Where to walk in Sochi: the best places and routes for walks

The top 10 walking routes in Sochi.

The warm climate of Sochi is very conducive to hiking. Walking along the trails with picturesque views, enjoying the unity with nature, here you can all year round.

This is exactly what many locals (including us) do, as well as visitors to the city. I’m not going to write about the benefits of hiking in the fresh air – it’s already clear to any sane person.

The good news is that there are different routes for hiking in Sochi: some are more simple and some are more difficult. Not so good news: you’ll have to pay to enter most routes. But it will still be cheaper than going for a walk in a mall ;-)

In this article I have collected for you the most interesting options for day hiking routes in Sochi. Photos are attached.

One-day hiking routes in Sochi: list, description, photos

In this article, I will describe the routes for you, starting with the simplest ones and finishing with the ones that may seem complicated. The key word is “may seem”, because, as practice shows, the level of physical activity is different for all of us. Some people go 5-7 km a day as a norm, and for someone even 500 meters on foot is already an out-of-bounds load…

If this is a problem for you, or if you need a flat trail, without steps, to walk with a baby in a stroller, then you do not need to read the article further – there are no such options. Then just walk along the embankments and city parks :

Agur Waterfalls

Here everything is simple: you get to the bus stop “Sputnik” and follow the signs.

The route goes along 3 waterfalls, and Sochi National Park takes 300 rubles for the entrance.

Pros: the route is not complicated, but inspiring. Cons: in July and August, the waterfalls dry up.

If you reach the last waterfall and realize that you’re not tired, go even higher – to the Eagle Rocks, the statue of Prometheus.

Eagle Rocks

An excellent option as for an independent walk, and as a continuation of the previous option.

You can rise from Matsesta to the Eagle Rocks, and go down through Agur Waterfalls.

All the route details (description, photos, how to get there) I have here: Eagle Rocks: a story about beautiful nature and bad road

Entrance to the cliffs is paid, 150 rubles/person.

Yew-Box Grove

The most popular hiking route for independent passing. And definitely one of the most memorable and photogenic:

Admission to the route costs 300 rubles. The grove has two rings – large and small. All strongly recommend to go to the large:

Then you will see a beautiful canyon of the river Hosta, and caves, and the ruins of an ancient fortress …

Pluses route: It is a year-round, and to get to the grove on the transport is easy. Cons I do not know :-)

White Cliffs

And here on the White Cliffs to get without a car a little bit more difficult.

But this does not prevent them to be popular, especially in the summer heat. Because to swim here in the heat of summer is a pleasure!

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But at other times of the year, too, tourists like the route for the picturesque views of the gorge:

Entrance to the route – 200 rubles/person.

Zmeykovsky waterfalls

When we came to Zmeykovskie Waterfalls for the first time – in summer, and also on a weekend – we had the feeling that the whole of Sochi gathered there for kebabs… And to walk in silence, in nature, as we had planned, did not work out. So in my report – Sochi’s Zmeyk Waterfalls: tips for use – I dubbed this place a “kebab-picnic”…

But the second visit corrected our impression of this place – there were few people, we swam and had a great rest:

And if you go there at a different time of year, there is a chance that you will walk the waterfalls all alone:

As a trekking, this route is quite simple – you don’t have to walk much, and there are almost no elevation differences. But some people really like this kind of hiking, don’t they?

You are to pay 150 rubles for the trip to Zmeykovsky waterfalls.

Dzyhra Gorge and Waterfall

The beautiful Dzyhryn gorge is located near Adler, but not many people know about it…

And meanwhile, having reached the stop “Trout Farm” and having crossed the bridge across the river Mzymta, you get into a real fairytale forest:

At the end of the route you will see Dzykhrinsky waterfall:

And the bonus will be beautiful views of the skypark suspension bridge:

And the best part – the entrance to the route is absolutely free ;-)

Orekhovsky Falls + Eco Trail to Ažek

One of our favorite hiking routes with friends on weekends: Orekhovsky Waterfall in Sochi

You can get to the beginning of the route by bus. But by car, of course, is more convenient.

The route is very popular in the summer time because you can swim in the cool river and waterfalls:

There are some peculiarities of the route, for example in some places it is quite dirty because of the streams flowing through the trail. But there are no problems with drinking water – there is a spring on the route.

If you just come to Orekhovsky waterfall from the bus stop – then there is nothing difficult at all, it will be just an easy walk.

In general – quite worthy trekking. In terms of time, it takes a full day if you go to Ažek waterfalls. If only to Orekhovsky – it is possible to manage in half-day.

Through the canyons of Psakho

There are two canyons of Psakho: dry and wet.

In the first you can walk only in summer, because part of the route you have to walk on water:

In summer it is very cool to swim in the cool Psaho River:

But the dry canyon can be visited in the non-bathing season. It is called dry because there is no river here for a long time.

From wet to dry canyon you will walk about 2.5 km. But if you get there, you will see amazing places:

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You could make an adventure film, right?

How to get to Psakho, you can read it here: Psakho River Canyon: where to look for treasures in Sochi

Visiting the canyons is paid, 200 rubles each. But if you go to the dry one closer to the evening, there is a chance that the controllers will not wait for you ;-)

The Svirsky gorge.

Well, there is no way I could not ignore the beautiful routes of Lazarevsky district of Sochi.

Svir Gorge – a simple, but very scenic route, which is not difficult to walk, even with children. But not with baby carriages! It is, after all, a mountain gorge, and unpaved path, passing into stairs and bridges over the stream – not the best place for walking with toddlers….

Mammadov Gorge

Another beautiful nature trail with waterfalls and fonts is Mammadov Gorge trail. There are three routes in the gorge: from the simplest one, through Berendey’s Kingdom, to the more “adrenalin” one, through the canyon of the Kuapse River.

The latter is a real dive into the lost world! For walk on it you need the special footwear as the part of the way will go directly on the river bed. But on a hot summer day – it’s the most buzz!

Trekking in the mountains

All of the above routes are designed for a wide range of visitors. And they are available almost at any time of the year. They do not require any special preparation – get in the car, drive to the beginning of the route and go for a walk. Well, unless the water do not interfere with bring.

But for trekking in the mountains you need proper shoes and other equipment, and the level of physical preparation you need to assess adequately. Ideally, find a guide, who after a conversation with you will tell which route you can do, in what season and where you can go. Write down the phone number of guides, who will help you with these routes: +79272314550 .

In this review you can find a list of interesting routes in mountains of Sochi: TOP-10 trekking tours in Krasnaya Polyana.

Well, if all this seems too difficult and tedious for you – just go on excursions: Top 10 popular excursions in Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana

Those who think they have seen everything in Sochi can look here: Unusual Sochi: top 19 amazing places and routes

One more thing: all routes are to be reached by car or by car. If you do not have your own car, rent one. Or turn to private guides who organize one-day hikes in Sochi (phone number was given above).

  • A good selection of rental cars and reasonable prices are here: My Car Rental . By the way, you can use my promo code to get a small discount: SOCHIFORNIA
  • Travel insurance for tourists medical, accident etc. – here

This will end my review. With all questions, clarifications – go to the comments.

Getting to know Sochi: places to walk around the city

Sochi is the most pleasant place for walking. It is green, full of flowers and plenty of parks, squares and gardens. We invite you to walk around Sochi with us. We will show you the most beautiful places!

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In this photo review I will not give you a route in the literal sense of the word – “don’t go there, go here, and at 14:30 go for lunch at a particular restaurant. I will share with you the places where you can go for a walk in Sochi and see something in passing, and you are free to choose the most interesting for you. For each place I will give a brief description, advice and share my impressions.

Sea Station and Port

Perhaps, the most beautiful place for a walk in Sochi after the Arboretum! The marina in the city is always beautiful. The blue of the sea, the whiteness of yachts, their reflections in the water, and the slender spire of the sea station towering in the background.

Walk around the station and pay attention to the light galleries of the central facade, allegorical sculptures of the seasons and the sides of the world on the tower, the elegant rotunda. Look inside the station – there’s a beautiful clock in the waiting room, decorated with stucco. And next to the building there are three public gardens for walks.

If you are going to walk in Sochi in the evening, come to the sea port. I advise to come closer to sunset and take a sea walk or just walk admiring the last rays of the sun and take beautiful pictures in the light.

By the way, the only annoying thing is the pesky invitations to sea walks.

In the harbor before the storm is very exciting. Seaport in sunny weather. There are some nice little squares behind the sea station.

Riviera Park

Park “Riviera” is more suitable for those who want to walk in Sochi with children. There are many attractions and activities for a child: dolphinarium, oceanarium, wax museum, playground, Ferris wheel. Admission is free, but you have to pay for the rides.

However, not only children will be interested. In the park it is pleasant to walk through the beautiful alleys with palm trees, Japanese maple and other exotic plants. There is a rose garden, sculptures, fountains and the dominant feature of the park – the restored Khludov dacha. To the left of the entrance, outside the park, stands the “Deed for Life” memorial complex.

Palm trees in the park “Riviera”. Rides in the park “Riviera”. The Ferris wheel. Lenin with his trademark squint looks out from behind the banana leaves. This magnificent mosaic is located near the entrance to Riviera Park. Khludov’s dacha in the park “Riviera”.

Beach “Riviera”.

After the park look at the beach “Riviera” – probably the most well-appointed and beautiful in Sochi, almost European. Its embankment reminded me of Barceloneta beach in Barcelona. It connects to the embankment of the Sochi River, on which tourists also stroll.

I liked Riviera beach and its embankment more than other beaches. The entrance to the beach is decorated with such a beautiful Soviet stele.

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Navaginskaya Street for pedestrians

Navaginskaya street is a great place to walk in Sochi. This is how southern pedestrian streets should be decorated, so that one desires to walk along them instead of running away!

The street strikes you with lush greenery – it seems you can see half of the arboretum here. Palm trees, cypresses, agaves, yucca, pampas grass, oleanders, thuja, and many more plants and flowers unknown to me. Among the greenery are unobtrusive benches, sculptures, cafes, restaurants and stores. There is even a light and music fountain.

For all its touristic orientation Navaginskaya Street has neither vulgarity, nor mercantilism, like the Cypress Alley in Sudak, which plunges you into the tourist hell. This is a place for leisurely walks and sit-ups in cafes. And it’s also convenient to go to the sea, because it takes you from the railway station directly to the sea port.

Navaginskaya Street is buried in the lush greenery. Navaginskaya Street is planted with palm trees of different species. It is better to start your walk along Navaginskaya Street from the beautiful railroad station, and end it near the seaport.

Seaside Park

If you are an introvert or just looking for a quiet and shady place to take a walk in Sochi, then you definitely need to go to Primorsky Park. There are no cafes and restaurants, no booming music and shouting animators, no rides and crowds of people. Only nature, benches and wonderful panoramas of the Black Sea framed subtropical greenery.

The park stretches from the Winter Theater to the port in a narrow strip. Somewhere the paths are smooth, but in some places you have to go down or up stairs. In some places there are stairs to the sea – you can always go to the noisy seafront and the beach.

You can see the Winter Theater while walking through Seaside Park. View of the sea from Seaside Park.


In summer I would not walk on the embankment: crowded, noisy, continuous trade. But many tourists exactly what they need, because on the waterfront they get a combo: views of the sea, souvenirs, cafes and all the resort life.

However, at the end of the season and in winter when the weather is good, it is nice to walk on Sochi’s embankment and admire the sea. We were here at the end of October, when the stores are gradually closing, and had a great time.

The promenade is closer to the seaport. Waterfront. The breakwaters have many functions: in addition to breaking waves, they serve as a platform for sunbathing, photo shoots, diving and fishing. Almost by the port, on the beach “Lighthouse”, there is graffiti with Cousteau.

Frunze Park.

A small but pretty little square with a cascade fountain, a summer theater and a rotunda has existed since 1899. It is unusually quiet and peaceful, and the theater and fountain look like they came off a Soviet postcard.

The park is located in the Svetlana district, near the arboretum and at the end of the Central Promenade. It is convenient to start your morning walk along the promenade – if you walk towards the port, the sun will shine in the back, not in your eyes.

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49 hectares of plants – impressive, right? The Arboretum is especially beautiful in March and April, when magnolias, wisteria, sakura, tsarzis bloom. Some florists specifically come to the arboretum in the spring to admire such beauty. Read about the Sochi Arboretum in spring to find out when it’s best to come.

But in other months the Arboretum is nice, too. Here you can find a bench in the shade and wait out the heat, look at the birds and animals, take a ride on the cable car.

The park is divided into two parts. The upper arboretum is a large park on the slope, and the lower – a chamber on the plain. The lower one is more cozy, I like it more. It has huge bamboo groves, shady alleys, large ponds with pelican and swans.

Admission is paid, you will be given a single ticket for both parts of the park.

It is better to come to the arboretum for at least half a day to see it completely. At the arboretum you can admire not only the plants, but also follow the life of waterfowl. For example, this pelican is a bird of character. When he comes out on land, look out!

Abandoned Sanatorium Ordzhonikidze

The park of the delightful sanatorium is pleasant to walk in: few people, lots of shade, plus you can admire the beautiful architecture. And the architecture of sanatorium will not leave you indifferent. Socialist Palace was a prestigious holiday destination in the Soviet Union – of course, an ordinary worker could not even imagine such luxury! The architecture in the Palladian style of the Renaissance, rich moldings, massive columns, luxurious staircases, weightless arches, whose vaults are painted by Palekh and Mstera masters. It is said that the sanatorium used to serve black caviar and sturgeon.

Now all this is gradually falling into disrepair, although there are rumors that the sanatorium has been bought and will be repaired. For now, you can get on the territory for free, but it’s impossible to get inside the buildings. Look at the photos and learn more about the sanatorium Ordzhonikidze.

The main building of the sanatorium with a six-column portico. The most photographed place of the sanatorium.

Kvitko’s dacha

Colonel Kvitko dacha is the most mystical attraction of Sochi. And although the park around it is tiny and there is no place to walk, I included it in the selection because the place is curious, beautiful and quiet. It is interesting to walk around the castle and fantasize about how the aristocracy lived before the revolution. And what sunsets here! In general, you should come for an hour before sunset, but first read about the legends and history of the Kvitko’s dacha.

Colonel Kvitko’s dacha is a small Italian castle in Sochi, shrouded in legends. These are such romantic sunsets you can enjoy from the terrace of Dacha Kvitko.

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