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Excursions in Berlin

What tours to visit on vacation in Berlin and how much do they cost? 140 best tours in Berlin and surroundings with Russian speaking guides: 725 the most interesting sights and attractions, 22 reliable agencies and companies with tours starting at 8 €!

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Hi everyone, my name is Anya and I continue my exciting travels around the world. On my travels, I visit the most interesting places and try out exciting activities to share with you relevant information and real impressions about them. Today, together with the TravelAsk team, I will help you choose the most-amazing excursions in Berlin to make your trip unforgettable too.

Berlin: sights and things to see

What’s there to see and do in Berlin? Well, there are so many, in fact, that the story will last more than a day. While the city was founded in the Middle Ages, the events of the last century have left their indelible imprint. Even if the bombing and destruction left few historical landmarks, Berlin can be explored endlessly: to see all of its interesting places, not even a couple of weeks are enough.

The Berlin Wall is complemented by the Reichstag building, and affluent neighborhoods of wealthy Germans rub shoulders with squats, neighborhoods devoted to art, and some of the best nightclubs in Europe. Follow the route of the Third Reich and see what remains of the GDR or the masterpieces of world art on Museum Island, or take your children to the incredible amusement parks.

If it’s your first time in Berlin, be sure to take a classic bus or walking tour of the city on the first few days to see the most important sights of all eras. I also advise you to try unusual itineraries later on. For example, dedicated to the era of Hitler’s Germany or the contrasting period of the FRG and GDR. Another popular gastronomic tour in Berlin, which is not surprising: there are more than 15 Michelin restaurants, the famous German beer, plenty of coffee shops and, oddly enough, shawarma, which is considered the best in Europe. Also Berlin can be seen on photo tours – there are many colorful places, or go on a bike ride, because this form of transport is very popular in this place, and on wheels you get to see more interesting things.

To escape from the bustling city and see Germany from another side, you can go to the colorful Potsdam or cozy Magdeburg. I also recommend an excursion to Wernigerode, where you can walk in the footsteps of gnomes, devils and other unclean forces. And, of course, one of the toughest tours is Sachsenhausen concentration camp, where the headquarters of the German concentration camps and the high headquarters of the SS Division “Dead Head” were located. The cost of tours is quite democratic. Small 2-3-hour walking tours cost about 20 euros, bus tours lasting about 4 hours – about 30-40 euros. Slightly more expensive excursions to neighboring cities: about 100-150 euros.

Top 5 best tours in Berlin

In Berlin it is surprisingly difficult to choose the most interesting excursions, because there are so many ways to see the city. Based on my own impressions and feedback from many tourists, I have chosen for you the most interesting and varied options for leisure activities that will help you to see the city from different angles.

History and modernity: Berlin sightseeing tour

As I have already said, I advise you to start acquaintance with the city with a sightseeing tour of the classic type, where you can see the historical and modern sights. It usually starts from Alexanderplatz, not far from where the Berlin Television Tower is. Also see the monumental Cathedral, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. Of course, be sure to reach the Berlin Wall, where you can see the border point, which reminds us of the period of the Cold War. For art lovers must visit the Museum Island, however, as part of a guided tour visit or one of its museums, or just stroll around the complex. All tours of history and architecture can be found here.

Alternative Berlin

To see Berlin from a completely different perspective, take a sightseeing tour of the alternative part of the city. There are several neighborhoods that stand in stark contrast to the center, but I recommend Kreuzberg, called “Amsterdam,” “Harlem,” and “Montmartre. It’s the most alternative and youthful part of the city, with famous street art sites, squats, the most unusual bars and restaurants. It was once Berlin’s most dangerous neighborhood, but today it’s one of its most vibrant. At night you can go here to visit alternative nightclubs, during the day you can see architectural masterpieces of different styles and open-air gallery Germany Urban Spree. It is also advised to try the famous shawarma, for which Berlin is famous. All of Berlin’s walking tours are listed here.

The sights of Bavaria. What to see

Excursion to Potsdam

Germany is not just Berlin, it’s just as famous for its magnificent castles and palaces as it is for the history of the last century. To see the best palaces and parks near Berlin, I suggest traveling to Potsdam, which was founded in the Middle Ages. This city in the 18th century was the residence of the Prussian kings, so there are interesting palaces, the most famous of which are the Charlottenhof and the Sans-Souci. You can also stroll through the magnificent palace parks and cozy streets with little houses where Dutch buildings, German neighborhoods, and even the Russian colony of Alexandrovka are juxtaposed.

Exploring Dresden

One of the most beautiful cities near Berlin is Dresden. It is the capital of the Saxon state, the sights of which are known throughout the world. Of course, the main gem is the architectural complex Zwinger, which is made in the late Baroque and Neo-Renaissance style. Its grounds are home to several museums, including the famous Dresden Picture Gallery, which contains works by the great masters. The city center also has one of the world’s most beautiful Protestant cathedrals, the Frauenkirche, the Semper Opera House, Theater Square and the beautiful Bathing Nymphs fountain.

Sachsenhausen: Germany’s terrible past

One of the hardest tours offered in Berlin is a visit to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. It was here that the headquarters of the SS Dead Head Division and the central administration of the German concentration camps were based. This camp is not as famous as Dachau or Auschwitz, but it was here that inhumane methods of extermination were developed and experiments on people were conducted. Up to 60,000 prisoners were held there at one time, the exact number of deaths is still unknown, but prisoners from 18 countries were held there. It is known that there was a prison for particularly dangerous political prisoners, as well as wings for Jews and homosexuals. The tour leaves just terrifyingly strong impressions, so those who take everything to heart should refrain from it. However, a visit to this place will make you realize anew all the horrors of the Nazi past and the value of human life.

If you only have 1 day

If you are in Berlin for just one day, your best bet is to take an extensive sightseeing tour that allows you to see East and West Berlin, stop by the alternative Kreuzberg quarter, visit Museum Island, and walk through the city center to see its main attractions: from the TV Tower to the Reichstag. At leisure after the tour I suggest stopping by one of the local pubs to taste the famous German beer and traditional Berlin sausages. All of Berlin’s sightseeing tours are collected here, and on this page are options for sightseeing tours of the main sights.

If you want to see the city in the evening

I highly suggest taking an evening stroll through the same parts of Berlin that you wandered through during the day. In Kreuzberg, you can go to one of the bustling discotheques in the evening to experience the youth life of the city. You should also go to the incredible VIVID show that takes place in Friedrichstadt-Palast. It is very bright and colorful, and on the same scale as the famous Las Vegas shows. With a budget of over 10,000,000 euros it is the most expensive show outside of Las Vegas and the biggest show in Europe. On this page are options for evening and night tours.

If it’s raining or cold in Berlin

If it’s raining in Berlin or you’re here in late fall or winter when it’s cold outside, it’s a good time to head to the local museums. The best ones are on the famous Museum Island, which has been under UNESCO protection since 1999. There are a total of five museums, but I especially recommend a visit to the Pergamon Museum, which contains exhibits from the 6th century BC, including ancient, Islamic, and Asian art. The most famous is the Pergamon Altar. Art lovers should visit the Bode Museum, where you can see works of Byzantine art from the 13th to the 19th century, as well as Italian and German medieval sculptures. I also suggest visiting the New National Gallery, a technical museum. To learn more about the history of the country in the 20th century be sure to visit the GDR and Stasi Museums and the Jewish Museum. Explore the museums and the arts here.

Berlin's 8 Best Restaurants

Things to do if you are with children

With children in Berlin it is quite possible to go on a sightseeing tour, because the sights are quite interesting: they especially like the part with graffiti. The best amusement park in Berlin is LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, a real paradise for fans of this famous constructor. Also worth going to Jacks Fun World, Eldorado Wild West Town and Tropical Island Aquapark. There are also special theatrical tours for children, where the sights and history of Germany are told in a playful way. See what options are offered here.

If you want to see other cities

If the sights of Berlin will not be enough for you, then I advise to go on a tour to other cities. I’ve already told you about Potsdam and Dresden, so I’ll focus more carefully on other destinations. For example, you can go to a small town Magdeburg, where the old buildings and cathedrals are preserved in their original form. This is especially important because in Berlin, the vast majority of buildings were rebuilt after the war almost from scratch. Here you can see the Gothic cathedrals of St. Maurice and St. Catherine, the Catholic Cathedral of St. Sebastian and the Romanesque monastery of St. Mary.

It is also interesting to go to Vernigerode. I especially recommend the tour to those who want to get acquainted with the nature of Germany, because it is near the Brocken mountain, so on the way you can see beautiful mountain panoramas. It is believed that Mount Brocken was the main place for the coven on Walpurgis Night. And the Harz mountain range, in which it is included, served as a home for gnomes, witches and other unclean forces. It is believed that this is where legends and fairy tales originated, which then served as the basis for the works of the Brothers Grimm. See the options for guided tours here.

Gastronomic excursions

Don’t miss out on the most delicious tours that will introduce you to the cuisine of Berlin. On your own, you can visit some pretty famous places, including Michelin restaurants, of which there are more than a dozen. I advise to go with guides to gastronomic excursions to not so popular places, but selected with love. Here you can taste the famous German sausages, visit the best coffee shops, of which there are hundreds, try the real chocolate and imported migrant Turks shawarma, which is loved by citizens and tourists.

Also be sure to visit the local breweries during the holidays or go on a beer tour with a guide who will tell you about the history of brewing in the city and take you to the real brewery. And, of course, during such a walk you will be able to test the best varieties of German beer. For an introduction to Berlin’s cuisine, I recommend a walk through the Mitte district, where you’ll find the best bars and creative gastronomy restaurants in the city. In this section, you can choose from a selection of gastronomic tours of Berlin.

Unusual tours of Berlin

Since Berlin is a diverse city, there are many unusual itineraries. I can recommend a comprehensive tour of East and West Berlin, which introduces you to the Cold War period. Another interesting route is a tour of the Third Reich period, where you can see Hitler’s bunker, the SS headquarters, and climb to the top of the Reichstag. I also recommend taking a tour of the catacombs of Berlin, which run through the entire city and during which you can visit a real military bunker for civilians.

We are celebrating New Year's Eve 2023 in Germany: Berlin and Munich

An interesting tour that introduces the modern life of affluent Germans. Another unusual itinerary focuses on 20th century spy stories. Also interesting is a walk through the places where famous movies were filmed, including “Operation Valkyrie” with Tom Cruise, “Agent 007” with Roger Moore, “The Bourne Supremacy” with Matt Damon and even “Seventeen Moments of Spring” with Vyacheslav Tikhonov. You can choose an unusual tour here.

If you are in Berlin for the holidays

If you’re in Berlin for Christmas, you’re incredibly lucky because the city is enveloped in a mysterious and festive atmosphere. Make sure to visit the most famous Christmas markets at Alexanderplatz, Red Square, the Royal Opera House, and the Gendarmenmarkt. Here you can buy Christmas souvenirs, handmade candles, Christmas decorations, and traditional Christmas treats: roasted almonds, gingerbread, liquorice candy, hot chestnuts, punch, and mulled wine.

Choosing the right tours: tips and tricks

I want to share a few tips that allow you to save a little money on excursions.

  • If you are in Berlin for a short time, I suggest you buy a Welcome Card. This card is valid for 48 hours and allows you to use all modes of transport, ride a boat, visit exhibitions, theaters, and museums with discounts of up to 50%. The card costs 21.9 euros. You can also buy a card for 72 hours, the cost will be 29.90 euros.
  • If you buy tours on the street, then do not immediately give preference to the cheapest. The fact is that often under the guise of excursions sell only tickets for the sightseeing double-decker bus or shuttle to the museum or other historical sites. On the spot, instead of a live tour guide can give you an audio guide. And often the audio guide is only in English or German, so you do not get any benefit from such a tour, but the public transport will be cheaper than the one provided.
  • Also, if you buy a tour on the street, specify whether the group will be international and in what language the tour will be held and how many people will participate in it.
  • The most convenient option – to order a tour through the Internet from Russian-speaking guides or companies. So you can determine the prices and read the reviews of tourists. You can do this on several booking sites, such as ours, on this page.

Berlin in the first second strikes you with its democratic, easygoing and lively atmosphere, and in the second sight – it falls in love with the abundance of interesting places and an incredible variety of options for leisure. I suggest you look at it from a different angle to appreciate all the versatility.

The 7 best tours in Berlin in Russian. And the 12 best guides!

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Berlin is not only a very interesting, but also a very unusual city. And there are tours in Berlin for absolutely every taste. Group and individual, in museums and pubs, posh neighborhoods and dubious back alleys …

We selected for you the best tours in Berlin in Russian, which held only good guides. In our article, you will find an overview of the most interesting programs and useful links where you can find out the prices and read the real reviews of tourists.

In Berlin, there are many natives from Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union. And many of them hold the most interesting tours in Berlin in Russian. As already mentioned, Berlin – an unusual city, there are many not only the “standard” attractions (palaces – temples – museums), but also absolutely unique places. The Berlin Wall, squats, graffiti, Hitler’s bunker and much more – in our selection you will find tours in Berlin, both “must-see” and absolutely unique places, and order them online on Tripster.ru .

Why online and why Tripster? It’s simple.

Online because Berlin is not Antalya (although there are as many Turks) and there are no tour agencies at every turn. We do not see any Reiseburo on the streets, guides here offer their services mainly through the Internet.

And Tripster, because at the moment it is the largest service for booking excursions in Russian, which we use ourselves. It puts the tourist with a guide directly, while acting as a financial guarantor. And most importantly – the reviews here can not leave everyone, including the guide himself and his friends, but only those tourists who have traveled on excursions. All convenient and transparent, as on Bukings.

What to see in Berlin? Itinerary for 1, 2, 3 days

The best tours in Berlin in Russian

Berlin sightseeing tour

The fastest and inexpensive way to get acquainted with the city. A sightseeing tour of Berlin usually lasts 2-3 hours and during this time you will bypass … Of course, not all interesting places, but very many.

The cheapest and most standard program is called – Everyday Walk Around Berlin. Berlin TV Tower, Alexanderplatz, Museum Island, the Reichstag – all the sights of the city center, which can be seen in two hours, you will get around.

Guide Anna, who has lived in Berlin for a decade and a half, conducts a more extended version of the tour and offers to fall in love with Berlin in 3 hours, and for the same money. The first day in Berlin – another of her programs, but this time individual. Prepare your questions in advance!

Another individually designed program that gets only great reviews is Understand Berlin in 2 hours by our experienced guide Daria who has lived here for 10 years and knows every single alley. Her tour guide Maria is so adept at helping you get a feel for Berlin’s character that you’ll be impressed for a long time to come.

This block contains the best, in our opinion, sightseeing tours in Berlin in Russian:

2. This crazy, crazy Berlin.

The Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, the Cathedral – no doubt, all of these are beautiful and a must-see. But modern Berlin attracts visitors not so much with its past as with its unusual, complex, and slightly crazy present. Are you ready to dive into the madness? Russian guides, who have lived and breathed it for a long time, are ready to help you.

So Russian girls Laura and Lelia, who are already a cultural phenomenon in their own right, invite you to Alternative Berlin. Subcultural Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, squats, lofts and graffiti – everything you wanted to see, but were afraid to, is waiting for you at this program. Don’t forget not to bring the kids!

And if you want to explore the most unusual area of this wonder city, go with Daria on a tour of Kreuzberg – Berlin in all its flavor . On this program, you won’t see an ancient, tired capital, but “another Berlin – bold, alternative, anarchist, bright!” I didn’t make that up, that’s the review.

Daria also invites you to an unusual program Berlin Yards. Without the slums and street art, but with immersion into the seething cauldron of big city life.

Berlin's best neighborhoods, our review. Pictured: informal Kreuzberg.

Excursions in Berlin in Russian will introduce you to the culture of the capital of Germany. And with its counter-culture.

3. The war and the Germans

World War II changed Berlin forever, everything here keeps the memory of it and its consequences. I will not go into detail – let the guides do it, that’s their job. The more so in Berlin, there are excellent professionals who conduct very interesting tours of Berlin in Russian with a “military” bias.

For example guide Alexander for almost 10 years worked in Berlin museum, devoted to World War II bunkers. On the program On Places of the Third Reich with a museum employee he will show you Hitler’s bunker, the headquarters of the SS, Gestapo and Luftwaffe, the ruins of the Ministry of Propaganda and other iconic places. And on the Berlin Catacombs tour you and Alexander will explore the enormous bunker where ordinary Berliners escaped the bombings. The entire setting is the same as it was during the war.

In general, the military “heritage” in one way or another touches a lot of tours in Berlin in Russian. On a bicycle tour So Different Berlin with our guide Dmitry you will see a huge concrete cylinder of the Third Reich, the places of the first Nazi prisons and even be able to ride bikes on the closed airport in the city center, built under Hitler.

At the tour History of the Third Reich guide Sergey will help you understand how the dark (even brown) past of Berlin was reflected in its present appearance.

Berlin-Munich: How to get there

4. East Berlin

The GDR, East Berlin and everything connected with it is a terribly interesting topic for us, tourists from the former “fraternal” USSR countries. And for Russian-speaking guides, too.

Leonid, a resident of Berlin, was born in the Soviet Union and has long been interested in the subject of the GDR. Now he lives in Berlin, knows many East Germans and leads one single tour. But what a tour! His program East Berlin – History and Fate gets only the best reviews and reviews.

There are other tours in Berlin in Russian, which will introduce you to unusual aspects of life in the GDR and Germany. For example, here are two great author’s programs from guide Daria. On excursion Top Secret Berlin she will tell you about spy village, spy tunnel, spy bridge and other places connected with intelligence services of two Germanies. And on a tour of Berlin beyond Alexanderplatz you will walk through the “places of glory” of the GDR and see many interesting things, from examples of monumental Soviet architecture to the remains of the Berlin Wall, where Brezhnev and Honecker merged in a passionate kiss.

The best tours in Berlin in Russian.

Excursions in Berlin in Russian is an opportunity to visit the famous Wall both on foot and by bicycle.

5. Around Berlin on a bicycle

As elsewhere in Europe, bicycles are very popular in Berlin. Bicycle lanes, traffic lights, bicycle maniacs – everything is as it should be. It is not surprising that many tours in Berlin in Russian are held on this, the most popular form of transport. Including sightseeing tours.

Tour guide Igor on his program “Two Berlin” on a bicycle offers and a ride to the most popular attractions, and look at the interesting places that you will not find in the guidebooks. There is another great bike ride by Igor – Night Berlin, where you will also see a lot of interesting places, but in the sunset scene.

If you want something mind-blowing, sign up for Dmitry’s Discover the Secrets of Berlin program on a bike ride: the reviews on Tripster are excellent, and the tourists are happy.

By the way, all these programs do not require special training and experience, the bikes in both guides are very comfortable, and Berlin is just made for cyclists – many have noted it in the reviews.

6. Art and Museums

Art is everywhere in Berlin, not only alternative, but also universally recognized. And there are plenty of cultural tours, too.

So, a philologist with two degrees (the second was obtained in Germany) Tatiana will be your guide to the main museums of Berlin on tours:

  • Pergamon Museum. Stories of the World’s Most Extraordinary Exhibits and
  • Riddles and Legends of the New Museum.

She also invites you to visit the ancient royal residence, its parks and palaces on a fascinating program Potsdam: Encyclopedia of Prussian Kings.

And if you came not only to admire the art, but also to create it, make an appointment for a photo shoot in the center of Berlin with Alexey and Alena. They have been working as photographers in the German capital for 10 years and know the best angles and the most beautiful (delicious, unusual) places.

Excursion to Potsdam from Berlin in Russian.

Excursion to Potsdam from Berlin in Russian you will discover the treasures of the old German town.

7. It’s time for bars.

German cuisine is now associated with kebabs and falafel, but in general, its embodiment has always been beer and sausages. If you’re interested in native, non-halal Germany, go on a Beer Tour Berlin, and big beer connoisseur Alexander will take you to three noble private breweries that the locals adore. And food expert Julia invites you to indulge your tummy at Berlin’s Best European Cuisine. The reviews are most delicious.

I recommend those with a sweet tooth to pay attention to the program Berlin with the taste of coffee and chocolate. However, everyone has different tastes and personally, I would choose a beer tour. Well, here’s to Berlin!

Other tours in Berlin

Of course, these are not all tours in Berlin in Russian. There are also many other great Russian-language programs: tours of Berlin’s districts and suburbs, for children and partygoers, for famous sights and non-tourist places… A full list of tours with descriptions, reviews, and prices can be found here:

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