Where to vacation: Maldives, Seychelles, Dominican Republic or Bali?

Maldives, Seychelles, Dominican Republic or Bali – where better to go.

Trying to figure out which is better: the Seychelles or the Maldives, Dominican Republic or Bali. We get acquainted with local prices, weather, beaches, sea and cuisine.

Exotic lands have been attracting tourists for centuries. Everything is unusual here: the climate, flora and fauna, traditions and culture. Heated debate about where to vacation, periodically arise among travelers, but as a result of each has its opinion. Let’s try to determine the strengths and weaknesses of popular resorts.

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Coral atolls, lost in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, are known all over the world. Island resorts look like a revived dream: clean deserted beaches, white sand, clear water and modest bungalow houses. The year-round temperature is +30 ° C, water +28 ° C. The rainy season lasts from May to October, and the best time to relax is from November to April.

Recreation is calm and contemplative, all the entertainment is related to the sea and water. Today, the most inexpensive tours to the Maldives with accommodation in a three-star hotel can be purchased from 85 thousand rubles for two. Return ticket from Moscow will cost from 23 thousand rubles.

Pluses .

Relaxed and secluded atmosphere . Holidays in the Maldives is organized so that tourists meet with each other only at meals or joint activities. The rest of the time creates the illusion of seclusion.

Clean beaches, clear sea and a rich underwater world. According to tourists’ reviews, the Maldives has the best diving in the world – visibility reaches 40 meters. Every day vacationers enjoy the powdery beaches and crystal water, strolling along the shore along the palm trees.


Lack of cultural and excursion recreation and entertainment. Untrained tourist, spoiled Turkish animation, hardly accepts the fact that in the Maldives will have to do without the crowd-entertainers, and the leisure time will fill only water fun and nature watching. Apart from a trip to Male and the other atolls, there are no excursions.

Mediocre cuisine. Paying a few hundred dollars a day for rest, a vacationer is entitled to expect a gastronomic parade, but cooking is clearly not a strong point of the resort.

The prices are too high. To say that the Maldives is expensive is to say nothing. The resorts are insane prices for water, food, alcohol and services. Individual transfer (boat for two people both ways) is about $ 500, dinner on the shore with lobster and candles – $ 200-300 dollars. Alcohol – a particularly sore point for the domestic tourist: you can not bring with you – it is forbidden, and the hotel it is very expensive.

How to rest in the Maldives cheap? We give tips on how to enjoy a fairy tale on a budget. You can also find out how much it costs to vacation in the Maldives in different options (economy, classic, luxury).

(Photo: Mac Qin / flickr.com / CC BY-ND 2.0 license)

Seychelles Islands

The coral-granite Seychelles is located in the subequatorial belt. There is no extreme heat here, with an average temperature of +30°C. From December to April, the rainy season, the best time for a vacation is April-June and September-November. During this time the ocean is calm and warm, sometimes it rains briefly. Leisure traveler – trips to the islands, diving, fishing and water and beach activities, nightlife only on the island of Mahe. According to reviews of tourists, Creole cuisine is delicious and varied: rice, seafood, fruit and hamburgers, there are no problems with alcohol. Now the cheapest trip to the Seychelles with a stay in a two-star hotel costs from 123 thousand rubles for two. Airfare from Moscow starts from 30 thousand rubles.

How much money to take to the Dominican Republic - 2022

Pluses .

Exotic land flora and fauna. In Seychelles, there are rare plants and unique species of animals. The most important thing to see – giant turtles and fruit palm Coco-de-mer with a very original form.

Excellent beaches and infrastructure. Good conditions for diving and eco-tourism. Beaches in Seychelles are sandy, white sand, sometimes with pink sand, clear water and lush tropical vegetation. You can travel by rental car, public transport or by bicycle. Most roads run along the coast.


High prices for tours and long flight distances. The price policy is aimed at attracting wealthy citizens, a big role played by a difficult flight and expensive food. The cost of the tour in the Seychelles is even higher than in the Maldives, on average by 20%.

(Photo: Franck Vervial / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Haiti and other islands between the two American continents, washed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The average temperature is +30 ° C, below +25 ° C never happens. You should avoid travel from May to July (rainy season) and from August to November (hurricanes are possible). The rains are usually short and are quickly replaced by heat. The cheapest tours to the Dominican Republic with accommodation in a three-star hotel today cost from 73 thousand rubles for two. The prices for tickets with a flight from Moscow start from 38 thousand rubles.

Pluses .

Хорошие пляжи и доступные цены на проживание. Пейзажи Доминиканы напоминают Мальдивы — тот же белый песок, пальмы и бирюзовая вода, только людно. Пляжи убираются в первой половине дня. Если сравнивать ценовую политику, то за одну и ту же сумму в Доминикане можно получить приличный отель с розовыми фламинго в пруду, а на Мальдивах — очень скромный домик. Узнайте больше о пляжном отдыхе в Доминикане >>

Развитая инфраструктура, много развлечений и экскурсий. Отели в Доминикане предлагают насыщенную программу. Скучать здесь некогда: то и дело проходят зажигательные вечеринки, допоздна работают бары и рестораны. Очень популярны серфинг, рафтинг, сплав на каноэ, полеты на параплане. Экскурсии интересные и не очень, но стоят недешево — от 70 до 100 долларов. Экскурсии в Доминикане >>


Expensive food and mediocre cuisine. Geographical proximity to the United States has left its mark on culinary traditions, and the range of food resembles American diners: French fries, chicken, hamburgers, pizza and other useless calorie dishes. Seafood can be found in a restaurant and for a significant amount of money. But the coffee in the Dominican Republic is very tasty – thick and fragrant.

It is not safe for tourists. The law and order in the country is not very good, so tourists are not recommended to leave the hotel, so as not to become a casual victim of the local criminals.

(Photo: Didier Baertschiger / flickr.com / License CC BY-SA 2.0)

Bali is a paradise for surfers and sightseers. Tourists will find abundant tropical greenery, rice terraces, Hindu and Buddhist temples, mountain lakes and waterfalls here. The rainy season lasts most of the winter from December to March, the best time for recreation is in May and the summer months. Today the most inexpensive tours to Bali with accommodation in a three-star hotel can be purchased from 100 thousand rubles for two. A round trip ticket from Moscow costs from 28 thousand rubles.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic in January 2022. Weather and temperature

Pluses .

The distinctive culture of the Balinese people. Balinese traditions are an integral part of indigenous life, and the local rituals and ceremonies are very interesting. Even a humble Balinese home looks like a work of art, and in Ubud you can buy products made of stone, wood and precious metals by hardworking local craftsmen.

Unique natural and architectural attractions. According to tourists, to see the beauty of the island, it and its immediate surroundings should be visited: the temple Uluwatu with thieving monkeys, Komodo Island with giant varanas, bright rice terraces, waterfalls, volcanoes, and much more.


Unsuitable beaches and strong waves. Compared to the above-mentioned competitors, the beaches of Bali are significantly inferior to them. The main problem is the rocky bottom, waves, trash and algae. Good “bathing” beaches very few, some beaches are suitable only for surfing – is Uluwatu and Changu.

A mediocre cuisine. Eat here modestly and not very tasty, rice with chicken – the main Balinese meal. Meat and fish in stores are expensive and not always of good quality, but vegetables, fruit and dairy products are always in abundance.

There is nothing to do on the island without a scooter. There is no place to walk: there are no sidewalks, public transport is scarce, and sitting in one place – it’s not about Bali. That’s why you can’t do without renting a scooter, the gasoline is very cheap (50 cents a liter), and the rental price is not high – from 6 dollars a day.

(Photo: Jelle Oostrom / flickr.com / License CC BY-SA 2.0)

Conclusion: who and where to vacation better?

For the hopeless romantics and those who are just tired of everyday work, the Maldives is the place to be. Lying on the sand, listening to the whisper of the ocean, snorkeling and watching the fish – is that not happiness?

Everyone who loves mountains, sea and exotic nature, we recommend the Seychelles. And if the Maldives is an ideal place for couples, the Seychelles is suitable for active pastime.

Young people who love partying should definitely visit the Dominican Republic – rivers of rum and hot dancing await them. A beach holiday can be perfectly combined with informative excursions.

Bali is a good place to be active, creative people, or those looking for inner harmony. The island’s environment gives food for thought and inspires new achievements. Just to lie on the sand, do not go here, for this there is a place closer and easier.

It is easy to choose where better: the Maldives or the Seychelles, the Dominican Republic or Bali. Listening to yourself, your desires and dreams, you will definitely make the right decision.

Which is better: Bali, Maldives, Seychelles or Dominican Republic.

Photos of Bali

Comparison of resorts

Exotic countries cause genuine interest among travelers from all over the world. They are attracted by the warm climate at almost any time of the year, unusual animals, plants, birds, local culture and attractions.

Among tourists often there are disputes about what exotic country is better to go. It should be said at once that you can not answer exactly what is better: Bali, Maldives, Seychelles or Dominican Republic. After all, all resorts have both strengths and weaknesses.

  • For example, the flight to certain resorts is much more expensive than staying at it. Therefore, while planning your trip you need to consider all the details.
  • You can also monitor the offers of tour operators, who regularly have “last minute” tours at reduced prices.

To learn about the prices of popular resorts in the world, you can on ToursBali.

Holidays in Maldives

Photos of hotel Shangri-la

The abundance of colorful coral reefs, secluded beach areas, turquoise water and the tranquility of the Indian Ocean is what the Maldives can boast, which is increasingly popular among travelers.

Transport in the Dominican Republic: rent a car, buses, cabs, shuttles

    Regardless of the time of year, the ambient temperature on the islands varies between +30° C and the water on the coast is around +28° C.

From late spring to mid-autumn in the Maldives there is a noticeable level of rainfall. Therefore, tourists choose to vacation in the months from late fall to mid-spring.

Benefits of .

  1. Particular attention should be paid to the calm, measured and secluded atmosphere that reigns on the islands. Because of it, spending time in the Maldives resorts are often chosen by honeymooners and couples in love, who do not want to often meet during the vacations other tourists. They can be found only at joint breakfasts or dinners in the hotels, as well as at festive events.
  2. It is also worth paying attention to the clean coastline. Maldivian beaches are regularly cleaned, and therefore you can not find garbage that will spoil the impression of rest.
  3. Thanks to the clear water, vacationers love to go scuba diving, renting equipment at the hotel or on the beach. According to many experienced athletes, the range, due to which you can follow the life of underwater inhabitants, is 40 m.


    In the Maldives, it is impossible to book tours, which upsets many tourists. The exception is a short tour in Male, during which you can visit the capital’s sights, shopping centers and markets.

If you go to the harbor area you can buy fresh fish and exotic fruits at reasonable prices in the local market.

  • Drinking water, food, alcoholic beverages and services provided by the service staff are overpriced here to the limit.
  • An individually booked transfer, a boat to both destinations, will cost about $500.
  • To dine by the ocean in the evening, you will need to spend about $200 to $300.
  • And alcoholic beverages are very expensive.

Foreign citizens are strictly prohibited to bring alcohol into the islands. And therefore you should either refuse to drink, or be prepared to spend a pretty large sum to purchase it.

Despite the high cost, you can rest on an island in the Indian Ocean and on a budget. Experienced tourists often look for offers from operators and companies that periodically give the opportunity to buy a tour at a reduced cost.

Rest in the Seychelles

Surfing photos in the Seychelles

Due to the fact that the Seychelles are located in the subequatorial belt, their territory has a temperate climate. This allows even tourists who by virtue of their health can not tolerate the heat and scorching sun to rest here.

  • On average, the ambient temperature is about +30 ° C.
  • The tropical rainy season begins in early winter and lasts till April. Therefore, at this time of year it is better to give preference to a tour to the Maldives.

Tourists who choose to spend their vacations in the Seychelles should know that the main types of entertainment in them are considered:

  • diving;
  • surfing;
  • excursions on the water;
  • fishing;
  • beach vacation.

The younger generation of tourists is recommended to visit the island of Mahe. After all, only on its territory there are nightclubs and restaurants open after midnight.

  • Special attention should be paid to the cuisine, which is especially highlighted by tourists. According to experienced travelers, the cuisine in the Seychelles is varied, and therefore everyone will like it. Most often it offers rice dishes, seafood, tropical fruits and fresh vegetables.
  • In contrast to the Maldives, the Seychelles offers cheaper alcoholic beverages.
  • As for the cost of tours, on average, a week’s stay at a 2-star hotel for two adult guests will cost 120-130 thousand rubles. Flight from Moscow will cost about 30 thousand rubles – the price mostly depends on the time of year.

Benefits of .

  1. The main advantages of the Seychelles are the exotic animals and plants that can be seen in the vicinity of the hotel or beach. Experienced travelers advise the first thing to do is to visit the reserve, which is home to giant tortoises.
  2. It is also worth seeing the fruit of the palm tree called “Sea Nut”, which has a bizarre shape. It is forbidden to take the fruit out of the islands on your own. After all, the locals believe that eating them helps cure many serious diseases.

Nuts can be female and male. Female fruits grow for about ten years and can reach 23-25 kg in weight.


  1. The disadvantages include the fact that it takes quite a long time to get to the islands. For this reason, tourists with small children do not often come here, choosing other resorts – for example, those located in the United Arab Emirates.
  2. Also among the disadvantages are rather expensive service and overpriced food – both in the market squares, and for ready meals in cafeterias and restaurant complexes.

On average, the price of travel to the Seychelles will be 20-25% more expensive than in the Maldives.

The highest prices are fixed in the Maldives and Seychelles. It is recommended to rest in the Maldives for those who want to spend time alone and almost without seeing the other tourists.

Dominican Republic

Photos of Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic is washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

  • On average the ambient temperature ranges from +30 ° C and never dips below +25 ° C.
  • From late spring to mid-summer in the Dominican Republic there is unstable weather, so tourists should choose other times of the year – optimally from late summer to late autumn.

At the same time during this period in the country may be hurricanes and other natural disasters. However, even heavy rains pass quickly, and the days continue to enjoy the sunshine.

Benefits of .

  1. Well-appointed beach areas and economical cost of living. The Dominican landscape resembles the Maldives – the same white sandy decking, palm trees and blue water. Beach areas are cleaned before noon every day.
  2. Compared with the Maldives, holidays in the Dominican Republic are more budget-friendly. For example, for the same amount of money in the Maldives, tourists can rent a very modest house with virtually no amenities, and in the Dominican Republic – a luxury hotel with breakfast and free service.
  3. On the merits of the Dominican Republic is a good infrastructure, a wide range of entertainment and the ability to book exciting tours. And in order to get emotion from the entertainment does not have to leave the hotel. This is because many hotel complexes have restaurants, nightclubs and pubs on their territory.

As active entertainment travelers can choose:

  • surfing;
  • canoeing;
  • paragliding.

Excursion tours will cost about $ 70 to $ 100, and therefore to save money on them will not work. The only way to save money is to visit places of interest by yourself. However, for this it is recommended to rent a car.

In the Dominican Republic, clean beaches, clear water, which makes the resort similar to the Maldives. At the same time, the prices here are much lower.


  1. The disadvantages are overpriced food and monotonous national dishes. Due to the fact that the Dominican Republic is geographically located near America, many catering establishments offer such caloric dishes like fried chicken, steaks, French fries, hamburgers, potato chips, nuggets.
  2. Separately worth mentioning and the level of crime in the country. Usually tourists are not recommended to leave the territory of the hotel complex on their own, because they can become victims of fraud and robbers.

Depending on the season, the price of round-trip tickets will be about 28-30 thousand rubles. It is better to book tickets in advance.

Rest in Bali

Photo of Pura Tanah Lot

The island of Bali is often visited by travelers who are interested in Buddhism, want to learn the local culture and sights, get acquainted with Indonesian customs, traditions and cuisine.

The optimum time of year for a holiday on the island is late spring and summer.

From early winter to spring in Bali there are heavy rains and strong winds, so the weather is not favorable to a full holiday, including beach holidays.

Cost-effective proposals from travel agencies can spend on a trip to Bali for two people about 100 thousand rubles. Tickets for both directions will cost about 28-30 thousand rubles if flying from Moscow.

Benefits of .

  1. The attention of travelers deserves the unique culture of the locals of Bali. The rituals and ceremonies that take place on the island are very interesting, both culturally and aesthetically.
  2. It is also worth considering the local architecture, which acts as a source of pride for Balinese. Local craftsmen who are characterized by perseverance and diligence, carve the walls of houses not only from stone, but also from precious metals.
  3. Other attractions will not leave tourists indifferent, including temple complexes, rice fields and terraces, and coffee plantations that regularly harvest fragrant coffee beans to make a delicious and thick drink.


  1. The disadvantages of Bali can be classified as dirty and unmaintained beach areas and strong waves. At the same time, the second disadvantage connoisseurs of surfing will attribute to the advantages.
  2. Also, many tourists, who share their reviews on the site ToursBali, are dissatisfied with the monotonous and unfamiliar cuisine. Locals mostly eat two foods – rice and fried chicken.
  3. In the stores you can buy fresh fish or meat products, but at high prices. At the same time, vegetables, fruits and dairy products are offered at affordable prices.
  4. Tourists are advised to rent a scooter in Bali – the main transport of local residents. The traffic on the island is not heavy, and therefore tourists can practice driving skills at low speed.

The advantage is a cheap rental service – about six dollars a day, inexpensive fuel at local gas stations – about 50 cents per liter of gasoline.

Holidays in Bali are chosen by tourists who are not indifferent to the religion and want to learn more about the unique culture of the Indonesian island.

Bottom line

Airplane photo

To summarize, it is worth noting that the choice of place for recreation directly depends on the budget and preferences of travelers.

  1. If tourists have the finances, they can choose to rest in the Maldives or the Seychelles. And young travelers who are looking for fun, should go to the Seychelles island of Mahe, where life never stops day or night.
  2. Also, young travelers will like it better in the Dominican Republic, where carnivals, themed festivals, concerts are regularly held. And active and creative tourists should visit the colorful island of Bali, spending time on which inspires new achievements and reveals the Buddhist religion.
  3. Those who like active holidays and mountains will like it in the Seychelles. In the Maldives, on the other hand will love couples in love or honeymooners who want privacy.
  4. As for prices, they are almost everywhere depending on the season. However, to come to resorts during tropical showers is not recommended. After all, tourists, despite the economy, will not be able to get the maximum number of positive emotions from the rest. At the same time the most expensive holiday will be in the Maldives and the Seychelles.

Read the reviews of travelers, which will help in choosing a resort for the vacation, you can on ToursBali.

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