Where to stay in Sochi and Adler inexpensive

Where to stay in Adler (Sochi) inexpensively

Near the hotel there is everything you need, a lot of catering, 5 minutes to the sea, the beaches are civil, the sea of entertainment for children. The hotel has a good playground with spatulas and watering cans. The restaurant has an excellent menu for children, for adults.

A wonderful hotel in a quiet side street. No cars go by. Beautiful, clean and comfortable. There is a pool and sun loungers. Breakfast included. Just what you need for a vacation. The staff is polite and friendly.

We were greeted by a friendly receptionist who answered questions about the hotel and rest. The room has a closet, hair dryer, kettle, fridge, floor soft coating, balcony.

No kitchen in the room, no general, but next to the hotel in two minutes there is a dining room, very reasonable and delicious.

Our room was on New Year’s Eve, we went to Krasnaya Polyana by car for active rest, we went back to the hotel to have a rest.

The room looks nice (I was in a suite), the linens are just like in the pictures, good wifi, shower is also normal, plus there is a small window to air out, and it’s a must, otherwise there will be bad odor in the bathroom.

The hotel is very well located, the shower is good too, plus there is a little window to air it out – otherwise the bathroom smells unpleasant. Near to hotel is 2 at least drugstores, a lot of cafe and dining rooms (the most ideal cafe – Deja Vu, come in, do not regret!). Small stores, a lot of grocery stores.

To the sea to walk 15 minutes, passing through a section of the ornithological park with the lake. The hotel is very quiet, with quite a lot of holidaymakers. I liked it very much, only the weather let us down, the sun was practically none (((

Very comfortable, clean and neat town-hotel (a few dozen buildings). The room enough for everyone, a huge area. The hotel is very well located, close to the main tourist attractions. To the Olympic park 30 minutes of a leisurely walk.

The child really liked the camp! In particular Mat class. It is ready to go the next year on all three changes. Everything was great. Thanks a lot Yulia Sergeevna, Ivan Sergeevich and all the other teachers.

And what the hell, I’m looking at this rusty battery))) the bedding is clean, towels are clean) the hotel itself, as Zhk in the suburbs, well maintained, I liked how they take care of the plants, watering every night, all green, well-groomed area, there is animation, entertainment of all kinds.

In general, not a bad hotel economy class. Rather, the staff at the request of the maid, mostly change towels and put disposable hygiene products. Rooms and towels changed and disposable toiletries changed as requested by the room maid.

Our hotel is ideally located and our hotel is ideally located for both business and leisure travel. Parking spaces are very much. Parking is paid, but the prices are moderate. Swimming pool, cafe, animation, rental – for fans of active time will not be bored.

The hotel is very nice. Clean, very few people at the end of December. Good location near the river, 7 minutes from the sea and the promenade. Breakfast was a great stay at the hotel and not much noise or traffic jams.

Fantastic hotel, cleaned the rooms every day, nice staff, everyone was friendly and understanding, we would say waiters Erikv and Kirill were very good, fast and efficient, always a pleasure to stay in the hotel.

Arboretum - the green heart of Sochi. Ticket price, photos, tips

Price-quality ratio Although we were surprised at the deposit when we checked in, we might have read it inattentively, so be prepared: 1000 rub cash on the spot. We had a lovely, warm pool in December.

The room is clean, there is everything you need except a kettle, although there is tea and sugar The location is very good, everything is close, and looking from the balcony at the planes-romantic

The hotel is amazing! It was clean and tidy all around! Breakfast was just great! I had a warm heated swimming pool on the property, the water was very warm. The food at the hotel is excellent, large portions, varied menu, and perfection.

I do not harm! I am not unhappy, no compliments from the hotel did not make the honeymooners, although the tour operator stated that in advance!

Great Liked – Mini hotel “Albatross” is an excellent combination of reasonable price and excellent quality of service for the rest. At first there were doubts about the accommodation and food at such a reasonable price.

But. I will tell you that fears dissipated when the receptionist we met smiling administrator Irina, who gave us all the correct explanation of the story and took measures for the early resettlement as we arrived early in the morning.

The furniture is all new, no creaking, immaculate white linen, pillows and blankets are also new, and the room has a hair dryer shampoo soap shower gel, toilet paper. Room service every day and change of linen every 5 days.

They changed the sheets every 5 days and they were great! My room was very well looked after and my linen was changed every day.Excellent hotel renovation in general, clean corridors, reception area with leather sofas, good elevator in the hotel, works flawlessly, and the front desk was very comfortable.

I had a bedroom with a king size bed and a sofa which folds out LCD TV, refrigerator air conditioner, table and chairs on the balcony for a comfortable stay

I loved the food buffet povor super. Breakfast was amazing, very tasty, good range of meals. Staff were polite and helpful.

Everything was great. Rooms were cleaned daily. Rooms had a safe and all supplies were on hand every day. The mattress is nice and not squashed. Pool was clean and the room was tidy.

Good hotel, you can smoke a hookah here and have fun in the clean pool.

We stayed in early September. I liked the hotel very much. Clean, comfortable and had great people working there. It was a pleasure to stay there.

Breakfast was a little over a year and definitely worth it.

Overall Overall, the hotel is very well located, very clean and the staff is very helpful.

The front desk at the hotel is very hard to walk up, especially if it’s hot. The room has everything you need, and even a bathtub instead of a shower room.

But a special treat is the balcony, where you can swim in the sea, just under your feet! You could spend a couple of hours on the balcony alone))), and the airplanes flying overhead as they were taking off or landing at Adler airport!

The breakfast is very decent in buffet system: porridge, cottage cheese, sausages, sour cream, sausages, cheese, omelette, pastries. In summer it’s probably noisy because of the promenade, but in winter it’s just a miracle place!

Private sector in Lazarevskoe. Prices - 2022. Rest without intermediaries.

Nice place, there is a spa and a pool. The staff is friendly. Good cafe, delicious porridge. Of the minuses – next to the construction site, and not always found with the cab drivers of each other.

Bathroom is a little over a room with a big bathtub and a shower. Food as it should be. Not cheap, but also good products. There is a chic spa in the Okhotnik itself. My whole family used to go there all the time.

We have been coming to Variant for four years in a row with my family and colleagues. The hostess and her staff are known for their client-oriented approach and desire to provide only positive impressions for their guests.

The sea itself is clean, floating jellyfish, crawling crabs. The hotel itself is clean, rooms are cleaned, the linen is changed, air conditioning works) All within walking distance (Sochi Park, Dolphinarium, bazaars, and so on.

) In general, who goes for a good experience with a great mood, you’re here. And who goes to spend a finger on the chandelier in search of dust, with a bad mood, then stay at home. )))

I had a rest in May of this year, I liked it all, the hotel location is very nice, a lot of greens, all washed, cleaned up!

Good comprehensive dinners! Went to 4 families for three weeks and all were with children, Nobody in this time, not travisovilsya and not caught rotovirus, which we are so scared!

Great hotel. Checked in early and the location is great. Walking distance to the water. Nice room. Has air conditioning, shower, telly. Housekeeping

Good hotel! Administration polite, rooms as in the photo, cozy, close to the sea (10 minutes walk) and parking is free.

Staff polite, including security. Rooms are clean, new everything you need is. Nearby are a few dining rooms and cafes with normal prices. Shashlychok and kebab nearby, too? Overall, everything is comfortable and cozy, I’m happy as a snow leopard.

I’m very pleased with it, I’m like a snow leopard. This year we decided to take a cheaper hotel, so in “Aquarium” from the staff was so much attention, how many in a 4-star hotel will not wait

We lived on the 4th floor and it rained all night and the roof is also soundproofed. And guys, so save on electricity, just not decent, in san. And wash the curtains already: and the color and smell say that it is high time

I liked it very much, the owners are great, friendly greeted everything super, special thanks to the girls from the cafe Regina and Alina you are the best in Adler

This hotel is very well located, 20 meters to the sea. Rooms are small, but with everything you need. There is an indoor pool. the staff does not bother us. We liked it.

Did not like it – the hotel is not worth the money that we paid for five days, first entering the room that came into view at once is a torn tulle A very large hole right in the middle (if only for visibility sewn), very little light, in the second bathroom instead of the usual faucet on the sink, is the bathroom mixer, which is just very not convenient that either do in the sink, even.

Honestly about Matsesta. Leisure reviews and prices - 2022

Good location, you can almost dive into the sea from the room. Also inexpensive for the price of accommodation, so welcome.

I did not know what they are talking about, the room was very well maintained, the walls were not peeling off, terrible mattresses, everything was clean the room was cleaned once and then the sink was cleaned daily and soaps, shampoos and balms were put in.

If you want a quiet rest and sleep you should not choose a hotel on the first line, even if the hotel itself did not have a restaurant with music you could hear music from all over the other establishments because it is the first line and there is everything to make people relax and have fun

The hotel is very comfortable and welcoming with lots of restaurants, bars, cafes, and lots of other services and the beautiful view of the sea. About the music, yes the music plays till 2 am BUT.

Who writes about the repair I do not understand what you are comparing with Turkey all inclusive 5*? The hotel is declared at 3*, you have to take this into account if you want to have a rest without problems.

I liked the hotel, the staff were very helpful and we got checked in quickly even though it was late. Thank you for staying at your hotel!

Me and my husband and child it did not interfere in any way. So if you want to relax quietly and without the noise of music, take a place farther away.

A great place to stay with friends or family. Cheap prices. Dining room with a lounge on the first floor. The only downside is that you can leave your car on the street next door. Would recommend!

Great hotel. I stayed at the end of May. The room is clean and the linens are changed. No one bothers me. Close to the sea.

This hotel surprised me on the Black Sea coast. For the price of a regular room on promotion they put me in a deluxe room! Which has a super view of the bay through the panoramic windows in a circle. Note: the hotel has great WIFI.

The room was very clean, comfortable mattresses, towels changed on demand or on schedule. The linens were very comfortable, no need for air conditioning in May, we slept with the window open. Airliners overhead, sleep did not interfere.

The view from the window through panoramic windows super! The bedding was frequently changed, towels every other day. Our room was just a few minutes walk away from our room. If anyone can’t get enough of it there are a few dining rooms nearby.

Good place! From rooms “Standard” (a large room with a double bed, hallway, chest of drawers, tables, coffee table, mirror with a nightstand in which there is a small fridge, and a large shower room with heated floor, where there is a hair dryer, a full set of towels, soaps, gels and shampoos) 24 hours see and hear the sea. The hotel was very well located, there were no teapots, microwaves, etc.

I stayed in a cheap hotel for a reasonable price. Rooms were very spacious, bright and very clean. Breakfast in the cafe-dining room on the first floor, a wide choice of dishes, also very decent in both quality and price.

Fire safety at a high level. Coolers in the hallways on the 1st and 3rd floors (not very convenient). On the 2nd floor, ironing board with iron. Every three, four days they change the linen.

How to get to Gelendzhik cheaply: by plane, train or car

I used to think it was windy and cold from the sea, but it is the opposite – there is warmth from the sea, and there are no strong winds in Sochi as in Moscow, for example, there is almost no wind in Sochi.

I went out for a walk to the sea tonight: December 24, 2020. The phone said the temperature was +2 but I felt like +7, it was nice and warm on the beach

Magical, delicious and wonderful! The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming. Just like home. Everything tasty and fresh. I recommend

Next we were met by wonderful, smiling, positive, and very nice people of this hotel Catherine and Andrew, it is those wonderful people who will be with you until the end of your vacation, they create comfort and convenience in this place, tell you everything, will prompt, explain, if necessary lead the hand up to the place The location of the hotel is ideal! I walked to the beach in 5 minutes,and if you run to the beach all 2 The rooms were great.

Breakfast at the hotel was just wonderful, you can go walking distance to the beach, if you want to go somewhere, you have a wide choice of restaurants, cafes, stores, everything is within walking distance, you do not have to go anywhere, everything is nearby.

We want to start with the fact that the hotel takes care of its customers, met us at the airport and drove to the place, the hotel has its own shuttle (which is important), the driver delivered us with comfort and accuracy

We had a wonderful stay at our hotel in Antalya. If you want to relax not only in body but also in soul, you go ONLY here.

We recommend the hotel Tethys, in all respects and will return again is to you) with respect Tatiana and Vladimir)

Where not expensive to stay in Sochi and Adler

Finding inexpensive, but decent accommodations in Sochi, Adler, and Imereti Bay is no easy task. But we seem to have done it! Find out where you can stay in the resorts inexpensively, but comfortably: with its own bathroom, air conditioning and not too far from the sea.

Where to find inexpensive accommodation in Sochi and Adler:

    – search for hotels and guest houses with discounts. – The private sector: apartments, houses, rooms. – Tours in Sochi and Adler.

Attention! During our large-scale audit of resorts in the south of Russia, we found that local hoteliers often cheat vacationers by buying positive reviews on travel sites, including Bucking. So read the reviews carefully before booking, especially the negative ones – they will tell you a lot of interesting things. Also see how their hosts respond to criticism: if they are rude, sarcastic, and hit on the tourist, then feel free to pass by. We advise to book accommodation in advance, rather than look for it on the spot, otherwise you will get a mediocre option, and even overpay.

Inexpensive guest houses

Black Sea в центре Сочи . У этого гостевого дома номера простые, но расположение великолепное — рядом с сочинским дендрарием. До моря и центра тоже совсем недалеко! У дома много хороших отзывов и высокий рейтинг: туристам нравится чистота, вежливый персонал, тишина и гастроном с вкусной выпечкой. Цена для центра Сочи просто неслыханная — от 2400 ₽ в июне и от 2800 ₽ в июле-августе, а в низкий сезон — вообще от 1700 ₽. Проверить цену >>

Riviera Park and beach in Sochi

Sophia в центре Адлера . Хотите недорого остановиться в Адлере практически у самого моря? Бронируйте этот гостевой дом — до пляжа всего 200 метров! Чисто, тихо, рядом есть кафе и столовые. Номера простые, но уютные. В отзывах туристы советуют номер с балконом. Цена весной — от 1300 ₽, летом и в бархатный сезон 2022 — от 2600 ₽. Проверить цену >>

“Эдем-Олимп” в Имеретинке . Недорогой и приличный гостевой дом с адекватными хозяевами. Есть детский бассейн, внутренний двор, в кафе подают завтраки. До моря — примерно 20-25 минут. Цена в июне — 2500 ₽, в июле-августе — 3500 ₽, а в бархатный сезон — 3000 ₽. Проверить цену >>

Where to stay in Sochi and Adler inexpensive

Photo: guest house “Eden-Olympus” in Imeretinka.

Cheap apartments

Квартира в Сочи . Небольшая квартира с хорошим ремонтом в самом центре Сочи. До моря около 500 м. Подходит для 4 человек. Цена весьма демократичная — 5500 ₽ в сутки. Таких летом в Сочи почти не найти! Проверить цену >>

Квартира в Имеретинке. Хорошая квартирка с новым ремонтом в современном ЖК с закрытым двором и детской площадкой — неплохой вариант для отдыха семьей или небольшой компанией друзей из 4 человек. Находится неподалеку от Орнитологического парка. Летом 2022 года она стоит 4500 ₽. Проверить цену >>

Квартира в Адлере . Очень симпатичная и уютная однокомнатная квартирка у моря! Комфортная, с кухней и стиральной машиной. Вмещает до 4 гостей, можно остановиться с маленькими детьми и животными. Много отличных отзывов. Цена летом 2022 — 4800 ₽. Проверить цену >>

Where can I find a cheap accommodation in Sochi

Apartment in Sochi. Photo: sutochno.ru.

Cheap Hotels

“Восток” — хороший и недорогой отель в Имеретинке, у Олимпийского парка. У него уютные номера с современным дизайном, интересное освещение, вежливый персонал, есть кафе. Цена летом и в бархатный сезон 2022 года — от 3700 ₽. Проверить цену >>

Экодом Black Sea 2* . Хотите пожить с видом на море, но недорого? Выбирайте этот отель неподалеку от аквариума в Адлере. Панорамные окна, интерьер в пастельных тонах, хорошее кафе при отеле и пляж под боком. Пол с подогревом, так что тут можно остановиться даже зимой. Рядом станция “Известия”, откуда легко на электричке уехать в Сочи или Красную Поляну. Просите номер повыше, чтобы был вид на море! Цена в июне и сентябре — 3000 ₽, в июле и августе — от 4200 ₽. Проверить цену >>

InnReef 3* — отличный вариант, где можно недорого остановиться в Сочи! Симпатичные номера, завтраки в своем ресторане, приятный персонал, чистота. Неподалеку находится красивейший санаторий Орджоникидзе, где так приятно гулять, и автобусные остановки. Единственный минус — отель находится на возвышенности. Цены для Сочи очень демократичные — от 3500 ₽ летом и в бархатный сезон 2022 года. Проверить цену >>

Diana Palace 4* — красивый отель в Адлере, где можно остановиться в классном двухместном номере с хорошим завтраком всего от 3800 ₽. И это летом! А вот номера-студио и “комфорт” стоят уже от 5000 ₽, бизнес и люкс — от 8000 ₽. Так что если на ваши даты есть недорогие номера, бронируйте! В отеле есть подогреваемый бассейн на крыше с видом на горы, панорамные окна и приятные номера. Единственный минус — отель далековат от моря и расположен высоко, так что передвигаться нужно на такси. Проверить цену >>

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Where to stay in Sochi and Adler inexpensive

Photo: InnReef Hotel 3*.

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