All Inclusive Holidays in Bulgaria. Tour prices – 2022

All Inclusive Hotels in Bulgaria

I liked the hotel very much. It was perfect for a vacation with kids! Good service, decent food, quiet location. There is a swimming pool, free water park! Would recommend!

It was a great family hotel, with an all inclusive meal, loved it. Our room was very well looked after and there was lots of seating areas.

Breakfast and lunch and dinner on the territory of a lot of mini-cafes in which you can take food throughout the day, and the food is also on a variety of tastes, there is a children’s ice cream shop.

The food is very varied (even my child who is very difficult to feed found something to eat. The staff were wonderful.

Alcohol is also available throughout the day. We were very pleased with the animation, the child was always interested. We had a wide range of sports and activities for adults, including a small water park where you can play slides.

In addition, there is a spa complex where you can buy individual care treatments. The beach area is not large, but it is not busy, swim comfortably. We had a lot of sun beds, we do not have to occupy in advance.

A great place for a holiday with children. We had a wide variety of meals, meat, fish, seafood, lots of fruit, vegetables, salads, children’s table, juices, tea, coffee, local wine and beer.

Quiet enough for a holiday with children. The staff can speak Russian. There are a few bars if you come without kids. The sea is very close, coming out of the hotel you go straight to the beach.

Unbelievable! The hotel is good, the food is really great, and the location is fantastic! The sea is right across the street so you only have to walk about you road and you’re already on the beach

Super were in May we really didn’t want to go home and the staff really tries hard really super holiday

The hotel is really four stars. The hotel is really very popular with tourists, we had a lot of fun. We have such neighbors at the moment that I want to shoot these young drunks.

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Great location and very good value for money. Very NEW and beautiful. Exceptional food and a la carte restaurants!

The hotel is top notch. Large grounds, first line, great beach. Located in the center of the resort. The service is top notch. Rooms are large, always cleaned. I really enjoyed our stay.

We stayed with our family. Our room was huge and everything was great. The food is delicious and varied, everyone is super polite and friendly. The breakfast buffet is great and the room is huge.

We stayed with a very nice family. I recommend not capricious and not harmful )))) for a relaxing family vacation with children.

Great service, crazy water slides. There is entertainment around the pool and in the theater. Very nice place for a family. The hotel is on the edge of the beach and has a nice and nice restaurant on the road

Minus: paid sunbeds, mattresses, umbrellas and toilet on the beach as it is part of the city beach. On weekends it is noisy until night, but you can close the balcony :-)

The DIT Evrika Beach Club all-inclusive hotel is located by the sea, in the quiet northern part of Sunny Beach resort. It has a beautiful view of the sea.

Very nice hotel! Family run, quiet in the evenings, very attentive staff, chefs are very good, friendly, cook delicious!

I liked the following: – The quality and choice of food; – cleanliness in the restaurant (we had a rest in other Bulgarian hotels, it was a bit worse); – not far from the beach (about 100 meters from the main entrance); – enough beds and pools, if you do not want to go to the beach; – and, most importantly, own private guarded area (few hotels in the resort can boast that)

Very good hotel for Sunny Beach! Perfect for a holiday with children. Large grounds, 3 swimming pools, slides. Were at the beginning of June 2021, only 1 pool worked, but this was due to the occupancy due to the pandemic.

We had only 1 pool working, but it was due to fullfilment due to the pandemic.

Independent Travel in Bulgaria

Rooms are not new. Our room was very well decorated and changed towels every day. There is wyfay in the whole territory. I want to mention the work of the staff: All very polite, attentive and positive.

You can’t compare 3, 4 and 5 stars with each other and in different countries. Sometimes young people are noisy, sitting late at the bar, etc. But if you need complete peace, then you need a different type of hotel, such as a bungalow type

How much does an all-inclusive vacation in Bulgaria cost?

All-inclusive vacations in Bulgaria

Bulgaria was and remains a popular and favorite country for Russian tourists. The reasons are obvious: low prices, warm sea and no language barrier. What is the all-inclusive service here? What can hotels 3*, 4*, 5* offer and what are the prices for tours in 2022 in Bulgaria? In detail in our material.


Features of a holiday in Bulgaria

Some of the nuances are worth emphasizing:

  • To visit Bulgaria in 2022 Russians still need a visa – national Bulgarian or valid Schengen.
  • The country has its own currency – levs to pay with, which is very profitable (1 lev = about 38 rubles). Thus in large stores and the trading centers accept euro.
  • Although the Bulgarian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet it might be difficult to understand words by ear and sometimes by hand. But do not worry! Most residents understand Russian, and if we are talking about an all-inclusive vacation, they will definitely speak your language.

A useful selection:

Top 5 resorts in Bulgaria.

When it’s better to relax

Beach season in Bulgaria lasts from May to September. However, in late summer it is already cool in the evenings, and the water may not be very comfortable for swimming. Daytime air temperature in mid-summer is about +25 ° C, in May, late August and September – about +20. +22°С. The water is heated about the same – the temperature is +20. +24°С. But +30 ° C is already abnormal heat, and such temperatures are infrequent here.

There are a lot of beaches in Bulgarian resorts – landscaped, wild, private and even nudist.

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Where to have a rest

The most popular resorts are Sunny Beach, Pomorie, Primorsko, Golden Sands, Nessebar, Balchik, and major cities – Varna and Burgas, where to live a little cheaper. Of course you can also stay in Sofia, but the sea will be very far.

There are less well-known resorts in Bulgaria, and tourists often like the rest there more – it is Albena, Ustieto, Achtopol, Saint Konstantin and Elena. In these places it is quieter, cheaper, but hotels with meals “all inclusive” almost never occur.

Overview of resorts in Bulgaria: Sunny Beach, Nessebar and Sveti Vlas

Prices for all-inclusive holidays in Bulgaria in 2022

Search for last minute tours on Level.Travel and Travelata – they will find the best deals among different tour operators. Want to save your money? Check out our 7 rules for buying tours online.

If you decide to have an all-inclusive vacation in Bulgaria, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the prices – holidays in 2022 are quite affordable. Prices are formed depending on demand and the season.

Since in early June it is still uncomfortable to swim (the water rarely gets warmer than 20 ° C), the trips are cheaper. In July and August the prices are the highest – it’s the height of the beach season. Bulgaria is a popular resort for holidays with children, and for them favorable second half of summer, so the prices for a holiday in Bulgaria in August is higher than in June. Water and air are already warm, and despite the cool evenings, it is very comfortable to vacation with your baby in August.

All-inclusive” tours offer hotels of almost any severity – from 2 * to 5 *. Reviews about them are very different, so before booking study them.

Prices for an all-inclusive vacation in Bulgaria in 2022 in a 3* hotel for two

7 nights 10 nights 14 nights
June 31000 68000 77000
July 49000 70000 85000
August 55000 69000 79000
September 42000 48000 56000

Tour prices are quoted for two people with flights from Moscow in high season.

All Inclusive Holidays at 5* Hotels

There are a lot of hotels with All Inclusive system in Bulgaria, and variants with such accommodation are presented practically at all resorts: Pomorie, Primorsko, Dunes, Nesebar, Sunny Beach and others. The prices for an all-inclusive holiday in Bulgaria for one week in a 5* hotel start from 80-90 thousand rubles (for two people from Moscow in July or the beginning of August); the duration of such a trip is from 7 days. You can also book such a hotel on your own – prices start from 9000 rubles per day.

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The best 5* hotels with “all inclusive” system:

Such hotels have a good location – on the first line. However, they do not always have their own plot by the water, because most beaches in the country are municipal. Five-star hotels are usually new, and visitors note the modern good repair, the latest appliances and convenient guarded parking lot. Rooms in such hotels are often designed in a similar style.

5* hotels have very well-maintained areas and an excellent choice of meals: there are options for children, vegetarian and diet dishes.

How much are the tours in Bulgaria

The terrace at Blu Bay Hotel Sozopol.

Rest “all inclusive” in 4* hotels

Such tours in Bulgaria are significantly cheaper – in June and July 2022 the price for an “all inclusive” vacation starts from 65-70 thousand rubles for two people. The cheapest trips are from Moscow. It is possible to book hotels by the day – from 5000 rubles per night.

The best hotels 4 * with a system “all inclusive”, according to reviews of tourists:

The hotels are located a little further from the sea, 400-500 m from the beaches. The level of service is not inferior to more expensive options.

Prices for package holidays in Bulgaria

Beach chairs around the pool at Premier Fort Cuisine.

Advantages of 4-star hotels: children’s areas, pools, good animation, rooms for children, as well as interesting performances for adults in the evenings. Also tourists like friendly staff and close location to the sea (by the way, on the first line 4 * sometimes also come across).

Disadvantages in the “four”, too, there are. For example, not very new plumbing, too cold water in the pool. Also there may not be ideal clean beach, or its own beach may not exist – then for the sun lounger and umbrella you have to pay extra each day. Sometimes tourists note problems with Wi-Fi, but in Bulgaria there are many open networks, so connect to them.

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All inclusive tour prices in Bulgaria

Mini water park at Premier Premier Fort Beach Resort.

All Inclusive Holidays at 3* Hotels

The 2* and 3* hotels are also catering “all inclusive”. The prices for such holidays in Bulgaria are even lower – 45-60 thousand rubles for a week for two people from Moscow in June, July and August. If you book independently, a night will cost from 4000 rubles.

The best hotels are 2* and 3* with “all inclusive”:

These options are located a little further from the beach, about 700-800 m and beyond.

Hotels 2 * and 3 * correspond to their level: cleaning is no longer daily, limited menu, the beach is far away. Sometimes the view from the window may not match the description. At the same time in such hotels have pools and parking, and they are located close to the main streets, attractions and stores.

How much are the tours in Bulgaria

There is a dining room for guests at Hotel Svejest.

Tourist reviews about all-inclusive holidays in Bulgaria

Reviews should be read very carefully! It may turn out that a 2* all-inclusive hotel is better in quality of service and location than a 3* or 4* with the same food system. Sometimes vacationers say that dirty dishes, sparse cleaning and incompetent staff are found in hotels of the highest level. It happens that the hotel has saunas and swimming pools, but they are poorly monitored, and the pleasure of visiting you will not get. Of the undeniable pluses of 5-star hotels – a good location and view from the windows, because the beaches are very picturesque.

All-inclusive holidays are a great option for a trip to Bulgaria in 2022, because the sandy beaches, the Black Sea and excellent infrastructure make the holiday almost perfect – and at very pleasant prices. The resorts are suitable for single travelers, couples and families with children.

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