Where to rest on the Black Sea – the best resorts in Russia

Where to go on vacation to the Black Sea

Where to have a rest on the Black Sea

Where is the best place to go to rest on the Black Sea? Let’s find out! Over the years of travel I have been to all the famous resorts in our south and can share my experience. I will tell you where it is cheaper, more civilized, more interesting and more beautiful. Choose a resort that suits you.

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Where to vacation inexpensively

My main complaint to the Russian resorts on the Black Sea is the cost of recreation. They bend the prices! They steep them badly and unreasonably. On the background of indecipherable service these prices amaze. I know from personal experience that it is cheaper to holiday in Turkey and even in the Maldives than at our sea. It is only less expensive to get to the Black Sea resorts, and hotels, food and entertainment are often more expensive than abroad.

But it’s not all so bad! In our south, too, you can rest on a budget, you just need to know the two main rules: when to go and where to go. For an inexpensive vacation is worth choosing June and September – at this time the prices are much lower, and fewer tourists, and this makes the holidays more relaxing and enjoyable. As for the choice of resorts, it’s just worth avoiding the expensive with a claim to a certain status, which in fact is not supported by anything. The main example of such an expensive pacifier – Yalta. If you want to save money, I advise you to choose resorts without ponces.

Expensive resorts: Sochi, Gelendzhik, Alushta. However, you can still find pretty budget hotels, especially in the off-season.

Inexpensive resorts: Anapa, Adler, Lazarevskoe, Sudak, Feodosia, Evpatoria and Koktebel. And the lowest prices are offered by small resorts of the Crimea: Rybachie, Mezhvodnoe, Ordzhonikidze, Mirny, Shtormove, Kurortnoe and others. But keep in mind that in small settlements there are not always inexpensive and good cafes or canteens.

Another way to save money is to go to the Black Sea by your car. I highly recommend it! I’ve already gone three times, and I’ll go again. The car makes the trip not only cheaper, but also more interesting.

Maldives? Dominica? No, this beach in the Crimea! The village Olenevka. Fine light sand, clear water and a rich underwater world – this can be found even on the Black Sea in Russia. If you come to rest on the major resorts of the Black Sea in the height of the summer season, you will find this. Photo I took on the beach in Divnomorskoye, Krasnodar Territory. And this is not the most hyped resort!

Where is civilized?

If you’re looking for a resort with better conditions for a comfortable holiday, then I definitely advise to go to Sochi. Thanks to the Olympics infrastructure of the city was renewed: a lot of new hotels and entertainment centers were built, there are more good apartments in the private sector, there are good restaurants. You can stay in Sochi itself or go to other resort areas of Greater Sochi. These include the quieter and more inexpensive resorts Lazarevskoye, Adler and Hosta. In the center of Sochi from these settlements you can travel by transport.

Honestly about Veselovka. Reviews about rest and prices - 2022

The second most popular resort of Russia on the Black Sea is Gelendzhik. There are many modern hotels and guest houses, a large choice of housing in the private sector. However, prices are inflated and a lot of tourists. During the season on the public beach is not enough space – tourists swim even under the forbidding signs. It is more comfortable to rest in the suburbs of Gelendzhik – Kabardinka and Arkhipo-Osipovka. If you want to have a breath more freely, but even there is overcrowding in summer.

The third resort on the Black Sea, where you can rest comfortably is Anapa. Especially like this city vacationers with children – for them there are ideal conditions. Many tourists choose the neighboring settlements: Vityazevo and Dzhemete.

In Tuapse developed infrastructure, but many dislike the resort because of the port and the railroad passing through the city.

You can also have a good rest on the Black Sea in the Crimea. The most progressive and civilized resorts are Yalta, Evpatoria, Sudak, Feodosia, Sevastopol and Alushta. But on the whole Crimea lags behind the Krasnodar region in terms of development. The new bridge and the infusion of money from the federal budget will help Crimea to speed up a little, but still, Western sanctions hinder development. Take a look at our selection of all-inclusive hotels in the Crimea and the best hotels by the sea.

The worst infrastructure is in small villages such as Dederkoi, Praskoveyevka, Makopse, Vishnevka, Agoi, Krinitsa, Betta in the Krasnodar region and Olenevka, Privetnoe, Mezhvodnoe, Kurortnoe in the Crimea. As a rule, the local infrastructure – a pair or three stores, one or two cafes, the most basic children’s attractions and water attractions on the beach. But it is quiet at such resorts.

Beach Del Mar in Sochi

In Sochi there are a lot of well-appointed and neat beaches. On the photo: Del Mar beach. Gelendzhik is a great resort, which has everything for a comfortable holiday. Especially the city is proud of its long promenade.

Active recreation

Divers prefer the shores of Adler, Anapa and Gelendzhik. There they can explore the beauty of the underwater world and conduct fascinating research of the remains of sunken ships. In Crimea, the best places for diving – Cape Tarkhankut and its underwater museum, Cape Aya near Balaklava, Chersonese lighthouse and the bays of Sevastopol, the rocks Simeiza, Meganom Cape near Sudak and the bays of Novy Svet.

Surfing on the Black Sea is possible in winter in Anapa, Sochi and Sudak.

Look for yachting in Sochi, Anapa, Sevastopol, Yalta, Evpatoria, Sudak.

At many resorts on the Black Sea and in their vicinity is possible rafting, mountain tourism, horseback riding, jeeping, flying on airplanes, paragliders and balloons, boat trips and biking.

We were very impressed by the canyon of the Psakho River near Sochi – a real lost world! Watch my video about it:

Where to relax on the Black Sea

Rafting on the Mzymta River near Lazorevsky. Photo: Skikevich Igor / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Solitary and wild rest

Personally, I believe that the most pleasant vacation in our south is in small villages or even wild with a tent. Let’s see where you can relax on the Black Sea:

  • Villages Betta, Dzhankhot and Krinitsa.
  • Small beaches in the Nizhne Imeretinskaya Bay in Adler.
  • Small beaches near the rock of Kiseleva.
  • The coast from Dzhankhota to Praskoveyevka is fancied by the fans of wild recreation with tents. There are also nudists.
  • There are camping sites on the wild beaches of Kabardinka and Blagoveshchenskaya.
  • To the east coast of Crimea near Ordzhonikidze and Kurortny.
  • Wild beaches near Sevastopol (Cape Fiolent, Chersonese, Laspi Bay) and in Lyubimovka.
The truth about Divnomorskoye. Reviews about rest and prices - 2022

Several years ago we had a great time at the “Coon” camping near Arkhipo-Osipovka. This is one of the best tent campsites on the entire Black Sea. The hosts organized the work of the camping at the highest level, all civilized: hot showers, wi-fi, electricity, comfortable washbasins, decent toilets, plenty of space. In the evenings, raccoons come in and ask for food – cute. There are a few spots at the campground with awesome sea views!

A wild beach “Sosnovka” near Gelendzhik with very clear water and picturesque rocks. Our tent in the camping “Coon” near Arkhipo-Osipovka.

Cultural program and tours

Our Black Sea resorts will satisfy not only those who like to pytulenitsya on the beach, but also those who want to visit sights. Almost every resort you can go on interesting excursions to unusual and beautiful places. And if you will rest in your car or rent a car on the spot, you can easily get to any point on your own.

There are especially a lot of interesting places in the Crimea. Visit the picturesque bays and nature reserve in Novy Svet, walk the trail Golitsyn to the Taurian sanctuary, see the ancient fortresses in Sudak and Balaklava, explore the cave towns in Bakhchisarai, Go to the waterfalls in Yalta and Alushta, climb Mount Ai-Petri, visit the Botanical Garden in Nikita, look at the old palaces (Vorontsov, Livadia, Massandra), visit the historical monuments in Sevastopol. It is impossible to list everything here! Take a look at our itinerary of travels in Crimea and the list of the most interesting places.

There are enough sights in Krasnodar region too. Near Anapa, there is a unique Cypress Lake, and in the mountains near Gelendzhik, there are ancient dolmens. In Sochi, visit the arboretum and the Olympic Park, go to the waterfalls. Many cities have theme parks and museums, with exhibitions and concerts during the season. Go on an excursion to Novorossiysk, to the caves of Adygea, as well as to Krasnaya Polyana and Abkhazia.

Vorontsov Palace in the Crimea. Starfall of Memories – viewing platform in the Crimea.

Youth resorts

Young people for a good holiday need a clean sea with a beach, inexpensive food with overnight accommodation and entertainment. Sochi, Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Anapa, Alushta, Feodosia, Sudak and Evpatoria have all this. Good entertainment is also in the settlements – Dzhemete, Vityazevo, Lazarevsky, Simeiz.

The beach in the Imeretinskaya Bay

In Imeretinskaya Bay rests a lot of young people – there are a lot of entertainment, hipster cafes and trendy hotels.

Where to go for old people

Elderly people prefer quiet places with a lot of greenery and silence in the evenings. Many people come for treatment – in resorts of Crimea and Krasnodar territory treat diseases of cardiovascular and nervous system, respiratory system (Yalta, Sochi), dermatological, urological diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system (Gelendzhik, Saki, Alupka, Evpatoria, Anapa).

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You can have a rest with health benefits not only on the coast. For this purpose is ideal for Caucasus resorts – Kislovodsk and others. And some tourists prefer to relax in the thermal springs of Adygea and Krasnodar Territory.

The best sandy beaches in the Krasnodar region

In Anapa come to rest and families with young children, and people of age.

Resorts for children

At the Black Sea there are many resorts where you can go on vacation with children.

The best for children are considered the Black Sea resorts of Anapa, Evpatoria and Feodosia. All of them are not too expensive and in terms of infrastructure are ideal for a family vacation. Everywhere there are dolphinariums, water parks, children’s cafes and parks with rides. Good conditions for a family vacation can be found in Zaozerne, Sandy, Lyubimovka, Ordzhonikidze (Crimea), Vityazevo, Dzhemete, Olgino, Lermontovo, Lazarevsky (Krasnodar region). Myself I brought my nephews (5, 9 and 12 years) on vacation in Sudak – he for these purposes, too, excellent.

Water parks are in many resorts of the Black Sea. Best are “Golden Bay” in Gelendzhik, “Golden Beach” in Anapa, “Banana Republic” in Evpatoria, “Zurbagan” in Sevastopol, “Blue Bay” in Simeiz, “Almond Grove” in Alushta. There are also water parks in Sudak, Koktebel, Dzhubga and Nebug.

Tip: consider the distance of the trip, prices and natural conditions. For example, Anapa is suitable for recreation with children, but in mid-summer, the sea begins to bloom, and the water becomes muddy because of algae. If we compare the prices, the cheapest holiday is in Feodosia, Sudak and towns in the West of Crimea, but to go to the resort will have longer, which is not always convenient with children.

My nephews take pictures with the knights in Sudak. Standing with my niece on Cape Meganom in the Crimea and admiring the sea. Anapa is probably the main children’s resort on the Black Sea. Family tourists love it for its sandy beaches and shallow sea.

Conclusions: where to go to rest

Prices. Look for the most budget rest in small villages. However, even in larger resorts you can rest inexpensively if you come in June or September, and book lodging in advance.

Civilization. Russia’s best resorts on the Black Sea on the development of infrastructure: the Greater Sochi, Gelendzhik, Anapa, Tuapse in the Krasnodar region and Yalta, Evpatoria, Sudak, Feodosia, Sevastopol, Alushta in Crimea. We especially like in Sudak – I can not even count how many times we went there. There are low prices, nice beaches nearby, beautiful nature and there is everything for a comfortable stay.

Active recreation. Almost any resort on the Black Sea.

Secluded vacation. Even near major cities there are beaches and low-crowded places. Most of them near Gelendzhik, Anapa, Tuapse, Sudak, Koktebel, Sevastopol. For a wild vacation suits the coast between Dzhankhot and Praskoveyevka, Laspi Bay, Tarkhankut.

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Excursions and beauties. Almost any resort and its surroundings have something to see – the region is picturesque and interesting. The most beautiful nature on the southern coast of Crimea (Yalta, Alushta), as well as on the Cape Tarkhankut and in the area of Sudak and Novy Svet. In the Krasnodar region is most beautiful in Sochi and Gelendzhik.

For young people. To avoid being bored, go to larger resorts: Sochi, Gelendzhik, Tuapse and Anapa.

For the elderly. Yalta, Sochi, Gelendzhik, Saki, Anapa, Sochi, Alupka, Evpatoria will do.

For children. Anapa, Evpatoria and Feodosia are recognized resorts for children. There are also good conditions in Sudak and Lazarevsky.

Where to have the best vacation at the Black Sea in Russia

Rock “Sail” in Praskoveevka on the Black Sea, Krasnodar region.

Rest on the Black Sea 2022

The Black Sea is one of the warmest in the country and certainly the most popular. Each year, more than 20 million people rest on the coast: about 13 million – in the Krasnodar region and almost 7 million – in the Crimea. At the most famous resorts – Sochi and Yalta – come even foreigners. Warm water from May to November, palm trees and magnolias, rich seafood and home-made wines, about 300 sunny days a year. Not surprisingly, tourists come here in the off-season.

Choosing to vacation on the Black Sea in 2022, tourists also go to the areas of Taman and Anapa, where you can fish, and warm shallow bays are convenient for children. Novorossiysk and Gelendzhik have picturesque mountains and waterfalls. Travelers love to ride there on jeeps and go on a hike to the dolmens.

The Black Sea is one of the warmest in the country and certainly the most popular. Photo: pexels.com

Attractions, zoos, yachting, kite and windsurfing – entertainment enough for both kids and adults. Due to the high concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the water, wrecks are preserved in the Black Sea better than in others. Therefore, diving is popular in the resorts. To explore the Soviet or ancient wooden ships that went to the bottom, you can almost all year round. According to one version, it was because of hydrogen sulfide the sea and got its name: metal objects that have lain for some time in the water, stained black.

Rest on the Black Sea in 2022 – for every taste. Five-star hotels and stylish hostels, restaurants by French chefs and canteens, which will feed you like home, secluded villages, where people come to conduct yoga retreats, and resorts, which never sleep. Everyone will find their own place.

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Popular resorts





Where is it

The Black Sea is located in southwestern Russia and washes part of the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea. The long coastline (about 1225 kilometers only in our country) is different landscapes: steppes, swamps, cliffs, golden sands. From the Caucasus and the southern coast of Crimea Black Sea towns are surrounded by mountains, protecting them from the piercing north winds, there is a mild Mediterranean climate. South-east of Tuapse, closer to Abkhazia, is a little warmer, there begins a humid subtropical zone. Most of the popular vacation spots are at the same latitude as the resorts of the Adriatic, the French Riviera and the Italian Riviera.

All beaches of the Black Sea are wide, clean and equipped with sun beds and canopies. Photo: Anastasia Kurdyukova For recreation with small children suitable sandy beaches Evpatoria and Feodosia. A photo: Anna KISELYOVA For the best sea sceneries take a trip around the Southern coast of Crimea. Photo: Natalia SHEREMETYEVA

Black Sea Beaches

Such a variety of beaches abroad is hard to find. There is a soft and fine sand (on these nice to sunbathe even without a deck chair, one problem – have to protect your eyes and mouth of quartz dust), and hard pebble (is worth to get special slippers for walking). Also you can meet shell and rock. Often in one resort there are several options. For example, in Gelendzhik and Sochi you can lie on the sand, and you can lie on the rocks. Well, the kilometer-long dunes of Anapa have long been a brand of the city, walk along the sea on them – a pleasure.

Some Black Sea resorts have several types of beaches: crowded sandy and secluded pebble. Photo: Oleg UKLADOV, “KP”-Barnaul

The entrance to the water is more often gentle, but in some places there is a sharp descent. Sometimes the shoreline is washed away after storms, so it is worth watching out for children. The beach that you were relaxing on last year may be more dangerous in the new season with holes or boulders on the bottom. Moreover, in the area of Anapa and Taman’ there are often so-called “pulluns” – cold streams. Their appearance is difficult to predict, but usually at such times lifeguards put red flags and prohibit swimming.

Most equipped beaches are located in popular tourist towns: Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Novorossiysk, Yalta. And here in smaller settlements to meet cabins for changing, drinking fountains, toilets and showers is more difficult. At the same time rental points for sun loungers and umbrellas are almost everywhere.

Ideal places for active sports such as kite and windsurfing are those where the storm is rare, but blows often. For example the Vityazevo village and Veselovskaya village in Anapa, the south of Taman Peninsula, the coast of Kerch Peninsula and Evpatoria in the Crimea. Prices there are not high, you can stay in the private sector.

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