All about rest in Gonio. Prices, reviews and personal experience

Where to stay in Gonio (Batumi)

I will stay at the hotel in Gonio. Rooms are new, balconies overlooking the sea, 5 minutes walk to the pebble beach. The sea is wavy but you can swim, the water was very warm in July. Hospitable and friendly staff. Very tasty and varied breakfasts at the hotel. Unfortunately we only stayed for 2 days, because of bad weather (it rained) we had to leave, but we really hope to come back to Hotel Egrisi again! On the beach.

The best place in Adjara. It’s quiet, peaceful. The beach is huge nearby. Markets, gas station, hair salon. The hotel is not on the road. But the beach is within walking distance. The hotel has a great breakfast! Nearby is a family cafe. The hotel staff is super!

ROSA Hotel is located in Gonio, 500m from the beach of Gonio. It has a seasonal outdoor pool, free private parking, bar and common lounge.

Featuring a restaurant and bar, Guest House Beliy Dom is located in the village of Kvariati, 150 metres from Gonio Beach. There is a garden and free private parking on site.

Villa Del Mar Kvariati is located in the village of Kvariati, overlooking the garden. It offers a restaurant, a shared lounge, a bar, a garden, a children’s playground and barbecue facilities.

Not perfect cleanliness, given two towels for two, no slippers, no shelves or hooks in the bathroom, i.e. no clothes to put anywhere as long as you can.

Good hotel, close to the sea. All rooms have balconies and air conditioning. Probably worth a small cosmetic repairs. But overall the room is comfortable.

Hotel Mandarin with bar and terrace is located in the village of Gonio, 90 meters from the beach of Gonio. It offers mountain views. Amenities include an outdoor pool, free internet and free private parking.

Great hotel. Very good price and quality. Friendly staff. The view from the room is great. I recommend it.

Very nice view from the balcony. Clean beach, cleaned the rooms, very good food in the cafe! Thank you, the stay was wonderful.

July 2021. Nice place, quiet, clean beach, not a lot of people. Rightfully considered the best beach in Georgia. ❤️ The hotel is on the very beach. All the windows of our room on the 5th floor overlooked the sea. The room is large and clean, we vacation with two children (4-bed). In the room air conditioner, refrigerator. There is a table and chairs on the big balcony. The hotel has a restaurant on the outdoor terrace, a large selection of dishes and wines, some homemade.

A great place! The hotel is right on the coast. The restaurant has great food. If you have a car, it’s best to live by the sea in Kvariati, and go for a walk to Batumi. It’s only 5 minutes away.

A good hotel in a great location. Hospitable hosts. Nice cafe at the hotel. Great view from the rooms (except for the first floor and possibly the second floor).

Gorgeous green courtyard with a children’s playground. Very welcoming staff. Great food at very reasonable prices.

Had a vacation in June 2018. Everything is great! Loved the friendly atmosphere and service!

Have vacationed in this hotel many times. Everything is very comfortable. The location is great. On one side of the green rocks, on the other side of the sea. There is parking for cars, own kitchen. The beach is just a minute walk away.

Martini Hotel is located in the village of Kvariati. It features a restaurant, seasonal outdoor pool, bar and shared lounge. This 3-star hotel offers free Wi-Fi, a garden and a terrace.

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Neptun Palace Aparthotel is located 100 metres from Gonio Beach. It offers a seasonal outdoor pool, a bar and a 24-hour reception. Free Wi-Fi is available. Free private parking is available on site.

A hotel with wonderful views, where the combination of sea and sky creates a stunning view, with great food and pleasant service staff, highly recommended ✨

It’s a little paradise on earth Everything was great. Very glad I chose this particular hotel. It is a 5 minute drive to the sea. But for me that’s great. Since I wanted less hustle and bustle. The locations here surpassed themselves❤❤❤ you can sit for hours and look at the sea and the mountains The owners are very nice and responsive people as well as the entire staff. Thank you. Would definitely recommend to all friends and acquaintances.

Amazing views! The restaurant service is fast. But the taste of the dishes leave much to be desired.

Beautiful views, good restaurant, tasty food. The rooms are ordinary. Despite the external pathos prices are not high, which is nice. I had a really great stay at this hotel.

We had a lovely stay at the hotel, everything was fantastic!) Georgia is happy as always. I recommend it to everyone.

This is a family hotel with homelike atmosphere and tasty food. It has a restaurant with Georgian cuisine, apartments of different sizes, several public pools and a huge area with a gorgeous view of the sea and the mountains.

We stayed there in 19 year. What a wonderful place. Inexpensive restaurant, kind owners, room service every day. Super! You will not regret it!

Was here in 2018. Wonderful hotel, friendly staff, great location! Recommended to stay!

Hotel on the beach. Cozy, small in a Soviet style. Felt like my grandmother’s house. Located in a picturesque place. It is better to take rooms with a view of the mountains. Food can be ordered in a small restaurant in the hotel itself, they cook tasty and homemade.

The food is cooked tasty and homemade, even if there are some shortcomings, they are remedied by the hospitality, cordiality and attention of the owners and staff. Very good food, respect! Great location, 3 minutes from the sea. Beautiful view around, in particular from the window. We fell in love with the place on the very first day.

Guesthouse “otseba” is on the second line of Kvariati, 15 km from Batumi. The hotel met on arrival, the room is standard, clean, cozy! The staff is friendly, the hostess Nonna is very welcoming! The sea is across the street, visible from the balcony! The weather is great, the air is clean and pleasant! Attitude to guests from Russia is excellent! We recommend not to give up on your vacation in Georgia!

I liked everything very much. Clean, cozy large room. Clean white linen and towels. Tasty food. Friendly people. Everything is super. My family is happy.

Gonio resort on the Black Sea – all the pros and cons

Gonio (Georgia) – a resort on the Black Sea coast, located 15 kilometers south of Batumi, is popular among vacationers fortress Gonio. However, it is quite different from the resort capital of Adjara. Simply put, Gonio is a small and quiet village with a long pebble beach, an ancient Roman fortress by the highway and several hotels. I advise to go here if you don’t want to share the beach with crowds of tourists. Lovers of noisy entertainment will be bored here. Holidays in Gonio (Georgia) can be organized at any time of year. In the high season here come tourists from Batumi, many rent accommodations. During the low season, there is no one in the village or on the beach – an ideal time for a secluded vacation. And if there are few entertainments here, the sea, mountains and nature around make up for it. For a noisy vacation you can drive to Batumi in 10 minutes.

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History of Gonio

The village itself is barely mentioned in written sources. Gonio grew up around the ancient Roman outpost. Even Pliny the Younger in the 1st century BC, wrote about the settlement of people from ancient Rome on the site of Gonio. The Romans built a fortress here, with which the history of the village is inextricably linked. By 2nd century A.D. the fortress had become one of the most fortified in the region, but the influence of Ancient Rome did not last as long as in other places.

In the Middle Ages Gonio (Georgia) came under the flag of Byzantium, for a time in the XIV century was a major commercial port. In 1547 the Turks came here, spreading the power of the Ottoman Empire in the Transcaucasus. Only three centuries later, in 1878, after the end of the Russian-Turkish war, Gonio and the whole of Adjara became part of the Russian Empire, and then – and the USSR. Now Gonio is becoming increasingly popular, so if you want to have time to enjoy a deserted resort, then hurry.

Gonio Beach

Sarpi, Kvariati and Gonio have something in common – all resorts are facing the delta of the Chorokhi river, which carries garbage and dirt to the Black Sea in Adjara. Therefore, the beach in Gonio is very clean, the water is clear, pleasant and completely safe. The beach is covered with coarse pebbles, so at first it may be unusual to walk and lie down. Lovers of massage do with towels and go barefoot, but I advise to take slippers and if possible to rent a deck chair.

By the way the prices here are quite acceptable – 2 GEL for a beach chair and 3 GEL for a big umbrella. The farther you go south, the more tourists and sun loungers you have, the more organized the beach in Gonio.

The beaches in Gonio are clean, just like the water in the sea

If you go north to Batumi, the beach becomes a deserted and frightening sight. At the extreme tip you’ll find a pond, where dogs roam and truckers are camping nearby. A real extreme!

In general, the beaches at the resort are conventionally divided into public and private, hotel. There are no boundaries between them, fences or nets – and certainly not, so you can easily move from one to another. The beach in the northern part is wild, but I do not recommend to rest here. It is better to walk towards Kvariati (detailed article about this resort village is posted here) to the southern part of the beach. There you can relax with children, because the entrance to the water is safe and very gentle.

Rest in this part of Gonio is more comfortable

Attractions in Gonio

The only and most famous attraction of the resort is the fortress of the same name, which is also called Gonio-Apsaros Fortress. The second part of the name is in honor of Apsaros, an ancient prince of Colchis, who appeared in the story of the Argonauts. At the time when it was founded by the natives of Ancient Rome, the fortress of Gonio served as the main outpost in the region, closing the only flat road to Colchis (Georgia) from the Turkish side.

Photo of Peter's fortress

Now there is a museum-reserve in the fortress, which protects the walls and archaeological finds. The entire complex occupies 4.5 hectares and the fortress itself is located directly on the road from Batumi to Gonio. The length of all walls is almost a kilometer, and their height – an average of 5 meters. We have preserved 18 of the 22 towers and only one, the western, entrance, which originally worked together with the eastern, northern and southern ones.

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You can take a tour guide and walk around the fortress of Gonio

Gonio Fortress (Georgia) is located just 1.5 kilometers north of the village, and you can walk to it in 10-15 minutes. Inside the fortress is reminiscent of the ancient Inca cities – a large and almost empty space, bounded by long walls. But there is also something to see:

  1. The tomb of St. Matthew, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ. It is not exactly known whose grave it is, however, since the Georgian authorities do not allow any excavations around the site.
  2. Remains of the ancient pipeline and sewage system. They are literally under your feet, so be careful when you look around.
  3. Roman baths. The ruins of the first buildings almost did not remain, they were rebuilt in oriental style under the Ottoman Empire. The remains of these baths can be seen now.
  4. Museum of Archaeological Finds. There are many things from the excavations, but the most interesting finds were moved to the Batumi Archaeological Museum.

On the territory of the fortress there are a number of interesting objects

Gonio Fortress is worth visiting at least once for the sake of interest. For history lovers, I advise to take an audio guide, and for a large group of tourists – a guide.

Useful information about the fortress

  • Opening hours: from 10:00 to 18:00 (Monday is a day off).
  • The cost of the entrance ticket is 3 GEL.
  • Audio guide – 5 GEL for 2 persons.
  • Guide – 10 GEL, regardless the number of people (duration – 1,5 hours).

The entrance to the fortress is right next to the main road

There are no more interesting places in Gonio (Georgia) or surroundings. The only thing I can recommend is to go up to the observation deck, which offers breathtaking views of Gonio, Batumi and the sea.

Not far from Gonio there is an observation point with great views

You can go to Batumi for noisy entertainment, strolling along the seaside boulevard, chic restaurants or interesting museums. Don’t forget about Batumi’s greenest attraction, the Botanical Garden, and the nearby Chakvi resort. You can also head south, towards Sarpi. In this village is the border between Georgia and Turkey – you can walk through the other country without any problems, because you don’t need a visa to Turkey.

Lodging in Gonio

Before making a choice in favor of hotels or private accommodation, look at the links below for photos and accommodation rates for your dates. In most hotels you can book accommodation by booking via Bucking, and pay for your stay while you are there.


Hotels in Gonio offer a variety of options, from complexes on the coast to hotels in the mountains. In a small village there are 50 hotels, so there is plenty to choose from. During the high season is better to book a room in advance, because there is a risk of being without accommodation at all. In the fall and winter, hotels are empty, some even close, but accommodation is easy to find.

You can find all kinds of accommodation in Gonio

One of the most comfortable complexes in the resort is Hotel Mgzavrebi Gonio. It stands by the beach, where the road turns away from the sea, so it is quite quiet and peaceful. The hotel is located on the north side of Gonio, but far from the wild beaches described above, so it is also safe. Among the main advantages of the hotel I would mention versatility, the place will suit tourists with any needs.

The hotel offers an impressive list of services:

  • 24-hour front desk.
  • Own outdoor pool with sun loungers.
  • Ability to take a deck chair on the private beach.
  • Bar and restaurant with Georgian and European cuisine.
  • Separate playground for children.
  • Free outdoor cinema on the beach.
  • Free and fast Wi-Fi.
  • Private parking lot.
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I advise you to choose Gonio hotels if you care about comfort and numerous services. Hotel accommodation is 2-4 times more expensive than private sector, but with early booking there is a chance to find a hotel near the beach. Below is a selection of hotels in Gonio with good ratings from guests (ratings taken from Bucking).

Livada – Rated Very Good. Hotel Livada has a panoramic view of the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains. Each room has a private bathroom, TV and refrigerator.

Hotel Captain is rated “Excellent”. Hotel Captain is 150 meters from the beach, and there is a children’s pool and barbecue area on site. The hotel is family run and many of our guests praise the warm welcome of our hostess and the delicious breakfast.

Twins hotel – rated “excellent”. Twins Hotel is a three minute walk from the beach and has a landscaped courtyard and garden. The highest ratings were given by guests coming in pairs.

Hotel Egrisi – rated “Excellent”. It is a 3 star hotel, all rooms have a balcony, the road to the beach takes about three minutes. Guests especially note the cleanliness in the rooms.

Look at the links above for pictures of rooms, and accommodation rates for your dates.

Private Sector

If the resort has 50 hotels, then there are several times more private houses and apartments. Every house here rents accommodations, but during the high season, and especially in July and August, there is not enough. So I advise you to book the private sector in advance if you are going to Georgia in the summer. In the fall, winter, and early spring it is no problem to find a house right on the spot, moreover, it is much cheaper than in summer.

When choosing a house or an apartment, check their locations. On the map Gonio stretches as a strip along the Black Sea coast, parallel to the road from Batumi. Most locals live on one side of the road, and the beach is on the other, so you’ll often have to cross it. If the house is close to the highway, it will certainly be noisy, which is not suitable for small children.

By the way, do not forget about the tendency of Georgians to embellish the reality. If you see “sea view” in the description of the house, it does not mean that you will live on the coast. The house can stand on the mountain in a couple kilometers from the beach, but the view will be . So ideally it is better to go to a proven place. Ask the opinions of friends, go to thematic forums, look at pictures.

There are more B&B's in Gonio than hotels.

Also read reviews of guest houses and hostels on Bookings. They usually reflect reality. Villa Red, which is a two-minute walk from the beach, has great reviews. The guests think that here is the best value for money in Gonio. Many positive reviews of Gonio Villa – rooms here are booked very quickly, which speaks for itself. These two options are good for a large group, as the villa can be rented in its entirety.

Gonio Apsaros House is a guest house with private parking and a terrace. Guests rated it 10 (maximum) for the friendliness of the staff.

Guest House Gia – Rated Excellent. The owners of Guest House Gia offer their guests a free transfer from the airport. It is also possible to come here with pets.

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Guest House Romashka is rated “Excellent”. Guest House Romashka has a sea view, parking and a shared kitchen. Guests can rent bicycles. Reviews say that the hosts are very welcoming, and the rooms are clean and comfortable.

Gonio and other resorts in Adjara

I often meet questions about the choice of a resort in Georgia, for example, what is better – Gonio or Kvariati. If you choose between these two villages, then there is not much difference. Both resorts have a long pebble beach, clean sea, developed private sector. The relief of Kvariati is a little bit nicer – the mountains come closer to the sea, this looks impressive. But Gonio is closer to Batumi, the capital of Adjara.

If you have to choose among other resorts, I advice to those who love entertainment and infrastructure to stay in Batumi. The sea in Sarpi, on the border with Turkey, is also very clean, but there is more noise, because the customs and the highway makes itself noisy. Farther to the north there are other resorts – the youth resort Kobuleti, close to the Botanical Garden Makhinjauri and Mtsvane Kontskhi, interesting fortress Petra Tsikhisdziri (Georgia).

How to get to Gonio from Batumi

If you want to arrange a holiday in Gonio (Georgia), then remember the easy way to the resort from Batumi. In the capital of Adjara just take a bus number 16 or any bus that says Gonio, Sarpi or Kvariati in Tbilisi Square. Transport goes on Chavchavadze and Tbel Abushridze streets, there you can sit and even have time to take a seat. The fare is 80 tetri and the ride takes only 20 minutes. A cab will cost at least 15 GEL, but you will get there in comfort. Learn more about cab in Batumi in a separate article.

How to get to Gonio

How to get to Batumi from Tbilisi, read this post.

Another option is to order a transfer on the GoTrip website. The advantage is that you choose your own driver and vehicle. You don’t have to haggle, and the price is final, with all expenses included. Moreover, you can agree with the driver to wait and take you back.

Excursions in Adjara

All important points of Gonio on the map

All iconic places in Gonio, Georgia are marked on the map with icons in purple. The blue markers are the accommodations that I recommend to consider for accommodation. Going to the page of a particular hotel/hostel is easy – just click on the icon and follow the link under the word “description” in the tab that appears on the left.

Reviews about Gonio

Vacationers especially note the solitude of the resort, compared to the crowded Batumi Gonio – a real paradise. Tourists also like the fortress of Gonio, although it’s interesting to visit it only once, then it gets boring. Large pebbles on the beach confuses and makes you uncomfortable only at first, then you get used to it. Everything you need for recreation is there: hotels and guest houses with different prices, cafes, stores, for more active and varied entertainment you can go to Batumi, which is located nearby.

Still have questions about the Georgian village of Gonio? Ask them in the comments. There you can also share your holiday experiences in Gonio, the beach, hotels and places to eat.

In love with Georgia, Igor OZIN.

Don’t forget your travel insurance. Choose a policy.

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