Yamal Airlines: passenger reviews

Yamal Airlines – reviews

On 28.07.19 flew back from Turkey to Moscow with these airlines. It was horrible! Old plane, dirty floor, cramped, not reclining seats, dirty and tattered correspondence in the seat pockets. The employees had no badges, we didn’t know their names. I would especially like to point out the rudeness of the stewardess. When we boarded the plane, we took our seats according to our boarding pass, we put our hand luggage. Other passengers showed up with huge suitcases, why they did not give up their luggage and carried it in the cabin is not clear. And they put their things on the shelf on my bag, damaging my things. The stewardess was rudely talking to us, demanding that we put our stuff away and not disturb others. She behaved in a defiant manner, saying, “What are you looking at me for? It was the first time I had ever encountered such rudeness on an airplane! It’s stuffy, filthy, cramped, and smells like a toilet. I wouldn’t recommend flying with these airlines.

We flew Nizhnevartovsk – Antalya. Got the last seats. A night flight. The backrests don’t recline. The distance between the seats is useless. We were flying like on a stool with knees pressed to our ears. At feeding time, the seat in the front did not recline. It was horrible. We were going back with the same company, and I prayed to God it wasn’t the same seats. As a result we got the same 11 ABC seats. But I was happy we didn’t. The seats were in front of the emergency exits. The same picture. In front of us backrests recline, we do not. Moreover, the first, good, seats 1 ABCDEF, were free on them happily sat two stewardesses. And my baby and my husband again flew at attention. The tour operator offered this company. I do not want to fly with them again.

We flew at night with 11-12 July flight Hurghada-Moscow on A321 the one as it turned out later, which made an emergency landing in Krasnodar 05.07.15goda. Just to say I have never been afraid to fly, but this time it was really scary.

After takeoff, the plane an hour could not gain altitude, the engine buzzed like crazy and still unhappy plane rocked from side to side. To be honest, my life just flew in front of my eyes. How can such planes still fly.

The cabin is made for midgets, I was 1.68 years old, I could hardly sit down without pressing my forehead into the seat in front. In general, if your nerves are not of steel, I do not recommend flying with this wonderful airline Yamal. (I forgot to tell you, they clamp plaids for adults and pour half a glass of water))

terrible company, i have not flown for 15 years, always by train, here i had to fly to salekhard from tyumen with a child, while at the entrance was inspection, ahead of the men standing, was checking in for the plane, in short, being late literally 1 minute we were not taken on board, I ran to the administrator, I said look at the cameras, we were standing in line at the entrance, I was denied, tickets were not refunded 18000 thousand missing, I had a clock showing we were still five minutes late, they had everything, a nightmare, not a company

A very shitty company. I would not advise anyone to fly there. On 7.05.18, the flight from St. Petersburg was delayed for the night due to weather conditions. We flew to Tyumen with Aeroflot. There was only 35 minutes to change in N.Vartovsk. So the monkey-like Yamal representatives refused to fly. They do not care about the passengers and the fact that the tickets are missing. As many times as I fly with other companies, they always make up for it if they are a little late. I would not recommend this company to fly.

Flown to Krasnoyarsk from Moscow. At first we were told that the oversized luggage must be paid for separately (the website does not contain this information) – 300 rubles per kg. Hand luggage was not weighed, we entered the cabin normally, and nothing about payment. When we flew back it was stated that one also had to pay for hand luggage. Though the tickets cost 18,000 rubles. and the company is not a low-cost airline, it’s a complete mess. So if someone is going to fly with this airline – better to choose another one so as not to waste neither nerves nor money.

Flight delays are half the trouble, I understand that this is the order of the day. When they took us to the plane, we didn’t want to get on it at all. Nervous flight attendants with dirty white gloves, a shabby cabin, minimal space between the seats, blinking lights, broken air conditioning, no possibility to recline the seat due to the broken mechanism, and the child’s words that “the plane will fall into the water” – all this was ingrained in my memory from the first minutes on the plane. When we hit the turbulence zone, the airplane shook so badly that I had no desire to unbuckle our seat belts during the whole flight. For some reason, the flight was slightly shorter than planned. When we started to land, it felt like we were just flying down, I’ve never had a bad ear on the plane, but here it even got dark in my eyes, all the kids were screaming. It was really uncomfortable. The plane was tossing from side to side, did not land at the first time. Two weeks of vacation were wiped out by one bad flight.

Ikar Airlines: Passenger reviews

Had the misfortune to fly with the “company”. It was a crazy delay on the flight back and forth, spoilt relaxation, angry and worn out stewardesses, who were, indeed, very sorry. From them the management squeezes all the juice, forcing them to carry an incredible number of hours per month. It’s the same with the pilots. Wrote a true review on the airline’s website, immediately removed. But was followed by a bunch of positive and drooling reviews, with the names and names of crew members, who at least remember them when they fly? People, do not read and do not write reviews on their site! One lie and self-praise. Read independent sites.

The merits:

Thank god for the flight.

I flew from Moscow to Ufa. I flew from Moscow to Ufa. Except for water, they could not offer me anything. We were sitting like sprat in a jar. I even could not lie down for fear that the people sitting behind me would be pressed into my seat. The distance between the seats is negligible. Thank gods we made it.

The merits:

Probably a fleet of planes to fly overseas.

I am extremely dissatisfied with the “effective” management of the company. Constant flight delays. We chose a tour operator for a holiday with a convenient option with an early flight to Turkey and evening flight back, so as not to lose light days. There were no alternatives to Yamal (it was to Dalaman) (so there was no actualization of the flight).

First, a month before the tour it turned out that the return flight was moved to the morning. We reconciled. Then, 2 days before departure, they moved the flight there from early morning to afternoon (arrival, respectively, by evening). Pissed off.

I tried to negotiate with the tour operator to fly there and there a day later, as these days there is no transfer annotated. The tour operator offered a tour one day longer with a ridiculous surcharge of 6t. p. for three adults, BUT. A / k for the withdrawal of tickets and the issuance of new asking penalty 435 dollars! Absolutely no way!

Sitting in AP, another 5 hours delay announced on the scoreboard 5 minutes before departure. This is very bad (review with the changes, TC moderators initially did not miss, apparently emotions took over and added objectivity to the review))))) No apologies, do not recommend. I forbade from such carriers, but sometimes there is no choice. They say the chances of getting stuck with this ac is great. Why is there no control? Why are cheaper flights overseas, but the attitude is humane? At 16:00 I got water, at least thank you.

Neutral reviews

The pilots are great! The flight is smooth, takeoff-landing boldly, confidently!)))) in terms of time, no delays.

what, in fact, review. IN-FLIGHT SERVICE.

The food on the table, they are not throwing, overtly rude. God forbid to ask for water. they will bring it, but there are two toilets, but for the passengers- only at the tail-end. they do not show the reasons.

I flew with Yamal for the first time on a long-haul flight. The flight was ok, calm, without incidents. I didn’t like that at the check-in counter they asked for extra seats at the cabin, because there were two adults and a kid with no seat.

without a seat, were given different seats in the 13th and 14th row C, although the cabin were vacant seats in one row. If we compare with other airlines, we were always checked in together, and Aeroflot even offered the baby a cradle. Of food a sandwich with sausage and coffee, during the 4-hour flight and a glass of water. If you are not picky, then fine.

Disappointing that the flight was moved from 8 am to 14.10, and this is a lost day of rest for the tourist. Especially when you can literally get a holiday for a few days. Sitting in the seats is extremely uncomfortable. My leg after a fracture could barely stand this flight: no pulling out, no more comfortable to sit down. The food is okay, with no frills. The airplane itself on takeoff was shaking so that I had a feeling that the luggage racks on top would break off and fall on my head along with their contents. It turned out that was not the worst thing. The most frightening thing was the landing, when the plane rocked back and forth. The return flight 9310 had a 30-minute delay, but landed at Domodedovo almost on time. It landed in the middle of nowhere, and it took us a long bus ride back to the airport terminal. But at least the landing was neat, for which I thanked the pilot.

What airlines are doing to be safe in a pandemic

The merits:

Everything is average, nothing special.

Good day, continuing the topic of air travel, I want to focus on the airline “Yamal”, which services have used several times. The last time I flew with them was two years ago (Novy Urengoy-Ufa flight).

The ticket was economy class, a Boeing 737. Standard set of options on the plane periodicals, tea, coffee, drinks. Flight attendants are not the most beautiful and slim, but still adequate and polite. Departures with “Yamal” for some reason was delayed at least an hour, and even more, maybe I was just so “lucky”, but nevertheless this is a fact.

The aircraft itself looked quite reliable, and behaved well in the air.

As for the airline’s requirements, they were standard, as they say, nothing extra.

The prices, of course, were “steep”, I don’t remember how much the ticket cost, but I do remember that it was expensive.

In general the impression of “Yamal” is average, the only thing that annoyed me was the flight delays.

Three out of five on a scale of five.

The merits:

good ticket price, new plane, clean cabin, polite staff, flight with no delays there.

There was a one-hour delay, but it did not matter, poor food, the distance between the seats was small.

I flew from Domodedovo airport to Dalaman international airport in Turkey on 2 August. I had a tour from Intourist to Marmaris. Called and said you were put on Yamal airline. The flight took 3 hours and 30 minutes. The check-in went well. Also, boarding was without delay, and our bus took us to the plane. The plane, an airbus 320, was clean and the staff was friendly. After takeoff, the stewardesses served drinks and food. Of drinks was; orange, tomato, apple juice, and there were hot drinks teakoffee can coffee with milk. Of the hot meat was pasta chicken potatoes. The boarding was soft but the distance between the seats was small, but if you fly Yamal, then only for 3 hours or less than that and you get tired of sitting in such tight quarters. Thanks to the Yamal crew.

I flew with Yamal to Turkey, respectively a charter flight. I was pleased that there was no delay of departure, which is quite typical for a charter.

The flight was all right, the landing was soft. The flight attendants were pleasant and attentive. A smile never left their faces. The plane is quite clean and in decent condition. But the distance between the seats is just microscopic. My feet are practically against the seat in front. It’s not comfortable to sit. And the seats themselves are also not very comfortable.

But the food was disgusting. It wasn’t tasty at all.

As you can see, at Yamal airlines not everything is perfect, but not everything is bad. I’ve flied with worse airlines.

Yamal airline is not a lot of buzz, so you should definitely leave a review about flying with Yamal.

There are a lot of unflattering reviews and videos on the internet about this airline. I, however, did not feel particular disadvantages of flying with this airline. A charter flight in the high tourist summer season is a charter. The airliner was (I flew with them in 2013) not new. Quite shabby looking. But it took me to Corfu Island, and those who’ve been there know that it has one of the shortest runways. I think there’s some risk in flying with them. Well, who wouldn’t?

I remember the dinner was usual, unremarkable for good or for ill. An ordinary economical, but still edible lunch. No one was poisoned. The stewardesses poured drinks (non-alcoholic) generously. The stewardesses were polite.

We stood for an hour before departing to Domodedovo, because there was a storm. Then we were in the air, people sat in the cabin and started to walk along the cabin during takeoff. The stewardesses were bickering, but everything was within reason.

The return flight was already on schedule and in good weather.

If there are no other options, you can fly with Yamal Airlines.

Positive reviews

Today 11.07.22 was a charter flight from Moscow to Yerevan with Yamal, YC 9589 the Airbus 321. As a result, the flight was on the dot, we thought there was no food, but as a result we were fed and drunk, took off and landed smoothly, the stewards were polite, attentive, with humor, the aircraft was small, but clean and comfortable. If this airline happens again,we will fly again with a calm heart! I wish safe flights and grateful feedback! By the way we flew with my sister, and as I read in other reviews, they say that you have to pay to choose your seat – complete nonsense, we boarded together without any requests or extra payments. Safety is the most important thing, of course the entire flight in the same breath, we got an excellent pilot.

VIM-Avia airlines: Passenger reviews

The only thing unusual was the lack of space between the seats for large passengers. We got emergency seats, so discomfort was not felt. Otherwise, everything is OK.

Hello! When it was suggested to fly by Yamal, I was frightened, but everything went OK! We flew from Chelyabinsk to Mineralnye Vody and back with my family, we were impressed with everything, the aircraft, food, and the staff! My fears were in vain. Thanks a lot to Yamal. I would like to wish you success and further development and appearance of new regular domestic flights from Chelyabinsk.

Flight Mineralnye Vody-Yekaterinburg with landing in Rostov-on-Don on 18.08.2018. Aircraft Bombardier CRJ200. I love these planes: small, smart, comfortable (height 193 cm, sat in the usual seats, plenty of legroom: better than all sorts of Airbuses and Boeings). It’s a pity such aircraft no longer make it. Departures were delay free, arriving on time. From me and my son, thank you for the wonderful flight.

I flew on a dry superjet many times. Great plane, comfortable, quiet, clean. Service was good. Meals are complete unlike other airlines. Only now, except for the tasty second meal, there was nothing to eat. I just don’t eat sausage, and in general, it’s an unhealthy meal for an airplane. For a ticket worth more than 10 thousand rubles, you could not feed a sausage. The luggage was marked with a red sticker with the inscription “Glass”.

We flew to Montenegro by TUI tour operator. We flew from Domodedovo to Tivat Domodedovo.

We read a lot of horror stories about Yamal, we even thought to give up the tour. Until the last moment (arrival in Tivat) we were waiting for a catch – nothing happened. In fact a charter from Yamal is a decent, clean A321 with polite stewardesses and the flight leaves within a minute.

The lack of “additional services” and, of course, cramped cabin – there are too many seats.

In sum – an excellent charter, do not look at the terrible reviews.

The merits:

understanding and responsiveness

History: when I was looking for options to get to and from my vacation I looked through a lot of information, compared routes, fares and so on. As a result I made an unfortunate mistake when buying a ticket for flight YC352 (Volgograd – Tyumen) – I mixed up the places of departure and arrival.

The fare was not refundable and I would have had to pay more than 3 thousand for the change of destination with the ticket price of 7100. I decided to turn to Yamal’s experts for help, and what was my pleasant surprise when after a short correspondence I was redirected for FREE! I am very grateful for this approach to resolving issues, and I am sincerely grateful to the staff, who tried to help their passengers!

With this review I would like to express my special gratitude to Natalia Malyugina, the head of the call center, for her understanding and responsiveness.

I would like to thank the airline “Yamal” for understanding and excellent attitude to passengers (I flew from Sochi to St. Petersburg on 08.10.2017). I flew with this company for the first time. There were problems at the flight check-in counter, but the airport staff resolved the issue as quickly as possible. Thank you so much!

Good service on board, cabin clean, soft landing! Everything is great! I would recommend this airline to my friends and relatives!

Passengers reviews about Yamal Airlines.

Yamal Airlines

Very average. The price tag is okay, they feed you. But the masks are a circus. I flew tonight. Ate and drank for two hours. No masks, everything’s fine. Everyone ate and drank, I dozed off, stewardess comes over and shakes my hand saying “put your mask on”! In my sleep. It’s already sadistic. So the virus was walking around for two hours, and when I fell asleep, it must have woken up. The stewardesses were so unpleasant. And the landing was very hard, I think it was on autopilot. All in all, it was like that. The airline has yet to develop, and to develop.

Were flying with the airline on 09/19/2021. Went to Antalya Kazan. No complaints to the crew. Well-organized work of cabin crew and pilots. But the aircraft itself as if for pygmies or the Chinese. A person taller than 165 cm is still some way to sit down, but if you’re taller than 175 cm do not choose to fly this airline, fly in a folded form.

A good company, the only one that refunds its passengers for cancelled flights, one of the few that feeds its passengers with hot meals on short flights, I recommend it to everyone.

I read the reviews, like an anecdote: I have never experienced anything negative, except that the rows were once very close to each other. But I use Yamal 4-6 times a year. It hurts even for the company, were there really such problems? I wonder why there were no comments or explanations from the companies? Or don’t they care? But I recommend our Yamal company: luggage is included in the ticket price, they feed you well, and we wouldn’t want to stuff ourselves during the flight. I recommend my flights from Novy Urengoy to Moscow and back.

UTair airlines: passenger reviews

Flight Simferopol – St. Petersburg 22.08.2019, bought a ticket on the Of site, all very fast, easy and affordable, the ticket price was 4600, check-in was fast at the reception desk, the ticket included luggage 23 kg + 5 kg hand luggage.Airbus a 321 aircraft is very clean, the first time in my life put on the first row behind the business class, in business class only 2 rows. Takeoff was so smooth that I did not even notice when we got off the ground, the entire flight flight did not shake the plane once. The snack was the usual, tea, coffee, water, a sandwich, some vegetables, chocopay cookies, it was enough for me. The boarding was excellent, smooth and gentle. Thank you very much for such professionalism to flight YC815.

Hello. Why do tickets cost more to Novy Urengoy – Tyumen than to Moscow or another destination?

Good day. Why are tickets more expensive en route Novy Urengoy – Tyumen than to Moscow or another destination?

Good day. Why are the tickets more expensive towards Novy Urengoy-Tyumen than to fly to Moscow or in another direction?

We are flying to Antalya in August. For the first time in my life we bought tickets on Yamap because of the convenient time of arrival. We read the reviews and are terrified to fly. Tickets are non-refundable, afraid of changing flight times, and everyone’s height is also high, they write it’s impossible to sit. We are waiting for this horrible day and will write here right away.

We flew from St. Petersburg to Sochi on August 18th, flight 861, it was declared as a direct flight. But after getting on the plane, we found out that the management “changed their minds” and decided that the flight would go through Moscow. The whole plane was in shock, nobody was warned. As a result they unloaded us from the plane in Moscow, took us through the screening one more time and sent us back to Sochi almost three hours late. No one explained what it was. I wrote a complaint to the official e-mail address: still no response. It was totally disgusting. No one would be advised to deal with temps, not responsible for their actions. PS. On board was a breakfast of the category of transparent slice of ham, leavened parsley and a piece of bread, of soft drinks an awesome choice: water with and without gas. Stewardesses are polite, takeoff and landing are great.

28.09.2018 YC 9306 Flight delayed an hour. Boing 321. Takeoff in Nizhny Novgorod in rain and heavy cloud cover. Strong turbulence at altitude and over the black sea, no air pits. The flight altitude was 10K, speed about 820. Landing in Antalya is very comfortable with clear weather. The staff is very polite, helpful. Good selection of drinks and main courses (3 types). In addition to rice, pasta, chicken, meat, there were dumplings with potatoes, which pleased me very much as I do not eat meat. The seating is very comfortable. 05.10.2018 YC 9305 Departed as scheduled from Antalya airport in clear weather. Boing 321. Flight altitude 10K, speed about 830. Almost the entire flight very comfortable, not much turbulence during the flight. Landing in Nizhniy Novgorod in bad weather conditions (heavy cloudiness, rain). We had a very smooth and confident landing. To the whole staff and the pilot in command (Renat, I do not remember his last name) we thanked him for his professionalism.

Hello! When it was suggested to fly by Yamal, I was frightened, but everything went OK! We flew from Chelyabinsk to Mineralnye Vody and back with my family, we were impressed with everything, the aircraft, food, and the staff! My fears were in vain. Thanks a lot to Yamal. I would like to wish you success and further development and appearance of new regular domestic flights from Chelyabinsk.

Hello! I highly recommend it, without any bias! My family flew to Tyumen from Moscow and back, just great! The airplanes are new, the staff is top-notch, the food is amazing, and the service is top-notch! Thanks to the airline!

Had a flight from Nizhny Novgorod to Antalya and back, no delays on takeoff and landing, hot and delicious lunch and drinks, and small distance between seats, but bearable. We read the reviews, were afraid of flight delays, but everything went well.

We flew from Domodedovo on 28.05. Flight9340 Moscow-Antalya was delayed by 1.5 hours. Instead of 10:40, the flight left at 12 early in the morning. This is just a taste of things to come. But when you were back from rest 04.06.18 flight 9338 Antalya-Moscow (Domodedovo) was a complete thrash. I have not had anything like this in my flight history. Arrived at the airport at 16:00 Tui brought earlier than they had to, 40 minutes waited for check-in, everything is ok, went through security and then I look at the board in Duty Free and I can not understand what is it? My flight leaves at 19:00 and it says 21:30, then I realize that my flight was delayed for 2.5 hours. There are no Yamal representatives at the Antalya airport. Fortunately from Moscow, my husband tried to get information from the airline. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. The airline decided not to give any water or food to the passengers. Only at 21:30 they decided to feed us Burger King (hamburger, fries, and cola). I have not drank Coke for several years because of poor health, all issued as the dogs, without any discussion, like we should be grateful. As a result, we were kept in the dark the whole time, what time we fly out we did not know. Given another board not what it should be, those seats that are in the boarding -forget it. Who was the first to sit down in time, and the place, as they said that the board is smaller and the children will be on their knees. As a result, we flew out June 5 at 1:00. Dear Yamal Airlines apologies and compensation are NOTHING. People do not be stingy with other airlines when booking tours, yes they will be a little more expensive, but your vacation and time is priceless! I really regret that I did not take another airline when booking. I tortured myself and my child!

Katekavia airline: passenger reviews

The pilots are great! The flight is smooth, take off – landing boldly, confidently!))))) Time – no delays. They meet and see you off with such faces that you want to apologize that you were there at all! The food on the table that just did not throw, outright rude. There are two toilets, but for the passengers, only in the tail. The reasons are not given! It was very unpleasant to see the passengers.

Were flying from Anapa onboard there were 14 passengers A girl with 3 small children The food was abysmal Drink water with gaeyomi and without gas Really, children cannot be given juice The most interesting thing is that there were no passengers in business class There were two conductors and a supervisor And they were joined by the pilot who left the cabin and talked to them Then they admonished the cabin attendant It took 25 minutes for the pilot to go into the cabin For 30 minutes in the cabin there was no one from the conductors They shut off the passengers with a curtain That’s safety Thank them for that

For May holidays I had to fly Nizhnevartovsk-Ufa (because it was the only direct flight). Before that I flew with this airline in 2014. It only got worse: although it would seem that way. Old fleet (apparently the distance and seats are designed for China and Korea) angry stewardesses or just she “did not like” us. Expensive ticket price for two hours for one person 16 000 = rub. (you can fly from Moscow to Vienna and back) and offered a meal ONLY water. It should be noted that the flight was in the afternoon at 14:40 and were required to offer either lunch or Suhpak or warning. But for such money we could not even assume that we will stay hungry (at least the juice gave). The toilets have no paper and soap. Are you crazy? Of what constitutes the price (I wondered as an accountant). Just dishonest airline managers. They take advantage of the fact that they are the only direct carrier from Ufa to Nizhny Novartovsk. The prices are getting higher and the quality is getting worse and worse, and the service is falling apart. I hope that in the near future, as before, different airlines will be flying. BUT NOT YAMAL.

Not Yamal. Flight St. Petersburg-Sochi (September 29, 2017) and Sochi-Saint Petersburg (October 13, 2017) Buying a ticket, I did not pay attention to the airline carrier. When I started reading the reviews, my heart sank in my heels. Engines failing, flights delayed and postponed for a day or more, boorish attitude, etc. I promised myself that if I stay alive and all goes well, I will definitely write a good review) So! We were lucky. When we flew to Sochi, the flight was on the dot. When we flew to St. Petersburg, it was 10 minutes late. The staff on both flights was polite and discreet. The gypsies were not met, but smiled, said hello, performed their direct duties without the “sour” faces, as many write. The meal will be left without comment, because we did not come to the restaurant. But it was pretty decent for economy class. The space between the seats is really very small. With my height of 172cm, to fly 2.5 was just agony. And when they lowered the seat in front of me, I almost hit the floor. People with claustrophobia should not fly) very little space and crowded)

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