Where to stay in the center of Moscow for cheap – 12 variants

Where to stay in Moscow inexpensively

There is no kitchen, and the nearest establishment from which you could order died in self isolation. And the biggest minus – slippers need to buy separately and sets of “shampoo-conditioner, toothbrush” is not present simply as a fact

Dear Management, you have a very inexpensive for travelers, but you raise the room above the economy class by two hundred rubles, but please include such a necessary set in the price that it was, it’s inexpensive but convenient will be! At least as an option.

Reception is always ready to help, I hurt myself and they helped me though it was night. Air conditioning, TV, wi-fi – ok. The hotel was a reasonable size and the layout was a nice change of pace.

The price/location/service ratio was the best you can get at Smolenskaya. The hotel is very well located, not too shabby at all.

No elevator, no way for disabled people, I had to use stilettos to get to the fourth floor. But it’s not the hotel’s fault, because the building is historic.

I want to swim normally, but I don’t want to drag my bottles, and I need air conditioning! And slippers! Listen to me!

There’s a fridge and a tea set. And again, a woman at the reception was a bit disappointing. A little rude it seemed to me. But I think we will visit on a regular basis.

I liked it very much! Cozy rooms, excellent work of the staff! I did not want to leave! I would like to be able to rent a charger for my phone) it happens sometimes :) The shower hose was leaking and there is a small crack that makes the water leak.

I would say this hotel is wonderful, the bed is soft and comfortable but the rooms have poor soundproofing. This is a cheap hotel and not much of a bargain as it is not very comfortable. This is a rarity in Moscow.

I was afraid we’d hit our heads (but it turned out to be a very spacious room with high ceilings and a bevel which even adds romantic charm) the only problem was the broken window((( please fix it. Everything is in the bathroom, soapy and what was very nice – there is also an air freshener

Very spacious, very comfortable, located in a quiet location. The hotel staff are friendly. Bathroom is clean and cosy, our room is clean and the breakfast buffet is good. I had the feeling that we are at home. Good luck and good luck to the staff at our hotel and cafe Lavanda.

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It’s a great inexpensive hotel with a great location. Been repeatedly. Advice – book a place in advance.

My favorite place to stay, the hotel has everything you need, no extravagances, but very comfortable, always clean! Good location, second year in a row we booked before the festival, everything is great.

We booked two years in a row before the festival. It’s the best windowless room I’ve ever had. Everything is great! Clean! The coffee is great! If you need to sleep in a clean and nice, albeit small, room downtown, this is your option! I hope there are full rooms here.

This is a great place to stay, everything is walking distance. Everything is in walking distance. The staff is very helpful and friendly. Rooms are not huge, but everything was made for comfortable and stay at the hotel.

I liked the hotel very much The staff was very attentive and polite. Clean and comfortable rooms, there is a cafeteria, you can have a snack. Still planning a trip to Moscow, we will only go there

Wonderful staff, very polite, great job, always on the spot, trying to help. I had coffee and croissants in the morning even though breakfast was not included.

The room is clean and neat. free coffee from the coffee machine The peace and quiet prevails in the hotel and most importantly very polite and pleasant staff. now if you come to Moscow I will stay only here

For special occasions there is a projector: for 900 rubles there is a wide choice of videos to suit all tastes

A great cozy place! The friendly staff. Breakfasts are great – you won’t go hungry. I had a 110 room – with its own entrance from the street

Thanks to the helpful staff. We had directions and a tanometer for my dad and even eye drops in the middle of the night. The room is clean, everything you need is there.

Loved it very much. Cozy. Everything you need to spend the night (except food) is inside, request can be made as needed.

Cozy rooms, reasonable price, friendly friendly staff. These beds, or rather mattresses, were amazingly comfortable and made me feel like a 5+ sleeper.

Very comfortable place for a very reasonable price. Very clean and tidy. The staff was friendly and attentive. I was pleased with the choice of pillows. This is very nice! And important.

We stayed in a budget room because we had been staying for two days. Our room was on the third floor on the principle of the attic.

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We had a window in the ceiling which gave us a lot of daylight and a chance to lie on the bed and look at the sky, it was especially nice to lie here in the rain after a long walk.

Great place. The room was clean and comfortable despite the small square footage. Good service, well located, quiet area. Good value for money.

Very nice staff, quiet and clean, loft style rooms give this hotel a very authentic and charming layout))) Thank you for the hospitality!)

I liked everything: from the friendly staff to the very good breakfast! The room is clean and comfortable, good wi-fi, slippers, and all bathroom amenities.

I had a great stay at this hotel, nice lobby, hustle girls at the front desk, and correct security guards. Rooms are clean and very comfortable. In addition, I advise all the small very cozy restaurant on the second floor.

“For the whole” hotel, I will not say, was in the conference center at the finals of creative competitions for children and youth, which holds the ROO “Doctrine.

Very interesting, well-organized events to which children from all over the country gather with glowing eyes.

Regarding the minuses, then most of all, personally, I was disappointed with food which is not in the usual buffet style when you come and take what you want, and involves a small circle in the center where you have to come and say what you want to give, and because of this there are just wild lines.

First of all I would like to note the excellent location, as the subway station is literally 200-300 meters from the entrance to the hotel, not far from there is a city train station of the MCC, across the street is a ring of bus routes.

The hotel can be described by one word – JUSTIN! And that’s in everything. But if you are considering this hotel, you probably need a similar option.

Very convenient! Inside the hotel is beautiful, cozy hall, modern elevators with music, we lived on the 16th floor, assessed them? we had some comments on the work of the maid, it’s a bit marred the rest

Closed area, the former hotel, and now a residential building. Apartments are sold together with the furniture and there are still repairs done. Basically the walls are painted and tiles are laid in the bathroom, on the floors carpeting

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In September 2017 we stayed for a day, we chose the hotel because of its proximity to Domodedovo. Good hotel, close to Orekhovo metro and bus stops, one metro station to buses in Domodedovo, Tsaritsyno Park across the street

Bathroom is separate, for 3 rooms in the block, but the inconvenience was not, the neighbors have not seen or heard. The only drawback was that we had very little gel soap in the bathroom which ran out when we arrived and we didn’t have any extra water for a whole day.

Breakfast was lovely, we could eat for a whole day and then stay in the room for dinner. I walked out of the hotel and walked in to the metro station and there were two supermarkets, one Dixy and one Pyatoyochka.

12 Cheap Hotels, Hostels, and Apartments in Downtown Moscow

Where to Stay in Moscow

Everyone knows how expensive it is to live in the center of Moscow, but we found 12 places where you can stay inexpensively in the capital. We share with you hotels, hostels and apartments in the city center with great reviews and prices that will pleasantly surprise you.

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Cheap hotels in the center of Moscow

In addition to luxury hotels, Moscow offers small inexpensive hotels with a warm homelike atmosphere. Here are five cozy hotels where tourists love to stay. Search for hotels in Moscow on the Hotelluk service.

Комфорт Москва 2* — удобный мини-отель в Замоскворечье, на Пятницкой улице 22/2, рядом со станцией метро “Новокузнецкая”. Поблизости большой выбор магазинов и кафе. Номера 20 кв. м, но имеют все необходимое для комфортного отдыха, в том числе собственную ванную комнату. Приятно, что в этот отель можно приехать с питомцем! Летом номер на двоих стоит от 2700 рублей. Проверить цену >>

Велий отель 3* находится в историческом здании 19 века, в Тверском районе, на Моховой улице. Одно из лучших мест, где можно остановиться, чтобы погулять по центру Москвы! До Красной площади, колокольни Ивана Великого и Оружейной палаты — меньше километра. Любуйтесь Московским Кремлем прямо из окна! Номера уютные, со всем необходимым. Летом 2020 номер на двоих стоит от 2900 рублей. Шведский стол на завтрак стоит 600 рублей. Проверить цену >>

Метамосква 3* — чудесная гостиница с ярко оформленными интерьерами и светлыми комнатами в пастельных тонах. В каждом номере есть место для работы на компьютере. Вся мебель и сантехника новые — редкость для недорогих гостиниц! Отель находится на улице Яузская, 5, в Таганском районе Москвы. Летом двухместный номер стоит от 2500 рублей, а завтрак — 450 рублей. Проверить цену >>

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Centeral Hotel Moscow 3* — дизайнерский отель с невероятно уютными и чистыми номерами! Находится на улице Петровские Линии, 1, в нескольких минутах ходьбы от станций метро “Трубная” и “Чеховская”. Рядом с отелем — Центральный рынок, Сретенский монастырь и Музей современного искусства. В мансарде большие окна сделаны прямо на крыше. Отдыхайте после прогулок и любуйтесь московским небом! Летом 2020 номер на двоих стоит от 2500 рублей. Проверить цену >>

Чайковский 3* — дизайн-отель на Большой Садовой, рядом с Арбатом и Патриаршими прудами. Аккуратные и стильные номера, очень просторные. Все современное, новое и чистое. Особенно гости хвалят расположение, качественную уборку, хорошую звукоизоляцию и приятный персонал. Летом двухместный номер стоит от 3000 рублей, завтрак — 550 рублей. Проверить цену >>

Room in Centeral Hotel Moscow. Photo: Centeral Hotel Moscow. A room in Metamoskva. Photo: Metamoskva.

Cheap hostels in the center of Moscow

Hostels are the most budget accommodation in Moscow. They are convenient to stay for 1-2 nights and stay with friends. Almost all Moscow hostels are located in the center. We have chosen four inexpensive hostels with high ratings and excellent tourist reviews. A nice bonus is that some of them include a light breakfast! Look for hostels in Moscow on Hotelluk.

Jolly — хостел в старинном доме на улице Остоженка, 7, стр. 1, недалеко от станции метро “Кропоткинская” и Арбата. Туристам нравятся светлое оформление комнат, чистые постели и выглаженное белье. Во всех номерах есть кофемашины и микроволновые печи. Цена за кровать в общем номере — от 720 рублей с человека, а номер на двоих с общей ванной комнатой стоит от 3000 рублей. Проверить цену >>

Axel — аккуратный и минималистичный хостел недалеко от Курского вокзала и Чистых прудов, на Покровском бульваре, д.8/2Б. Гостям нравится чистота в комнатах и местах общего пользования, доброжелательный персонал, качество постельного белья и небольшая лаундж зона. Кровать в общем номере стоит от 620 рублей, двухместная капсула стоит от 1200 рублей за ночь, а двухместный номер с общей ванной — от 1900 рублей. Проверить цену >>

Винегрет — уютный хостел на Арбате. До станции “Арбатская” — всего 5 минут ходьбы. Несмотря на центр, в хостеле тихо. Удобства — как обычно в хостелах. Гости особо отмечают персонал с чувством юмора, чистоту и удобную кухню. При проживании в общем номере цена летом 2020 — от 600 рублей на человека. Двухместный номер с общей ванной стоит от 2100 рублей. Проверить цену >>

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Рус на Пречистенке — уютный и недорогой хостел в живописном районе Хамовники, в Сеченовском переулке, 8, стр. 3. До Красной площади вы дойдете за 25 минут! Хостел занимает этаж в старинном доме с лепными фасадами. Туристы хвалят его за тишину, красивые душевые и комфортную общую кухню. Летом цена за кровать в общем номере — от 720 рублей. Стандартный двухместный номер — от 2200 рублей в сутки. Проверить цену >>

A room in hostel Jolly. Photo: Hostel Jolly. A room in the hostel Axel. Photo: Hostel Axel.

Apartments in Moscow

If you are looking for a place to stay in Moscow with children or friends, choose an apartment. For a trip for a few people private accommodation is better than a hotel. A city apartment has more space, a kitchen and a washing machine. In a huge metropolis – a sea of offers from apartment owners. So you don’t waste your time, we found three great options at an affordable price. Search for apartments and rooms in Moscow on Airbnb.

Квартира в доходном доме Нирнзее — отличный вариант, где можно недорого остановиться в Москве. Пожить в центре, в доме с историей — уникальный опыт! В этом доходном доме бывали Есенин, Маяковский, Мандельштам, Неверов, Зощенко, Пильняк и другие поэты и писатели, а Булгаков встретил свою жену. Тут снималось много фильмов. Гости хвалят квартиру за чистоту, уют, удобства. Квартира рассчитана на двоих. Цена летом — от 4200 рублей в сутки. Проверить цену >>

Красивая дизайнерская студия возле станции метро “Третьяковская” — идеальный выбор для всех, кто хочет остановиться в историческом центре Москвы. Туристы в восторге от цветастых обоев, постеров на стенах, приятного освещения и деревянной мебели. Уютно и красиво! Добавьте к этому современную сантехнику, кровать с ортопедическим матрасом и удобную кухню. До Красной площади 20 минут пешком. Студия рассчитана на двоих. Цена летом 2020 — от 5700 рублей. Проверить цену >>

Стильные апартаменты “Булгаков” по достоинству оценят любители романа “Мастера и Маргарита”. Это старая московская квартира с кирпичными стенами и высокими лепными потолками. Уютные апартаменты находятся в районе Старого Арбата. Комната и санузел небольшие, но оформлены по-домашнему тепло. Гости могут пользоваться общей кухней с чайником и микроволновкой. Жилье рассчитано на двоих. Цена летом 2020 года — от 3100 рублей. В стоимость входит чай, кофе и завтрак. Проверить цену >>

Apartment in the Nirnsee apartment building. Photo: OVSYANKA APARTMENTS. A studio near Tretyakovskaya subway station. Photo: Perfect studio near Kremlin.

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