality” . In four days, you can immerse yourself in the fabulous atmosphere of Russian Zalessia: Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov Veliky, Kostroma, and Plyos. Bonus is an excursion to the Rostov Kremlin and a visit to the Ipatiev Monastery. The cost of the tour for 4 days per person: from 10000 rubles.

What about the harsh winter of the North? Say, “New Year in Kargopol”? New Year excursion program in the Arkhangelsk region with a trip to the Kenozersky national park, visiting the village Lyadins and the Alexander-Oshevensky monastery. And of course you’ll visit Kargopol itself with a visit to the museum of clay toys and tasting of local liquors. These are the impressions that you’ll never forget. Cost of the tour for 4 days per person: from 20000 rubles.

Where to ski with children

First of all, you need to find out if the resort has “green” slopes, educational slopes, what elevators are there and how far it all is from the place where you will live. Today, almost all mountain areas in Russia offer places for family skiing. Which ones are the most comfortable and what they offer, tells the mountain ski instructor.

Active recreation for the New Year

Snowmobile riding in Khibiny is a great choice for the New Year. Let’s speak at once: it is not a cheap pleasure, but it is worth it. Just imagine: you are on a snowmobile in one of the most beautiful places in the Russian North.

Riding on snowmobiles in Khibiny is a great choice for the New Year. Photo: globallookpress.com

During one week you will cross the large northern lake Bolshaya Imandra, drive on the Rishchorr Pass, cross the West and East Petrelius Pass and conquer the Geologists Pass, see the legendary Wilhelm Ramsay Gorge and learn the history of geological expeditions to the Kola Peninsula and Khibiny. And the frozen waterfall? It is just cosmos! You will also be served with the dishes from venison and seafood. If you dare to go on this tour, we envy you in advance.

Cost of the tour for a week per person: from 100000 rubles.

The most beautiful cities in winter


Our little piece of Scandinavia, which is just in winter acquires a special magical atmosphere. When you look at the height of the towers of the Vyborg Castle it seems that time has stopped here. And the Christmas tree on the square just as in Andersen’s fairy tales, and in the bakery real knight just about to come for sweet for his lady of the heart. Adding to the beauty are the pigeons that swarm the town’s main square, even in winter. Then Vyborg becomes a little Venice, and vacation here is not expensive.


If you will be in Kostroma, do not be lazy to go to Nerekhta. It is an open air museum city. In every street – postcard, in every house lives a master of his craft, the keeper of the ancient crafts. Museum of jewelry, a museum “Horse yard”, a puppet workshop and the workshop of Santa Claus, the old rows of shops. You can spend a whole day here and not get bored at all. Do not forget to bring home a linen handkerchief doll. It will protect your house from everything bad.


One can talk about Suzdal a lot, but honestly, you should just feel it. Imagine that all the movies about that lost Russia, which you’ve watched in your life, suddenly embodied in one place. Horse-drawn carriages, blue domes of churches, cobblestone streets, the Kremlin, mead and bears with accordions. Yes, bears, too! In Suzdal the number of monuments per square meter is staggering – there are 200 of them, and they are all included in the UNESCO list. And they feed you so much that you want to have a reserve stomach. Moscow chefs run big kitchens here, so you can have a gastronomic tour too.

Where to go on vacation without a passport


All-Russian health resort since tsarist times, Pyatigorsk takes tourists all year round. Winter in the city is mild and often snowy. Take a stroll through the ornately decorated streets. Climb to the top of Mashuk Mountain to admire the city from above. Explore snow-covered parks dotted with walking paths designed for the terrenekur. Look at the Lermontov Grotto, the gathering place of the “water society” from the novel “A Hero of Our Time”. And, of course, try the famous mineral water – pump-rooms are scattered all over the city, you can pour the narsan in them for free.


Every Russian must travel at least once to Siberia in winter to experience those very Siberian frosts and to see the real winter: harsh and beautiful at the same time. Irkutsk, the capital of Siberia, is an ideal city for such a trip. Irkutsk is also close to Lake Baikal – in winter the lake is frozen and covered with transparent ice. At this time of the year here is almost more lively than in summer: you can visit one of the many festivals, go skating on the frozen Baikal, take a steam bath, or celebrate Sagaalgan – the Buddhist New Year.


In winter, the northern city is transformed: streets are covered with snow, against which the old buildings look even more spectacular. See the 17th century Gostiny Dvor (when it was one of the main trading posts of the country) on the quay of the Northern Dvina. Or the first bastion fortress in Russia – Novodvinsk fortress, which played an important role in the victory of Peter the Great over the Swedes. And when it gets dark, go in search of northern lights – catch them on clear frosty nights, preferably away from the city lights.

Best excursions during the Christmas vacations

Novodevichy Monastery is one of the most famous revered places in Moscow. Photo: globallookpress.com

Moscow: Through the Places of New Year Wishes Fulfillment

A 3.5-hour bus tour of the capital’s places of power will take you through Patriarchal Ponds, Tverskoy Boulevard, Christ the Savior Cathedral, Patriarchal Bridge, and Novodevichy Monastery. The organizers promise to spend in a mysterious entrance, which corrects the destiny and meet the New Year in the place where you can ask for the fulfillment of the innermost. Cost of excursion: from 3500 rubles.

The Lake Svetloe in the Altai never freezes, so swans come here to spend the winter. Photo: Oleg UKLADOV, “KP”-Barnaul”.

“Altai. A winter fairy tale”.

There is only one place in Russia where whooper swans winter. This is the reserve “Lebyazhy” in Altai. The purest sapphire water of Lake Svetloye in a white snowy hoop, and in it – hundreds of leisurely swimming swans. They come here for wintering. Those who have seen it with their own eyes begin to speak only in lofty epithets. Come here with the excursion “Altai. Winter Tale”, which also includes a trip to the village of Chemal, the island Patmos and, actually, to the reserve with swans. Cost of excursion from Moscow: from 25000 roubles plus a ticket on the plane.

If you come to Kamchatka during winter, you will have a chance to live in a real snow igloo. Photo: globallookpress.com

Kamchatka: spend the night in an Eskimo shelter

Not every tourist will dare such a trip, but if you get to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, know that here you can arrange an excursion to the Igloo Hotel. It is located at the foot of Vilyuchinsky volcano, 80 kilometers from the city, and is open only in winter. The guest houses are made in the usual format of Eskimo housing made of snow and decorated in the style of the peoples of the North. The complex has an outdoor pool with thermal water and bar. Cost: From 1000 rubles per day for a place in the common 8-seat igloo-room, from 9000 rub. – for double suite.

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