Where to go to the sea in September 2022. Where inexpensive and warm

Where to go on vacation in September 2022

A vacation in Russia in September has a number of resort “pluses”: comfortable weather, perfect for vacationers who can hardly tolerate aggressive ultraviolet; reduced prices for accommodation with a variety of choices; absence of queues, hustle and traffic jams. Yes, the cost of tickets after the summer season falls by 20-30%. Moreover, if you choose a seaside destination, the water is cleared and stops blooming by this time. And it is in early fall that the true fruit paradise comes to the south.

We’ve chosen the best places to go on vacation in September 2022, and picked up options that will be inexpensive, while the vacation will be full of impressions.

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The best itineraries to the artisan capitals

Did you know that in Vologda not only women but also men weaved lace? And to check the quality of an Orenburg shawl you had to put it through a ring? Folk arts and crafts are widespread in Russia, and many of them still exist today. You can learn about the handicrafts of different regions, traditions and businesses that preserve the heritage of ancestors in a new multimedia project “KP”.

Southern Urals motor rally: how we baked bread and spent the night at the foot of the mountains

“Komsomolskaya” went on a traditional motor rally to visit tourist places in the Southern Urals. This time we took two days, visited forests and lakes, and spent nights at the foot of the mountains! We visited health centers, recreation centers and sanatorium, ate with farm products. We could not do without outdoor activities – we went wakeboarding, had a swim in the lake Turgoyak, and then sat on massage chairs on the beach. Read how to have a cool vacation in the Chelyabinsk region and what places to visit.

Vacation at sea

Black Sea

Sandy and pebbly beaches. Water parks, dolphinariums, palaces and walks on yachts. Rest on the Black Sea is the most popular in the country. Krasnodar and Crimean resorts offer everything for a great vacation with kids, recreation and options “all inclusive”. Choose your place in the southern sun.

Azov Sea

Warm water in May, shallow, flat flat bottom and going over the horizon sandy beaches. This is why families with small children, nature lovers and enthusiasts of active recreation love Azov resorts: the sea of Azov is the center of kite- and windsurfing in Russia, blown from all sides by steppe winds.

Baltic Sea

It is cool, but very romantic. Holidays at the Baltic Sea – it’s wide beaches, comfortable hotels in resort towns and diversified resorts. Here is the easiest to acclimatize, and the air even in hot weather is clean and fresh.

Caspian Sea

A fisherman’s paradise. A dream for romantics. A paradise for families with children. Here everyone will find something to his/her liking. You can come to rest from the Astrakhan region, colorful Dagestan or Buddhist Kalmykia. Each time it will be a new discovery and adventure.

Popular seaside resorts











Top 5 inexpensive September vacation destinations

Altai: See the blue eyes of the Katun river

You will say at once: we’ve found a cheap destination, too! Indeed, Altai is not a cheap trip, but it’s only if you go in summer. But in autumn almost all air carriers cut air tickets prices. Hotels are getting cheaper, and you can get a 10 percent discount on tours. At the same time Altai is steeper in the fall than in summer. For example, the water level of the Katun river lowers and the “blue eyes” – so they call the lakes near the village of Askat. Teletskoe lake as if dressed in a frame of flaming autumn – pure magic and beauty. But navigation is not closed yet and you can take a trip on retro steam-ship “Pioneer of Altai” and admire Forty Sins waterfalls. Fishing season is in full swing here. Up to the end of September rafting is in full swing, but excursions are not so crowded any more.

Blue lakes of Katun open in autumn, in warm season they are hidden by flooded river. Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

In autumn you can take stunning pictures of the Uchar waterfall: it is not as full as in summer, but opens its bizarre ledges.

Do not spare time and go to the island of Patmos with the rock of the Virgin Mary. There is also a working church of St. John the Evangelist with myrrh-streaming icons. At the end, admire the view of the turquoise Katun from the mountains.


Air ticket “Moscow – Barnaul – from 14000 rubles. “Moscow – Gorno-Altaisk”. – from 11000 rub.
Hotel room in Gorno-Altaisk From 3000 rubles per day

The Heart of Siberia: a journey you’ll never forget

Krasnoyarsk Region is a true paradise for tourists. There is gold mining and permafrost museum. Local farmers grow tomatoes weighing more than 2 kg, and restaurants treat you to venison and pine nut porridge. You will see mountains, waterfalls, untouched nature of the Far North and climb the longest stairs in the country. Find out what else interesting awaits tourists in Krasnoyarsk region.

Pereslavl-Zalessky: eat royal fish and make a wish on the Blue Stone

If you decide to go on vacation in September 2022 in the cities of the Golden Ring, we advise to look at Pereslavl-Zalessky. Once it was to be the capital of ancient Russia, and all capital’s machinations are preserved. The perimeter of walls of the local Kremlin is three times larger than in Moscow. Wherever you step – there are ancient temples and monasteries, old estates and museums, devoted to teapots, irons, money, steam engines, old sewing machines and fairy tales. If you can’t get enough of them, there’s also a whole museum of vendace fish. And not far from the ancient settlement Kleshchina, on the shore of Lake Pleshcheyevo, you can find the Blue Stone, which the Slavs used in pagan rituals. The tradition has remained intact: you should make a wish while sitting on it, and they say it will come true for sure.

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The snow-white Nikitsky Monastery is one of the most recognizable symbols of Pereslavl-Zalessky. Photo: globallookpress.com


Moscow – Pereslavl-Zalessky bus ticket 920 rubles.
Hotel room From 2300 rubles per night

Where to walk from one part of the world to another

In the Orenburg region there are two parts of the world – Europe and Asia, and it is also a land of sandy steppes, mountain peaks and salty lakes. Here, jasper is mined, the famous Orenburg shawls are knitted, and sweet watermelons are grown. Yuri Gagarin learned to fly here, Vladimir Vysotsky grew up here, and in one of the villages Viktor Chernomyrdin was born. Here is a detailed guide to rest in the Orenburg region.

Sestroretsk: on a jazz festival

From St. Petersburg to Sestroretsk just an hour’s drive, and here you are already at a real resort. It’s a little cold to swim here in September, but enjoy the warmth of the sandy beach “Dunes”, the pine forest, the Baltic air and the lyricism of the jazz festival. The very mood of “autumn” and recreation is quite inexpensive.

Festival “Big jam” is the longest jazz open air in the world, which enjoys the presence of many masters of the genre. It lasts two weekends and is held in mid-September. The venue – “Petrovsky Arsenal” – is an interesting space in terms of culture and history.

The Big Jam festival is the longest jazz open air in the world. Photo: Denis SIDORKOV, vk.com/thebigjam

Here, in Sestroretsk, you can also see the spill: the connection of two bodies of water – the Gulf of Finland and the reservoir. The bay is famous for the fact that on its southeastern shore has remained Lenin’s “hut”. There the leader of world proletariat hid from ill-wishers. Nowadays the “hut” functions as a museum and a historical monument.


Sestroretsk – Sankt-Petersburg” train 72 rubles.
Hotel room From 2500 rubles per day.

How did psaltery and Yoshkin cat appeared in Mari El?

Why do people in Mari El love Ostap Bender and how did the Yoshkin cat appear there? What is the famous merchant town Kozmodemyansk all of Russia, what masterpieces will surprise “Little Tretyakovka on the Volga” and what is the secret of the Mari harp? They will tell you about it in the republic, which has become a popular tourist destination today. Go on a trip to Mari El to enjoy the unique nature, original culture and hospitality of the Mari people.

Anapa: movie stars and healing sand

If your soul demands the sea and beauty, but you still want to save money on vacation, then take a ticket to Anapa. From September the cost of the hotel falls by a third, and the medical beach in the city center is no longer full of holidaymakers. Here you will be inexpensively “wrapped up” in medicinal algae: stump, cystochire, ulva and kelp, they are useful for skin and metabolism.

Beach recreation in Anapa in early autumn is especially good. Photo: pexels.com

And in the evening, why not become a guest of the festival “Kinoshock”. The event is held annually in mid-September, it brings together filmmakers from all CIS countries. For more than a week famous actors, directors, producers, screenwriters spend time in the city: can you imagine the atmosphere? At the same time, the film premieres themselves will be shown in the center, right on Theater Square. Add some sweetness to your vacation mojito and a film walk: take a trip to the cape, where the scene of “The Diamond Hand” was filmed.


Moscow – Anapa” air ticket. From 10000 rubles.
Hotel room From 2400 rubles per day

How to buy a single ticket to the Caucasus and Crimea

Are you going on vacation to the sea, the mountains or planning to hit the Kuzbass in winter? You may benefit from purchasing a unified travel card for these trips. It’s valid for flights and buses, or trains and buses at the same time. Learn where you can go on vacation with a single ticket, and how to buy it.

Crimea: for a week to the second, don’t look for it… I’m on a wine tour

The beginning of autumn is the right time to go on vacation to the Crimea, and in September 2022 we suggest not to admire the palaces, but to go to a tasting of young wine. The choice is luxurious, thanks to the Crimean gods. The winery “Golden Balka”, plants “Inkerman” and “Massandra”, a network of small, but ambitious biodynamic wineries on the South Coast.

No wine tour is complete without an excursion to the Crimean vineyards. Photo: pixabay.com.

You can buy a tour “The Road of Crimean wineries” for 37 thousand rubles with a visit to cheese factories and the cave town of Eski-Kermen, or you can write your own route. The more so that most wineries have the opportunity to buy a tasting tour on the spot. Add as an aperitif languid September nature of the Crimea, so that then at the airport to realize: This is exactly the vacation I needed!

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Airfare Moscow-Simferopol From 13000 rubles.
Hotel room in Yalta From 2700 rubles per day

Sanatorium “Gold Coast


Sanatorium “Gold Coast” in Evpatoria is ideal for recreation and comprehensive health for families with children. The resort is located on the beach, has its own park area, beach and swimming pool. This is a modern technological sanatorium with the necessary advanced equipment and experienced professionals. Here you can consult with health workers and choose for yourself the necessary program of rehabilitation for 10, 14 and 18 days, taking into account all the individual characteristics of your body.

Where to go at the beginning of the month

In early autumn, even the most pragmatic vacationers want warm romance and beauty. But if they have already seen the mountains and the sea, then, for example, the powerful Belaya River or the Crimson Mountain in Bashkortostan – hardly. And the latter is very similar to the famous Norwegian “troll’s tongue”, and by its height – 1152 meters. Wrinkled texture of rocks, majestic views – beauty!

The landscapes of Eagle Rocks are the calling card of Bashkortostan. Photo: aigir.com

The village of Aigir is very close to here. It stands at the intersection of two rivers – Maly Inzer and Aizirka, and it seems that people can’t fit in such a five-kilometer space, but they have been living for centuries. Climb up the Blueberry Mountain, there really are plenty of blueberries growing there. You can even spend the night on one of the slopes. It is believed that this place is energetically powerful and if you do not know the answer to your question, the night near Eagle Rocks will give you the answer. It will simply come to you in a dream. Not to mention that every year the very real South American Indians come here to listen to the spirits.

Ask the locals to show you the glades near Aigir as well. On the farthest of them are the remains of three kilns that were used to kiln the trees in the old days. It’s unusual and beautiful. How to open an old manuscript.


Moscow – Ufa” air ticket From 8500 rubles.
Train “Ufa – Inzer”, then “Inzer – Beloretsk” to Aigir station 584 rubles.
Hotel room in Ufa From 3100 rubles per night

Where to go at the end of the month

Perhaps, mountains are never so captivating as in early spring and autumn, so if you haven’t been to North Ossetia, then the second half of September is the right time to go. Warm air caresses your hair, and “singing” mountains, full-flowing Midagrabinsk waterfalls and a whole scattering of springs can be seen in all their glory.

At this time the probability of mudflows is low. Do not be lazy to drive to the “city of the dead” Dargavs and do not spare time to leisurely explore the entire necropolis, a truly powerful place.

More than 30 architectural monuments – combat and residential towers, crypts and other cultural monuments – have been recorded in the Ossetian village of Tsimiti. Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

From Vladikavkaz you can also rush in the direction of the village Dzvigis. There, on the bank of the river Fiagdon, stands a secret fortress to the pagan patron saint of men, Uastyrdzhi. The complex is over a thousand years old, but the place is still so energetically powerful, and in winter it is not even covered with snow.

Psst, man, how about an Ossetian spa? End your trip with a swim in a natural swimming pool with warm mineral water, for sure.

And, of course, only in Ossetia you will try real pies: it’s so delicious that it’s mind-blowing!


Moscow – Vladikavkaz” Air Ticket From 3500 rubles.
Tour “Along the roads of Ossetia”. From 6,500 rubles
Hotel room in Vladikavkaz From 2500 rubles per day.

How do “Swallows” make, what do the Azov Mountains and Nevyansk caves hide?

The iKumena expedition set off to explore the mysteries of the Urals, the country’s main mining region. Its participants were able to walk in the footsteps of “iron caravans”, learn how the mining and metallurgical empire was founded and reached its peak, look at its descendants, modern metallurgical enterprises. And, of course, to touch the secrets of this region: the gold of Pugachev, the legend of Nevyansk dungeons…

Rest with children

If you want to go on vacation in August 2022 with a child, but so that his health/entertaining, and about themselves, my dear, do not forget, go to Gelendzhik. At resorts and baths resort started selling family admission tickets and spa programs, which will save 15-20% of the budget. The mild climate and clean air is highly recommended for allergic children. A trip to the local cable car, a tour to the dolmens and the largest “Safari Park” on the coast will leave a lot of impressions for your child. And more about emotions: here started the park “Roman Empire”, where a child can for a few hours to plunge into the times of Julius Caesar. Scenery, actors, costumes, script – all the show is designed not just to entertain young spectators, but also to help them learn a lot about the customs and manners of the ancient Romans.

Family vacation in Gelendzhik in September will be beneficial. Photo: pixabay.com

An undeniable plus of Gelendzhik is a huge choice of accommodation not only at the resort itself, but also in the nearby towns: Divnomorskoye, Arkhipo-Osipovka, Kabardinka. Stay here will be inexpensive, the cost of hotel rooms is lower, which for family vacationers, you must agree, a big advantage.

Holidays at sea in June 2022. Where can I go? Where inexpensive?

Beach recreation in September: where to go for a vacation at the sea

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aleks, forum.awd.ru

Top 7 best resorts on the Black Sea, where the beach vacation in September 2022 will be the most comfortable and inexpensive. Find out where the sea is warmest in September and how to have a fun vacation in early fall. You can book proven accommodation at low prices with free cancellations for September on TVIL.RU.

Four resorts on the Black Sea for a beach holiday in September 2022



Lazarevskoe is a popular place for beach holidays, so there is a well-developed infrastructure. There is an abundance of cafes, restaurants, dance floors and mass entertainment for children – water parks. The promenade is landscaped. Of course, the resort village is not as cool as, for example, Sochi, but it is not required. Since Sochi has a lot of vacationers even in September – the velvet season is in full swing, Lazarevskoe is one of those resorts where beach vacation in September brings considerable pleasure.

The average temperature of the sea according to the information that Rosgidrometcenter collected over the past two years in September balances at +24.9. Agree, it’s a very comfortable temperature for the water. On cloudy days the temperature drops to +21 degrees, and the maximum recorded by Russian meteorologists is +27.

On TVIL. RU you can find inexpensive accommodation for a beach holiday in September 2022. At the hotel “Alpinist. Which is called almost as in the novel by Strugatsky, you can remove the standard room with two beds for two adults and a child for 1200 rubles a day. It is 800 meters to the sea and the beach. That is, by mid-September, you can rent an apartment even cheaper.

You can also stop for a holiday in more expensive accommodation – the guest house “Ambassador” for 2450 rubles per day. You can stay in a spacious room with access to the swimming pool. The owners offer three meals a day for an extra fee. In general, the maximum cost of housing to rent at the time of a beach holiday at the sea in Lazarevskoe does not rise above 5,500 rubles. Of course, there are options and more expensive, but they apply to houses and cottages that can be rented.

It is worth going to Lazarevskoye in September because you will have a clean sea for the time of a beach holiday there. In addition, there is a clean beach. Yes, it is covered with pebbles, which only positively affects the cleanliness of the coastline – on pebbly beaches is easier to clean up trash. This is often done by tourists. The surroundings of the village are picturesque for recreation, there are places to go for a walk outside the village. The most popular excursions in September, as well as in summer, are on horseback. Two-hour horse walk through the local mountains costs from 1500 rubles. Actively in September tourists in Lazarevskoye scuba dive. Diving for one adult for 30 minutes costs 2000 rubles and more. Excursion on waterfalls and gorges Lazarevsky costs for 6 people for 4 hours costs 9600 rubles.

  • How to get there: fly to Sochi in September, the flight lasts 2 hours 15 minutes, the ticket costs from 1794 rubles. From the airport come to Sochi by minibus № 58, and from there to Lazarevsky by minibus № 77.


fj, story.foto-tula.ru

Photo: fj, story.foto-tula

Sea in Divnomorskoye is considered a model for recreation because of its purity and transparency. There are other advantages of this resort village. Nearby is Gelendzhik, which means that if you want to spend time, such as in a steakhouse, to visit a restaurant, and there are many in Gelendzhik, for this suffices to travel by shuttle bus 30 minutes. At the same time in Divnomorskoye in September, especially in the second half, quiet and thin, which means you will not find hundreds of people on the beaches and can enjoy an unhurried, velvet season. Perfect for a beach vacation in September 2022.

According to the service Roshydrometcenter, the water in September ranges from +24 to +26 degrees. It is worth considering that there may be rises of cold water layers from the depths due to winds, but it is rare.

Housing in Divnomorsk is more expensive than in Lazarevskoe. Although our article is not devoted to budget rest, still say that you can live inexpensively at the resort, especially in September, when prices for housing will decrease. So you can stay in a decent hostel Hostel DOM for 700 rubles per day. The general kitchen, there is a dining room and stores nearby.

For 3150 rubles in September you can stay in the guest house “Legend”. To go 10 minutes to the seafront and the beach. From the rooms of the guest house stunning views of the sea and coastal mountains. Rooms are standard, with double beds for 2, 3 and 4 guests. The guest house has a dining room, you can eat there for an extra fee.

If we talk about excursions and such partly active recreation in September, in Divnomorskoye incredibly popular jeeping, its less extreme form – trips on quad bikes in the mountains-forests-seas – and boat trips. So the trip in a jeep to Pshadskie waterfalls costs 1600 rubles, a sightseeing tour on quad bikes to the lake Tserkernoye – 2500 rubles. You can rent a yacht for rest for 5000 rubles per hour.

  • How to get there: from Moscow to Krasnodar by plane in 3 hours, the ticket costs from 1880 rubles. From Krasnodar to Divnomorskoye there is a bus “Rostov-on-Don – Gelendzhik” which costs from 1430 rubles.
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Divnomorskoye in the autumn

Photo: elochka, stoletnik

Gelendzhik in the fall is incredible. Popularity goes to the city, so it has a quality infrastructure for youth recreation, family and recreation with children. Therefore Gelendzhik is known that you can not just swim in the sea and pools of expensive hotels, but also spend a romantic evening in a good restaurant, relax on the terrace with cocktails and hookah and admire the evening city and sea. In addition, Gelendzhik – this is also one of the few cities in the coast of Krasnodar Krai, where people live, whose income does not depend on the tourist season. And this means that when the beach season ends, they continue to spend their money at their place of residence, which contributes to the survival of the same cafes and hookah bars.

In September, starting on the 15th, the city rapidly empties out. South Square, Platan Alley, Victory and Netanya squares change palette, and the city is dressed in yellow foliage. Now we can stroll along the deserted embankment, look at the sea, drink our favorite “Alaska” on ice and relax with our souls.

Analysis of sea water temperature in previous years shows that the average temperature in the water area of Gelendzhik in September +24.5 degrees. Yes, it’s the most comfortable temperature for swimming, but, as a rule, the water is colder or warmer than this figure. The minimum temperature was +20 degrees, bathing in such a sea is not comfortable. And in general, during September, the temperature drops from +25.3 to +22, 5 degrees Celsius. That is, if there are no storms and rise to the surface of low cold water, the whole of September you will be happy to swim. What more do you need for a great vacation by the sea.

Prices for “Comfort” class accommodations range from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles. You can find cheaper, such as the hotel “On Lazarevskaya, 7”. A room for 4 people with 4 beds costs 1100 rubles. There are more expensive rooms in this hotel, up to 1800 rubles. From the sea far away, 1.5 kilometers. For Gelendzhik this is a very cheap accommodation, in September it will be even cheaper.

In the mini-hotel “House of the Cossack” a standard room for a couple costs 2700 rubles. You can use billiards, a cinema hall, a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi for the time of rest. In addition, you can eat in the hotel restaurant for an extra fee. It is 800 meters to the sea.

Excursion market in Gelendzhik is extensive. For 7500 rubles you can go for a holiday at Gebius waterfalls. For 8500 rubles to visit the “Lefkadia Valley” and for the same price Abrau-Dyurso. For 7000 rubles you’ll be shown and told about the village Dzhankhot, picturesque parks and embankments, interesting places of Gelendzhik.

  • How to get there: you can get a direct flight from Moscow. From the airport Gelendzhik in the resort town itself comes by bus number 3, 5, minibus number 16, 22, 3dkts.

Kabardinka .

Galina Lukas, galina-lukas.ru

Photo: Galina Lukas, galina-lukas

Until mid-September in Kabardinka is the same as in summer. The weather is warm, there are a lot of tourists, the beaches are crowded. That’s when the second wave starts – the tourists, who avoided holidays by the sea in summer and in the first half of September tend to get their own beach place. The sun is already gentle, soft and does not tend to fry you, restaurants and cafes are open.

 Beginning in the second half of the month, evenings become just refreshing at first and then cooler. Prices for lodging go down, tourists head home. The sea at this time has a temperature of +23. +24 degrees, and in late September at all +20.

Kabardinka is good for an autumn vacation by the sea because it has an established infrastructure, accommodation at a very different price, first and foremost, of course, on the budget. So for 1200 rubles you can remove the day 2-bed room in the guest house “Alpina. To the sea 20 minutes on foot. Guest house is located in a quiet area. By the way, Kabardinka – a generally quiet and peaceful resort, ideal for an unhurried beach holiday. If you want to spend evenings in night clubs, you are not in Kabardinka.

For 3300 rubles rent a standard room for a couple with a 2-bed in the guest house Holiday. Comfortable accommodation to rest between walks and visits to the beach. The sea can be reached on foot in 20 minutes.

In the guest house “Anixi” for 3000 rubles per day you can rent a standard spacious room for two with air conditioning, a separate kitchen, a swimming pool in the yard of the guest house and a playground for children from 0 to 5 years. From the balcony you can see the mountains. It takes 20 minutes to walk to the sea, there is a beach covered with pebbles.

Excursions in Kabardinka in September drive actively, as the forests in the vicinity begin to turn yellow, and tourists want to take pictures in the autumn forest on the background of waterfalls. For 1600 rubles they offer to drive a jeep through rugged terrain to the famous sight – Pshadsky waterfalls. Tourists in this tour will show dolmens, natural monuments, the Church of Sergei Radonezhsky, the spring Natasha. Not to say that the offer is extremely interesting, but in order to unwind and change the scenery, suitable.

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The main attraction of Kabardinka is the Old Park. A visit costs 600 rubles and this price includes a tour. The Old Park is a harmonious blend of skillfully landscaped and small architectural forms, made in the style typical of the Renaissance, Middle Ages, Ancient Greece.

  • How to get there: you can get to Gelendzhik in 2 hours, the ticket costs from 1999 rubles without luggage. From the airport to Kabardinka you can take bus number 103 and minibus number 31.

Here are three resorts for beach vacations in the Crimea.



Foros is a village with probably the warmest sea in September. The average temperature for this month is +22.4 degrees. The maximum water temperature is +25.6. The minimum, recorded in 2021, +18 degrees.

Because of such a warm sea in Foros housing is in short supply, and therefore often expensive. Basically, the accommodation costs from 4,000 to 5,000 rubles per day and above. For example, you can rent a hotel room for 4500 rubles per day. You will get a junior suite with two beds, a fridge and a kettle in the room. From the balcony you have a good view of the sea and the coast. To take a dip in the Black Sea, you have to walk 15 minutes.

In our opinion, it is definitely worth to take part in a tour lasting 8 hours to the Temple of the Sun, a place beautiful and mysterious. It costs 850 rubles from each participant of a campaign.

Another popular topic in Foros – visiting the ancient volcano Fiolent. Such a tour can be bought for yourself, not necessarily to form a group. It costs 3900 rubles and lasts 4 hours. You will pass, enjoying the beauties and stories, 5 kilometers.

The third option excursion can not be called, but the entertainment is interesting, so we decided to tell you. On the mountain Ilyas-Kaya laid “Iron Trail”. Tourists climb the route on the vertical slopes, armed with climbing equipment. The easy route costs 1814 rubles and requires 4 hours of your time.

  • How to get there: fly to Simferopol. It will take you 2 hours and the ticket costs from 1972 rubles. From the airport there is a direct flight to Foros. The ticket costs about 450 rubles.


Alexandr_86, carandroute

Photo: Alexander_86, carandroute

Simeiz has its own specificity: it is stony beaches, that is, they are covered not only with pebbles, but also with huge boulders. Therefore we recommend to sunbathe by the sea on pebble beaches without stones, for example, on the beach “Diva”. The only advantage of rocky beaches is cleanliness.

The average September water temperature, as measured over the past years +23.9. Maximum +25 degrees, minimum +22.2.

Simeiz is probably one of the few Russian Black Sea resorts, where there is a significant spread in the price of accommodation. For example, you can stay in the hostel “Hostel Simeiz” for 800 rubles. A room in the guest house “Courchevel” costs 3,500 rubles. A 10-minute walk from the Diva Beach, which is located right in front of the Simeiz mountain, will lead you to the Simeiz hotel. A room in it costs 5200 rubles per day.

In Simeiz the most popular and therefore numerous – excursions to the palaces. A trip to Yalta, Livadia, Alupka and Massandra with this purpose costs 2000 rubles per person.

The second most popular topic – excursions to Ai-Petri, which they want to see literally everyone and be sure to get on it and go over the famous bridge. Such a tour also costs 2000 rubles per tourist.

  • How to get there: fly to Simferopol. You’ll spend 2 hours, the ticket costs from 1972 rubles. From the airport there is a direct flight to Foros. You’ll spend about 450 rubles for a ticket. When the bus will pass by Simeiz, ask to stop.Simeiz you by the sea.


In Koktebel in September and even in October, you must go necessarily, because at this time actively turn yellow and red leaves of vines, which are planted all the land in the vicinity. And you have the opportunity to contemplate the red-yellow space spread out over many kilometers. It is very beautiful. Yes, Koktebel is located east of the southern coast of Crimea, but we could not miss it and not add it to our list.

The average September sea temperature in the area of Koktebel +22.7. Maximum +25.1 degrees, minimum +22.3.

Prices for accommodations are low, that is, within 2,000 rubles per day. By 2022 hoteliers are actively renovating hotels, hiring designers to create high-quality and stylish interior decoration. So it is not surprising that you can rent a room in Koktebel by the sea in September for 1150 rubles in a quite decent guest house Bella Resort in the center of the village, next to the Karadag Reserve.

  • How to get there: you have to fly to Simferopol. It will take you 2 hours; the ticket costs from 1972 rubles. From the airport there is a direct flight to Koktebel – “Airport of Simferopol – station Kurortnoe”. For a ticket you will spend about 590 rubles.

We told about several Black Sea and Azov resorts, where the beach vacation in September by the sea will be most pleasant. In fact, there are a lot of decent coastal villages for such a vacation in the Crimea and Krasnodar Krai, and you probably have your own favorite beach spots.

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