Where to go in Europe in February: 10 best places

Where to go in Europe in February

Those who take a vacation after New Year vacations, tend to save on travel and extend, so to speak, the number of non-working days. And do it wisely! Dreamed of going to Europe? February is cheaper than months before, plus Christmas trees and illuminations in the shopping districts are still decorating the streets of Italy, Spain, Greece and other European countries.

Going to Italy

Ponte Sant'Angelo and St. Peter's Italy Bridge

© alessandrogrussu / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Is it realistic to fly cheap to the country of pasta? Many tours are really cheaper after the New Year. If you want to fly on your own, look for sites to book flights and accommodation. In parallel, you can consider and buy excursion tours in advance, for example, in Rome. Perhaps one Venice Carnival will be enough. Just be sure to specify the dates of this celebration (they change annually). Venetian Carnival, which takes place just in February, a riot of colors! You should dress warmer: the weather at this time in Italy is not a whisper. It’s about +10 – +12C. The dressed-up Italians in crazy masks participate in theatrical performances, singing the carnival anthem (Yes, yes! This costume “party” has its own anthem).

In the winter people come to Italy not only for fun, but also to relax actively. In Italy there are worthy ski resorts. For every level of training and financial capabilities. Here is a partial list of wonderful ski resorts: Madonna di Campiglio (very fashionable winter resort), Val di Fassa (surrounded by the Dolomites), Campitello (in the valley of di Fassa).

Travel prices. Excursion tours of up to 3 days can cost from 35,000 p. You will have someone to meet you and accompany you to your hotel, and during the day will guide you through the most outstanding sights in Rome. If you plan to hone your skiing or snowboarding skills, a trip to Val di Fassa will cost from 70,000 p. for two. See, nothing is impossible? Start preparing and buying ski suits and equipment.

Let’s go to Spain.

Plaza España Sevilla Spain Castle

© 12019 / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

Winter in Spain is even warmer. In some regions, the temperature rises to +20C. This is mainly in the southern parts of the country, where the seaside resorts are scattered. In February in Spain you will not be lured by the sea, but the ski resorts are in demand. Where better to go? I know that the perfect ski slopes are in the resorts of Sierra Nevada, where various skiing championships are held, and also Baqueira-Beret, which is notable for its size. Spain’s royal family and speakers love spending time here. I hope you understand that you need to book lodges and rooms for the night near these resorts as early as possible?

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What else is there to do in Spain? Oddly enough, February here is also considered a month of colorful carnivals and festivals dedicated to everything.

Carnival in Barcelona. Spaniards in general are fun-loving, explosive people who love to celebrate. This event precedes the Lent, so here try to stuff their bellies with mountains of sweets, fried fish and wine. The concept of carnival in Barcelona is similar to our “Pancake week” festivities where everyone participates in competitions, treats themselves to free food and burns the Carnival King figurine, thus getting rid of the negative aspects of the past and saying goodbye to winter and winter.

You can go on a tour of Spain:

  • In Madrid you will be taken to the Atocha station, Las Ventas arena, the Royal Palace, the Prado Museum, etc.;
  • In Valencia you will be taken to the Oceanarium (it is a port city), the scientific and cultural center “City of Arts”, the central market;
  • in Sicily you will be offered to enjoy the scenery: volcanoes, ancient Greek ruins, etc.;
  • In winter the Canaries would make you want to lie on the beach or even swim in the sea during the day because the climate is very different from Spain’s business cities with temperatures up to +20C! The islands are full of celebrations at this time: carnivals, Valentine’s day and others. You will be lucky enough to see groves of pink almond trees in bloom.

Travel prices. If you want to stay in a nice hotel (4 stars), you will have to spend from 100,000 in the Canary Islands and half of that in Barcelona. Do you feel the difference?

Going to Portugal

Porto Portugal

© bnsd / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Portugal, despite being a maritime power centuries ago, is now perceived as a country of ancient fortresses, Gothic monasteries and port. My point is that you don’t necessarily have to come here in the summer, although the seaside resorts are great here too. February weather is usually overcast and gray, but quite comfortable for walking – in the region of +14C.

Where to vacation in Portugal? In Lisbon, I advise you to go to a match – the mood and energy will be guaranteed, even if Cristiano Ronaldo himself does not appear on the field. The unusual Colombo shopping mall will also impress you. The stores inside the building are divided into “neighborhoods” with specific names from the XV-XVIII centuries. There will be an opportunity to go down to the center of the city by cable car.

The main reasons why Russian travelers come to Portugal:

    (more often 1 week). Can combine visits to several large cities: Lisbon, Porto, Sintra, etc.
  1. Gastro tours. 7-10 days is sometimes enough to get acquainted with the cuisine: to try seafood delicacies, game meat. Ideally, if you settle on some grape farm.
  2. In Europe is great to go on a honeymoon – the photos against the background of castles and churches will be amazing.
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Travel prices: you can go to Portugal for two on a trip from 80 000 rub.

Going to Greece

Greece February Santorini

© kasabubu / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

It’s good to go to Greece in summer, somewhere on the island of Crete, Santorini, or Corfu, or for the New Year holidays. In February, the only advantage of traveling here is the absence of crowds of tourists at sightseeing sites, museums and other attractions. Greece’s carnivals are not inferior to its “neighbors”. In February there are costume events until the spring, and in different parts of the country they are dedicated to different events. I advise to go to some island of Greece, where the noisiest parades, competitions, fireworks take place. By the way, the weather on the islands in winter is the most favorable (it may rise up to +15C).

It may rain in Greece, so take raincoats with you…

Travel prices: on the site Onlinetours found a week-long tour for two for 50,000 p. in a good 4-star hotel.

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Going to Czechia

Czech Republic Prague February

© 152525024@N03 / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

The Czech grayness and overcast in February makes it even more romantic and stylish. You’ll need to bring warm clothes, though, as the thermometer can drop to +/-5C.

What to do in Prague? Stroll through the colorful streets and drink mulled wine in a cafe. Climb the mountains and even stay in a cozy cottage, which would be problematic in January. Also:

  • Visit Wenceslas Town Square;
  • See the Hradcany district of Prague, famous for the red brick roofs on the painted houses of its inhabitants;
  • Visit a castle with an ancient history. Let it be Zbiroh;
  • Look at the main Czech town hall with a huge clock;
  • Take a picture in front of the famous “dancing house”.

Prices for travel: Travel companies offer flights and accommodation in Prague for 57-60 000 p. for a few days .

Trip to Europe

Traveling through Europe is the best thing you can think of on a trip. They come in: by bus, sometimes by ferry, and individually. If given the choice, I would choose Paris, Italy, Greece, Prague, Finland. There’s a lot of variation in prices for “chasers” in Europe. My opinion – if you take a tour of Europe, it should not be less than 2-3 weeks. Even in that amount of time to cover the main treasures of this continent is very difficult. A comfortable solution – a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea in February. Reviews on the network are good! There will be a place to live and eat, and excursions will be taken.

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10 best places to go in February in Europe

Where to vacation in Europe in February

Wondering where to vacation at the end of winter without a long flight? Head to Europe! Find out where to go in February 2022. We tell you where it’s warm and inexpensive, what festivals and places to visit, and how much the tours, hotels, and tickets cost.

Coronavirus and quarantine . This review is not about where you can fly to vacation in Europe now, but just about the best destinations. See the current list of open countries. The cost of the holiday in the review is for last year. When the borders open, we expect similar or even lower prices.


Weather. In Austria in February is warmer than in Russia. It is +3. +5°C during the day and up to -2°C at night. Through the city flows the Danube, so the cold is felt stronger. For walks we recommend dressing up in the winter style – a warm jacket, a hat and gloves.

What to do. In February there are not many tourists, and at the ticket office there are no lines: Go to the free museums, admire the beautiful Schönbrunn Castle. Stop by the cosy cafés and enjoy the famous Viennese strudel. The Viennese Ball, where the whole city dances, takes place at the end of the month. Learn about the lively and everyday Vienna and take a tour that talks about Vienna without the boring facts and dates.

Holidays in Vienna in February

(Photo: Colin RedGriff / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


Weather. Stockholm is proof of how erratic Europe’s weather can be in February. Swedish winters are nothing like ours. Temperatures range from -1°C to -6°C and the number of sunny and cloudy days is almost equal.

Things to do. Stockholm is one of the best places to visit in Europe in February. Visit the ABBA band museum, the Aquaria water museum and ancient castles and palaces. Take the Stockholm subway, admire the work of Swedish sculptors, artists and discover true underground masterpieces. Experience the Medieval atmosphere of Gamla Stan. Discover what secrets and mysteries Stockholm hides.

Where to go in Europe in February

(Photo: unsplash.com / @micaelwidell)


Weather. Where to go in Europe in February to get the most out of it? At the end of winter the weather in Lisbon is truly spring-like. During the daytime the thermometer rises to +15 ° C. Half of the month is sunny. Take a light jacket, a warm sweater, and comfortable shoes.

Things to do. In late winter, carnivals take place in every town and city – take part in them! Enjoy ocean views and watch the sunset at Cape Rock. Climb up to St. George’s Castle and admire the beautiful neighborhoods from the top of the Santa Giusta elevator. Descend into the inverted tower, the Masonic Palace Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra. Finally, just spend a pleasant evening tasting port.

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February weather in Europe

(Photo: 12019 / pixabay.com)


Weather. Budapest is a good choice if you want to vacation in Europe in February. Temperatures rise to +3. +5 ° C, and at night it drops to zero. Towards the end of the month you can feel the early spring – the first flowers bloom and the green leaves sprout. For walks you can wear a fall jacket and a warm hat.

Things to do. Explore the facades of the historic buildings on the riverboat, or cruise the Danube in the evening. Take the funicular up to the Royal Palace or the National Gallery. Walk in the footsteps of Hungary’s Gaudi and be sure to relax in the hot healing springs, the Baths of Budapest.

Where to go cheap in Europe in February

(Photo: unsplash.com / @dnovac)


Weather. At the end of winter, due to humidity and winds from the sea, the city is cool. The temperature is +8°C during the day and -2°C at night. If you want to spend all day wandering around the city, get a warm jacket, an umbrella and waterproof shoes.

Things to do. As in other European cities, February in Amsterdam is also a very interesting time. Oddly enough, the city loves to celebrate the Chinese New Year. For colorful parades, fireworks, firecrackers, dragons and lions, head to the historic Zeedijkio and Dam Square. Take a stroll through Amsterdam’s unusual places. While you’re there, go ice skating and try the local cuisine – herring burgers, potatoes with sauerkraut and tasty bitterballen meatballs. And if you already know the city like the back of your hand, learn about the dark side of Amsterdam!

Holidays in Amsterdam in February

(Photo: unsplash.com / @redvers)


Weather. Where’s the warmest place in Europe in February? On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, of course! The average temperature in Split is +10°C. Many people come here to enjoy the sunny warmth and the first greenery without the crowds of tourists.

What to do. In early February, the city hosts the colorful Croatian Carnival. Take a walk through Split’s historic part – see the remains of Diocletian’s Palace, the amphitheatre and the peristyle, all of which have survived since Roman times. Taste the delicious fish dishes that are masterfully prepared in the restaurants on the Riva promenade, and fall in love with Split at first sight!

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(Photo: goranasivic / pixabay.com)

Weather. The inhabitants of Riga are convinced that February weather is the harshest of the year. Temperatures range from -7°C to -2°C. Sometimes in the daytime it warms up to +5. +7°C and tourists enjoy the complete absence of wind and sunshine. The end of winter is characterized by rain and snow.

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Things to do. Explore the old buildings and legends of medieval Riga. Listen to the organ in the Dome Cathedral. Take a tour and see the must-see places of Riga in 2 hours. If vacationing with kids, visit the circus, puppet theater and zoo.

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(Photo: Wolk9 / pixabay.com)


Weather. In February we advise to go to Europe on the Adriatic Sea coast. Daytime in Budva up to +10. +12 ° C, at night – up to +4 ° C. On clear days, the weather warms to +15 ° C.

Things to do. In low season, the city lives half-heartedly. The sea is too cold for swimming and the beaches are empty, so this is a great time for walking and sightseeing. Give in to the charm of Old Budva! Explore the castle walls, hike the scenic Budva Riviera and visit the Lovcen National Park. Try Montenegrin cuisine such as braised lamb with side dishes, fish delicacies and salads with brynza.

Where to go cheap in Europe in February

(Photo: Casal Partiu Oficial/ flickr.com / License CC BY-SA 2.0)

Karlovy Vary

Weather. In February, daytime temperatures may reach +4. +9 ° C, and at night frosts. Weather, as well as everywhere in Europe, is variable. After a week of sun begins a succession of overcast days, so think about different clothing. A windproof jacket, thermal underwear and warm gloves won’t hurt.

What to do. Tourists come to Karlovy Vary all year round, and most of them are interested in the mineral springs. Buy a cup with a spout to drink the healing water and visit the Hot Spring Colonnade. See ancient icons in the Peter and Paul Church and admire artists’ canvases in the Karlovy Vary Gallery. See the view of the city streets from the Diana Lookout Tower. Take a guided tour to learn more about the spa of kings and celebrities. And if you get bored, go to Prague to have fun.

February weather in Europe

(Photo: ivabalk / pixabay.com)


Weather. Looking for somewhere warmer in winter? There aren’t many such places in Europe in February, but Bulgaria is very good. During the day in Burgas, the thermometer rises to +11. +15 ° C. The sea temperature is +16 ° C.

Things to do. Go to the temple of Cyril and Methodius, walk through a seaside park and visit a farm where peacocks are bred. Look at the excavations of the ancient settlement of Akve Kalide and the ruins of Rusokastro fortress. Dive into a Balkan fairy tale – visit Bulgarian Stuonhenge, Ropotamo Reserve and ancient Sozopol. Embark on an ethno-trip to the village of Zheravna – the village of craftsmen.

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