Where to go in September 2022 in Russia – 8 ideas

September in Russia

Crimea, Russia - is it worth to go in September?

Where to go in September in Russia , or holiday just beginning? Best places for a change of scenery and treatment, weather, prices 2022 for tickets and hotels, what to do? Subjective rating from Eurotraveler.ru, taking into account the realities of the current season.

Tourist season of the current year, because of the well-known circumstances promises again quite crumpled. Since Turkey and Egypt seem to be open, but the money to go there are few. Again, everything that happens hints that it would be nice to start saving money.

This is why a large part of Russians have decided not to travel at all (temporarily?). And those, who nevertheless are going to go, gives preference to vacation at the sea in Russia. Or not at sea, but still within the country…

In general, people choose domestic routes .

Because, first of all, approximately knows what can be expected in terms of service and prices. Secondly, it allows not to think much about the question of payment – it is not easy to relax when traveling with a fat pack of bills. And thirdly, it is banal to spend less.

Many would not agree with the last statement. But if you calculate the vacation budget for a “good” Turkey without any unpleasant surprises and compare it with the cost of travel in September somewhere in Russia, the second probably will look better.

Both in terms of price – tours from direct organizers are sometimes very inexpensive – and the amount of experience. The level of hotel service, for obvious reasons, we will not compare …

However, closer to the subject!

Where can you go in Russia in September

At the beginning of the month and later, with or without the sea? But so that vacation turned out to be pleasant.

Remembered above all positive moments. And, perhaps, not only improved mood and perception of reality, but also strengthened health. At least for a while made to forget about problems!

In our rating of the best places we have tried to give an answer.

The resort peninsula blooms with new colors in the fall. This is not because nature begins to paint the leaves with gold – here it’s in no hurry – but simply there are a lot of interesting opportunities.

After all the heat falls substantially, and shallow and tourist rivers. And equally falls down and the cost of tours of the peninsula – “Crimean circumnavigations” are in demand, and in the fall!

By yourself you can also get into the palaces of the South Coast, and climb Ai-Petri without much queue. But whether it is only possible to see in the Crimea – there are actually many more places!

To bathe in the sea it is possible down to last decade of month – it is warmed up to +20-24 degrees. And the sun enough to get a tan! Some days, especially in early September, the atmosphere warms up to +30 and above.

Air tickets cost from 11-12 thousand rubles per person: by route Moscow-Simferopol and back. It is possible to go and by train – in this case will save pair-troy thousand, but will spend on road under 40 hours.

A trip from Moscow to the Crimea by car – it is better actually, rather than rented – will allow to distribute the vacation budget with a large skew towards the entertainment and food component. If will go from 2 holidaymakers and more.

The room for two in the guest house without special claims, but with all critical conveniences inside, instead of on a floor or in a court yard, will turn out to find for 2 – 2.5 “kilo” a day. Almost certainly not on the coast, but also not for 5 km from it.

Within Greater Yalta in the designated range can not settle. But only there – all other resorts of the peninsula in the price plan much more democratic. And then – what prevents you to come and see Yalta for a day?

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Autumn Crimea - September is the best place in Russia

As many have noticed in the reviews, the Sochi sample of this year will not be overcrowded and in August. So even later! And the local weather in early autumn will not be inferior to the Crimean. And most likely it will surpass it with lots of warm days and sea temperature.

So this is not a bad suggestion. But if you take into consideration the decrease of tourist flow and fully functional leisure facilities, it will be even chic. After all there is a lot to see in Sochi! In addition the water parks continue their work, which improves the entertainment karma of the place.

Tickets cost about 12 000 rubles per person. Again, subject to the departure from the capital and return there, too. Travelling by rail will not give the savings that can justify the loss of 30 hours instead of 3.

  • And a trip by car to Sochi, even from Moscow, traditionally remains the most budget way to travel for a company!

Sochi in September has only one serious disadvantage – the cost of accommodation. The price for a night for two is between 3,500 and 4,000 rubles – the lowest limit for a local hotel room. And we tend to think that it is too much!

But in fact you can save money if you stay in Adler, which is nearest to the entertainments and not too far (30 km) from the resort cluster center. It is reasonable, because even the hotels located in a pleasant proximity to the sea are not too expensive!

Not bad, and if we consider the presence of two swimming pools and well-groomed green area, it even looks great offer Villa Valentina. From 20 to 22.5 thousand rubles is a week’s stay for a couple of vacationers. And breakfasts for guests are served here for only 200 rubles per person.

St. Petersburg

Northern Palmira” can be incredibly nice at the dawn of autumn. Nature is already gradually gilding the leaves, the sun quite often gives the townspeople and guests with its attention. And the air is transparent and clear as never before in summer!

Bathing in the Baltic Sea in August was not a popular holiday, let alone the next month. But this circumstance does not spoil Peter in September.

On the contrary, it leaves more time for sightseeing in St. Petersburg. And just take a walk around the city – on a clear day it looks especially beautiful and solemn.


A rich selection of tours of St. Petersburg, near and far suburbs in September at a discount of 10 to 45%. From 750 rubles per person, you do not need a promo code!

St Petersburg, Russia, September

Read more about the usual weather and available entertainment at the link above. And convince ourselves that a trip to Peter in the designated period is not just a sensible – a great idea!

Starting in November 2019 from Moscow to St. Petersburg by car can be reached in just 6-7 hours. Others, using the good quality of the M-11 “Neva” highway, with obvious violations of the traffic rules reach even faster. Or not – the rules were invented for a reason…

Hotel prices? During the “Velvet season” they rarely look so humble.

But if you know where to look, then good options will fall into your hands. A large, but relatively inexpensive hotel Sputnik near the metro Ploshchad Muzhestva is one of them.

Note that in early fall, navigation on the rivers and lakes still continues. And if you want you can go from St. Petersburg on a cruise on Lake Ladoga and even the White Sea. For example, to see the Valaam Archipelago and visit the legendary Solovetsky Islands.


The Russian enclave on the Baltic is rapidly gaining popularity as a tourist destination. So much so, that it should be recognized as the most promising of the available ones.

TOP 9: The most interesting places to travel - 2022

The city has definitely improved in recent years. The number of interesting places in the Kaliningrad region is gradually growing.

Equally popular are local seaside resorts – to see Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk, even in September, many tend to come here!

However, not many people will enjoy swimming here at that time! Because since mid-August the water gets up to +18-20 degrees. And it is – at best!

But the weather conditions in September in Kaliningrad beckon for an active pastime. Fortunately there are enough activities for 6-7 days in the former Koenigsberg and its surrounding areas. Yes, and a variety of inexpensive tours today is such that you will not be bored – exactly!

You can take up the job yourself and personally develop a route. But not necessarily – most organized tours in Kaliningrad provides a tour of all the major attractions in 5 days. By the way, for a very reasonable amount of money.

Air tickets with luggage are about 10 000 RUB per person. To rent an apartment or a hotel room is realistic with a total of 2,000 “ree” per day.


Actively struggling with Pyatigorsk for the title of the main resort of the Caucasian Mineral Waters city in September is especially in demand. Mainly because the temperature is a little inferior to the summer (+18-24), and the likelihood of precipitation is seriously reduced.

And the rains are not so much on the nerves. Allowing to walk, breathe in healing atmosphere and get charged with narsan practically every day.

What is there – the local climate is such that Kislovodsk should be recognized as the best place in Russia, where you should go in September for the treatment. However and not only him – to strengthen health and to be charged with new impressions at this time also will turn out!

Moreover, you don’t have to overpay for it either. After all, one way airfare can be purchased, for example, only for 3.6-4 thousand rubles. And hotels prices go down, though unwillingly.

However, we still recommend considering traveling by car. Especially since in the fall traffic jams on the M4 “Don” freeway are if not exhausted, then greatly reduced.

Golden Ring

Theoretically for a resident of the capital this is a “weekend destination”. After all, to get out to see Vladimir and neighboring Suzdal, a Saturday and Sunday will be enough. But if you intend to see not only one or two cities, and have time to do more, better to set aside at least a week for the trip.

Then you can visit Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Kostroma.

Slowly, with pleasure consider the monasteries and churches, the preserved kremlins. If you have time, it is also worth visiting charming provincial towns like Murom or Gus-Khrustalny.

Someone will dare to take a cruise on the Volga. Why not – the demand at this period goes down and the ships are not overcrowded with tourists!

It is absolutely reasonable to plan the route by yourself and drive along the Volga Delta Ring by car. Not wishing to be overworked on the road citizens can also buy a bus tour. They are not too expensive today!

Mountain Altai

But this trip can already be classified as a long-distance. Especially for Muscovites and residents of St. Petersburg. Residents of Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk, on the contrary, it is more convenient to go to rest not in the European part of Russia, but, for example, in the UNESCO-protected Golden Mountains of Altai. Territorially – much closer!

There is no sea, however, and is not expected. But there are such beauties that you may neglect beach: there are plenty of interesting places in Altai.

But bathing in Katun is not an option, because of ice water in the mountain river. And not many will risk to take a dip in Teletskoye Lake, it is too cold.

Where to go on vacation without a passport

By the way not everyone is eager to have a rest in Belokurikha. Because firstly it is not cheap. And secondly Altai is too beautiful to have sense to stay on one place.

Where to go in Russia in September - Altai - one of the best places

But you can gain impressions from those who were on Altai… It is closed territory, there are literally virgin nature corners, and if you want you can test the limit of your possibilities to do walking and climbing.

And we are disappointed: the flight to Gorno-Altaisk costs from 15-16 thousands in Russian currency.

For full acquaintance with edge it is better to move on it by motor transport of high cross-country ability and with skilled guides. That is not cheap – just sightseeing tours without taking into account flights will cost 70 + thousand per person.

By the way, note that in August 2020 on the Ukok Plateau, which is located in the south of the Altai Republic, there were even recorded cases of plague. Some of the locals ate uncooked marmots…

What to consider

The incidence of coronavirus in Russia in the fall of 2022 may well be on the rise. Although the rate, given last year’s realities, is unlikely to be such that restrictions will be necessary.

At any rate, it is worth hoping for!

Note that a year earlier the summer vacation of Russians to the seaside resorts of Krasnodar and the Crimea had provoked an increase in the incidence of disease in these regions. But it couldn’t be called catastrophic until mid-late November.

And, nevertheless, autumn is a time when viral diseases traditionally feel much cozier than in summer. The immune system, nourished by summer sun and vitamins, is slowly going down.

Therefore, there is no reason to take lightly the observance of simple anti-epidemic rules. For example, in terms of compliance with a relatively safe distance from other people.

Where to relax in September

A wise man indeed, who takes a vacation in September. Resting in the first month of autumn, you can not think about the surrounding crowd of tourists, which by this time had already dispersed to their native cities and sits at work. Another positive point of relaxation in September is the opportunity to rent inexpensive accommodation: by the fall prices are falling. So, let’s see where you can rest in September inexpensively.

Krasnodar region

In September it’s quite dry (except for the water in the Black Sea), and it’s too early to talk about autumn, although the calendar tells us that September is autumnal month. The water in the Black Sea will be warm until the end of the month, and a nice addition to this will be the fruit abundance in the baskets of local sellers. At the same time in September at the Black Sea coast not so hot as in summer, and it is likely that you will find comfortable temperatures from +24 to +26 °С. The rains at this time are possible, but usually they are short-lived.

Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik and Tuapse are suitable for a vacation by the sea in September. The main activity – is, of course, to lie on the beach and do nothing – in fact, for the sake of this we work all year long. You can ride a yacht or go on excursions, the benefit in the southern resorts of Russia is enough interesting places, especially in the mountains. If you take your children with you in September, you will provide them with a double portion of pleasure: not only do they miss school, but there are also attractions, aquariums and dolphinariums for them.

Where to stay:

Warm beach sand is ready to imprint your footprints not only in the Krasnodar region, but also in the Crimea. In September in the peninsula there is truly beneficial weather: 22-24 ° C in the daytime and the water gets up to +23 ° C. It is the warmest in the south of the Crimea: in Alushta, Yalta, Alupka and Foros. By early autumn the sun softens its summer ardor, so you can stay on the beach longer. Nearby you can always find a water park, dolphinarium or a zoo. Allure mystery Crimean caves, beautiful ancient palaces and temples. Whatever Crimean resort you have chosen, not only beaches, but also wonderful natural landscapes.

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If you come to the Crimea to vacation in September, you can try just picked fruit: watermelons, grapes, plums, apples, peaches. You can go to the wineries – we do not need to explain why.

There are places in the Crimea, which attract at any time and in any weather. For example, the fantastic Ai-Petri Mountain, which can be reached by cable car. Or museums and monuments of heroic Sevastopol. There is also a beautiful zoo in Yalta and other Crimean wonders.

Where to go:

Azov coast

The most popular destinations are always worthy alternatives. If you don’t want to go to the Black Sea, you can go to the Azov Sea. Rest here in the fall is not as popular, but a little freer.

The main advantage of the Azov Sea is that it is shallow. In autumn the water cools quickly, but in early September you will still have time to catch the right moments for swimming. If you go here, it’s better in the first half of the month. In September on the Azov coast the daytime temperature is about +24 ° C, the water warms up to +22 ° C. During the month there are temperature fluctuations, but mostly sunshine.

Main holiday destination on the Azov Sea is Yeisk. There is a good infrastructure and not too crowded. As a consequence, you can spend less money on accommodation in September. In addition you get a relative peace and quiet. For walks with children will suit a city park with playgrounds and cafes. Not far from Yeisk there is the Khan lake where you can get mud – of course, therapeutic.

Beaches of Eisk are basically sandy, but there are also pebble sites. If windy weather comes, from the bottom of the Azov Sea silt may rise. Do not be alarmed: this silt is medicinal, and bathing at such times becomes useful.

Where to go:

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Moscow and St. Petersburg

Entrance or front door? Curb or kerb? Chicken or chickens? The right answer depends on which of the two cities you are going to.

In September it gets crowded in Moscow again, because Muscovites return from vacation. Although if you look at it from another angle, the capital is never short of people. In any case, Red Square, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Arbat, Sparrow Hills and other iconic places of the capital are open to your eyes.

Autumn in St. Petersburg is cool and a little frustrating with rain. However, it may rain in St. Petersburg in any month, but it can hardly be considered a serious reason not to go. In the end, you can find shelter from the rain in museums (for example, the Hermitage or the Russian Museum), or in cafes, which abound in Nevsky Prospect and other streets, or in cathedrals – St. Isaac’s or Kazan. The latter will delight you not only with its elegant architecture, but also with free admission.

September is a good time to travel to the St. Petersburg suburbs: Peterhof, Gatchina and Pushkin, where you can walk through the parks and admire the unique palaces and sculptures.

Where to stay:

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The best sights in Moscow and St. Petersburg


The most beautiful lake in the world in September is truly enveloped in autumn: the air temperature during the day stays around +15 ° C. But there is no heat, mosquitoes and other insects have already flown away somewhere, and the surrounding Baikal forests please not only with green color, but also all kinds of shades of yellow. A great option for those who are thinking about where to go in Russia in September.

Where to go to the sea with children in August 2022

For swimming it is already out of season, because rare daredevil would want to dive in +13 ° C – although if you take a dip in the ice-hole at Epiphany, then why not. But mostly, of course, at this time there are boat rides. The center of attraction is Olkhon Island: it rarely rains here and the sun often shines. In Listvyanka village there is a nerpinarium, where you can not only admire the seals, but also buy fish, which are found in the lake, such as omul.

If you take a ride on the Circum-Baikal railroad, you’ll get the most pleasure from the fall views of Baikal. You can also travel by car: this will make it easier for you to see all the most interesting places on Baikal.

Where to stay:


Mysterious mountain canyons, rivers, lakes, waterfalls – the beginning of autumn allows you to relax in Dagestan and enjoy its nature. The summer heat is softening, and the real cold weather is still far away.

In September, you can take a walk along the canyon of the Sulak River, either on foot or by boat. It is one of the most beautiful places in Dagestan, viewing platforms there at every step. For history lovers we recommend the ancient city of Derbent: pay special attention to the city wall and Naryn-Kala fortress.

Of other iconic places in Dagestan we would like to mention the Sarykum sand dune, where “The White Sun of the Desert” was filmed, the mountain village of Gunib with its famous fortress and the ghost village of Gamsutl with abandoned buildings that take one’s breath away.

In the first half of September, the beach season at the Caspian Sea continues: the air warms up to about +27 … +29 ° C during the day. Average temperature of water on holiday in Dagestan in September – about +23 °С. In the beginning of the month the sea is still warmed up to +25 °С, and by the end it cools down to +18 … +20 °С.

Makhachkala, Kaspiysk, Derbent and Izberbash are suitable for a beach holiday in the region. The water in the last of these towns is the cleanest. The beaches in Dagestan are sandy or sandy-shell.

Where to stay:

Other options:


Karelian autumn makes itself known quite quickly. Already in September it is cool here: on average +13 … +15 ° C. However, on some days it may be warm, about +20 °С.

In the middle of the month in Karelia comes the golden autumn: on sunny days the local trees look amazing. It is not yet cold to go on excursions and walks, and mosquitoes and gnats do not bother you anymore.

In autumn in Karelia, you don’t sunbathe or swim: it’s too cool. September is the time for hiking, cycling, and quad biking. In the woods you can pick mushrooms (ceps, aspen mushrooms, red capercaillies, chanterelles) and berries (blueberries, cranberries, blueberries, cranberries). If you are not afraid of cold water, it’s worth rafting on the river Shuya.

The most beautiful autumn locations in Karelia are the Ruskeala Mountain Park, the Paanayarvi National Park and the Marcial Waters resort. If you do not want to go too far away, you can just walk around the forest suburbs of Petrozavodsk.

In September are also popular places near Lake Ladoga – like Sortavala with its Northern Art Nouveau architecture and the eco-park “Valley of Waterfalls” near Lahdenpohja. Prices of entrance tickets to the park – 300 rubles for adults, 250 rubles for children 7-16 years old.

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