All about rest in Chakvi. Prices, reviews and personal experience

Chakvi resort village – about the beach, accommodation and attractions

Chakvi (Georgia) is an urban-type settlement on the Black Sea coast, located exactly in the middle between Batumi and Kobuleti. A couple of years ago there was almost no infrastructure, but now the Adjara resort is actively developing. Several big hotels, restaurants and even night clubs have been opened here. And not without reason, because the place is truly magical.

Do you want to know why Chakvi is considered the greenest resort in Georgia? What interesting places are located just a few kilometers from the village? And why the reviews of Chakvi are so rave? Then let’s go!

History of Chakvi

View of Chakvi village

Perhaps Chakvi is the most peaceful place in all of Adjara or even Georgia. Since its founding a few centuries ago, the small fishing village has been bypassed by all historical events. Basically, they took place 7 kilometers to the north, near the walls of the ancient fortress of Petra. It was built by the Byzantine servants, besieged by the Persians several times, and the Russo-Turkish War of 1877 was fought near the fortress. If we talk about Chakvi (Georgia), then the village is known for tea plantations. Lau-Jan-Jau, a tea specialist, came here in the early twentieth century under an agreement between the Russian Empire and China. He bred the first Georgian varieties of tea and was awarded the state prize. In 1925, after decades of work, the Chinese master left Chakvi, but his work continued. During Soviet times the village had 3 tea factories, a tea pressing shop and wineries.

In independent Georgia, the resort closed both tea and wine factories. During the Adjara crisis, houses on the waterfront fell into disrepair. Only a year or two ago, hotels appeared in Chakvi, and tourists began to come here.

The beach in Chakvi

The beach in Chakvi is pebbly.

As such, the resort does not have its own beach. Together with the neighboring village Buknari Chakvi village occupies the entire coast, which stretches from the rocks near the Botanical Garden of Batumi to the rocks near the Petra fortress. In total the beach is about 6 kilometers long, so to find a free place even in summer is not a problem. Water all along the coast is clean, because big rivers flow into the sea much closer to Batumi. Of unpleasant – along the whole length of the beach passes quite noisy railroad.

Chakvi is good for a vacation with kids

The beach area near the village of Chakvi (Georgia) is quite active. There are sun loungers and umbrellas, you can take them all day for 1-2 GEL. Above the beach there are several cafes and restaurants, the regulars advise grilled fish with white wine. In the northern part of Chakvi stands an old concrete promenade, from which there are interesting views of the neighboring capes, including – the botanical garden.

By the way, in Chakvi, Georgia, you can vacation with children. Here is a very comfortable and safe entrance to the water, because at the very edge of the pebble is replaced by a pleasant sand. Lovers of recreation wilderness will also be pleased – there are special places for tents on the beach. Camping can be found in Batumi Botanical Garden too, you can just walk there. But the private sector in Chakvi is also quite a lot, so that you won’t be left without lodging.

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Lodging in Chakvi

Had you come to Chakwi a couple of years earlier, there would have been no alternative to private homes and tent camping. But a lot has changed since then, with several large hotels and small guesthouses springing up in the village.

Hotels in Chakvi

I’ll tell briefly about the most interesting options (all hotels are easy to book via Bucking, the same ratings are taken from the guests.

    – rating of “Good”. Hotel “Oasis” is the most grandiose of the recently opened complexes. It occupies 3 buildings on the second line of the coast. The hotel has its own beach, restaurant, bar, spa and two swimming pools. You can even see the streets of Batumi from the upper floors! – Rated “Great.” Hotel Palma also stands on the very shore, the hotel has its own beach, restaurant, and excursion center. Children will love the playground and adults will love the bar. – Rating “Good”. Cottage hotel “Champion”. Not the most usual accommodation option. In a eucalyptus grove 300 meters from the beach stands a dozen cozy stone cottages. Each has a shower, TV, and on the territory – a restaurant.

For photos of rooms, detailed reviews of hotel guests and prices for specific dates, see the links above.

Private Sector

View of Chakvi and the Black Sea

As in the whole of Georgia, in Chakvi there are many private proposals. There are several dozen guest houses in the village, which is such a transitional state between an apartment and a hotel. They are owned by locals, the accommodation is cheaper than a hotel, and guests are often served a free breakfast by a caring hostess. Here is a selection of options that can be booked online in advance, and then pay on the spot.

Apartment in Chakvi is an apartment that accommodates up to six people. Equipped with an oven, toaster, refrigerator and kettle. Parking is free.

Chakvi Apartment – This apartment has a kitchenette, flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a terrace. In addition, there is a private pool, free parking for cars and free shuttle to / from Batumi Airport. The beach is just 1 minute away.

Cottage in Chakvi is a guest house with a shared kitchen. Some rooms have a seating area for relaxing, some have a terrace or balcony.

Seaside cottages – rated “Great. The complex is located on the Black Sea coast, some villas have a terrace and/or balcony with sea view. All are equipped with a kitchen with a refrigerator. Free shuttle service is available.

Regarding apartments, rooms, houses in Chakvi (Georgia) – they are here, and there are many. But even in the summer, during the high season, you can find a place to stay overnight without prior booking. True, most likely it will be more expensive and further from the sea. In the low season, there are no problems with accommodation at all.

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Chakvi is good for children, but not the youngest. There is a lot of greenery, there is a eucalyptus grove and a long beach for walks. If the child likes to walk, try first to walk to the Botanical Garden of Batumi, and then to the Peter’s fortress.

Attractions of Chakvi

Blooming in Batumi Botanical Garden

In Chakvi (Georgia) there are not many interesting places, there just were not any significant events. From the most noteworthy I will note the historical house of the very Chinese tea master Lau-Jan-Jau. The house is still standing, on a nice spot by the sea, but its condition is not good. No one looks after the landmark, so it is gradually decaying and crumbling. You can go inside Lau’s house, wander through the rooms, admire the mosaic tea leaf on the floor. But it is easy to get from the village to several interesting places:

    . It is located 1.5 kilometers south of Chakvi. It is the largest such complex in Georgia, covering 113 hectares! From Chakvi you can get to the northern entrance, where the Upper Park is located. You can walk to the garden, or you can take a bus to get there.
  • Peter’s Fortress. Located on the north, it is about 7 kilometers from Chakvi (closer to it is a resort village Tsihisdziri). The fortress is interesting with its ancient Byzantine architecture, picturesque ruins and wild beach at the foot of it. You can also walk along the coast and the highway or take a shuttle bus.
  • Mtirala National Park. I have met different reviews of Chakwi, but almost all tourists note the proximity of the park. It is quite a large area of subtropical mountains with beautiful waterfalls and lakes.
  • Batumi and Kobuleti. Two major resort centers, exactly in the middle between which is Chakvi. If you want to have a cultural rest, walk around the city, visit a museum or watch a night show on the waterfront, then go to Batumi. In Kobuleti – about the same, only more focused on young people.

Sights of Chakvi

In general, the whole Chakvi is one big attraction. There are a lot of greenery here, and I especially like the grove of eucalyptus trees. On the Georgian coast, these trees are usually planted in strips, but here it’s a whole park. I advise to go to the grove after the rain, then it is especially fresh and beautiful, and most importantly – there is no ubiquitous forest flies.

How to get to Chakvi from Batumi

From Batumi to Chakvi (Georgia) is only 13 kilometers, so you can get there in 10-15 minutes. It’s enough to catch any bus that goes north. Most of them are at the stop “Tbilisi Square”, and quite a few at the exit of the city. There is no difference between the bus and a private bus, they cost about the same, about 1 GEL. You can also take a cab – the price is around 20 GEL, but you get a comfortable ride.

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I wrote about how to get from Tbilisi to Batumi in another article.

Chakvi resort village on the map

For your convenience, I marked all the above-mentioned iconic places of Chakvi (Georgia) on the map (purple icons). Blue markers mark the accommodations that I recommend to consider for accommodation. Going to the page of a particular hotel/hostel is easy – just click on the icon and in the tab that appears on the left, follow the link under the word “description”.

Excursions in Adjara

Mountain Adjara – I recommend ordering the author’s car tour through the beauties of the Black Sea coast. In one day you will see Sarpi, the fortress of Gonio, the waterfall of Makhuntseti, the bridge of queen Tamara, the hydro-station on the mountain river Adjaris-tskali, the church of Zvare and much more. In addition, you will have wine tasting and lunch at a restaurant on the bank of the mountain river. See the link above for tour reviews and prices.

Mountain Adjara with a feast – a group tour with a start from Batumi. You will see a secret observation deck, unique bridges, Mirvety waterfall, Gvaru fortress and visit a real Georgian feast.

All of Adjara in 1 day is an individual tour, which begins with a walk through Batumi Old Town. You will also see the waterfall and the bridge of Queen Tamara. The highlight of the tour is a trip to visit an Adjarian family that lives in a village on top of a mountain.

Still have questions about Chakvi? Ask them in the comments. I also look forward to hearing from you fresh reviews about your vacation in Chakvi, Georgia. What you liked, what you didn’t like, where you ate, where you lived.

In love with Georgia, Igor OZIN.

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Chakvi: vacation tips

Rest in Chakvi

Tea capital of Georgia is one of the most peaceful resorts on the Black Sea coast. We will tell you how we saw Chakvi, whether it is good to swim there, about the prices of hotels and food. Find out what tourists think about rest in Chakvi.


Impression of the resort.

Large urban-type settlement is located 17 km north of Batumi. Chakvi stretches along the valley of the river of the same name and along the sea to Buknari. We were struck by the huge number of tiles. Not only the sidewalks in Chakvi are lined with colorful tiles, but also the yards.

The main stores and market are located in the center. An old eucalyptus grove grows near the shore. The giant trees exude a surprisingly pleasant fragrance. That you are in the village, reminded of the fact that you are in the village, wonderful Georgian cows. They leisurely cross the road right among the cars, and gladly take a sunbath on the beach.

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Nadezhda: “Chakvi is a great place to relax on the Black Sea coast of Georgia. It’s very quiet and picturesque, with a clean sea and a pebbly, not crowded beach. It takes 15 minutes to get to Batumi by public transport or cab”.

Rest in Chakvi

The giant trees exude a surprisingly pleasant aroma. Photo: Jelger Groeneveld / / CC BY 2.0.

What Sea and Beaches

The sea water in Chakvi is cleaner than in Batumi. The beach is pebbly and long. You put on aqua shoes and easily enter the water. The depth starts five meters from the shore. There are never so many tourists in Chakvi as in Batumi, but the beach infrastructure is inferior to the main seaside resort of Georgia. Changing rooms and sunbeds are still hard to find!

Lenutsa: “The beach is wide, it’s not crowded, it’s not crowded at all. The beach has pebbles, it’s much shallower than in Batumi, so it’s easier to enter the water than there. There are umbrellas and sun beds, but for a small fee. However, without them it is quite possible to do, having spread out a towel on a pebble. And if you are afraid of the sun, you can sunbathe in a shadow of pines – they are practically on a beach, here all near”.

Traveller reviews about Chakvi

Beach in Chakvi. Photo of the author.

Hotels in Chakvi

There are about fifty guest houses and hotels in the resort village. Near the sea, almost every house you can see an ad for “rooms for rent”. Prices in Chakvi are slightly lower than in Batumi. Double room with private bathroom in a guest house costs 1100-1200 rubles per day, in a 3* hotel – 2000-2500 rubles, and in a 4* hotel – from 3500 rubles. Rest “all inclusive” in Chakvi offer in the hotel Dreamland Oasis, a room for two costs 11000 rubles. Look for hotels in Chakwi on Hotelluk, the best according to tourist reviews:

Food Prices.

Compared to Batumi, there are few cafes and restaurants in Chakvi, but you will always find where to eat and drink delicious coffee. We liked the food and the neat bamboo benches at Cafe-Restaurant Mimino. The average bill for two at the place for locals is 25 GEL. We advise you to try the famous Georgian shashlik for 8-12 lari and khachapuri in sajarski for 7-12 lari. If you prefer vegetarian food, then check out eggplant with nuts – 4-6 lari and mushrooms on keci – 8 lari.

What to see and do

There is not much entertainment in Chakvi. In 2018, the Dreamland Oasis hotel opened a small water park, where not only the guests, but also everyone who wants to relax. Admission for adults and children over 12 years old costs 40 lari. Boat rides and fishing in the sea are popular with vacationers.

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According to reviews, from Chakvi tourists willingly go on excursions in mountainous Adjara, in the national parks “Mtirala”, “Kintrishi” and “Kolkheti”. Tours for one day cost from $30. You can easily get to the Byzantine fortress of Petra, Batumi, Kobuleti and Poti by shuttle bus.

We advise to see the plantations of Georgian tea, which is located on the eastern outskirts of Chakvi – Chaisubani. Also from the village is only 1.1 km to the northern entrance of Batumi Botanical Garden. The ticket for foreign tourists costs 15 lari. The green area is so beautiful that you won’t regret the money you spent!

Samsonata: “Great vacation without the fuss, but close to Batumi. Walking through the reserve “Mtirala”, trips to waterfalls, to Gonio fortress or shopping in Turkey – no problem. The botanical garden, where you can spend a whole day, is right at your doorstep.

Jenya09: “We visited the Botanical Garden 5 times, if not more. We tried to do it at different times of the year to see how different bushes and trees bloom. Each time we admire its beauty. The park is very large, I recommend planning a whole day to visit it.

What to see in Chakvi

Kintrishi Nature Reserve. Photo: Paata vardanashvili / / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Holidays with children

Chakvi is great for vacationing with kids! The air in the village is clean, the sea is better than in Batumi, and there are not as many temptations as in the big city. The settlement is quite large – there are 10 thousand people in Chakvi. When choosing a hotel, specify whether it’s a long walk to the beach.

Yuri: “It’s a cozy place to relax. My family stayed here and all my family liked it. It was clean, palm trees, warm, after the Russian endless rain just a paradise of some kind.

Holidays with children in Chakvi

The air is clean in the village, the sea is better than in Batumi. Photo of the author.

When to go

In Chakvi is reasonable to rest in summer, when you can bathe in the Black Sea. In the off-season in the village is boring. Beach season in Georgia begins in late May and ends in late October. The hottest months are July, August and the first half of September. If you can’t stand the summer heat, come to Chakvi in June or during the velvet season!

Worth the trip

Chakvi is a great place to relax by the sea in Georgia! The village has stores, market, pharmacies. Well-developed public transport – by shuttle bus to Batumi only 20 minutes away. In our opinion, Chakvi is suitable not only for families with children and elderly tourists, but also for everyone who likes active travel. From here you can easily get to many attractions of Adjara.

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