Where to stay inexpensive in Anapa? Prices in 2022

Where to stay inexpensive in Anapa

The only drawback in the room are not provided single slippers, they can not be purchased even as dop.Clean, friendly staff, good food, morning buffet

Breakfast consisted of a mix of lunch and dinner. I stayed in the center of town and everything was close by but at night the roads in the center were a favourite place for car lovers and late night partying.

We were not very easy to get our documents and keys to the hotel. The room was standard single, but I would say it was in the economy category.

Great little hotel in the center of the city, nice clean rooms, nice outdoor pool, shuttle to the sea. The staff was friendly and helpful.

The hotel is very well located, very clean and the staff was friendly and kind. No juices, there is a draft beer for lunch and semi-sweet local wine of the most mediocre quality for dinner.

It was very nice. In summary I would like to say thank you for this wonderful stay and to sum up that I will definitely recommend to everyone who is planning to come to Anapa in future to stay in this wonderful hotel. Thank you!

We came with my family (2 minors and 4 yr old child) for a day. Very clean and 100% in full compliance with regulations. The cafe has a 10% discount for hotel guests. Clean. Staff was polite and competent. Rooms are spacious.

Staying at the hotel for the 7th time. Rooms are cleaned daily, but when? remains a mystery (anyone who vacationed in hotels understand me). Our room was warm and welcoming with a breakfast buffet.

Reception helped us, told us everything, even prepared the room early. Our room was clean and comfortable and the interior was pleasant and calm. Breakfast was excellent and the choice was very good. Thank you so much for your kindness.

Friendly staff, spacious room with all (and more) amenities. Huge, comfortable, IDEAL bed! Despite the fact that there was no water in town, the hotel had no problems with it

Back from the sea you get into a beautiful clean room with all the amenities. The friendly staff and clean rooms were a bonus. Would definitely recommend for couples for a romantic getaway.

Great hotel, the photos match. Close to the sea, with lots of cafes, stores, and souvenir shops around. The room has everything you need: refrigerator, kettle, crockery set.

In the end we found this wonderful hotel. Ideal location for those who want to warm bones on the beach in Anapa. To the central beach 5 min walk.

The location is very good – near stores and cafes, to the market 4 minutes, to the recreation area and the park area 5 minutes on foot. We have only positive feedback from the hotel!

We are guests of Anapa, came from Khabarovsk, I would like to note and recommend the hotel Three Musketeers, rooms are clean all the amenities in the room, as well as the room is provided with all the conditions for stay, at the hotel there is a good restaurant, delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners, staff is polite, kind and helpful, know their job at the highest level! I highly recommend this hotel and I’m sure you will like it.

We would recommend this hotel, we stayed there for 9 nights and we liked it very much, The staff was courteous, great food from the chef, delicious coffee from Andrew and his fellow bartenders, great music and a great vacation, Thanks to your Staff and we wish you all the best in the prosperity of your business.

How much is a trip to Sochi? Prices - 2022. The cost of recreation

We are very happy to have you back at our hotel. We would definitely go back again.

We would definitely like to stay again, we’ve been to lots of places in Anapa and this was the best we’ve seen so far. Great room with a great balcony. The boys at reception are attentive and polite.

Everything is not bad enough. Rooms have gorgeous views of the sea. Great spa area with sauna and pool. The food is really good. Rooms were friendly and welcoming. Little bumps are everywhere. For the money, I would recommend it.

We were in a suite, nice, clean, with two balconies overlooking the sea. Hot water was stable always, cleaning was done, an iron and a dryer in number is. The food is normal for a sanatorium, I would estimate it at four.

Sanatorium Anapa Ocean I recommend. Very responsive staff, excellent food (buffet), there is a dietary table. The resort has an indoor pool, sauna, hamam. There is also a wellness program.

Good pool downstairs, there is also a small children’s pool. In October, not a lot of people, and during the season in the pool can be crowded, but then again, the sea nearby. In addition to the pool there is a hammam, sauna, gym.

Saved a vacation previously ruined by another guesthouse. The price to quality ratio is right! Starting with the reception, everything is civilized, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. There are 2 elevators, freshly renovated both in the lobby and in the rooms.

The price is LOWER than in the shabby guest house. Our room was cleaned daily and towels changed. Definitely checked in here too if we come to Anapa again.

Walking distance to the high shore where the lighthouse and pebble beach on a beautiful square, and to the central beach and the main pedestrian streets. Friendly staff, clean and comfortable room overlooking the park.

Daily room cleaning and towel replacement, bed linen change was in four days. TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and balcony, all at the level. The hotel is very well located near the dining room.

We stayed from August 10-23, 2020. At our request the girls from the reception gave us a room with two beds. Special thanks to the maid in room 802. Housekeeping is done daily, towels are snow white.

Quiet, peaceful location walking distance to the sea 10 minutes. I noticed the cafe to this hotel. My husband refused to go there for breakfast due to this, even though they cooked normally.

We had a great stay at our hotel. The staff were very friendly and helpful, from the reception girls to the maids to the waiters. Everyone is very calm and friendly. Everything here is geared towards a positive holiday.

In general, the service, cleanliness, staff attitudes too on 5. The only disappointment was the sea. In the beginning of August it is simply soup of seaweed which nobody clears. Besides we were very much afraid to catch rotavirus.

Food is tasty, but not very various – the child of 4 years liked it all. The hotel has a children’s room, open from 8 to 19-45, with children there playing, doing handicrafts, every other day spend animation or master classes.

Great hotel for couples with children. Everything is geared toward entertaining and feeding the child. Adults are left only to relax. well, and rent bicycles, electric scooters and walks on the pioneer avenue.

Good small hotel for a holiday with small children (older boring in the hotel, but you can arrange a holiday outside the hotel). Food is worthy of the highest rating both in quality and variety

Navaginskaya Street in Sochi.

Hello, I think your hotel deserves not 3 stars but 5! Rooms are comfortable, the service is good, you can order a car from the airport, the rooms are clean, and the food is super! Thank you for such a wonderful stay!

I think this is a great hotel, not far from the sea. Rooms are simple, but neat and cozy. Large dining room where you can always get a good and plentiful meal, all very tasty, at home, a variety. Staff are polite and responsive.

For entertainment there is a table for table tennis and a pool table. The rooms have air conditioning, TV and refrigerator. The director, Svetlana Vasilievna, is an understanding and adequate person who goes to a meeting

I really liked the hotel, I also really liked the three meals a day. I can honestly say that the rest is always beautiful. 5 minutes to the sea.

The view of the sea was perfect! Special thanks to the administrator Julia, a wonderful, polite employee, will arrange all amenities for guests! Works for the good of the hotel’s reputation! Such employees deserve a weekly bonus!!!

I liked everything Hotel Luna on the beach, first line. Holidays in October, people on the beach is not much, the weather is great, swim too can. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel are not expensive, not bad.

I did not have a chance to rent a sun bed, maybe not a lot of people on the beach in October or I have not found it. I walked in the front door of the hotel and walked through the door.

Nice hotel with decent rooms. A huge plus is 50 meters to a clean beach. What we did not like was the food. Personally for my taste it could have been better. It was a great hotel and it was a pleasure to stay here.)

One of the best hotels on the coast. The food is delicious! The staff are friendly, will prompt, help, explain any questions! With the family is ideal to relax here, to the beach 100metrov, maybe less.

Great service, reasonable price tag, breakfast included in the room rate. There are rooms with sea views. Walking distance to the beach is 100m.

Nice hotel, clean, has everything you need, breakfast is delicious (buffet, though not a big one). Very clean bed linen and towels. There are some shortcomings in the room, but it is not essential, in general we liked everything.

The comfort level of the hotel is very good. The room was very comfortable, with a comfortable mattress and high quality bed linens. Variety of homemade breakfast will be a nice bonus to stay at the hotel

A special place in it is the patio. Design and functionality are thought out to the smallest detail, and in the season of hot summer there is an opportunity to swim in a small pool

The room for three people is small and cramped, the room is combined with a bathroom, the door of which opens directly into the room – not in the hallway: it just does not exist

But I did not understand: why it put two mattresses and another mattress pad? From time to time you have to get in almost a jump. The first day there were white streaks on the floor, but the next day they cleaned it up.

Did not like that the duvet covers came wet. No questions about the bathroom, everything is fine. The balcony is pretty cozy, there is a dryer. There are tables in the backyard and the pool, the water is about 29 degrees most of the time.

Rest with tents at the Black Sea: in campsites and feral camping

Very nice hotel! I lived in an economy room without a balcony – there is everything you need!) Air conditioning, own toilet and bath, bathroom accessories, cleaning and even a small TV, but I did not need it) Staff – all young, responsive girls and guys) there is even a children’s animator – plays with kids in the hotel courtyard) By the way, the courtyard is very comfortable – fountain, benches) constantly someone sits, rests.

Our trip took place on July 19, 2021, we came for 9 days and we didn’t regret at all that we chose this hotel! Having read reviews of tourists having a rest in May-June 2021 as that even got down, but decided not to get upset and to take from rest positive in other.

I want to note and thank the receptionists that checked us in much earlier in due time, and on departure from the hotel may extend the room and that I was very surprised, not every hotel allows itself such a thing, hourly rate, for us it was very convenient, when the departure from Anapa at 21-00 and not much that would want to drag along the heat from 12-00 with a child, and overpay for a day, as usual.

A little background, traveling from Eisk to the Crimea, by the way I have not calculated the time, it was night, 3 hours asleep, I thought it was not a bad idea somewhere to sleep overnight, decided to run in Anapa, arrived, the city is asleep, let’s search over the Internet to sleep where would )))) entire city one continuous hotel) on the Internet found this wonderful place, made reservations, drove up and there full house, no parking space light no.

To our amazement it was just the opposite. No, of course can people had a rest and they were always fed with black caviar, a conversation is different, but we simply were delighted with meal, namely HOMEWARE food, instead of any extravagances – meat with blood.

Prices for holidays in Anapa.

I tell you about the prices in Anapa in 2022. Find out how much a budget and comfortable vacation at the resort costs.


Prices for tours to Anapa – 2022

Anapa airport is temporarily closed, so the tours are not sold yet. If you want to rest in Anapa in 2022, will have to plan a vacation on their own: fly to Sochi or Mineralnye Vody, and from there get on the train.

When the airport opens, look for tours on Level.Travel and Travellata – they compare prices of all tour operators. These are convenient and reliable online stores where we buy our own trips.

Ticket prices

As I have already written, the airport of Anapa is closed. To get to the resort, you can fly to Sochi or Mineralnye Vody, and then go to Anapa by train or train. Faster would be from Sochi – “Lastochka” is 7 hours, and the train from Mineralvoda – 12 hours. If you do not want to change trains, you can go all the way to Anapa by train.

13500 ₽ – tickets from Moscow to Sochi and back at the end of summer.

1,600 ₽ – Lastochka from Sochi to Anapa.

4000 ₽ – a coach ticket from Moscow to Anapa at the end of the summer.

Look for airline tickets on Aviasales, and railroad tickets on Yandex.Travel and tutu.ru.

Prices in Anapa

Sandy beach in Vityazev.

Prices for housing in Anapa in 2022

800 ₽ – for this price in Anapa, Vityazev and Dzhemete in the high season rent the most inexpensive rooms with spartan conditions.

Sochi or Adler - where to have a better holiday?

For this price you can usually book a comfortable room with air conditioning, a window and a bathroom in a guest house about 1 km from the sea.

For 3* hotels and resorts, the price depends on the proximity to the sea and the living conditions.

4-star hotels cost on average ₽ 15,000, but prices can be either lower or much higher (for example, ultra all-inclusive hotels).

It is necessary to pay 20,000 ₽ per day for a five-star hotel, and this price is not the limit.

There is not much difference in the cost of hotels in Anapa, Vityazev and Dzhemete, so we decided that it is better to live in the suburbs of Anapa, because the beaches there are much steeper and the sea is cleaner. See a comparison of resorts and find out what suits you better: Anapa, Vityazevo or Dzhemete.

In Vityazevo we stayed at Despina Family Hotel 3*. It has excellent reviews! Rooms are new, clean and stylish, the staff is the nicest, there is a heated pool and a cafe with delicious and inexpensive food. The hotel is practically by the sea, behind the water park “Olympia”. I recommend it!

In Dzhemete we stayed in the hotel “White Sand” 4 * “all inclusive”. The hotel is nice, in marine tones. Cozy rooms, comfortable beds, swimming pool on the roof. The first line, its own territory on the beach. Not bad, but still far away from the Turkish all inclusive.

In summer, prices for hotels in Greater Anapa are almost Sochi. To save money and relax without crowds of tourists, we come to the end of the season – at this time hotels are much cheaper. For example, in the hotel “White Sand” 4 * in the summer rooms cost 14,000 ₽ per night, and at the end of the season we lived for 7000 ₽. Learn about 10 ways to book a hotel cheaper.

Where’s the best place to look for accommodations:

    – Cashback hotels. – Private sector and hotels.

In Anapa, Vityazev and Dzhemete, I chose accommodation with the best reviews of tourists:

Budget Guest House. from 900 ₽
Nice Guest House by the Sea from 2,300 ₽
Excellent sanatorium from 8,000 ₽
3* hotel with pool by the sea from 8,000 ₽
Budget hotel 4* by the sea from 8,000 ₽
Nice 4* hotel with UAI From 24,000 ₽
Best 4* hotel From 30,000 ₽
Best hotel 5* From 30,000 ₽

Our all-inclusive Bely Sands Hotel 4* in Dzhemete. Our Despina Family Hotel 3* in Vityazev.

Prices for food in Anapa

To me, the prices of food in Anapa did not seem prohibitive – as almost everywhere, you can eat on a budget, and Moscow-style expensive. Moreover, for a popular resort they are quite democratic – how about a set dinner for ₽ 250? The seafood at “Gastroport” is also adequate for the resort: shrimp – 350 ₽, mussels and mullet – 300 ₽, roll with fish – 200 ₽.

Unlike smaller southern resorts, Anapa has many decent establishments with good reviews – quality does not compromise here. Just open “Yandex.Maps” and choose a cafe or restaurant with a high rating. In Vityazev, too, not a bad choice, but I will not say anything about Dzhemete, because there we lived on “all inclusive”.

Prices for food in Anapa in 2022:

350 ₽ – first, second and compote in a regular dining room.

450 ₽ – a juicy meat burger at the Letov Pub.

500 ₽ – lunch for one person at the best Spinach Canteen.

560 ₽ – seafood pasta at Brookwin Restaurant.

Honestly about Blagoveschenskaya. Reviews about rest and prices - 2022.

700 ₽ – meat pizza at the excellent Pizzeria Sicilia.

2000 ₽ – to eat at a restaurant with a view of the sea (for example, at “27 Quay”)

Products in Anapa is better to buy either in supermarkets “Magnit” and “Pyaterochka”, where prices are not much different from the average Russian, or at the Central Market. At the market, it is better to buy seasonal fruit and vegetables, churchela, spices, cheeses, herbal kits, sweets, and dried fruits. In small grocery stores the prices are obscenely high!

A fruit shop with churcheli. In Vityazev directly on Paralia sell shrimp and lobster.

Prices for excursions

We traveled around the south by car and visited all the most interesting places on our own. But most tourists prefer to take tours in Anapa. Here’s how much the popular excursions cost in 2022:

Excursion Price
Walking sightseeing tour of Anapa 455 ₽, group of up to 10 people
Anapa and surroundings by car 6500 ₽ for 1-4 people
Anapa, Novorossiysk, Abrau-Dyurso 9000 ₽ for 1-5 people
Wine tour 8500 ₽ for 1-4 people
Abrau-Durso with tasting 9000 ₽ for 1-5 people
Lotus Valley 7,500 ₽ for 1-4 people
In the land of dolmens and waterfalls 10,500 for 1-5 people
Kerch and General Beaches 9,000 ₽ for 1-5 people
The Taigan lion park and the White Rock 13 000 for 1-5 people

Anapa sells tours literally at every turn, but we don’t take tours on the street because it’s like buying a cat in a poke. We prefer to read reviews and choose an excursion on Tripster. There are a lot of interesting trips there, and most importantly, proven by other tourists.

Prices in Anapa

Quay and lighthouse in Anapa.

Prices for entertainment

Anapa – just a treasure trove of children’s entertainment, the child here will simply have no time to be bored. Prices in 2022 is about the same as in other Russian resorts. Find out how to vacation with a child in Anapa.

200 – 250 ₽ costs one attraction in the amusement park “Sunny Island”.

600 ₽ is the entrance to the Oceanarium “Reef”.

800 ₽ boat ride, 500 ₽ per child.

1,200 ₽ for a trip to the dolphinarium.

1,900 ₽ for a half-hour diving trip.

2,000 ₽ is an adult ticket to Golden Beach Water Park, 1,200 ₽ for children.

4,000 ₽ for a 5-minute swim with dolphins at the Dolphinarium.

5000 ₽ per hour is the minimum cost to rent a yacht.

Video about the water park “Tiki-Tak” in Anapa

Water park in Anapa. Attractions in Anapa.

How much is 10 days rest in Anapa in 2022

Let’s see how much money you need to vacation in Anapa at the height of the summer season 2022. Let’s calculate the budget for a 10-day trip from Moscow for two adults.

50,000 ₽ – this is the minimum cost of a budget holiday in Anapa, if you go by train (16,000 ₽), live in an inexpensive guesthouse (9,000 ₽), eat in dining rooms and inexpensive cafes (21,000 ₽), go on a group sightseeing tour (900 ₽), buy souvenirs (3000 ₽).

190,000 ₽ – that’s about how much a carefree and comfortable vacation in Anapa will cost if you arrive by plane and travel to the resort by “Lastochka” (35,000 ₽), live in a good three-star hotel or sanatorium (80,000 ₽), eat in a cafe (30,000 ₽), have a couple of dinners in a restaurant with a sea view (8,000 ₽), and go on a couple of individual excursions (30,000 ₽), rent a yacht (5,000 ₽) and buy souvenirs (5,000 ₽).

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