Where to stay in the Seychelles: resorts and beaches

15 best beaches in Seychelles

Where, if not in the Seychelles, are all the conditions for a paradisiacal vacation? This archipelago in the Indian Ocean consists of 115 islands, each of which is unique in its own way: one is home to giant turtles, another is known for its cinematic scenery, the third is famous for its mysterious underwater world. But all the islands have something in common: stunning tropical beaches with clear shimmering water and sand that resembles powdered sugar. Seychelles beaches are the splendor of unspoiled nature, top-notch impeccable service and a truly heavenly delight.

Praslin Island

Here you will find a selection of the best beaches in Seychelles, located on the three main islands – Praslin, La Digue and Mahe – with detailed descriptions and photos.


Covering an area of over 157 square kilometers, Mahe is the largest island of the Seychelles archipelago. Mahe is famous for its mountain peaks, but above all for its white sandy beaches. The list of the best beaches of Seychelles, located on Mahe, is quite extensive.

Intendance is a spectacular wild beach in the south of Mahe. Although actually open to the general public, Intendance is owned by the only resort complex on this shoreline, the 5* Banyan Tree Hotel.

Intendance Beach

The beach strip, which stretches for about 700 meters, reaches a width of 20-25 meters. The water entry is shallow, but the depth increases quickly. The surface is sandy, but there are stones at the bottom. Most of the year the water there is clean, but in June and September there is a lot of algae. At Intendance, there are almost always very high waves, because the bay is not protected from the ocean by a coral reef.

Intendance is considered one of the best beaches on Mahe, and yet it is not crowded.

Just a hundred meters from the sand is a bus stop, not far there is a place to park.

The beach Royale is located in a large bay in the southeastern part of Mahé, near the town of the same name. This proximity has its advantages and disadvantages:

It is the longest beach on Mahé, at 15m wide and 1.5km long. It’s the longest stretch of coastline on Mahé, 1.5km wide and fractured by huge boulders. The tide is high in the morning and you can lounge on the sand after 12:00. The beach is shallow, the entrance to the water is smooth, the bottom is sandy and rocky.

On Anse Royale is quite windy, but the water is relatively calm and the waves are small. This is due to the fact that there is a coral reef stretching along the shore – it protects the beach from the open ocean. And since the depth for swimming there is ideal (2-3 meters), Anse Royale is recognized as the best place on Mahe for snorkeling.

Between June and September this beach becomes one of the best places in Seychelles for windsurfing.

There are a number of bus routes along the beachfront, including one to the airport.

Located on the southwest shore of Mahé, Takamaka Beach gets its name from the Takamaka trees which stand closest to the shore.

Anse Takamaka Beach

The 500m long strip of sand is bordered on both sides by picturesque piles of huge boulders.

Waves on Takamaka are not big, and sometimes the ocean is so calm that you can swim. The entry into the water is smooth, the bottom is sandy, but there are stones. Takamaka is considered one of the best places for snorkeling on Mahe and Seychelles. But all equipment must be taken with you, as there are no rental stations.

Takamaka Beach

The beach is wild, there are no hotels or stores nearby. The only infrastructure is a tap to wash the sand off your feet, a luxury for beaches in Seychelles and on Mahe.

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The area is constantly monitored by the police because sea turtles nest there.

Good access, there are two parking lots. It is also convenient to get to by public transport.

For those looking for fun, not solitude, the best choice would be Buvalon beach in Seychelles. It is the most visited on Mahe and very lively, as not only tourists rest there, but also locals often gather for picnics.

People on Beau Vallon beach

Beau Vallon is the longest beach on Mahe, with a width of 30m and a length of almost 1800m. There are no boulders and abundant vegetation, as on the other beaches of Seychelles. The trees that grow there give little shade, so the best time to relax is in the morning or closer to evening.

The entrance to the water is smooth, the depth is quite comfortable for swimming. The bottom is sandy, without stones, shells and coral fragments. There are no undercurrents, but do not underestimate the ocean waves – they can be quite high and strong at high tide.

Seascape, Beau Wallon beach

Beau Vallon beach is one of the best places in Seychelles for a variety of water sports.

There is a large selection of restaurants and hotels, stores with groceries and souvenirs, there are also places to exchange money.

But as written in the reviews of tourists, this beach has a significant drawback. These ants, which climb on the thin bedding (but not on towels) and very strongly bite. Their bites are not immediately apparent, and the itching bothers you for a very long time.

This is a very small beach on the west coast of Mahe – only 120m long and 15mm wide. The beach is framed by rocks along the edges, steeply descending into the depths – it’s good to swim with a snorkel.

Sunset Beach Cove

The water entry is shallow, the depth increases very slowly. At high tide, small waves rise. There are places with natural shade.

Sunset is especially popular with guests of the nearby Sunset Beach Hotel, so it is often fully occupied by people.

A picturesque curved cove on the southwest side of Mahe is Bae Lazar. Once upon a time this bay was a haven for pirates, locals once even found a pirate’s treasure there. Now this place – the most quiet and calm beach on Mahe.

View of Beaux Lazare

The coast there is narrow and long – 1000 m and 20 m respectively. The beach is shallow and the descent into the water is gradual. There are places with thickets of seaweed, right by the shore are many stones and corals. Due to the fact that along the coast stretches coral reef, large waves almost never happens.

Nearby there are several hotels, bar and restaurant. For guests resorts installed sun loungers and umbrellas.

Praslin Island

Praslin is the second largest (after Mahe) island of Seychelles, its area is almost 39 square kilometers. It is famous for its stunning beaches, secluded hotels and resorts. One of its distinctive characteristics – the ancient coral reefs off the coast. Detailed information about holidays on the island and its features are collected in this article.

Lacion has many times been in the top ten beaches in Seychelles for swimming, snorkeling, diving, sunbathing, photography. The water there is clean and warm, but deepens quickly (although it comes close to shore at high tide). For swimming there is a special area, fenced with a net. Conditions for recreation of tourists are safe, lifeguards are working, but still do not forget about the strong undercurrent. And the waves sometimes rise too high, because this beach of Praslin is not fenced with a coral reef.

Photo: Anse Lazio

The length of the sandy beach, surrounded by huge boulders, is 400 m.

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Anse Lazio is located on the northwestern side of the island, in the cozy harbor of Chevalier Bay. This beach is easily accessible by car and bus (although the parking is small), so it is equally popular among tourists and locals.

There are no toilets and showers on Lazio, and nowhere to change clothes either. You can use the toilet in a restaurant by ordering food or drinks, but the prices there are high with low quality. Going to this beach in Seychelles, food and water are better to take with you.

Georgette is located on the northwest side of the island of Praslin, on the territory of the hotel 5* Constance Lemuria. Non-stayers will need permission from the hotel management to visit the beach. Georgette can also be accessed by boat on the ocean.

Anse Georgette

It is a tiny beach framed by forest and granite boulders – it is 12m wide and 260m long. The bottom drop, although smooth, but the depth builds up very quickly. There are no stones and corals in the bay, the water is without algae.

This beach in Seychelles is suitable for swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling. But you have to be careful, because due to the fact that there is no protection from the coral reef, there are often big waves.

There are almost no modern facilities on the beach. Water and food must be taken with you.

This beach, located in the town of Anse Volber, is considered the best and most popular on the island.

Cote D

Cote d’Or is so long (2.6 km), that it passes by many resorts and hotels of varying degrees of comfort. This ensures a constant flow of visitors to the beach. There are restaurants, cafes, stores, dive center, but at the same time there are no showers, toilets or even garbage cans.

The beach is considered unbreathable and more suitable for walking along the sandy shore. But there are still a few places where you can swim. Côte d’Or is shallow, the entrance to the water is very gentle. The water is clear, but sometimes there is algae.

On Anse Volbert you can go snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, sailing, fishing. Tourists are available for excursions offered by locals – their boats literally crowd the entire coast.

Kerlan is one of the best and most comfortable beaches on the island. The beach strip, covered with soft sand, is surrounded by rocks and lush vegetation that provides natural shade.

Anse Kerlan Beach

Kerlan reaches a length of 500 m. The water entry is shallow, the bottom is sandy.

From April to November, swimming in Anse Kerlan is not comfortable because of the large amount of algae. And from May to October, the beach is raging with high waves and strong undercurrents – during these months, people come there to practice surfing and windsurfing.

Kerlan is close to the airport and belongs to the hotel Constance Lemuria. Tourists coming for a day visit must coordinate the date of arrival with the hotel management, otherwise they simply will not be allowed there.

The beach bar is open and there are always free sun loungers.

Island of La Digue

La Digue Island, although very small – its area barely exceeds 10 km² – but incredibly popular among tourists coming to Seychelles. The explanation is simple: luxurious sandy beaches with sculpted boulders located literally all along the coast.

The most photographed beach in the world is in the Seychelles, and is called Anse Sours d’Argent. It is located at the far end of the L’Union Estate National Park.

Not far from this coastline stretches a coral reef, which serves as a reliable protection from the big waves. The water in the ocean is clean, although algae is sometimes present. The beach surface is soft fine sand, the entry into the water is smooth and long enough. All these characteristics make Anse Source D’Argent one of the best and safest beaches in Seychelles for holidays with children. This beach is also recognized as a pretty good place for snorkeling.

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All the necessary infrastructure on the beach is there. The area is also open restaurant and cafes, stores with groceries and souvenirs.

Photo: Anse Source D'Argent

Anse Sours d’Argent is always crowded, as it is quite popular with vacationers.

To visit Source D’Argent, you need to buy a ticket to L’Union Estate Park – it costs 115 rupees (about $8). You can be on the beach until 5 p.m., since the national park takes visitors until this hour.

In the southeastern part of La Digue is another beautiful beach of Seychelles – Anse Cocos. This beach has a crescent shape, it is surrounded on both sides by rocks, and behind the shoreline – the bright green jungle. The beach is sandy, but there are many black boulders all along the coast.

Anse Cocos Beach

The descent into the water is steep and rocky, the bottom is strewn with stones. Near the shore, there are almost always high waves, but the strong undercurrents are even more dangerous. The natural pools at the end of the beach, protected by boulders, are ideal for swimming.

The infrastructure on Anse Cocos is completely undeveloped. Everything you need for recreation, as well as food and water, must be taken with you.

Without a guide to get to Anse Cocos is very difficult: the path to it is not marked, a total of 40 minutes to walk through the jungle, swamp and rocks. But the advantage of this isolated beach is that it is not crowded.

According to CNN 2013 Grand Anse – this is the best beach not only in Seychelles, but also the entire planet.

It is the most spacious sandy beach on La Digue: it is quite wide, and it reaches 3 km in length.

Grand Anse Beach on La Digue

Due to the fact that the beach is surrounded by high granite rocks the waves are not too big. But the main danger for swimmers is the strong undercurrents. That is why at the entrance to the beach there is a sign with the inscription “No swimming”. In general, it makes sense to go to Grand Anse just to admire the magnificent views and breathe crystal clear air. And it is advisable to arrive to this beach as early as possible to take the best place in the shade under the palm trees or overhanging rocks.

Grand Anse has a bar and a kiosk with drinks and you can use the sun loungers.

The distance from the ferry to this beach is 3 km and it takes 1 hour to get there on foot. It is a good idea to rent a bike and ride it, as it takes about 20 minutes. However, you have a long uphill ride and then a long way downhill.

A detailed description with photos of La Digue island is presented in this article.

On the east coast of La Digue is another beautiful and nice beach – Petit or Petit Anse. It is a wide sandy strip, bounded on the edges by huge boulders. Among these boulders you can take shelter from the sun, there is no other natural shade.

Petite Anse, Seychelles

But there is a small cafeteria, and if you buy drinks there, you can hide in the huts that stand on the perimeter of the beach. There is nothing else on the beach, so you have to take water, food, towel and everything else you might need for recreation.

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Because of the strong undercurrents and large waves, Petite is not suitable for swimming, there is even a sign at the entrance forbidding swimming. This secluded wilderness area is practically deserted.

This beach is located in the northern part of the island, in the city limits, near the pier.

Anse Severe is crowded and noisy, with tourists living in nearby hostels and small hotels. But there is enough room for everyone: the beach is long and up to 70m wide, although the tide takes away some of the land.

Photo: Anse Severe

At low tide, Severe is very shallow, but after 12:00 the water rises a little and swimming is comfortable. In the evening, the waves usually get higher.

This beach is recognized as one of the best beaches in Seychelles for snorkeling.

On one of the outskirts of Anse Severe runs a small bar, there are two gest houses and a store with cheap souvenirs. Next to the bar lives a giant turtle, and you can take a picture with it, and for free.

As you have realized, Seychelles beaches offer so much variety, and in such a large number that you can change the place almost every day.

Video: overview of the best beaches in Seychelles, aerial views. Look for sure!

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Where to have a rest in Seychelles

Where to stay in the Seychelles

Find out where to vacation in the Seychelles for lovers of good beaches, divers, youth, parents with children and fans of secluded vacation. Choose the tropical resort of your dreams!


Resorts in the Seychelles

You can stay on the biggest islands of the archipelago or choose a tiny island-hotel for your vacation.

The largest and most civilized island, Mahe is the only city and capital of Seychelles, Victoria. The area of 155 square kilometers includes fine sandy beaches, marine reserve, luxury hotels, budget guest houses, paved roads, supermarkets and nightclubs.

The second largest resort in Seychelles is Praslin . The island, which can be easily reached on foot in an hour, is famous for its beautiful beaches, relict forests and sprawling coconut palms. There are almost no paved roads, but there are many hiking trails for tourists.

The most photogenic and sparsely populated resort of Seychelles – La Digue. The third largest island of the archipelago strikes with incredibly beautiful beaches, dense jungle and magnificent coral reefs. You won’t find any cars here – holidaymakers ride on carts pulled by oxen.

Bird . A small island of birds – a great place for lovers of a quiet holiday in the Seychelles, fans of birdwatching and diving.

Surf . The island-hotel with a national park offers everything you need for a luxury vacation – restaurants, a store, a spa and equipment rentals for snorkeling enthusiasts. On Surf, you’ll see huge turtles and rare bush species.

Round . The small, secluded island is known for its sandy beaches and wonderful snorkeling spots. From the popular Seychelles resort, it’s a 15-minute drive to Victoria.

Denis . An island resort with groves of coconut palms and white sand beaches is suitable for lovers of quiet. The flight from Mahe takes only half an hour.

St. Ann . This island delights those who love unspoilt nature. The area of the resort is small, so there are few tourists.

Silhouette . On a picturesque island of 20 square kilometers is the highest point of the archipelago – Mount Duban (740 m). For 10 years, Silhouette has had the status of a nature reserve.

Frigate . A small Seychelles resort is located 15 minutes flight from Mahe. Tourists are greeted by a fashionable hotel, villas and seven excellent beaches.

Holidays in Seychelles - 2022. Prices, reviews and tips

Look for tours to Seychelles on Travelate and Level.Travel.

Where to stay in the Seychelles

La Digue Island beach. Photo: galeja / Depositphotos.com.

Where to find paradise beaches

There are beautiful places for beach vacations on all the islands of the archipelago. On Mahe, there are Beau Vallon, Port Launay and Anse Soleil. On Praslin, tourists love the “Gold Coast” Cote d’Or, the beaches of Anse Lazio, Anse Takamaka, Anse Marie-Louise and Anse Consolation, the bays of Grand Anse and Anse Kerlan. If you decide to vacation on La Digue, check out Grande Anse, Ance Severe, Petite Anse, Anse Marron and Anse Source D’argent.

All these beaches in Seychelles are so beautiful that you will forget about swimming! Looking at such beauty, you want to take a camera in hand and shoot without interruption.

Where are the beautiful beaches in the Seychelles?

Grand Anse Beach. Photo: @mece / unsplash.com.

Where’s the best diving and snorkeling

Seychelles is one of the best places in the world for diving and snorkeling. The warm waters are rich with colorful fish and coral. Snorkeling and diving on paradisiacal islands can be done everywhere.

Aldabra Atoll, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is considered the most famous diving spot. There are over 70 dive sites near the island of Mahe. The most popular are Trompeuse Rocks, the place where the British tanker sank – The Ennerdale wreck, and wonderful corals of fiery color – Brissare Rocks.

For snorkeling, the blue safe lagoons of Deroche Island, Malgache Bank, La Digue Island, Dragon’s Teeth, Recife Island, Trompeuse Rocks, Blanchisseuse and Biter Rock.

Where to dive in the Seychelles

Gray reef sharks near Mariana Island. Photo: MassimilianoFinzi / Depositphotos.com.

Where to vacation inexpensively

It’s not easy to find a resort where vacationers who like to save money can rest better in the Seychelles. Comfortable hotels are expensive and not everyone can afford.

The bigger and busier the island, the better the infrastructure is, the greater the choice of budget accommodation, more competition, and as a consequence, lower prices for products and services. If you want to save money, stay in guest houses or rent an apartment with a kitchen and cook by yourself. Keep in mind that the outer islands may not have supermarkets and markets. You will have to eat in cafes, and the costs will increase.

To spend less money, come in the off-season. The lion’s share of the costs goes for the flight. Book your tickets a few months before your trip, when they are 30-50% cheaper.

Resorts for young people

Mahe is considered the best resort for young people in the Seychelles. With a fun group of friends it’s good to hang out at the famous “Lovant Club” in the heart of Victoria and the disco “Katiolo”. Young and active tourists enjoy scuba diving, surfing, sea fishing, and traveling through national parks. It is interesting to come to the archipelago when there are seasonal festivals and yacht races.

Where to play in the Seychelles

International Carnival in the Seychelles. Photo: 18042011 / Depositphotos.com.

Where to vacation with children

There are many options for a family vacation in Seychelles – from the fashionable 4-5* hotels and villas to cheap bungalows, guest houses and apartments with a kitchen. All types of accommodation are on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. If you want to vacation with your child on the beach and are not planning a long trip, choose an island resort.

The best hotels for holidays with children in the Seychelles:

Resorts for secluded vacations

Those who like quiet and young couples prefer small islands and resorts. Such tourists are happy to stay in hotels that accommodate only adults, such as the Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & SPA 5* on Mahe or the JA Enchanted Island Resort 5* on Round Island.

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