Where to have a rest by the sea in Egypt – 9 resorts

Where to have a rest in Egypt? Egypt’s resorts and their features.

Find out where it is better to rest in Egypt at sea. We will tell you about 9 popular resorts: tour prices, conditions, beaches, pros and cons.

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The resort city 470 km from Cairo is one of the best places to go to the sea in Egypt. Hurghada’s sandy beaches stretch along the coast for almost 40 km.

Who suits . Hurghada is a versatile resort. The gentle coastline, entertainment and attractions attract families with children to the western shore of the Red Sea. Older travelers and divers do well here. Snorkeling enthusiasts dive remote reefs and shipwrecks. For young people there is adult animation, discos and nightclubs. From Hurghada, it is convenient to go on excursions to the temples of Luxor, Cairo, Giza, Aswan and Alexandria.

Prices . Compared with other resorts in Egypt, in Hurghada, democratic prices. Tours for 7 days for two with a flight from Moscow cost from 65000 ₽.

Pros and cons . The seaside town is home not only to tourists, but also to locals. Almost all hotels stand close to the sea. Since the resort is old, many of the hotels require cosmetic repairs.

Learn about holidays in Hurghada.

  • How much does a vacation in Egypt cost?
  • How to go to Egypt on your own

Where to vacation in Egypt.

In a very short time Hurghada has turned from a small fishing village into the largest center of rest on the Red Sea. Photo: Med_Photo_Studio / Depositphotos.com.

Where to go in Egypt

Egyptian resorts compete with Turkish resorts in popularity among residents of the CIS. Tourism is a priority for the local authorities, so the infrastructure of the resorts is developing, new hotels and entertainment centers are being built, guests of the country are offered first-class service at a lower price. Egypt is a ticket to summer in the middle of winter and a variety of recreation.

Beach resorts in Egypt

First of all, tourists visit the country because of the luxurious beaches. The top beach resorts include:

  • Sharm el-Sheikh – sand on the beaches, most entertainment, diving on the reefs;
  • Hurghada – sandy beaches, parties, excursions, family hotels;
  • Marsa Alam – sandy coverage, diving centers, no entertainment;
  • Safaga – healing sand, water and land activities.

Diving resorts

The Red Sea is of particular interest to divers. The capital of diving – Dahab, underwater attractions for scuba divers are in other resorts:

  • Naama Bay has 3 coral gardens;
  • Bottom from Sharm to Naama (Castle, Paradise, Ras Kati);
  • Carnatic shipwreck near Hurghada;
  • Wrecked ship on Gordon’s Reef near Sharm el-Sheikh.

Resorts in Egypt for vacations with children

The warm climate has made Egypt a magnet for family travelers with children. Hotel stock provides special programs of accommodation with children in almost all resorts. But it is most interesting and safest with the little ones:

  • In Hurghada (water parks, amusement parks, swimming pools and children’s hotels);
  • Alexandria with children will not be hot in the summer;
  • In Sharm el-Sheikh a lot of family hotels, but it is best to go in May and September, when the heat goes down.

Excursion destinations

In Egypt, there are new resort areas that were built decades ago, where there are no attractions within the city limits. But there are also ancient resorts that are visited by fans of history, excursions and antiquities:

  • Alexandria;
  • From Hurghada is convenient to get to the pyramids at Giza, the Sinai Mountains;
  • From Taba close to the holy places of Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia.
How much does a vacation in Egypt cost - 2022. The cost of travel.

Egypt gives a kaleidoscope of experiences for its guests, every type of holidaymaker will find a resort and an excursion program to their liking.

Makadi Bay

The resort is located 25 km south of Hurghada and is famous for its clean sandy beaches and coral reefs.

Who is suitable for whom. Makadi Bay is good for beach lovers, parents with kids, water-ski lovers, surfers and diving fans.

Prices . The resort is considered respectable, and the hotels try to keep a high bar for the quality of recreation. Tourists are welcomed by comfortable 4-5* hotels, so the prices in Makadi Bay are 15-30% higher than in Hurghada. In high season 2022 tours for 7 days for two with departure from Moscow cost from 80000 ₽.

Pros and cons . Makadi Bay is still young. There are not as many stores, restaurants, cafes and entertainment as in Hurghada. Adults and children enjoy going to the Makadi Water World water park, and party lovers go to nightclubs and yoga center. The hotel staff speaks Russian.

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Find out about holidays in Makadi Bay.

Best Beaches in Egypt.

Makadi Bay is famous for its clean sandy beaches and coral reefs. Photo: RVC5Pogod / Depositphotos.com.

Tourist cities in Egypt near Hurghada

El Gouna

A tourist resort located 20 km north of Hurghada. It is a scattering of islands, with channels and bridges. There are beaches with big shoals, diving and kitesurfing centers. In general, a very quiet and relaxing vacation in a premium hotel.

El Gouna Resort Egypt

Photo Movenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna / Booking.com

Egyptian resorts – where to stay?

View from the hotel in Hurghada

Mysteries of the ancient pyramids, riding camels and swimming in the Red Sea – the standard set of tourists. This article tells where to vacation in Egypt in 2022, where to go to the sea, which resorts in Egypt are suitable for recreation with children, and what to see to make the trip will be remembered for a long time.

List of major resorts in Egypt and the requirements for entry in 2022.

There are several major destinations in Egypt. Some attract tourists to the sea, others to history. Here are the main resorts in Egypt:

To know for sure which resort to choose in Egypt, read the article and make your own itinerary through the land of the Pharaohs.

Briefly about the current rules of entry:

    Coronavirus restrictions abolished – no more tests and QR codes!

Visa, declaration, hotel reservation and return tickets for everyone. Children under 12 are exempt from any requirements.

Visa. As before, it is processed on arrival at the airport and costs $25 . Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the end of the trip.

Visa fee is not required for those arriving in Sharm el Sheikh. The Sharm El Sheikh – Dahab – Nuweiba – Taba – St. Catherine Monastery resort route is also tax-free for 15 days. To go to the pyramids with this stamp will not work – you have to get a standard visa.

How to go to Egypt by yourself in 2022

I recommend to check the current information as close to departure as possible. Even at the time of this writing the rules have changed. In order to keep abreast of the latest news, we have a separate article about the current rules of entry into Egypt.

How much are the tours?

To save money on travel, you need to constantly monitor the current offers of tour operators and compare prices. Find a good tour in Egypt can be found on one of these services:

For example, a tour for 9 nights for two in Sharm el-Sheikh with breakfast and dinner can be bought for 38,000 rubles. On average, a vacation in Egypt during the low season will cost 50,000 rubles, and during the high season – 80,000 rubles.

Recently there have been hot deals again. It happens that in a good resort hotel you can fly out for 20 000 rubles for two. Such prices were back in 2014.

In general, the purchase of a tour helps to reduce flight and accommodation costs. For example, a ticket from Moscow to Sharm el-Sheikh costs at least 4,500 rubles. For two people it is already 18,000 rubles for a round trip flight. It often happens that the hot tour on charter flights with accommodation, transfers and insurance is cheaper.

Here are some good tours:

  • 3* Falcon Hills Hotel – a hotel for a quiet holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh for 75,000 rubles for two in July for 12 nights.
  • 5* Pyramisa Beach Resort – all-inclusive hotel in Hurghada in February for 70 000 rubles for two people for 7 nights.
  • 3* Indiana – rest in Cairo in April for 70 000 rubles for 7 nights for two adults.


Hurghada Sea in Hurghada

Hurghada – Egypt’s oldest resort, imbued with the atmosphere of Agatha Christie’s detectives. Go to Hurghada for the beaches, colorful waterfront Marina, diving, snorkeling and desert safaris. It is from Hurghada more convenient to get to the pyramids. It’s great to visit Hurghada with children – the beaches are sandy and have a gentle entrance to the sea, and there is almost no coral.

Most hotels in Hurghada have its own beach, to which access for tourists is unlimited. For those who came to Egypt on their own and stayed far from the sea, finding a free beach can seem like a quest. And even during the pandemic not everywhere is allowed to bask in the sun. Don’t worry, there are plenty of beaches along Hurghada’s 30-kilometer coastline, and some are sure to let you in. The cost of pleasure is $1-5 per person.

️ The best beaches are Paradise Beach near the 3* Beirut Hotel, Fairuza near the 4* Minamark Beach Resort.

Good hotels:

    – Aparthotel with private beach, pool, rooftop lounge area. Tours cost from 42,000 rubles for a week of vacation for two.
  • 5* Albatros Citadel Resort is a five-star All Inclusive hotel with memorable architecture and its own beach with corals. Take care of your bathing slippers in advance and don’t check into the hotel in winter – strong winds rage here. A room for two with a sea view costs from 65,000 rubles per week.

Sharm el-Sheikh

Beach in Sharm El Sheikh Hotel Flakon Naam Star in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is the main resort of Egypt and love of thousands of Russians. Everything is perfect here: the sea, diving, nightclubs, luxury hotels and friendly staff. In addition, Sharm el Sheikh is a little warmer than, for example, in Hurghada. If you are planning to visit Egypt in winter, Sharm el Sheikh is the best choice, as there are less winds due to the mountainous terrain.

Holidays in Hurghada 2022: reviews, tips and prices

Another advantage of Sharm el Sheikh is a rich marine world. Even divers from Australia come here to see the bright local spots. One of the most popular is Ras Mohammed National Park.

️ The best beaches:

✔ Naama Bay, a sandy beach, entrance from $1 to $5 per person. ✔ Terrazina Beach – clean sand and smooth entrance to the water, entrance costs $3.5. ✔ Sharm el-Luli – also called the “Egyptian Maldives. I advise to take a tour with a yacht trip for $ 40. ✔ Sharm el Maya is another sandy beach-boat, there is almost no wind here.

Good hotels:

  • 5* Sharm Grand Plaza Resort is a family-run five-star hotel on the shores of Nabq Bay. On the territory of 4 swimming pools, restaurants, SPA and garden. The cherished All Inclusive is available from 60 500 rubles for 7 days for two.
  • 5* Xperience St. George Sharm El Sheikh is another all-inclusive option. The bonus is a clean beach, excellent service, children’s playgrounds and evening performances. All this costs from 57,000 rubles for 7 days for a couple.

Marsa Alam

View of Marsa Alam

Photo: July_24 / pixabay.com

Marsa Alam is a relatively new resort. They just recently started building hotels here, so they are quite fresh and clean.

The area has colorful, pristine reefs and as yet unintimidated underwater life, so local diving draws tourists from all over the world. You can also swim with turtles here, such as at Abu Dabab Bay. If you have a rest in Marsa Alam, do not miss the opportunity to dive with dolphins near the reef of Shaab-Samadai.

I recommend visiting the resort before it has become as popular as Sharm or Hurghada – there are still few people on the beaches, the hotels are new and clean, and the level of service tends to be ideal.

️ During strong winds it is better to stay in hotels located in the bay. I recommend the 5* Steigenberger Coraya Beach and the 5* Fayrouz Plaza.

Marsa Alam has its own international airport, so you can get to the hotel by shuttle or cab.

Good hotels:

  • The 5* Lazuli is a modern 2021 hotel with well-kept grounds and rave reviews from tourists. An all-inclusive week will cost from 56,000 rubles.
  • 4* Albatros Sea World Marsa Alam – an inexpensive hotel for couples and families offers a week all-inclusive for 65 500 rubles.
  • 5* Hilton Marsa Alam Nubian Resort – the hotel of the famous chain Hilton pleases tourists with a sandy beach, excellent service and a variety of photo zones. Hilton is located in the bay, so when the winds blow in Marsa Alam, it is likely that the Hilton beach will be flying the green flag. Tour for a week costs from 65,000 rubles.


Color Canyon Sinai

Photo: osamaabdo / pixabay.com

Features of the location and seabed in Dahab made the city one of the most popular resorts for diving and windsurfing in the world. There are about 50 diving schools and centers open here for extreme enthusiasts. Divers do not need to swim to the depths to dive – they dive directly from Dahab’s waterfront. From here, tourists go to the Color Canyon and St. Catherine Monastery. The famous Blue Hole is also in Dahab, or rather 15 km away.

Holidays in Safaga: reviews, tips and prices

The resort is rather windy, for one day there are three windy days, so windsurfers took a fancy to Dahab.

To get to Dahab you have to drive from Sharm el Sheikh airport. The distance of about 70 km is better to travel by shuttle that will be offered by the hotel or tour operator.

Good hotels:

  • 3* The Bedouin Moon Hotel – from 52,000 rubles for a week for two, room with mountain views, good breakfast, on-site pool and beach across the street.
  • 5* Le Meridien Dahab Resort – to relax in the famous luxury Le Meridien in Dahab costs from 73,000 rubles. Also for two, also for a week.


Port in Alexandria

Photo: maryaamelsadek / pixabay.com

Alexandria is a resort on the Mediterranean Sea. It’s cooler here than Sharm el-Sheikh or Hurghada. People come here for the fresh and inexpensive seafood and to experience the real Egypt. Going deep into the city, it ceases to seem like a scenery.

Alexandria has an airport, so it’s easy to get to the hotel – choose a cab or shuttle from the hotel. Most flights to Alexandria are connecting in Istanbul.

Alexandria is not a mass tourism resort and there are no package tours. It is better to look for accommodation on Booking or Hotellook.

Good hotels:

    – An option for a group of four people who value comfort and personal space. It’s essentially a separate apartment with everything you need to live. Walking distance to Cleopatra Beach, shopping center and bars. All this will cost 39 000 rubles for all for a week of stay.
  • 4* Eastern Al Montazah Hotel is a new and inexpensive 4* hotel with a swimming pool and wellness services on the territory. A week’s stay costs 20,500 rubles, taxes separately – about 6,000 rubles.

Nile River in Cairo

The city from which the closest to get to the main attractions of the country – the pyramids and the Sphinx. Egyptian treasures are located in Giza – the de facto suburb of Cairo.

You can get to the pyramids by car or by public transport: bus number 355/357. You can also take the subway to Giza station and then bus 900/997. However, I advise you to take a tour – for only $25, you get a minimum headache and a maximum experience.

There are no package tours to Cairo. Tourists usually come here for a day from more popular resorts to see the capital. Sometimes they take a regular flight, stay a couple of days to see the city, and then go to Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh to have a rest by the sea.

Good hotels:

    – The hotel with a view of a million. It seems to have been built specifically for those who want to devote more time to contemplating antiquities and stay for a day near the pyramids. A room for two costs from 3,000 rubles per night.
  • The 5* Marriott Mena House is a hotel for those who would like to have breakfast with a view of the Great Pyramids. They are literally 500 meters from the hotel, the Pyramids can be seen from the rooms and the restaurant. My little dream – to stay in this particular hotel Giza and be sure to take a walk to the pyramids on a horse or camel from the concierge. The cost per night – from 15 000 rubles.
Holidays in Marsa Alam: reviews, tips and prices

So, where it is better to rest in Egypt: in Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh? How to choose between the two most profitable and popular resorts in Egypt for a holiday at sea? It all depends on what you expect from the country.

Choose Hurghada if:

  • Want quick access to Luxor or the pyramids
  • Look for sandy beaches with a gentle entry to the sea
  • Prefer a leisurely vacation with the family

Sharm el Sheikh is right for those who:

  • came to play
  • Loves the clubs, parties and nightlife with a taste of Arabian tales
  • Are you looking for windless hotels in the bay?

Tourist reviews and tips on Egypt

Safari Red Sea

Knowledgeable tourists who like an active vacation on the principle of “see as much as possible and on your own,” recommend flying into Cairo, and then lay the itinerary throughout the country, covering the main resorts in Egypt.

The ideal route to the land of the pyramids is as follows:

Cairo (fly in by direct flight from Moscow, rest and sightseeing, 2 days) – Aswan (2 days) – Luxor (2 days) – move to Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh (one week vacation)

Those who fly into Egypt by tour get to visit the pyramids, Luxor and other attractions in a simplified mode. Day trips from Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh can be booked online from home. Use the sites:

If your goal is to visit antiquities, stay in Hurghada. It takes about 4 hours to get to Luxor from Hurghada, and after 5-6 hours from the hotel you will find yourself at the paws of the Sphinx. From Sharm el-Sheikh, it takes longer to get to the Valley of the Kings – 13-14 hours, to the pyramids – about 7-8 hours.

Pluses and minuses

The obvious pluses of Egypt are beach holidays and the beauty of the Red Sea. It is an ideal budget option for a trip with a child or a romantic trip.


+ warm sea + sandy beaches + good and inexpensive hotels with All Inclusive + excursions for every taste and in the native language + beautiful underwater world and popular diving spots + developed infrastructure – all for tourists


– winds raging in winter (but you can find hotels in the bay) – paid beaches for those who do not live in a hotel on the first line – you can run into low-quality alcohol – intrusive Egyptians and the need to bargain

Where to go cheaper?

The Pyramids in Egypt Excursion in Egypt

During the pandemic, the holidays in Egypt have become more expensive, but still remain a cheap option compared with the prices of tours in the UAE, Tunisia or Turkey. The cheapest destinations are Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh. There are thousands of hotels in these cities, which vyingly offer their all-inclusive packages. If you compare the prices of holidays in the two resorts, Hurghada is considered slightly cheaper than Sharm el-Sheikh.

For illustration, I suggest you look at a few tours to Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada in 2022 for two in different seasons:

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