8 Best Restaurants in Bodrum

Bodrum Best Restaurants with a Sea View

Bodrum is a popular resort in Turkey on the Aegean Sea that is famous for its gastroculture. Be sure to visit the best Bodrum beachfront restaurants, which we will tell you about in this article.


“Mimoza” opens the top restaurants in Bodrum, it is located in Gümüşlük Bay at Yalı Mevkii, Gümüşlük. It is open from 9:00 to 23:00. The main focus of the cafe by the sea is fish dishes and fresh seafood. There is a wide choice of wines and you can taste the traditional Turkish vodka raki, made from grapes with anise extract.

The distance from Bodrum to Gümüşlük is 16 km. There are the following ways to get to the bay:

  • By dolmus with a sign Gümüşlük, departing from Bodrum bus station. The travel time is 40 minutes.
  • By cab, 150 liras (≈1200₽).
  • By rented car. The road from Bodrum to Gümüşlük is straight, you should follow the signs. The cost depends on the reservation date and the car model. The average price is 220 liras (≈1800₽) per day.

Mimoza looks especially magical at dusk, when the lights are on. The staff speaks English and Turkish. Prices are above average.

J.Joe’s Beach Bar and Restaurant

J.Joe’s Beach Bar and Restaurant is considered one of the best sea view cafes in Bodrum. The atmosphere is homely, with the owner serving his guests himself. The cafe is located in Yalikvak at Plaj Caddesi No. 16, which is 14 kilometers from Bodrum. You can get there by cab (100 liras (≈800₽)) or by renting a car.

J.Joe’s Beach Bar and Restaurant opens at 9:30 and is open until the last guest. The cafe’s menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests can choose from fish dishes and enjoy European and vegetarian cuisine on the Bodrum seashore. Notably, there are gluten-free items on the menu. The prices are moderate, you can pay by cash or card.

Zuma Bodrum

Zuma restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Bodrum for dinner as it is a chain of restaurants around the world. It offers its guests dishes of Japanese and Asian cuisine. The establishment is located at Cokertme Caddesi No:36 Palmarina in Yalikvak village. On weekdays, Zuma is open from 19:00 to 01:00, and on weekends from 19:00 to 02:00.

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Here you can taste not only sushi and rolls but also dishes cooked on grill. There are also vegetarian and gluten-free items. Tourists note that the prices in the restaurant Bodrum Zuma are higher than in other establishments.

IT’S INTERESTING! Zuma, a restaurant overlooking the sea, positions itself as an izzakaya, which means a type of Japanese drinking establishment where people relax after work.

The Garden

The Garden Restaurant & Cafe Bar is located in the center of Bodrum at Cumhuriyet Street No:66/A, this is close to the Bodrum Maritime Museum. The cafe is open from 09:00 to 01:30. Local, European and Asian dishes are served at The Garden.

The guests of the cafe by the sea are recommended to try steaks, calamari and sea bass. The facility is notable for its rich alcoholic list, speed of cooking and decent service. At The Garden coffee is brewed on the sand. The cafe in Bodrum has Wi-Fi connection. Prices are moderate, but tourists note that the bill includes water and service.


Kocadon is an authentic Turkish restaurant in Bodrum, located at Saray Sokak 1, near the Cami Mosque, in Gekova Bay. Mode of operation: 19:00-00:30. Kokadon is not open from November to April.

Advantages of this restaurant:

  • Location. The cafe is located in the courtyard between the stone old houses. Tables are set on the sidewalk among palm trees and banana trees. The Bodrum restaurant also has a terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea.
  • Interior. Kocadon has a classic style with a slant on antiquity: serving, floor decorated with mosaics, live music and candles.
  • History. The cafe was opened in 1987 in the old house of the Kocadon dynasty.

In addition to traditional dishes the menu offers exotic items such as Hunkar Begendi, a dish from the Ottoman period. It is a beef or lamb under béchamel sauce, garnished with eggplant and cheese. Prices are average, you can pay cash or by card.

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Novikov Bodrum

Novikov Bodrum Restaurant is located in Yalikvak Village at the address Yalikavak Mah. Çökertme Cad. Marina Sit. No: 6 BB/2 Yalıkavak at the pier near the white yachts. The cuisine is Pan-Asian, but you can also find dishes in the Italian tradition.

The seaside restaurant has only been open for a year, so the ultra-modern interior complements the beautiful view from the port. Prices are above average and the staff speaks English. Open 7:00 – 24:00 p.m. all year round.

Gumuscafe Fish

Gumuscafe Fish is located in Gumiusluk Bay, overlooking the sea and is popular as one of the best fish restaurants in Bodrum, where guests can choose their own freshly caught fish to cook. It is weighed in front of the guest and the price is added to the bill honestly, without surcharges. The address of cafe-restaurant is: 1120 Sokak, No: 82, Yalı Mevki, Gümüşlük, cafe opens from 9:00 to 00:00.

Guests note the menu with current prices, unlike other Turkish cafes. Average bill is moderate, cards and cash are accepted.

Sugar and Salt

Tourists note that there are many cafes where to eat in Bodrum, but a limited number of universal institutions to have food for every taste at an affordable price. However, Sugar and Salt is precisely such a cafe, here are both dishes of national cuisine and conventional positions: pizzas, pastas, burgers. The cafe is located at Danaci Street 4/1-2 Eskicesme 48400 Bodrum, Mugla and is open from 10:00 to 00:00.

What Sugar and Salt offers:

  • Whole lunches from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m;
  • homemade pasta;
  • Desserts by the pastry chef;
  • live music;
  • pet friendly seating,
  • banquet service.

Sugar and Salt is a cozy cafe-restaurant with a sea view in Bodrum with moderate prices for those who miss European cuisine.

Kahve Dunyasi

Kahve Dunyasi is the most famous coffee house chain in Turkey. You can have a coffee with dessert or stop for a light snack while looking at the sea. The cafe is located near Bodrum Castle at Neyzen Tevfik Cad. 5. Marina Çarşısı D:41-42, in the center of Marina harbor. Opening hours are from 7:00 to 00:00.

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This cafe in Bodrum also offers coffee beans from various countries, handmade chocolates, coffee and tea brewing utensils, granola, and gift sets.


Mynos Fish Restaurant is considered one of the best sea view restaurants in Bodrum, located at Yalikavak Mahallesi Çökertme Caddesi No 32 and is open all year round from 9:00 to 00:00.

Decorated in white colors, the restaurant offers 30 kinds of Meze (traditional Turkish snacks). The prices are higher than average in the restaurants and cafes of Bodrum.


Churchill is a café-restaurant in the center of Bodrum on the seaside, designed in the style of English pubs. The restaurant is located at Carsi Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Caddesi No: 112 and is open from 8:30 to 03:30.

The menu of this cafe-restaurant in Bodrum includes fish dishes and seafood, both European and Pan-Asian cuisine. There is a wide choice of light snacks and desserts. In summer you can have breakfast at the bar in the morning and visit the beach party by the sea with live music in the evening. Guests of Bodrum note the large cocktail and wine list of the cafe. If you want to enjoy breakfast or dinner at a restaurant or cafe by the sea in Bodrum, you are sure to find a place that will beautify your vacation.

8 Best Restaurants in Bodrum

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Turkey’s most partying resort has a huge number of restaurants and bars. We tell you about the best establishments in Bodrum that are highly appreciated by tourists. Find out where the food is good, where you can eat fish and seafood with a sea view, and where it’s cheaper.


A great fish restaurant in Bodrum is located by the sea, in the picturesque bay of Gümüşlük, near the ruins of the ancient city of Mindos. It offers fresh seafood, a decent selection of wines and Turkish raki vodka. In summer, book your tables in advance!

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Average bill. Prices are high. An octopus is 160 lira, a cocktail 50 lira. Dinner for two will cost you $40-50.

Address: Buyuk Iskender, Cd Gusmusluk

Bodrum's Best Restaurants

This wonderful fish restaurant in Bodrum is located by the sea, in a picturesque bay of Gümüslük. Photo: Mimoza.

J.Joe’s Beach Bar and Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in the resort area of Yalikavak in Bodrum delights with delicious food and stunning views of the sea sunset. Tourists love the breakfasts, lunches and dinners on the beach, the homely atmosphere and the welcoming service.

Average check . Lunch for two will cost $18-$25.

Address : Plaj Caddesi No. 16, Yalikavak

Nusr-Et Steakhouse

According to vacationers, the chain restaurant in Yalikavak has the best steaks, lamb dishes, kebabs, tenderloin tartar and burgers in Bodrum. A meat lover’s paradise! There are plenty of people who want to dine out, so book your table in advance.

Average check . Prices are half what you’d pay at Nusr-Et Steakhouse in New York but you’d pay $60-$100 for dinner for two.

Address : Yalikavak Mahallesi, Cokertme Caddesi Yalıkavak Marina

Popular Restaurants in Bodrum

Serving meat in a restaurant. Photo: Nusr-Et.

Zuma Bodrum

Bodrum is a popular resort and there are many international restaurants. According to tourist reviews, Zuma has the best Japanese cuisine. There is a picturesque view of the Aegean Sea. The downside is that sometimes you have to wait 30-40 minutes to order.

The average check . The price tag is high. Dinner for two will cost $ 40-50.

Address : Cokertme Caddesi No:36 Palmarina, Yalıkavak Bodrum

Cod in Japanese magnolia leaf with miso sauce. Photo: Zuma Bodrum. The restaurant has a picturesque view of the Aegean Sea. Photo: Zuma Bodrum.

Novikov Bodrum

The first pan-Asian restaurant of Novikov Group in Turkey has just opened. It is located in the luxurious Yalikavak Marina and offers the freshest seafood from all over the world, impeccable service and original recipes.

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Average bill. Dinner for two will cost 50-70$.

Address : Yalıkavak Mah. Çökertme Cad. Marina Sit. No: 6 BB/2

Bodrum Restaurants with Fish Restaurants

The restaurant is located in the luxurious marina of Yalikavak Marina. Photo: Novikov Bodrum.

Sugar and Salt

This beautiful restaurant at Bodrum harbor is famous for its excellent homemade food: mouthwatering soups, beef dishes, seasonal vegetable salads, handmade pastas, delicious sauces and fragrant garlic bread. Check out the delicate hummus and chili salad with shrimp!

Average Check . Lunch for two will cost $20-$25.

Address : Eski Cesme Mah. Danaci Sok. No 4/ 1-2

Cheap Restaurants in Bodrum

This beautiful restaurant in Bodrum harbor is famous for its excellent homemade food. Photo: Sugar and Salt.

Gumuscafe Fish

One of the best fish restaurants in Bodrum is located in the popular resort of Gümüşlük. Tourists are attracted by the delicious food and the wonderful panoramic view of the bay. Enjoy perfectly cooked fish and the splashing waves of the Aegean Sea!

Average Check . Prices are above average, and side dishes and sauces need to be ordered at an additional cost. A lunch for two will cost $35-40.

Address : 1120 sokak, No: 82, Yali Mevkii Gumusluk Yalisi

Octopus with salad. Photo: Gumuscafe Fish. Tourists are attracted by the delicious food and the beautiful view of the bay. Photo: Gumuscafe Fish.

Demeter Bar & Restaurant

For a delicious meal in Bodrum, head to the modern bar & restaurant at 300 meters from the lively street in the resort. The menu features the best Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. Enjoy dinner in the garden under fragrant mandarin trees!

Average bill . Prices are low. A traditional English breakfast for two is $8, and a three-course lunch with drinks and ice cream is $16-$20.

Address : Omurca District. Dere Street. No. 45, Bodrum City

Bodrum's Best Restaurants

Enjoy your dinner under fragrant mandarin trees in the garden! Photo: Demeter Bar & Restaurant.

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