Where to go in January in Europe: 10 best places

Holidays in Europe in January 2022

Where to go on holiday to Europe in January 2022? The first month of the year – it’s time for a leisurely stroll through the cities, visit Christmas markets, sit in a cafe with a cup of coffee.

At the same time holidays in Europe in January can be active – ski resorts in Austria, France, Italy and Spain are working. There are a lot of people on the slopes, so you won’t get bored.

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We tell you about the top 10 most interesting places to visit in January in Europe.

Detailed rules of entry into these countries can be read here .


In Turkey in January, the number of tourists decreases significantly: the weather is quite unstable and hard to predict in advance. In January you will not be confused by the fact that the country is only partially in Europe: in January its European part, majestic Istanbul, although the city is also half in Asia, is popular. In January in Istanbul during the day +8 + 11 ° C, the average daily temperature reaches +7 ° C, and at night falls to 0 ° C. As for Antalya, it is +12+13 °C during the day. The sea in Turkey in January is cold, the temperature stays at +16+17 ° C. While packing your suitcase for a vacation, it will be nice to pack a pair of sweaters and an autumn jacket in addition to light shirts.

Enjoy your holidays in Turkey in January – it is a pleasure: there are few people, the prices for excursions are reduced significantly, and the weather is pleasantly cool. In Istanbul, the Christmas sales continue, which attract the fans of shopping. Even in the cold, the sights of the country are very popular: the breathtaking blue mosque in Istanbul, Mount Ararat with unforgettable views. January in Turkey will suit thrifty tourists who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle, enjoy spa treatments and national dishes of the country.

Even despite the cold water, the seaside resorts are full of other activities. The country has a dozen ski resorts, which are located on the picturesque forest slopes. The most popular are Palandoken, Uludag, Sarykamysh and Erciyes. In addition to active recreation in Turkey, there are many parks and nature reserves, where travelers can stroll in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Turkey in winter

Ski resorts in Turkey

(Photo: © Kareni / pixabay.com)

Czech Republic

Holidays in the Czech Republic in January will be remembered by travelers for a long time: in winter, the country turns into a fairy-tale city – streets and houses sparkle with a blanket of snow. During the cold season at the resort is quite cold, snow in the mountains falls as early as early December. During the day the thermometer ranges from -2 ° C to +1 ° C, and at night the temperature drops to -3 ° C.

January vacations in the Czech Republic are a great time to visit various tourist destinations. The ski resorts are in full swing with temperatures dropping as low as -7°C on the peaks. One of the most famous ski resorts is Harrachov, famous for its sporting history.

After a fascinating descent from the mountains, you can take a little tour of the sights of Prague: visit the central Christmas tree of the country on Old Town Square, walk to St. Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle. Have a mug of hot tea and go shopping for souvenirs. In store windows you can see different interesting figurines of reindeer, Santa Claus and wreaths made of spruce branches. Prague in January is especially beautiful. You can wander the streets of the city all day, enjoy the beautiful views and visit the New Year festival.

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Italy in January is worth visiting for three things: shopping, sightseeing and skiing. The weather during this cold season is mild, foggy and not frosty. The temperature in the country varies depending on the area and wind direction: the more south the region, the warmer. So, in the North of Italy during this time there is a thick layer of snow, and in the capital the thermometer does not exceed 5 ° C. Sea temperature is not suitable for swimming – about 13 ° C, but you can still enjoy the sea, rich in iodine air and beautiful scenery. If you choose the right closet, the vacation will be comfortable and memorable.

January is the time of shopping lovers. At the beginning of the month, prices for tours and hotels are reduced, and in the stores arrange weeks of promotions and bargains. The real heart of Italian shop windows and various shops is Milan, where millions of people come to buy trendy clothes from famous designers. If you like more active rest, then there are about 11 ski resorts in the country, one of the best – Bardonecchia. In the south of Italy in January, there is also a lot of interesting things: excursions to the top of the active volcano “Vesuvius” and trips to the birthplace of pizza in the city of Naples.

Italy in winter

(Photo: © Erwin_k / pixabay.com)


Austria in January is a real Christmas fairy tale: fresh, frosty air, scenery sparkling with snow and streets decorated with Christmas lights. The middle of winter in the resort is most often with heavy snowfalls and great weather for ski resorts. The thermometer ranges from -2C to -10C. The temperature at the foot of the mountains is much warmer than at the top, so it is necessary to pack the closet carefully, taking into account the planned trips. Precipitation in the form of snow or rain falls quite a lot – on average 9-10 days.

Every year millions of tourists come to Austria to frolic in the snow, go skiing or dog sledding. There are about 70 ski resorts available, but one of the most visited is Tyrol. Here, on the highest mountains in the world, the Winter Olympics were held. However, do not forget about the sightseeing program. Cities such as Vienna, Graz, and Salzburg open their gates to travelers during the winter vacations. In January there are various tours of local attractions, music festivals and costume balls.

Austria in winter

(Photo: © Josefgadermaier / pixabay.com)


Germany in January will not enjoy excursions: the weather in this month is windy and snowy, but this is the time for Christmas holidays in the country. The middle of winter in Germany is rather dreary. The average daytime temperature reaches 5°C and precipitation in the form of wet snow or rain is about 57 mm. Sometimes there can be a bit of a cold snap at night, which means that the streets are covered with an ice crust in the morning. However, January is quite clear and bright, with at least 5 sunny days. While packing a closet on holiday, it is not superfluous to put warm boots, a scarf, a hat and an umbrella.

Winter vacations in Germany – a great excuse to add color to everyday life. In early January, the country holds an unforgettable festival “Festival of the Three Kings,” which completes the Christmas holidays. Especially bright and traditional procession takes place in Saxony and Bavaria. In Berlin, you can enjoy memorable views of the cathedrals and visit museums such as “Berlin in Miniature”, “Pergamon Museum. Also, don’t forget the local cuisine: be sure to enjoy a warming mulled wine by the blazing fireplace.

Germany in winter

(Photo: © Dar1930 / pixabay.com)


Where to go in Europe in January? Winter in France is a great opportunity to enjoy skiing vacations and low prices. Winter in the country is mild but rainy. The temperature varies depending on the area. For example, in the capital during the day +6 ° C and at night about 1 ° C. Paris is very windy and humid with about 12 rainy days per month. The water temperature is not suitable for swimming, not more than 20 ° C. But do not despair, in France, even in cold weather, you can find something to do. The constant rain hamper the enjoyment of the beauty of sights, but at this time the ski resorts are full of tourists.

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If you want a break from the inconsistent and gray weather, you can go to the Alps, where the temperature is almost always kept at -7 ° C. One of the most picturesque resorts is Chamonix: snow-capped mountains and fresh air – just what you need for the winter vacations. Despite the fact that France in January – the most unsuitable time for sightseeing tours in the capital there are many different museums and exhibitions, including the famous Louvre. In early January the country begins the season of sales – local boutiques blaze with Christmas lights and gaudy with a variety of goods.


(Photo: © Jan-jaap / pixabay.com)


Hungary in January is a great opportunity to enjoy the local cuisine and scenic views. The weather at this time is a bit chilly, but great for walking around the area. There’s no wind or cold to hike through the cities streets. The average temperature is less than 1°C. Precipitation is low, 35mm per month. If it snows, it’s only at night and melts in the morning. Winds are not cold, not more than 3 m./s. So from clothing you will need: an autumn jacket, an umbrella and waterproof boots.

In January the New Year fairs open with low prices and a large selection of goods. In the boutiques you can buy original souvenirs with images of local attractions. Do not forget about the sightseeing program: in Budapest you should visit the Buda Fortress, Vajdahujand and, of course, the Fishermen’s Bastion. The sights in Hungary, even in winter, fascinate with its beauty. If you want to relax away from the bustle of the city, you can safely go to the ski resorts. Hungary is famous for its unparalleled views and fresh, frosty air. The most famous mountain range is Matra, one hundred kilometers from Budapest.


(Photo: © Charlemagne / pixabay.com)

The Netherlands

In January in the Netherlands it is wet, but prices in hotels and spas go down considerably. The weather is rainy and windy, with an average rainfall of about 55mm. So going on vacation, it is not superfluous to take an umbrella or raincoat. The average temperature in the country is about 5°C during the day. However, the wet weather is not a hindrance for tourists – there are a lot of entertainment.

At this time of active work begin travel agencies. It is here, in the Netherlands, you can visit the heritage of ancestors, local attractions: Peter the Great House, the Royal Palace, the Palace of Peace. The atmosphere of mystery and enigma will not leave anyone indifferent. Of course, there is nothing better than a cultural holiday in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam you can enjoy art and visit exhibitions of great artists: an unforgettable trip to the exhibition of Van Gogh or the NEMO museum. Discover the local cuisine in the best restaurants in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. The national Dutch cuisine is striking in its sophistication and originality: flavorful Dutch herring and batterbalen, meat croquettes of veal.

Netherlands in winter

(Photo: © Michel_van_der_Vegt / pixabay.com)


Spain opens its ski resort season in January with frosty and snowy weather. The average daily temperature is +7°C, rising to +11-12°C during the day and dropping to +3-4°C at night. However, the month has quite a lot of sunny days – about 24 during the month, which is great for walks on the Spanish streets. January is the snowiest month in the country, so be sure to bring a hat and warm mittens.

The good conditions at ski areas like the Sierra Nevada allow you to tour local resorts without having to plan anything in advance. Fluffy snow and sparkling mountains are how you can describe Spain in winter. At this time in the country must visit Madrid, walk the streets of the capital and its attractions and look at the “house of art,” the Prado Museum. Then hit Barcelona, the most beautiful and atmospheric city in the country which would not leave you indifferent. At the beginning of the month is the festival “Day of the Magi Kings” in honor of Epiphany (Baptism). All cities in Spain have festivals and festive processions.

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Where to go in Europe in winter


Greece in January will please you with calm weather and a noticeable reduction in the number of tourists. At this time in the country is quite warm, there are no frosts and strong winds. But in the mountainous areas there are subzero temperatures, so you can enjoy active skiing. In Athens, the fluctuation range of the thermometer is +2 … +9 °C and the amount of precipitation is 8 days.

Contrary to the popular belief that Greece is a summer resort, the country is quite well developed ski holidays. In mid-winter, you can go skiing or snowboarding at the local centers of winter recreation: Fterolaka and Kelaria, located on the slopes of Mount Parnasso, Kaymaktsalan in Macedonia and Agrafa, in the south of the Pindos massif. In addition to outdoor activities, the country offers many memorable excursions: for example, in Athens – a place of peace and tranquility. There you can get acquainted with the ancient culture and mythology of the ancient Greeks. This city-museum is accessible to visitors, regardless of the weather. No less interesting you can visit Kalavrita. The views of the pine and alpine lakes are fascinating. And inside the city there are many World War II museums and ancient monasteries.


(Photo: © Gonbiana / pixabay.com)

Now you know, go to Europe in January 2022. And don’t let the thermometer column embarrass you in the slightest, even in the cold season you can have a great time. If you are interested in winter travel, read also about vacations in Russia in January.

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Where to relax in Europe in January

Still haven’t decided where to rest in the middle of winter? We tell you about the cities in Europe where you can go in January 2022. Find out where inexpensive vacations are, where it’s warm and where there are interesting holidays.

Coronavirus and Quarantine . This review is not about where you can fly to vacation in Europe now, but just about the best destinations. See the current list of open countries. The cost of the holiday in the review is for last year. When the borders open, we expect similar or even lower prices.



Weather. January is relatively warm and humid. The air temperature is +2. -1°С. For walks in Prague you should wear warm clothes and a windproof jacket. Hats and gloves won’t be out of place.

What to do. On snowy days, take a walk through the historic streets of the city and visit museums. There are fewer tourists in Prague in the winter than in the summer and fall, so the bars and restaurants are half-empty. Taste different varieties of delicious Czech beer. Take a tour and do some shopping. Find out what to see in Prague.

Prices. Holidays in Central Europe in January are cheap. Prices on tours for 7 days for two from Moscow start from 44000 rubles. A double room in a hotel in Prague near the city center can be taken for 14-18 €. A ticket from Moscow to Prague and back costs from 10 thousand rubles.

Where to fly in January in Europe

(Photo: elPadawan / flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0 license)


Weather . The weather in Istanbul in January is unstable. It seems to be warm up to +13°C, but in fact it is quite dank and there are few sunny days. Wear windproof clothes and have warm shoes and a hat.

Things to do . Istanbul is one of the places worth flying to Europe in January 2022 for bargains. Get yourself a nice fur coat and experience the flavor of oriental trade in the enormous Grand Bazaar. Go to the famous Hagia Sophia without the crowds, visit the slender Blue Mosque, luxurious palaces Dolmabahce and Topkapi. Check out the Floria Aquarium with kids. Find out what to see in Istanbul.

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Prices . Because of New Year’s holidays, tours to Europe in the first decade of January are expensive. To save money, plan a trip to Istanbul for the second half of the month. The trip for two from Moscow for 7 days costs from 56000 rubles. A double room at a hotel will cost from 14 € per night, and a direct flight from Moscow and back – from only 6,500 rubles.

Europe in January

(Photo: unsplash.com / @riddywankenobi)

Weather . Looking for where in Europe is it warm in January? Winter weather in Rome is similar to the end of September or October in central Russia. In the mornings it is quite cool +7 ° C, and in the afternoon up to +11. +13 ° C. In the middle of winter, there are many sunny days, and precipitation comes in the form of rain.

What to do . According to reviews, Rome is one of the places where you should definitely go in January in Europe. At the beginning of the month Italians celebrate Epiphany, the main character is the good witch Befana. Rome is a real open-air museum. Admire architectural masterpieces from antiquity to the Renaissance. Take advantage of Roma Pass discounts for museum visits. Find out what to see in Rome.

Prices . A 7-day tour for two people with a flight from Moscow costs from 42000 rubles. A double room in a hotel in the city center costs from 22€. The flight to Rome and back from Moscow costs from 11000 rubles.

Where is the warmest January in Europe

(Photo: unsplash.com / @cnn_)


Weather . Although Berlin is a real winter, by our standards the weather in Europe in January is not at all winter. Daytime temperatures don’t drop below +1°C. The chilly nights are cooler, but you can walk around in a light coat or a winter jacket. A hat and warm gloves are a must.

Things to do . Enjoy the Three Kings’ Day on January 6 and fashion week. Stroll along Berlin’s main avenues. Visit the majestic Reichstag and museums. In January, Berlin’s sale season kicks off with discounts of up to 80%. For the shopper, there’s plenty to do!

Prices . The tour for two people for 7 days from Moscow costs from 50000 rubles. A double room in a hotel in the city center will cost about 50 €. The direct flight from Moscow is very inexpensive – only from 5500 rubles.

January weather in Europe

(Photo: JamesQube / pixabay.com)


Weather . The weather in Milan in January, as in many places in Europe, is not characterized by constancy. Temperatures range from +2°C to +7°C. The air is clean and fresh. Pretty sunny, and there is not much left until the blooming Italian spring.

What to do . Do your fashionable shopping in Milan’s department stores and boutiques. Go to the world-famous La Scala and Milan Cathedral, or visit the Duomo. Go sightseeing in the surrounding area. Find out what to see in Milan.

Prices . Milan is an expensive city. A tour from Moscow for two people for 7 days costs from 58000 rubles. A double room in a hotel in the city center costs from 50€. For 6000 rubles you can fly to Milan from Moscow.

Holidays in Europe in January

(Photo: unsplash.com / @redcharlie1)


Weather . Where to go in January in Europe to be warm? Choose the capital city of Catalonia! Barcelona’s winter resembles a mild and sunny spring. The temperature rises to +14 ° C during the day and drops to +6 ° C at night. Rainy days are almost non-existent. Wearing a lightweight demi jacket makes for a comfortable walk in Barcelona.

Things to do . In summer, the heat doesn’t linger over the architectural monuments, but in winter, it’s nice to spend a longer time gazing at Gaudí’s great works. Take a stroll through the Parque Guell. Marvel at the sea from beautiful promenades and take an evening stroll down the colorful Ramblas. See what to see in Barcelona.

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Prices . A trip to Barcelona convinces you that you don’t have to overpay for a tour to Europe in January. Holidays for two from Moscow for 7 days will cost from 47000 rubles. A double room in a hotel in the city center costs from 20 €. Tickets to the capital of Catalonia from Moscow and back – from 9000 rubles.

Where to go in January in Europe

(Photo: unsplash.com / @grin)


Weather . Parisian winter is about +6°C during the day and +3°C at night. There are only 6 sunny days in January and up to 11 rainy or even snowy ones. If you want to spend more time outdoors, dress warmer. It’s not uncommon for sidewalks to be icy, so you need comfortable shoes with non-slip soles.

What to do . In winter, there are few visitors to Paris, and tourists enjoy the cultural attractions without rushing. See the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower. See the magnificent interiors of Notre Dame de Paris. Visit the Palace of Versailles. Have a gastronomic marathon through Parisian cafes and restaurants and taste classic French dishes whose recipes haven’t changed in centuries. Find out what to see in Paris.

Prices . Tours to Paris are in demand all year round. A trip for two from Moscow for 7 days costs from 64000 rubles. Accommodation in Paris is expensive. The price for a double room in a budget hotel in the city center is 60-70 euros a night. The ticket price from Moscow to Paris and back – from 11000 rubles.

January Holidays in Paris

(Photo: Walkerssk / pixabay.com)


Weather . In January in the capital of Bavaria is a real winter. At times it snows, but for a short time. Temperatures average around -1°C, but rise to around +10°C towards the end of the month. For a walk, take some warm clothing. Don’t forget a hat, scarf, and winter gloves.

What to do . The people of Munich like to say: “Munich loves you! This means that at any time of year tourists are welcomed. Listen to the chimes at the New Town Hall that dominates the historic Marienplatz square. Enjoy the Kulmbach Brewery Museum. To save on sightseeing, buy the Munich CityTourCard.

Prices . A tour for two for 7 days from Moscow costs from 63000 rubles. A double room in a cheap hotel in the central part of the city costs from 50€. You can fly to Munich from Moscow for 6200 rubles without changing flights.

Holidays in Germany in January

(Photo: designerpoint / pixabay.com)


Weather . If you have chosen to vacation in Europe in January, Amsterdam, safely count on mild winter weather. The thermometer rises to +6°C during the day and drops to +2°C at night. For the month there are 5 days with precipitation and as many sunny days.

What to do . Spend time at one of the city’s ice rinks. Get your photo taken at the “I Love Amsterdam” sign. Take a walk through the Red Light District and visit the Van Gogh Museum. Find out what to see in Amsterdam.

Prices . A trip to the Netherlands is one of the most expensive tours to Europe in January. A trip for two from Moscow, designed for 7 days, costs from 109 thousand rubles. A double room at the hotel starts at 60 €. Flight also not budget – from 10500 rubles from Moscow and back.

Holidays in Amsterdam in January

(Photo: unsplash.com / @redvers)


Weather . Where in Europe is it warm in January? Feel free to go to Athens – the Greek winter is very mild. Temperatures range from +6°C at night to +13°C during the day. The humidity in the air reaches 70%. For walks by the sea, dress warmer.

Things to do . See the Acropolis, visit the old Plaka neighborhood, and take a day trip to Delphi. Go to a play in the ancient theater. Winter is citrus season – enjoy the taste of cheap oranges, tangerines and grapefruit. Learn more about the sights of Athens.

Prices . A tour for two people for 7 days with a flight from Moscow costs from 57000 rubles. For a double room at a hotel they ask from 20€. Ticket prices from Moscow start at 8,500 rubles.

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