8 inexpensive sanatoriums Kislovodsk with treatment. Prices 2022

How to choose a sanatorium in Kislovodsk + 8 inexpensive

Rest and treatment in Kislovodsk

If you want to improve your health and relax in a beautiful place, come to Kislovodsk! We will tell you how to choose a health resort with treatment. Learn about the best sanatoriums according to tourist estimates and prices in 2022.


How to get to a sanatorium for treatment

To get into a sanatorium in Kislovodsk, you need to have a sanatorium voucher for treatment. It is drawn up in the polyclinic in the place of residence – it is needed so that doctors in the sanatorium present your anamnesis. To do this, you will have to undergo several doctors and take tests. If you do not have time to do the examination, find out in the sanatorium if it is possible to come without a health card. As a rule, holidaymakers are going to make advances.

Privileged categories of the population receive such vouchers for free, they are paid by the state or an enterprise. Anyone can go to a sanatorium at their own expense.

Kislovodsk health resorts offer comprehensive treatment programs, such as “Body Cleansing”, “Acute Vision”, “Body Shape Correction” or “Anti-stress”. There is a great demand for summer resorts with treatment in Kislovodsk, so look for a voucher in advance!

Treatment at Kislovodsk resorts

Fountain “Frogs” in front of the Narzanaya Gallery. Photo: ppl1958 / Depositphotos.com

How to choose a health resort in Kislovodsk with treatment

Kislovodsk is the largest health resort in the Caucasian Mineral Waters. The city has more than 50 sanatoriums, dispensaries and spa hotels, which operate all year round.

Because of the great competition prices for holidays with treatment in sanatoriums of Kislovodsk are not high. In 2022 the accommodation for one adult costs from 1500 rubles a day. For this money you will be put in a 2-3-bed room, provide meals and 2-5 medical procedures a week.

It is not necessary to spend time looking for a suitable option on the Internet! All the necessary information is on the site sanatorium.ru. Here you will learn about the peculiarities of the spa resort, you will get acquainted with what and how they treat in Kislovodsk, and be able to book a room at any sanatorium and preventive care.

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What do they treat in Kislovodsk

Kislovodsk is considered the best health resort in Russia for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system. In addition, people who have problems with the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory organs and musculoskeletal system come to this resort.

How is a vacation with treatment in sanatoriums

The main wealth of the city in the foothills of the North Caucasus is a unique climate and mineral water “Narzan”. Water from natural springs is drunk, used for inhalations, irrigation and recovery baths.

Other popular treatments in Kislovodsk are the sulfide and silt muds from Lake Tambukan which is 55 km from the town. Mud wraps help with diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous system.

In addition, all Kislovodsk sanatoriums practice health paths in the Resort Park, physiotherapy, diet therapy, physiotherapy and massage.

On the day of admission or the next morning, the patient is seen by a doctor. The specialist conducts diagnostics, does an ECG, prescribes procedures, and monitors the progress of treatment. Meals are usually three or four a day for adults, and five meals a day for children.

Irina Pavlovna: “Very decent treatment facilities, a great variety of procedures. The girls working on the procedures are very attentive and positive. Before making an appointment with a masseur, find out if he is suitable for you. Someone likes a weaker, someone stronger.

Anastasia: “I was very happy with my vacation. Food varied and tasty. There is a pump room, children’s playground, children’s room and a pool, which is extremely important if you relax with children. I am very pleased with the treatment – the personnel on all procedures and in phyto-bar are friendly and polite.

Reviews of treatment in Kislovodsk

The remains of dead trees on Lake Tambukan. Photo: Yakov_Oskanov / Depositphotos.com

Inexpensive health resorts in Kislovodsk with treatment

Sanatorium for children with parents “Smena”

The oldest children’s health resort in the city was built in 1938. In 2009 the Kislovodsk sanatorium was completely reconstructed and reoriented to a family vacation. It specializes in the treatment of respiratory, nervous, digestive and endocrine systems. Not far from the buildings there is a luxurious spa park and the Narzan Gallery, where you can drink delicious mineral water.

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Address: Dzerzhinsky Ave, 18.

Price : from 2300 rubles.

Inexpensive resorts Kislovodsk

A hall in the Narzanaya Gallery with mineral water. Photo: shinobi / Depositphotos.com

Oktyabr guest house

In the center of the city, near the entrance to the Resort Park is an inexpensive boarding house Kislovodsk, which accepts guests with and without therapeutic procedures. The health resort occupies a 4-storey building, renovated in 2010. It treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and nervous system. In the pension there is a phyto bar, a sauna and a billiard room.

Address: ul. Herzen-Dzerzhinsky, 8 / 8.

Price from 2700 rubles.

Sanatorium Dzhinal

The popular sanatorium is located in a quiet part of the city, at an altitude of 871 meters above sea level. Health Resort at the foot of Dzhinal ridge was built in 1987. The sanatorium is famous for its pump room, where everyone can draw mineral water “Narzan”, “Essentuki” and “Slavyanovskaya”. There are routes of therapeutic terrenekurs in the park of 4.8 hectares. This is one of the few sanatoriums of Kislovodsk, where there is a swimming pool, and at the same time you can have an inexpensive vacation with the treatment.

Address: Pyatigorskaya street, 4.

Price from 4080 rubles.

Which resort in Kislovodsk to choose

Sanatorium is famous for its pump room. Photo: sanatorium Dzhinal.

Sanatorium Kolos

Two buildings resort are 150 meters from the famous Narzanoy gallery of Kislovodsk in a green area where centuries-old spruces grow. In a multidisciplinary health resort treat diseases of bones and joints, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, urogenital and nervous systems. Own pool no, but the price includes bathing in the pool neighboring boarding house.

Address: Janowski Lane, 7.

Price from 3600 rubles.

Sanatorium Solnechny.

Since 2007 in Kislovodsk operates resort, which is in no way inferior to the comfort level 4 * hotels. The medical institution has its own medico-diagnostic center, a pump room, mud baths, phytotherapy and ozone therapy. There is a game room, an area for sports and a shallow pool for children. Admire the luxurious rose garden and relax in a modern spa complex!

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Address: Kuibyshev Street, 66.

Price from 4600 rubles.

Reviews about sanatoriums Kislovodsk

The sanatorium has a swimming pool. Photo: Solnechny Sanatorium.

Sanatorium “Rodnik”.

The history of the Kislovodsk sanatorium began in 1972, but it has been modernized several times. Three buildings stand on an area of 8.5 hectares with access to the town’s Kurortny Park, so you do not hear the noise of cars at all here. It takes 15 minutes to walk to the Narsan Gallery. Holidaymakers like the indoor pool with warm water, a modern gym, sauna and comfortable rooms.

Address: Profinterna Street, 50.

Price from 3700 rubles.

Sanatorium Tsentrosoyuz.

In the heart of the city is an excellent sanatorium, which is like a comfortable resort hotel. Looking at the modern buildings and interiors, it is difficult to imagine that the first buildings on this site appeared in 1935. The sanatorium in Kislovodsk went through a complete renovation in 2009-2011 and now has its own park, playgrounds, tennis court, fitness center and an excellent thermal center with sauna, hammam, outdoor and indoor pools. Improve your health and swim in any season!

Address: Volodarskogo street, 12.

Price from 4600 rubles.

What to treat in sanatoriums of Kislovodsk

The resort has outdoor and indoor pools. Photo: sanatorium Tsentrosoyuz.

Kislovodsk Clinic

The medical institution has two departments – cardiology and neurology. Vacationers live in 4 buildings of the boarding house, which are connected with each other by warm passages. In addition to medical procedures, the clinic in Kislovodsk holds dance evenings and interesting lectures.

Address: Yaroshenko Street, 5.

Price from 1500 rubles.

Inexpensive resorts Kislovodsk

Kislovodsk in the fall. Photo: IridaBerilova / Depositphotos.com


Sanatorium Dimitrov. Nutrition: 3-times a day “menu-order” Swimming pool: no Calculation hour: 08:00 to the park: the upper part of the park to the source: 1.2 km.

Kirov Sanatorium Nutrition: 3-times “menu-order” Swimming pool: no Check hour: 08:00 to the park: 100m to the source: 1.2 km.

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Sanatorium “Imen Semashko Meals: 3-times “menu-order” Swimming pool: covered 24×15 Check hour: 08:00 To the park: 100m to the source: 500m to the central, its territory

The hotel “Caucasus” meals: 3 times a day a complex / “menu order” Swimming pool: covered 18×8 Check hour: 08:00 to the park: the lower part of the park to the source: 1.5 km.

Sanatorium “Piket” Meals: 3-times a day “menu order” Swimming pool: no Check hour: 08:00 to the park: the upper part of the park to the source: 4km to the Central


The hotel “Victoria” Meals: 3-times a day “buffet” Swimming pool: covered 18×9 Checking hour: 08:00 To the park: 1.0 km. To the spring: 1,0 km.

Sanatorium “Dzhinal” meals: 3-times a day “menu-order” Swimming pool: covered 20×15 Check hour: 08:00 to the park: 500m to the source: 5km to the central, its territory

The power supply: 3-times a day “buffet”/”menu order” Swimming pool: covered, outdoor, water park Check hour: 00:00 to the park: 800m to the source: 800m to the central.

Sanatorium Krugozor Power: 3-times “buffet” Swimming pool: covered 14×8 Check hour: 08:00 to the park: 1,0 km. To the source: 2.5 km.

Sanatorium “Moscow” meals: 3-times “menu-order” Swimming pool: covered Settlement time: 08:00 to the park: 400m to the source: 3km to the central, its territory

Sanatorium “MES” meals: 4-times “menu-order” Swimming pool: covered 25×10 Check hour: 11:00 to the park: 3.0 km. To the spring: 3 km. to the central; its own on the territory

Sanatorium “Narzan” meals: 3-times “menu-order” Swimming pool: no Check hour: 08:00 to the park: 50m. To the source: 50m to the central from the building number 1

Sanatorium “Raduga” Meals: 3-times “menu-order” Swimming pool: in the sanatorium “Imen Semashko” Settlement hour: 08:00 To the park: 400 m. To the spring: 1 km to the central spring, 100 m to the Zhelyabovskii narzan (well № 23)

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Sanatorium “Rodnik” Meals: 3-times a day “Swedish table” Swimming pool: covered 20×12 Check hour: 08:00 to the park: the upper part of the park To the source: 3 km to the central, in the building its own

Saloon “Sunny” Meals: 3-times a day “Swedish table” Swimming pool: covered Settlement hour: 12:00 to the park: 1,3 km to the source: 1,2 km to the central; its pump room

Sanatorium Tsentrosoyuz Kislovodsk Nutrition: 3-times a day “Swedish table” Swimming pool: indoor + outdoor Checkout time: 08:00 to the park: the middle part of the park to the source: 500m.


Sanatorium “Arnika” Power supply: 3-times a day “menu order” Swimming pool: covered 14h6m Settlement time: 13:00 to the park: 300m to the source: 1km to the central, its pump room

Sanatorium “Plaza” Meals: 3-times a day “Swedish table” Swimming pool: covered Settlement time: 12:00 to the park: the upper part of the park To the source: 1,2 km to the central, its pump room

Sanatorium “Healing Medicine Narzan” Meals: 3 times a day “Swedish table” Swimming pool: covered 16х8 Check hour : 12:00 To the park : 1,0 km To the source: 100m to Zheljabovsky, 60m to the central, its own on site

Sanatorium treatment in Kislovodsk on the map of the city:

The main profile of treatment in sanatoriums Kislovodsk:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • respiratory system diseases

Video about spa treatment in sanatoriums of Kislovodsk:

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