Where to go on holiday with children abroad in 2022 – 20 ideas

Where to go on vacation at sea with a child in 2022?


Parents and grandparents take note! Beach vacations with children: the best sea, interesting excursions and activities, cost.

Where to go on vacation to the sea with my child in 2022?

To organize a vacation with a child at sea is quite a quest. Can I immediately name a resort, where it is a short flight, but not too hot, the water is warm and no waves, the beaches are sandy with a smooth entrance and the airport is close?

To get your headache from the beginning (still have to choose a hotel), we have made for you a selection of excellent places to go on a vacation at sea with children, depending on the time of year.

By the way, it is more convenient to go on a family vacation in a tour. We advise to look for bargain prices on online services with the largest database of proposals from reliable tour operators:

Tip: Don’t forget to use filters and tick such items as: children’s entertainment, children’s menu, etc.


Holidays with children abroad without a visa

Not to mention every time, here is a list of countries where you can go on vacation with a child at sea without a visa. Topical for 2022.

These are open to Russian tourists, and can be taken by tour or on your own:

Still closed to tourists, no direct flights or difficult to get to:

  • Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia (Bali)
  • Israel, Jordan

You can get a tourist visa on arrival at the airport by getting an electronic permit in advance in Goa and Sri Lanka – but they are also not receiving tourists yet.

Please note: If the child is going abroad without parents – with grandparents, sisters, godparents – you must issue a consent to travel from mom or dad.

Holidays with children in Montenegro

Where to go in the summer with children?

In summer it is somehow not accepted to fly with a child to the sea away (unlike in winter), and why, when the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea “by the side”. So we look at European countries + Turkey and Tunisia. But you can also rest with children in Vietnam (Nha Trang and Hoi An) and Bali.

Beach holidays with children at sea

Beach holidays with children in the summer is the easiest to arrange: the holiday season opens in all European countries.

Where can vacation with the family in June, July and August? Tops the rating of popular resorts of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Turkey .

Holidays with children in Side Hotel area in Side

This is above all a perfect example of a comfortable holiday with children with “all inclusive” and a rich animation. But, admittedly, only for June. The climate in Turkey in summer is not so mild – in July and August there is an unbearable heat. This is confirmed by the reviews of tourists. Few people listen to them – the warm sea is decisive. What else do you need to know when traveling to Turkey with a child?

Perhaps, Alanya and Side are the most popular places for vacations with children: reasonably priced and with sandy beaches. However, to get to the airport is a bit far – about 150 km, but the road is flat and takes about 3 hours. Another choice – Kemer or Marmaris (Aegean Sea).

Развлечения для всех: Лучшие аквапарки Турции >>

How much is it? Turkey is one of the few countries where you can organize a children’s vacation inexpensively – from 60,000 rubles for 2 adults and a child for a week.


Simi Island Greece

Excursion from Rhodes to the island of Symi

Greece is very diverse in terms of excursions, but suffers in terms of all inclusive. The question of choice does not depend on the area (there are beaches suitable for recreation with children everywhere in Greece), but on the hotel, which would be adapted for recreation with children. In the second half of summer the country reaches maximum temperature, but because of the winds the heat is easier to endure than, for example, in Turkey.

Разбираем подробно: Отдых с детьми в Греции >>

Where to? Crete and Rhodes, Corfu, Halkidiki

How much does it cost? Prices start at 70,000 rubles for 3 people (1 child) for 7 days. All inclusive – from 85,000 rubles.

Coast of Cyprus

Why do people pay attention to Cyprus? All opportunities to feed, swim and entertain children. And not bore the parents visa issue (done in 1-2 days) A beautiful beach and a gentle sea entrance, a lot of hotels with a focus on recreation for children.

Beach holidays in November 2022. Where to rest on the sea

Where family tourists prefer Ayia Napa, Protaras and Limassol.

How much does it cost? High season tours are sold from 65,000 rubles – 7 nights, child + parents.


The advantages of Bulgaria are as follows: reasonable prices, easy acclimatization for kids, the lack of language barrier. However, the country itself in terms of service, entertainment and infrastructure is lower than the above destinations.

Where? Sunny Beach resort is always crowded, because it is a great place for children, plus a cool water park “Action”. Albena is a “closed” hotel-type town with good beaches. Advice: in Bulgaria, it is better to choose a hotel not lower than 5 stars and the area away from Burgas (there is an oil refinery).

How much is it? From 60,000 rubles for three people.


Spain with children

Head to the left of the central beach in Barcelona – there are fewer people there.

Holidays in Europe in the summer are most popular in Catalonia. Here literally everything is adapted for family tourists, but you have to be careful with the weather – from midsummer comes severe heat.

Where to: The ideal place for children’s vacations is the Costa Dorada, with its fine sand and gentle beaches. Port Aventura’s roof-top amusement park is a wonderful bonus for a child of any age.

How much does it cost? Starting prices for tours – from 75,000 rubles for a week’s vacation with a child. Provided that you have a visa.



View from St. John’s Fortress in Kotor (we climbed there about 40 minutes)

In recent years more and more tourists are attracted by the Adriatic Sea – by the wonderful ecology (pine forests and sea air) and by the quiet atmosphere. We recommend booking tours in July and August, although these are very crowded months – the sea is definitely warm.

Where? The most famous place for a holiday with children is the island of St. Stephen. Advice: And in general, you have to choose a city on the basis of your wishes for the beach – if sand, then behind Budva, in the direction of the open sea, if pebble suits you, then you can consider Boka (but not Kotor).

How much is it? From 70 000 rubles for 7 days for three people.


Croatia is mainly about nature. There are more pebble or even concrete beaches, unsightly service and entertainment is not really there – the sea and the mountains replace everything.

Where to? Istria or Dalmatia.

How much is it? For three people – from 70 000 rubles for 7 nights.


Tunisia with children

It is called “French Africa” with low prices and comfortable coast, though it is too hot here in July and August. For children, a trip in the summer is most favorable in the second half of June to mid-July.

Where? Hammamet has the cleanest sea, great beaches and all conditions for a holiday with a child – of interest amusement park Carthageland. The island of Djerba is also good, but there is nothing to do outside the hotels.

How much does it cost? From 80 000 rubles.

Where to go on holiday in autumn with children?

After the summer school vacations, it is time to travel to parents with children. In September, the flow of tourists decreases significantly and, accordingly, the prices for packages go down. In this case the beach season in October and even in November at the European resorts is just coming to an end, and the weather is perfect for long trips. In autumn you do not have to hide from the heat of summer and you can fully enjoy your vacation at the coast.

Where to go on vacation in the fall with a child? If you have a desire to sunbathe and swim:

  • в Израиле пляжный сезон в разгаре, плюс здесь вы подберете оздоровительные программы. Море позволяет плавать до конца октября — проверено лично нами:) Тур: от 90 000 рублей за троих >>
  • Кипр встретит комфортной погодой для водных процедур и экскурсий Тур: от 65 000 рублей за троих >>
  • для поездки в Турцию даже не обязательно брать разговорник, а пляжный сезон закончится не раньше середины ноября Тур: от 50 000 рублей за троих >>
  • в Греции очень хорошо в сентябре и октябре на Родосе, а вот на Крите лучше успеть отдохнуть до октября Тур: от 55 000 рублей за троих >>
Beach holidays in December 2022. Where to rest on the sea

Do not lag behind in popularity and the UAE, but the flight takes more time.

Where to vacation in winter with a child at sea?

Where can I rest abroad in winter with children to acclimatize easily, and the beach holiday brought only pleasure? When choosing a resort for children, keep in mind: the country’s climate should be mild without high humidity and without a strong difference between day and night temperature, at least in this season the water, if you vacation by the sea, just a few degrees should differ from the daytime air temperature.

Beach holidays with children in winter

Resorts where you can relax in winter with a child are mainly located in Southeast Asia, ie, imply a long flight. Where best organized family vacation, and your kids will not get bored?

  • Индия, в частности Гоа, — место для спокойного отдыха на побережье океана в окружении дикой природы без лишнего шума и суеты. Хорошо подходит для семей с маленькими детьми. Тур: от 75 000 рублей за троих >>
  • В Тайланд, помимо белоснежных пляжей на островах и чистейшей лазурной воды, семьи с детьми привлекают многочисленные парки развлечений и экзотическая фауна. Тур: от 100 000 рублей за троих >>
  • Объединенные Арабские Эмираты — это лучшие в мире аквапарки и супер современный сервис высочайшего уровня, огромный выбор развлечений для детей и родителей. Тур: от 60 000 рублей за троих >>

Ski resorts and sightseeing holidays

Winter is a great time for sightseeing and introducing children to skiing.

  • In winter, if you go in late December or early January in Finland, you can not only take a ride on a Santa Claus sleigh, but also with him for lunch. Lapland will leave a lasting impression on a three-year-old toddler, schoolchildren and their parents.
  • Christmas Prague and Berlin will charm you with their fairy-tale atmosphere.
  • In February Spain will meet comfortable weather for traveling around the country.
  • In the Alpine ski resorts, designed for families, there are specially equipped children’s slopes and clubs, where experienced animators will play with a young child while parents ski.

Holidays with children in the New Year 2022.

Holidays with children on New Year's Eve

And if you decide to take your family out for the winter holidays, where is the best place to go? Rest with children on New Year 2022 most affordable, probably will cost in Turkey, at this time there is very cheap compared with other seasons. But this does not mean that the quality of rest will suffer much, now tell you about the peculiarities of such a trip. Weather at this time of year is mostly sunny and almost no rain, about +20 in the sun. You can catch fish, read on the sun loungers on the beach.

Turkey in winter is not the same as in season – no one bothers with their goods, there is no abundance of tourists and noise. You can visit in a quiet atmosphere wonderful place Side. This ancient Greek city is very liked by children, thanks to its good location, mild climate and an interesting historical component, it has long been a target for many tourists and vacationers.

On the price/quality ratio – Turkey in the New Year is an excellent option. We advise to buy tours for the New Year in advance (we wrote a separate article about the benefits of early booking):

Where to go on vacation with children in the spring?

Holidays with children in the spring of 2022 can be spent on excursion routes and by the warm sea.

Beach vacation at the sea

At the beginning of spring, not all popular resorts are yet ready to take beachgoers, and if you want to travel with children to the warm sea, be prepared for a flight of a few hours.

  • In Thailand, Goa, the wet season has not yet begun, so the vacation will be very comfortable.
  • In March you can safely go to the Arab Emirates (in the spring the rain will not bother you).
  • April is peak season in Hainan.
  • In May and even in the second half of April you can go with children to the Mediterranean coast, as well as the Black Sea at home: in the Crimea or at the resorts of the Krasnodar region.
Where to go to the sea with children in June 2022


Spring vacations is a good time for sightseeing tours of Europe.

  • In sunny Italy, the Czech Republic and Germany for preschoolers you can easily organize trips to places somehow related to their favorite fairy tales.
  • In Spain at this time you can rest economically and see all the sights in small tourist groups, and amusement parks and swimming pools will compensate for the lack of opportunities to swim in the sea.
  • In Cyprus, the beach season begins in May, and in March and April you can explore the historical sites and admire the flamingos in Larnaca.
  • And of course – Paris, with its famous Disneyland.

Where to go on vacation with a child in Russia?

Where to go on vacation with a child in Russia?

The Black Sea will allow you to relax in your home country no worse than abroad. For your pleasure Crimea – Yalta, Evpatoria, Feodosia, and resorts of Krasnodar region: Sochi, Anapa, Adler, Gelendzhik and many others, scattered along the coast.

Rest with children at sea in Russia has its pros and cons.


  • You can get to the place of rest by bus, car or train;
  • You can rent inexpensive accommodation privately;
  • There are no difficulties with medical care under the compulsory health insurance policy;
  • the food is the same as usual, summer is the season for all the southern fruits and berries;
  • there is no language barrier with the staff and tourists.


  • rest in a hotel of European level at a price comparable to Turkey and even Spain;
  • All along the coast in the summer there is a large influx of holiday-makers;
  • The level of domestic service and safety inferior to foreign;
  • In the summer season is not ideal cleanliness of beaches and the sea.

In the Crimea recreation more budget, but to get to the peninsula a little harder.

What is necessary for a vacation with a child abroad?

Rest with children in Turkey (Side)

What should be considered in the first place, choosing a tour to go to the sea with a child?

  • Flight time and the remoteness of the resort from the airport. Ideally, you should choose direct flights or with minimum transfer and short waiting time, hotels, to which the transfer takes less than an hour.
  • Availability of attractions and entertainment complexes nearby, interesting for children of a certain age.
  • All-inclusive holidays with children’s menu, or apart hotels with their own kitchen. Do not be lazy to take a blender for kids 1-2 years.
  • Remoteness from the beach: Immediately exclude hotels that are located more than 500 meters from the sea. For children 3-4 years old a longer distance can be tiring.
  • The beach should be sandy with a smooth entrance to the sea, located in bays sheltered from the wind to avoid waves.
  • Special infrastructure in the hotel: children’s clubs, pools, slides, mini-disco, animators, educational programs. It is better if the children’s pool is located next to the adult pool.
  • Russian-speaking staff at the hotel.

Many people care about the level of security in the country. We do not know, whether it is necessary to study carefully such a list – Turkey there is not in the first place!

Table of seasons on the country for a beach holiday

To help you better navigate, we have prepared for you the table of seasons on the country for a comfortable holiday at the beach.

Travel with children in 2022: Where to go and what to do with them on the plane

Some parents think that a vacation with a baby will be the same as before the baby was born. How could it not! :) The usual routine will have to say goodbye. No longer can you spontaneously take off somewhere else, swim when you want, lying on the beach to exhaustion. And most importantly – first you have to fly! The baby is sure to get tired of running around the airport, the many people around, the unusual surroundings and strange noises on the plane.

In this article we have collected the best places to stay with the youngest, up to 6 years old, as well as with children ages 7 and up to infinity. And we’ve also compiled a lot of flight tips for kids of different ages.


What documents are necessary for traveling with children

When flying in the Russian Federation:

  • Up to 14 years old – original birth certificate
  • The document for a child from the age of 14 years old is his/her passport.
Europe's dirtiest and cleanest cities in 2022

When traveling to other countries:

  • Passport
  • Original birth certificate of the child

If the child travels with one parent, the consent of the other parent is not required.

Where to go with children

There are three top-priority destinations for our clients in 2022 – Russia’s southern regions, Turkey and Cyprus. Of course, you can pick up and other options, but these are 100% proven and really advantageous.

South of Russia.

Many parents travel to the south of Russia with their kids, but this holiday is more targeted at older children, starting from 8-10 years. In Sochi, both boys and girls will sincerely admire the rocky gorges, rumbling waterfalls, tropical forests. Ecologically pure Tuapse region is the best place for health improvement of parents together with their children. Gelendzhik lies on the shores of a rare beauty bay. In Sochi itself, it is worth planning a trip to “Sochi Park”, where you can spend a couple of days riding slides and exploring fascinating locations. And let’s not forget about Krasnaya Polyana: even kids can go skiing and snowboarding there! Equipment to rent on the spot, experienced instructors are ready to help, clean mountain air and stunning views – guaranteed. Prices for airline tickets also please: do not miss the moment!

*Conditions for entry into the COVID-19: PCR-test is not required, you do not need certificates.

2. Turkey

Where to go with children who still can not take care of themselves, and already want to spend time with their loved ones at the resort and do not overpay? Turkey – this is a real salvation. No matter how you look at it, but the resorts of Side, Belek, Antalya are ideal for family holidays in winter and summer. Wherever you stay in Turkey, there is absolutely everything for a comfortable holiday with children, especially pre-school-age – and play areas, and water rides, and animation, and a special menu for children. Proven direction will not let you down!

*Conditions for entry in connection with COVID-19: certificate of vaccination, certificate that you have had COVID-19, or PCR-test (not older than 72 hours).

3. Cyprus

Cyprus is a good alternative to Turkey for holidays with children. There are no significant differences between the resorts. The only difference is the price – the pricing policy of Turkey is more loyal. Find “children’s” hotels in Cyprus, which provide cribs, pots, strollers, children’s pools and rooms for games – no problem. There are water parks open in Cyprus, the Luna Park in downtown Nicosia. One of the most popular places is the Oceanarium, which even has a pavilion with penguins. If you want the sea and warmth, far from Russia, this is a great option.

*Conditions for entry in connection with COVID-19: certificate of vaccination. Unvaccinated: certificate of negative express test (not older than 24 hours) or PCR test (not older than 72 hours). Children under 12 years of age are exempt from testing.

Do you want your flight to go smoothly?

Then you need to prepare. By the way, if you’re still in doubt about whether to take your child on board or not, we’ve compiled some pros of traveling with children:

  • You’ll be let through everywhere without a line.
  • The attention of flight attendants will prioritize you
  • A child under the age of 2 flies free of charge without a separate seat
  • Tickets for a child from 2 to 12 years old are available at a significant discount.

And you can always ask for extra juice or water – supposedly for the baby =)

7 tips from the experts, how to prepare for the flight

  • Let the little traveler pack his own backpack and carry it on board the plane. He’ll love being on his own! Another plus: less lugging for parents.
  • Tell your child the rules of conduct on the flight. To avoid misunderstandings, it is better to know that it is not necessary to jump out of the seat, run around the cabin unaccompanied is dangerous, and disturb the passengers is impolite. And most importantly – no kicking the front seat!
  • Some parents try to tire their infant as much as possible before the flight, so that in the passenger seat he is not active. This is not the best way. It is better to let the child sleep and feed him the usual food before the flight.
  • Do not forget to bring a mini first aid kit with basic medications and adhesive tape just in case.
  • The necessary items for the child is better placed in a separate bag and kept within easy reach.
  • Go to the airport with a temporary supply. The check-in and screening process for the whole family may require more time. But they will surely let you in without a line at the boarding gate!
  • At the airport, you can use the mother and baby room and the playground in the departure lounge for free.
August 2022 holiday in Russia: where to go

10 ways to entertain your baby on the plane

  • Favorite toy. Who better to share the journey than a good friend! You can feed, water and rock him. Just don’t forget to wash his toys after the flight.
  • Drawing kit: notebooks, felt-tip pens, pencils. Develops fine motor skills and imagination, very fun and exciting! It’s better to take a notebook instead of a sketchbook-it takes up less space. Be vigilant, because the little artist can pay attention not only to the notebook, but also to the neighboring chairs.
  • Coloring books that will keep your child occupied for a while. Albums with stickers are also great.
  • Books. This can be a favorite book with which it is best to fall asleep, or a new exciting story. Another option is a children’s book about airplanes or the place you’re headed to. Myths of Ancient Greece go down well with some young readers!
  • Developmental books. Albums with tasks, logic games – a great way to pass the time on the flight and learn something new at the same time.
  • Small figurines for finger games. They’re practically weightless, but your child will surely love playing on board!
  • Fingerplays. There are compact card games on sale that are easy to throw in your luggage to have contests on board later.

If you have nothing with you, you can always study the in-flight magazine or a scheme of how to behave in an emergency. It’s fun for the kid, and good for you!

  • A light snack. It’s a must, even if the plan is to sit in a cafe before the flight. Not liquid and not friable will do. Snacks, cookies, crackers, dried fruit, healthy sweets. For the sake of peace of mind, you can even allow yourself to eat something unhealthy like chocolate bars, jelly beans, or chips once. May good memories of the flight be left behind!
  • Audio tales. Headphones in your ears – and professional speakers will take care of everything. By the way, you can pump into your gadgets children’s stories from Soviet records: mini-performances with the best actors in the country!
  • Cartoons and games in gadgets. This is for emergencies. No need to accustom the baby to lingering in the screen, but if the situation is critical, you can make concessions!

What else to occupy the baby on the plane

  • Surely the baby is interested in every detail of the iron bird inside which he found himself! You can take your baby around the cabin, tell him about the rules in flight, introduce him to the flight attendants.
  • Take your baby to meet other little passengers. If there are other children in the cabin, they will have more fun together.
  • Give them a camera and ask them to make a report about the flight. Only without molesting the other passengers. Will a friend grow up to be a successful blogger?
  • Do not forget to exercise. To stretch, do simple exercises, walk around the cabin is not superfluous.
  • Young explorers of older age can be offered a quest with the ability to put a check mark on the list of completed tasks. For example:

Count all the passengers.

Ask the stewardess for a glass of water

Learn to fasten your seat belt.

Count the pictures of the plane in the in-flight magazine

Find all green items on the plane.

The reward is a small souvenir prepared in advance. The best way to reward yourself is to have a flight attendant hand it to you after the flight.

Congratulations, you are now ready and the flight with your little traveler can be a real fun adventure!

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