Where to go in July in Europe: 7 best places

Where to go in July in Europe.

Tourists travel to Europe massively in July, when air and sea temperatures reach the most comfortable values for a beach holiday. If you are now feverishly typing into the search engine “go to Europe inexpensively,” pay attention to review the most interesting destinations, including where to go to the sea.

As a rule, tickets for a summer tour of Europe are bought three or four months before the planned trip, because prices in July, like the weather, are at their peak. Who has not had time, I advise to look for suitable options right now. After all, European vacation meets all the desires of the modern tourist:

  • Lack of language barrier, sanatorium and educational vacation in Belarus, where in July there is a song festival “Slavic Bazaar”;
  • Beach holidays on the warm sea in France or in Slovenia, with their Alpine meadows, mountain views and clear sea water;
  • Jurmala has a KVN festival, and without that there is a lot to do – from exciting shopping and recreation to sightseeing;
  • A unique thermal spa for the thorough treatment of bones at Lake Heviz in Hungary;
  • Fishing and comfortable communion with nature in Finland;
  • Rock star tours and various national events and festivals, from music and pyrotechnics festivals to Berlin’s massive gay pride parade in Germany;
  • Can’t stand the heat – welcome to beautiful Prague: the Czech Republic is not hot, there are budget tours and interesting events in early July, including national festivals.

What’s good about vacationing in Europe – you can not only fly or take the train, but also take an informative bus tour to see as much as possible in one trip.

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On vacation in Spain in July with the whole family.

Mallorca beach swimming vacations

© Walkerssk / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

In Spain it is better to rest for those who like to combine beach vacation with sightseeing. There really is a lot to see and do – why not go for a run with angry bulls through the streets of Pamplona at the festival of San Fermin! But Spain’s beaches are good too, with their mild climate that suits both children and the elderly.

The warmest water, according to reviews of tourists, at this time of year in Mallorca: Sea temperature +25 on average, the air +30 to +37. A plus of local recreation, as well as another popular destination, Tenerife – all the beaches are public, for access to the sea do not have to pay.

Warm sea awaits you and in Barcelona – the air here is 28-30 degrees Celsius, and the water in the sea from +21 to +25 during July, the closer to August, the warmer it is.

If you don’t like the heat, choose a holiday in the north of Spain, where it often rains, and the cities are not overrun with tourists. You can admire the medieval architecture in Salamanca, the modern architecture in Bilbao, the Catholic shrines of Santiago de Compostela, the “northern Paris” San Sebastian, the monuments of antiquity in Astorga, the Gothic buildings in Lugo, the buildings of all eras in Leon.

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Of the disadvantages of Spain:

  • you will have to apply for a Schengen visa;
  • there is almost no “all inclusive” service for tourists accustomed to Turkey;
  • the territories of the hotels are small.

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July is the best month for a vacation in Bulgaria

resort hotel bulgaria

© 40inwiktor / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

Looking for a budget vacation – you’ll be pleased with the prices of tours to Bulgaria. Beach vacation here is comparable with Spain in such parameters as clean sea, fresh and delicious food, opportunities for recreation with children. The temperature of the sea +25 and the air +30.

In Bulgaria, the best vacation for those who go to Europe for the first time with a child – there are many activities for the whole family. The most popular Bulgarian resorts are Golden Sands or the most famous Bulgarian resort Sunny Beach. Good reviews and resorts of Svet Vlas, Nesebar, Varna. Service at a decent level for a nice price – a tour here can be purchased from 40 thousand rubles.

A significant minus is a little excursion tours. And also – a short bathing season, which begins in June and lasts until mid-August, so that July for a holiday here is the best option.

Holidays in Morocco in July – for the particularly heat-loving

In July in Morocco, it is better to rest for those who are really missing the shocking dose of ultraviolet. If the resorts of Casablanca, Rabat and Agadir air +27, then in Fes and Marrakech already all +37, and this is not the limit. The water is 23-26 heat and above.

If the scorching Moroccan sun doesn’t scare you, get ready to see the east in all its glory – at the July festival of folk arts in Marrakech or the Gulima festival of camels. Admired reviews of tourists talk about the rich oriental shops and unique handicrafts, winding streets and bustling markets, bright colors of the cities, the incredible cuisine with gifts of the ocean, the scents of spices, a variety of fruits and oriental sweets.

Prices for trips to Morocco – from 66 thousand rubles. Of the minuses:

  • frequent winds, so a windbreaker on vacation will also not be superfluous;
  • Almost everywhere widespread is not English, but the French language;
  • very specific cuisine – too much spices;
  • Most hotels have no beach – prepare for extra costs.

To Italy in July for a Mediterranean tan

Sicily coast coast Italy

© kirkandmimi / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

July in Italy is the peak beach vacation season. Those who want to combine swimming in the sea with sightseeing tours of the beauty of ancient cities and the opportunity to appreciate Italian cuisine and wines go here. The best places to relax on the beach are in Sicily or Sardinia. If you’re thinking about where to go with the kids, choose a vacation in Rimini or Riccione, resorts with relatively inexpensive deals.

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Prices for recreation in Sardinia can be reduced by renting your own accommodation and renting a car to travel around the island – the proposals are many. From here you can go on day trips to the city of romance – Venice, the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet, Verona or Florence. And of course you can not miss a holiday in the eternal city – Rome, whose famous Trevi Fountain, according to legend, grants wishes.

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Most of the positive reviews from tourists from the warm sea, beautiful views of ancient cities, great food and amazing nature. The disadvantages are that you need a Schengen visa, the prices for tours and entertainment are biting, the hotel and animation is limited.

    – Unusual excursions from locals. – Inexpensive group tours.

Only Russian-speaking guides.

Portugal in July – a warm welcome

Beach holidays in July in Portugal will be appreciated by the elderly and families with children – for the mild weather, without a hint of heat. The warmest sea in Albufeira +20.3, Camara di Lobos and Funchal +23.

The best sea vacation in July is in Madeira, where air and water temperatures are just about equal: +23-24 and +22-23 respectively, bathing is a pleasure.

Unforgettable will be a holiday in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, with its ancient architecture, unique monuments, palaces, churches and monasteries is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Wherever you decide to go in July in Portugal, the sun, almost no rainfall and a warm sea.

Holidays in Malta in July – consider the heat

It’s better to vacation without small children and heat-sensitive relatives – the air here warms up from +31 and above during the day. But in the reviews of tourists Malta sounds as “magical” because of the striking combination of clear sea, bright tours, unique natural data of the island, the majestic architecture, and – no less bright nightlife. Of the minuses – the influx of tourists prevents to fully enjoy his rest – the beaches are crowded, although the holiday is not cheap – on average from 77.5 thousand rubles.

Holidays in Croatia in July – the middle option

Rovinj croatia sea

© Cydonia / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

You can’t call Croatia a cheap option – as well as an expensive one. Conditions for a beach holiday in July are excellent, with no drastic changes in temperature. The air during the day +29-30, the sea temperature +25, the humidity is average, it’s a light breeze. The sea in Croatia is clean, as are the beaches – most of them are marked by the Blue Flag for purity.

Prices for “all inclusive” in Croatia, depending on the stars of the hotel, on average from 5.6 thousand rubles to 29.7 thousand rubles per day. It is best to rest, according to popular reviews, on the Istrian peninsula – the resorts of Rovinj, Porec, Umag, in the Middle Dolmation. The resort of Dubrovnik, where the series “Game of Thrones” was filmed, is in demand. For an independent vacation, I recommend choosing a flight to Zagreb or Pula, which are close to the popular resorts.

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7 ideas for a July trip to Europe

Where to go on vacation in Europe in July

Interesting places to go to Europe in July 2022 for a vacation. We tell you about the peculiarities of the weather, the cost of hotels and tours in July, and what to do during the trip.

Coronavirus and Quarantine . This review is not about where to fly to vacation in Europe now, but simply about the best destinations. See the current list of open countries. The cost of the holiday in the review is for last year. When the borders open, we expect similar or even lower prices.



Weather. In July, a vacation in Europe is good in the main city of Catalonia. The sea in July is warm and heated to +24 ° C, and no one wants to get out of it. During the day the air temperature stays around +27 ° C, but often rises above +30 ° C. It almost never rains.

What to do. In the evening, after siesta ends and the heat of the day dies down, it’s nice to grab a coffee in the Latin Quarter, check out the flower shops on the Rambla, or stroll through Parque Guell or near La Sagrada Familia. Are you looking for a bargain? Check out the famous El Corte Ingles department store located in Plaça Catalunya, in the heart of Barcelona.

If you come from Moscow a 7-night tour for two will cost from 75 thousand rubles. Don’t count on cheap accommodation: a room for two in a 3* hotel in the city center costs 100 €.

A beach in Barcelona. (Photo: unsplash.com / @federicogiampieri) Sagrada Familia (or the Temple of the Holy Family). (Photo: unsplash.com / @strider_)


Weather. In July the weather in Istanbul is hot. There is almost no rain. The daytime temperature is +28 … +30 ° C. In the evenings the temperature drops to 19 ° C and in the evenings the temperature drops to 19 ° C. In the evenings, the temperature drops to +19 ° C, the fresh breeze from the Bosphorus blows and you’ll need a sweater or light jacket.

Because of the undercurrents the temperature of the sea water is around +21 … +22 ° C. Residents and tourists love to relax in the archipelago of the Princes’ Islands, which can be reached by ferry.

What to do. If you do not know where to go in July 2022 in Europe, consider Istanbul. People come here in July to visit ancient temples and palaces. Outdoor venues host a jazz festival. Live concerts feature jazz compositions and music of other directions – rock, folk, soul and reggae. Tango fans rush to the international festival Tango to Istanbul. Never a dull moment!

Prices. The tour for two people from Moscow for 7 days costs from 70 thousand rubles. It’s not difficult to find budget accommodation in the city. You can rent a double room in a 3* hotel in the center for 35€.

Tours in Europe in July

A view of the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul. (Photo: pxhere.com)


Weather. In July in Europe, the sea is warm almost everywhere, but off the coast of Greece it is heated to a comfortable +24 … +25 ° C. Beach holidays are in full swing! The only drawback of the high season in Thessaloniki is an aggressive sun. The daytime temperature rises to +31 … +35 ° C. It’s so hot that the sun seems to burn a hole in the pavement. Wear SPF 50+ cream, a hat, spend more time in the shade and drink more plain water.

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Things to do. Except for a beach holiday, go on excursions: to Orthodox sacred places of Halkidiki peninsula, to the ancient town of Larissa, to the beautiful cave of Petralona and to the peak of St. Anthony (2817m).

During your vacation, try the delicious ripe fruits and berries – medlars, melons, blackberries, peaches, apricots and nectarines. At the very end of July in Greece begin to sell the first grapes.

Prices. A tour for two people for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow costs from 70 thousand rubles. For double room in a 3* hotel in the city center costs 45 €.

Where to go in Europe in July

Byzantine tower on the shore of Ouranoupolis, Halkidiki (Photo: Emilia_Baczynska / pixabay.com)

Weather. In July the weather in Europe is warm, but in Italy there is a real heat. The daytime temperature is +30 … +35°C. Sidewalks, stonework and asphalt are so hot that they don’t have time to cool down overnight. There’s only one way out – rent rooms with air conditioning and rest in cool cafes and stores during the day.

What to do. Despite the hot weather in July, Rome is full of tourists. Long lines line up for the most popular attractions. Useful are guided tours and Roma Passes that allow you to see the ancient monuments without waiting in line.

In the heat of the summer, take a walk in the parks and visit the famous fountains of Rome. Take memorable photos against the Trevi, Neptune, Naiads, Four Rivers, Turtles, Bees, Boats and Triton fountains.

Prices. In July 2022, tours of Europe are expensive. However, Rome is not taking tourists at exorbitant prices. A tour for two for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow costs from 65 thousand rubles. You can get a double room at a 3* hotel in the center for 65 euros.

The Trevi Fountain is the largest in Rome (photo: unsplash.com / @czermak_photography) A street in Rome filled with tourists (photo: unsplash.com / @kevinbosc)


Weather. Where to go in July in Europe and where to relax? In Paris, of course! The chilly period is behind us and the city pleases Parisians and tourists with a real summer warmth. During the day the thermometer rises to +24 ° C. For temperate latitudes it is a real heat, although no one hurries to turn on the air conditioners.

It rains, but it does not spoil the overall impression of the most romantic city in the world. Summer showers happen unexpectedly, so prudent residents of Paris and tourists carry umbrellas.

Things to do. On a trip to Paris, visit iconic places like the Moulin Rouge, the Grand Opéra, the Louvre and Versailles. Midsummer is Bastille Day. On the Champs-Elysees on July 14 takes place a colorful military parade. The famous Tour de France starts in July. There’s no way to miss it! As is the Jazz Festival held in Paris, which is loved by all French.

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Prices. Tours in Europe in July 2022 are not cheap. Leisure for two from Moscow for 7 days costs from 69 thousand rubles. Paris hotels are among the most expensive in France. The room for two in a 3* hotel in the city center can be rented for €130.

Where to go in Europe in July

The Trocadero square in Paris. (Photo: unsplash.com / @devetpan)


Weather. Vacations in Europe in July 2022 are very pleasant in Prague. Vacations in the Czech capital are enjoyed by everyone who has a hard time with the summer heat. The daytime temperature is +23 ° C and the night temperature is +13 ° C. In a temperate climate tourists who have problems with bronchial, lung and heart are easy to breathe. This weather is comfortable for small children and the elderly. It rains sometimes, so take an umbrella with you!

Things to do. Stoshpile Prague is amazing at any time of the year. Nothing that there is no sea! In July tourists have a great time at the Podolí water stadium, at the Petynka, Pražačka, Stírka, U Veselíka swimming pools, at the žbán reservoir and at the Žlute Lázně beach area. Do you want to see the town from an unusual angle? Take a boat trip on the Vltava River.

In early July, the Czech Republic celebrates Cyril and Methodius Day and Jan Hus Memorial Day. There are two festivals – Letní slavnosti Staré hudby and Bohemia Jazz Fest.

Prices. In July 2022, budget tours of Europe are sold in Prague. Rest for two for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow costs from 43 thousand rubles. A room for two in a 3* hotel in the city center costs 40 €.

European Weather in July

In Prague there are 18 bridges. For example 10 of them are spanned over the Vltava River, the rest – over its tributaries. (Photo: unsplash.com / @jeshoots)


Weather. Among the favorites for beach vacations in Europe in July 2022 is Montenegro. The average air temperature is +24°C. During the day it gets hot +28 … +30 ° C. The sea water is heated to +24 ° C, so the coast attracts a lot of tourists. The beaches at Slovenska plaza, Ricardova chapter and Mogren are popular with tourists. It rains seven days in July, but short showers end within an hour.

Things to do. Take a walk around the Old Town. It won’t be hot because the walls of the buildings, pine alleys, cypresses, oleanders, and palm trees provide pleasant shade. See the 15th-century fortress wall and medieval churches. Admire the colorful tile roofs, wooden shutters and ancient masonry.

Prices. The Montenegrin resort is one of the places in Europe, where to go in July 2022 is inexpensive. Stay for two for 7 days with a flight from Moscow costs from 60 thousand rubles. Lodging in Montenegro is cheap. A double room in a 3* hotel in the center of the resort will cost 35 €.

Old Budva – a corner of the Mediterranean architecture in the heart of a modern resort (Photo: varfolomeev / flickr.com) Cafe in the narrow streets of Old Budva (Photo: Jorge Franganillo / flickr.com)

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