Where to go in May 2015: Best Prices

Where to go in May 2015: Best Prices

travel and vacations in May

A selection of the best vacation and travel destinations for May 2015. Faraway countries where you can go inexpensively thanks to low airfares. So many interesting destinations at tidy prices that it’s not going to be easy to choose one! The selection includes Africa, South America, Asia, and even the cold misty Faroe Islands – everyone will find an interesting option.

Mostly we are talking about departures from Moscow – what can you do if 90% of all the best deals are in the capital. If there is a possibility for inexpensive or slightly more expensive flight from other cities in May this year, I will mention it.

  • The costs are listed in rubles for round trip tickets.
  • Prices are current at the time of publication.

Where to look for cheap tickets? The best way to do this is with the search engines Aviasails and Skyscanner. To find the best price, check with both and see tickets for different dates.

Search for travel accommodations. Look for hotels on Roomguru.ru – it compares prices from a variety of booking systems and finds the best one.

Brazil and Argentina: from 25500

Unbelievable! For 25-34 thousand rubles in May 2015 you can go to Rio, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. About this I wrote a separate news item – there are all the details. Take it at the first opportunity without hesitation – it’s really a unique price for flights to South America. To fly for such money is offered by the airline Alitalia with a connection in Rome.

Sample tickets from Aviasales:

Faroe Islands: from 26,800

As Artemy Lebedev wrote, “if you open the maps and zoom in long between Iceland, Norway and the UK, after a while the Faroe Islands will appear on the screen” .

If you are looking for something special as a travel idea, this is just what you need. It’s definitely a must-visit place – good thing you can get to the islands cheaply.

Flight prices in May start at 26792 rubles, there are also similar inexpensive tickets for April and June 2015 (June is even a little cheaper).

We fly SAS via Copenhagen – if you want, you can take tickets with a long (almost a day) connection in the Danish capital on the way back and get a whole day in another great city.

Sample tickets from Aviasales:

Spring 2015 trip to the northern islands

Where to fly in May 2015 to travel

(photo © alessiomesiano / flickr.com)

Kathmandu, Nepal: from 24,000

Great price for this destination! Especially not Muscovites can be happy (they see interesting promotions regularly), but residents of the regions. Extremely cheap can go in May 2015 to travel to Nepal from Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Samara, Mineralnye Vody, Krasnodar – tickets are in the range of 24 to 30 thousand rubles, so that residents of these cities do not even have to go to Moscow to fly cheaply to Nepal.

The flydubai airline with a stopover (where do you think?) in Dubai has a great price.

Sample tickets from Aviasales (from Moscow):

fly in may 2015 to nepal

Example from Skyscanner (from Yekaterinburg):

go in may to nepal

Cheap to Nepal

(photo © tempo / flickr.com)

Delhi, India: from 14200

A very good price from Transaero Airlines. Cheap tickets are available for departures from St. Petersburg and Moscow. All the details in a recent news.

Beach holidays in July 2022. Where to rest on the sea

Colombo, Sri Lanka: from 20,650

The best prices for flights to Colombo from Moscow are offered by Qatar (flights with a short connection in Doha) – from 20656 rubles.

Low prices for flights to Colombo by two airlines Qatar and flydubai allow citizens of many cities such as Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Astrakhan, Ufa, Samara and others to travel cheaply to Sri Lanka in May 2015 – from 21200 rubles for flights out of these cities.

Sample tickets from Aviasales:

vacations in Sri Lanka

Bogota, Colombia: from 32800

Another great South American example. There are cheap tickets to Colombia’s capital for flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg. There are quite a few dates with minimal prices, and not only in May, but for summer and fall 2015 is quite a lot. KLM is pleased with great prices. We fly with a connection in Amsterdam.

Sample tickets from Aviasales:

Where to go in May 2015

Male, Maldives: from 23800

Maldives is synonymous with expensive, luxury holidays, but believe me, to go on vacation to paradise islands in the Indian Ocean with a modest budget is more than real!

First, to catch cheap tickets to Male’ is not so difficult – there are interesting promotions on a regular basis. For example, now you can buy tickets for May 2015 at a price of 23824 rubles from Etihad (true, you will need to fly with two connections, but they are short).

Secondly, even in the Maldives you can find inexpensive hotels ($30-60), budget restaurants and inexpensive transportation. Holidays in the Maldives can cost you about the same amount as a trip to Cyprus or, say, France. Find all the details in our latest article: Maldives cheap.

Sample tickets from Aviasales:

where to go in may

Nairobi, Kenya: from 25,000

You can fly inexpensively to Kenya from Moscow – tickets for May 2015 cost from 24984 rubles. The air carrier is Turkish Airlines, the flight with a connection in Istanbul.

Sample tickets from Aviasales:

Fly to Africa in May

Where else can you fly in May 2015 cheap

You can’t write about everything at once. So here, at the end, I will additionally mention that now there is an opportunity to buy inexpensive tickets also for the following long-haul destinations:

  • Vietnam;
  • Thailand;
  • Tenerife;
  • Philippines;
  • Singapore;
  • Indonesia (Jakarta);
  • Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and cities in Borneo);
  • Cambodia;
  • Caribbean countries.

“Inexpensive” in this case means that tickets to these destinations cost 10-20% less than usual. Look for your treasured tickets on the search engines. Good luck!

12 countries to go to the sea in May 2022 – beach vacations abroad


So, rest in May: looking for where to go and find out how much it costs. Where to relax during the May holidays? We tell you and you plan!

12 countries where to go to the sea in May 2022 - beach holidays abroad

May means May holidays, and, accordingly, the right period for another trip to summer. Of course, a vacation at the sea in May in Russia can hardly be called a beach holiday, and therefore the resorts where you can go to relax and bathe, are located only in airplane accessibility.

How do we rest in May 2022: from April 30 to May 3 and from 7 to 10. Where can I fly to? To plus or minus 10 beach countries. In this article, we tell you about all where it’s warm and you can swim in May, and we mention the new rules of entry.

Where to go to the sea with children in September 2022


It is not necessary to explain that the beach vacation in May is a popular venture, and therefore you should buy a tour or airline tickets in advance. To explore all the possible offers from tour operators and compare prices for trips, look at:

These are our faithful helpers in organizing budget travel Equally as the 10 rules for buying a good tour.

If you are going on your own – to the UAE, for example, or Egypt – look for airline tickets on Aviasales, where you can pay with a Russian card. Hotels abroad are easier to look for on Ostrovka – again, because of the possibility to pay by Russian card.

Where to have a rest at the sea in May?

Tel Aviv, Israel

Where to spend a beach holiday in May 2022, so that a) the country welcomed tourists, b) not a long flight, c) to swim, and d) to change the shade of skin to gold?

To choose from – open close countries and their requirements for tourists : (adjusted for the mass closure of air travel in February 2022)

  • Turkey – certificate or test; direct flights from Russia
  • Egypt – certificate or test; direct flights
  • UAE – certificate or test; direct flights
  • Georgia – certificate or double test; connecting flights
  • Cyprus – certificate or double test; transfer only
  • Greece – Schengen free; transfer flight
  • Tunisia – certificate or test; transfer only
  • Croatia – certificate or test; transfer only
  • Bulgaria – free Schengen entry; connecting flight

Clearly, the holidays are short, and it takes a long time to get there – more of an option for a full vacation. Nevertheless, here are the open faraway countries :

  • Maldives – free entry; direct flights
  • Cuba – nothing necessary; but take a connecting flight
  • Mexico – nothing needed; flight through a third country
  • Dominican Republic – nothing necessary; no direct flights
  • Thailand – certificate or test + insurance; transfer flight
  • Vietnam – test; connecting flight

Unfortunately, all the usual thinking about where to go in May at sea is now limited – there are no direct flights to the Caribbean, holidays in May abroad in some European countries are excluded. Plus Tanzania, Indonesia, Spain are still closed. Although if you want you can go to Europe via third countries. You may get to Italy with a psr-test, but you may fly via Turkey or the UAE.


The Fortress in Alanya Beach in Side

For many of our countrymen the answer to the question of where to go in May does not require much deliberation. Of course, Turkey, one of the leaders in the tourism industry in Europe and Asia.

Once we went to Turkey in May, from 10 to 20.

We read before we left that there was still no heat and crowds of people, and swimming, except in the pool, would have to be postponed. That was in practice: a chill in the morning and in the evening (so, that in jeans it is comfortable), FAT in the afternoon (to burn in the sun easily), struggle for food and sun beds on a beach at dinner (that is, people not a little) and daily bathing in the sea (it turns out, +21ºС in scorching heat are very much normal feel:)).

Where to go on vacation for one girl: 8 best places

We stayed in Side, in 4* Z Hotels Side Town. We liked the hotel, a solid 4. And if you want a luxury five, then recommend Acanthus & Kennet Barut Collection, also in Side. Were there in the fall, at the link our review.

About the weather. In May in Turkey it is warmer at the Mediterranean coast: Alanya, Side, Belek, Antalya, Kemer. Outdoors from +20 to +30 (but on average +25ºC), in the water – from +20 in the beginning of the month and up to +23 in the end.


+ warm and you can swim from the middle of May

+ Tours with direct flights from all major cities in Russia.

+ You can come with a psr-test or a certificate.

+ Nothing is required from children under 12 years of age.

+ No visa requirements


– mask regime outside the hotel

– in some hotels the buffet is still “behind the glass

– The desire of certain individuals to cash in on tourists

– Low water temperature, only in the latter days it heats up to +24ºC

About resorts:

  • Tours to Turkey in May – from 35,000 rubles for two for 7 nights if flying from Moscow.


Red Sea in Egypt

It would seem that there is nothing to remember about Egypt. But it is not: charters are again connecting Russian airports and Egyptian resorts. The pandemic has played into the country’s hands: in conditions of monstrously limited choice, where to go to the sea with minimal hassle, without quarantines and with free movement along the route “beach-hotel”, Egypt is now one of the leaders.

May in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh is beautiful – it’s one of the best months of the year . The sea warms from +24 ° C to +26 ° C, and the air reaches +30 ° C – the golden mean between the cooler Turkey and too hot Emirates.

You can also fly to Egypt on your own. And it’s no more difficult than buying a tour: just instead of one site to dig two (with airline tickets and hotels). To help those in doubt, we’ve released detailed material based on personal experience about independent travel after the opening of the borders. Be sure to read it if you get a little nostalgic or inquisitive tachycardia at the mention of Egypt.

  • There are tours to the Red Sea almost everywhere and on any budget – from 60,000 rubles. But in May, of course, will have to shell out – the price tag jumps to 90,000 rubles for a week for two.
Safari Trip Dubai Marina District

We have been to Dubai more than once and wrote a full review of the city on the link

Of the options where to rest in May at sea, the UAE stands out. First of all, because it is abroad, but the flight does not take long (5 hours), and secondly, the temperature there – August Turkey would envy.

Beach holidays in November 2022. Where to rest on the sea

It is better to fly to the Emirates in the first half of May. To be exact, as soon as possible before the hellish baking season that begins in June. You can imagine how the country is fried, if it’s already at the beginning of May in the air +33 ° C and the water +28 ° C.

Where to go? You can choose from skyscrapers Dubai, Sharjah, the capital Abu Dhabi, budget Ras al-Khaimah or a little less hot, but in the backyard – Fujairah.


+ The country is open for tourists.

+ There are tours and inexpensive scheduled flights

+ The sea is a favorite fresh milk

+ Royal dates, kebabs, jeep safaris and other Arabian flavor.


– everyone needs a psr test 48 hours before departure and at Dubai airport upon arrival (but here at least it’s free)

– Weather on the verge of “stay in the hotel until 6 pm”.

– high costs on the spot

– You should bring alcohol with you or buy it in a Duty Free shop.

Useful articles

About resorts.

About other things.

  • Prices for holidays in May 2022 in the UAE – from 65 000 rubles for a one-week tour for two.


Tbilisi, city view

Georgia is the new Europe. In the conditions of Paris, Milan and Barcelona, which are closed for tourists, Tbilisi looks the best place for a short vacation. When you just want to exhale and not plan anything – long walks, good food, maybe a lot to drink.

The desire to go also adds to May: the weather in Georgia is pleasant in terms of temperature. It is +15°C to +23°C in Tbilisi – after ten thousand steps through the city you eat your first in a long time khinkal on the terrace of the cafe, you squint from the sun, and you appreciate the freedom of movement and the presence of Georgian cuisine on this planet. In Batumi it’s +15°C to +27°C – you’re sunbathing by the sea but not swimming, it’s still chilly, you help yourself to survive this situation, ordering real khachapuri in a sadjari style.

In the current world order, you have to prepare a little more diligently for your encounter with Georgia:

  • first, find airfare with a convenient connection – because there are no direct flights from Russia yet; try Aviasales to find transit through Istanbul, Yerevan or Minsk;
  • then book a hotel – the choice is unlimited, and prices are low, as if requested by tourists; here you can use hotel search engine Ostrovok;
  • Well, and the final touches 1) make a psr-test 72 hours before departure (you must present at the border on paper and in English), 2) then on the 3rd day in Georgia to take another test yourself at a local laboratory (from $35); OR, if you are with Sputnik, show the original vaccination document and its translation into English – and that’s it.

View of Protaras from the hill where the church is

Cyprus is the birthplace of the goddess of love Aphrodite. Not surprisingly, tourists fall under the romantic influence of seclusion. Already in May, the sea in Cyprus is warm and comfortable enough, by the end of the day the water gets up to +23 ° C. There are both youth (Ayia Napa), and family-oriented (Paphos) resorts.

Holidays with children at sea in January 2022. Where better to go

Cyprus, as well as Turkey – is a leader in the number of Russian resorts, scattered on the local beaches. And all because almost no visa and adequate price for tours.

Мало информации? Читайте нашу отдельную статью о Кипре в мае >>. The best hotels, a breakdown of resorts and options for what to do – it’s all there.


+ you can fly in with a certificate and not take the tests

+ High level of service, safety, and security.

+ A favorable climate, a lot of sunny days

+ You can swim in the second half of the month

+ free online visa


– 2 tests from unvaccinated tourists

– Overpriced food and alcohol

– You have to rent a car to see the island.

What’s better:

  • The cost of tours for a week – from 50,000 rubles for two.


Rhodes beach Athens, Lycabetus

Our trip in June to Rhodes / In October – to Athens

The famous phrase “Greece has everything!” is absolutely true of its resorts. The country has many excellent places that offer visitors every opportunity for a beach holiday.

But in May… Not every fan of the sun and tan will enjoy the trip. Firstly, the sea: at the beginning of May the temperature is only +19℃, in the end – up to +21℃. Secondly, the life in the resorts: we were in Rhodes in early June, and the island was still “waking up” after the low season – some cafes, restaurants and hotels were just opening. But May is especially comfortable for excursions, it’s a nice +23℃ outside.


+ the country is open to Russian tourists, you can enter with one ptsr test

+ Direct flights to islands and Athens from Moscow and regions

+ Clean sea (but you can’t swim till the end of May)

+ delicious local food (gyros, mezes, salads) and products (cheeses, olives, fruit oil)


– café-restaurants, malls, and museums can ONLY be accessed with a certificate of vaccination

– The need to rent a car to get acquainted with the resort (or excursions)

– often there is a fine pebble beaches

About resorts:

  • Tours to Greece – from 50 000 rubles for 7 nights for two.


Tunis Sousse

Tours in Tunisia in May please tourists with their low cost – for 7 nights you can fly for 25,000 rubles per person.

In the second half of the month there is a real summer on the street. However, only in the south (resort of Djerba) water in the sea in the middle of the month warms up to +21 ° C (which is already faster than in most other countries), and starts beach holiday.

In Sousse, Hammamet, Mahdia, the sea ranges from +17 ° C to +20 ° C. Hardened extremists swim, and everyone else enjoy the warm sun and Moorish exoticism. I really want to see the Sahara Desert, and from the reviews I realized that the best month for this excursion is just May. Tunisia, wait for it!

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