All inclusive holidays in Cyprus. Tour prices – 2022

Rest “all inclusive” in Cyprus.

All inclusive tour prices in Cyprus

How best to rest in Cyprus on an “all inclusive”? Prices for summer tours in 2022, a list of the best All Inclusive hotels 3*, 4* and 5* according to tourist reviews. Map of resorts and beaches of Cyprus.

Holidays in Cyprus are a great option for your vacation. This island always welcomes guests with hot weather, bright sun and clean well-maintained beaches. The territory of Cyprus is divided into two parts: Northern Cyprus, inhabited by Turks and illegally occupied by them, and South Cyprus. The southern part is populated mostly by the Greeks, and it is there that the main resorts are located.

To repeat the words of our travel agent a few years ago, “Cyprus was never cheap! But it is necessary to visit it, because this country is really friendly, warm, at times even too warm, and visa regime with Cyprus is simplified.

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Map of resorts and beaches in Cyprus

Which resort in Cyprus to choose

There isn’t just one most popular resort in Cyprus, and in 2022 there’s plenty of choice for tourists. Where is the best place to go alone, with friends or with the whole family?

Paphos . The best place for families with toddlers and older tourists – they are usually the most here. Rest both Russians and Europeans. If you want a measured, relaxed holiday – you’re here. This city, despite its small area, is considered one of the most expensive. The prices are also high.

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Prices of holidays in Cyprus all inclusive

(Photo: Tobiasvde / / License CC BY-SA 2.0)

Ayia Napa . This is the most youthful resort in Cyprus. The best entertainment, restaurants and clubs are gathered here. And this despite the fact that Ayia Napa is also a holy city for Cypriots.

Limassol . It is one of the largest resort towns, and here, according to one local resident, the most expensive apartments and villas are sold and rented.

Holidays all inclusive with children in Cyprus

(Photo: anexxx/ / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Протарас . Малоизвестный молодой курорт, небольшой и не очень многолюдный. За тишиной и уединением (насколько это возможно на курорте) можно ехать именно в этот район. Отзывы об отдыхе в Протарасе >>

Ларнака . Это город-порт, в этом его изюминка. Также здесь находится знаменитая церковь Святого Лазаря — именно в этих местах произошли описанные в Библии чудеса. В Ларнаке располагается один из двух аэропортов Кипра. Второй — в Пафосе. Отзывы туристов о Ларнаке >>

Tour prices in Cyprus

(Photo: dimitrisvetsikas /

Holiday season in Cyprus 2022

The best time to vacation in Cyprus is from May to September, but in general it is warm here all year round, and even in winter it rarely drops below +15 ° C. In July it’s too hot and very humid, because the island is surrounded on all sides by the sea. The Cypriots themselves don’t work from 11 am till 16 pm – they don’t even come in from home. The temperature in mid-summer during the daytime is about +32 ° C, the water is +25. +27°С. The sea is sometimes cool in the center of Paphos, but in the bays outside the city is much warmer.

Spring in Cyprus - 2022. Weather in March, April, May

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All inclusive holidays in Cyprus

(Photo: `TOMS` / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

All-inclusive vacation prices in Cyprus in 2022

Cyprus has an abundance of accommodation options at various levels. At the same time the “all inclusive” system is available in five-star hotels, as well as in hotels of 3* level. But there are no hotels below 2* on Cyprus.

How much is a holiday in Cyprus in 2022, if you choose “all inclusive”? Let’s look at the prices for tours from Moscow for two people.

month 7 days 11 days 14 days
June 64000 78000 100000
July 73000 98000 120000
August 79000 88000 150000
September 77000 105000 140000

In July and August, tours are the most expensive, and by September, prices in Cyprus begin to decline slightly.

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All Inclusive Holidays at 5* Hotels

Cyprus is a European country, and the level of hotels, especially five-star, is appropriate. These tours are not cheap, but the impressions of holidaymakers remain the most positive.

The most luxurious and expensive hotels are located in Paphos. Prices for an “all inclusive” holidays in Cyprus in 5* hotels in 2022 start from 94 thousand in June, 100 thousand in July, 120 thousand in August, from 100 thousand in September. This is the cost of a one week trip for two from Moscow.

The best 5* hotels with “all inclusive”:

    (Paphos) (Paphos) (Paphos) (Ayia Napa)

If you do not want to buy a ready-made tour, but prefer to book a hotel yourself, look at the prices on the booking sites. The cost of a room in a 5-star hotel starts at 15 thousand rubles per night in the summer months.

What do tourists like about such hotels?

In 5-star hotels, very spacious rooms, a variety of menus, including dietary, vegetarian, children’s menu. Tourists also note that the rooms are stylish and have all the amenities. The quality of service, animation for children and live music – there is everything for a comfortable stay. Hotels 5 * are in all resorts of Cyprus.

Best all inclusive hotels in Cyprus

Rest “all inclusive” in 4* hotels.

This is also a great option for a vacation. Tours in hotels 4 * cost from 80 thousand for a week in the summer. Also such resort hotels can be booked on their own. Rest in a 4* hotel in Cyprus in 2022 is not much different in price from 5*. In the high season the cost per room also starts from 15 thousand rubles.

The best 4* hotels with “all inclusive”:

    (Paphos) (Paphos) (Limassol)

What do tourists say about rest in such hotels?

Cleaning is daily, food at a very high level, but there is not always a private beach. However, tourists note some disadvantages of living in hotels of this category. For example, the territory is not so big, which means that quiet rest can interfere with noisy performances in the evenings. In addition, the furniture in the rooms may not be new.

All Inclusive Cyprus Tour Prices

Rest “all inclusive” in 3* hotels

Tours in 3* hotels can be bought for 65-70 thousand rubles. They are also available on the websites for independent booking. The price for 3* hotels is half as much as 4* hotels – from 8500 rubles for a room in the high season. 3* hotels in Cyprus can also work on the “all inclusive” system, but the services included in the price will be less.

The most beautiful places of Cyprus

The best hotels “all inclusive” 3*:

    (Protaras) (Paphos) (Limassol)

What do tourists say about the rest of this category?

3* is much different from the previous categories. Hotels may be 1-2 kilometers from the beach, have a small area, and some buildings may be located across the street from each other (for example, the Paphiessa Hotel).

A children’s pool in a 3* hotel may be quite small or non-existent, Wi-Fi will be available only in the lobby at the reception, and you will have to pay extra for drinks even with full board. Apartments and rooms are usually equipped with the most basic furniture, and to the sockets must be connected adapter. That’s how it was three years ago, I rested myself: buy the adapter had to buy at the reception, in the store later we saw them much cheaper. In addition, the staff may not know the Russian language. We had one cleaning lady who could barely understand Russian. But in Cyprus, this is inherent in hotels of any level.

3 Star All Inclusive Hotels in Cyprus

Reviews and tips

You can find hotels in Cyprus at different levels, but they are sure to be cozy and welcoming. When choosing a hotel or tour in 2022, pay attention to the hotel reviews, as well as the number of stars – in Cyprus, the level of the hotel really affects both its location and the services included in the price of your vacation.

Tourists also note that the prices in stores are high enough, in the cafe is also unlikely to get a budget dinner. Therefore, in Cyprus, choose recreation “all inclusive” if you do not want to cook by yourself, look for a cafe and generally spend money on food.

Another problem of Cyprus is that for some reason there is a lack of fruit markets, and fruits can be bought mainly in chain supermarkets. At least, that’s what we were told by our hotel guide, and we really did not meet the markets, although we went around Paphos for 10 days across the board.

Tours in Cyprus 2022 – all inclusive from Moscow

Cyprus tours prices 2022 all inclusive.

Speaking about holidays in Cyprus in 2022 on “all inclusive” prices, you know that it really includes everything: accommodation and delicious food, the rustle of olive groves, velvet sand and a relaxing holiday to the enchanting music of turquoise waters. Tours to Cyprus in the spring, summer and autumn of 2022 will find something to please fans of lying on the sand, adventurers, couples in love and families with children.

Idyllic location in the Mediterranean Sea, with photographic perspectives of the resort bays Cyprus 2022, tours for two, prices “all inclusive”, simply can not fail to please tourists from Moscow or other cities in Russia. Not to mention the cuisine, so delicious that you want to try every dish again and again.

Cyprus – the latest news for today

Despite the consequences of the coronavirus story, tourists began to actively buy tours and packages for holidays, thanks to the opening of the season from the beginning of May 2022.

Buying a tour to Cyprus 2022 for two people for 7-10 days with all-inclusive prices with a convenient time by air from Moscow or other Russian cities, you can relax, relax and relax again. To enjoy the charm of this island, book a tour to Cyprus for the summer on “early booking” action, do not look at the prices and allow yourself the feeling of a pampered traveler.

Visa to Cyprus for Russians in 2022

Minimum prices for tours to Cyprus 2022 by month.

The cost of any trip to Cyprus 2022 includes: flight price, free transfers, accommodation, meals (all inclusive – optional), medical insurance, guide assistance.

Popular resorts in Russia

Do you know where to go on vacation in Russia 2022?

Ekaterina is ready to help you!


Tours to the Krasnodar Territory on sale:

Cyprus, tours, prices 2022-2022 – all inclusive.

If you prefer to travel together, we recommend looking for tours in Cyprus on services: Onlinetours , Travelata and Level-Travel , which select tours from 130 tour operators. Search and clearance occurs online, you don’t have to go to the agency offices.

Cyprus, the price of an all-inclusive tour for two persons by month 2022:

Tours to Cyprus at prices “all inclusive”, tour operators recommend travelers who prefer a relaxing relaxation at seaside resorts of the Mediterranean Sea. Whether it is in the form of a luxurious spa session, in the form of shopping trips to various parts of the city markets, or just strolling along the cozy embankments of the island.

The cost of a tour to Cyprus in the summer of 2022, with all-inclusive prices are subject to seasonal fluctuations, but experienced tourists know how to buy a last minute trip or take advantage of early booking promotions.

On average, the minimum price for a tour to Cyprus in early summer 2022 for the accommodation in 3 * hotels, “all inclusive” starts from 55 thousand rubles for 7 days for two people, 4 stars can be found for 19 000 for one, and the five-star hotels on the “all inclusive” will cost 90-95 thousand for a family of three.

Map of Ayia Napa – current hotel prices.

On this interactive map you can view hotel locations, prices (without flight) in Ayia Napa as well as other resorts in Cyprus. Click on the hotel name and see the details on the page that opens.

Popular resorts in Cyprus

Ayia Napa.

Tours to Ayia Napa in 2022 with flights from Moscow at all-inclusive prices definitely appeal to those looking for a lyrical trip with laid-back parties. Ayia Napa is the most famous of all the resorts in Cyprus, where the nightlife doesn’t stop until dawn. Transformed from a small fishing village into a full-size rave resort, Ayia Napa, especially the first-line hotels, is filled with night bars and revelatory restaurants that make the town look like a rather immodest resort. We put Ayia Napa resort at number one on our list of the best clubbing spots for tourists in Cyprus!

Nissi Bay is a quiet corner of the famous Ayia Napa, located in a turquoise bay on the south coast of Cyprus. Nissi Bay Hotel, newly built in the resort itself, boasts the best beach in the area and the attractions of Ayia Napa within walking distance. Here you’ll find activities for the kids, like Water World and a picture-perfect race, as well as a taste of Ayia Napa’s legendary nightlife

Tourist reviews for Protaras 2022. Holiday prices, tips


Tours to Larnaca is a trip to one of the oldest and most interesting cities in Cyprus, which every year wins new fans with its charm, culture and beautiful coastline. The city has several sandy beaches with great diving and water sports. The historic town is a treasure trove of ancient churches, antique stores and local restaurants.


Limassol is one of the brightest and most interesting cities in Cyprus, located on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The city’s waterfront, drenched in seaside sunshine, buzzes with bars and international cafes along the golden beach. Nevertheless, beyond the waterfront is an intriguing old town with interesting architecture, historic landmarks and traditional Cypriot restaurants.


Located on the southwest coast of Cyprus, the ancient city of Paphos has been a popular destination for palomeiki for thousands of years. It was considered the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, and pilgrims traveled from all over Greece to worship at her temple. When you buy a tour to Paphos, you’ll find ancient ruins and archaeological sites in the south, and a bustling modern center to the north. For a view of unspoiled beauty, book a tour to Paphos farther north to secluded beaches and fragrant pine forests.


On Cyprus’ turquoise southeastern coast is Protaras, a burgeoning family resort with a traditional, laid-back atmosphere. The resort is home to one of the island’s best beaches, Figa Tri Bay, known for its Mediterranean views and popular water sports. The local water park and aquarium are a fairy tale for kids, and the rocky, rugged scenery is an adventure.

Early booking tours to Cyprus in 2022.

Already decided that you want to spend your summer on the island of Cyprus? Then don’t miss the opportunity to do it at a profit, booking a tour to Cyprus 2022 “all inclusive” on the “early booking” offer in advance from the tour operator “TEZ TOUR”. “Early booking” of Cyprus allows you to save up to 30% of the cost of travel – not a bad bonus to buy souvenirs for loved ones, agree! Come on, we can help you find the perfect option. Just tell us what you would like from a trip: the sea and the beaches, sightseeing, diving or spa treatment? Are you looking for a 10 day holiday to Cyprus, a romantic weekend or a relaxing month on the Mediterranean coast? Depending on this, we’ll choose the region, the hotel and the range of services, we can tell you exactly how much a tour to Cyprus costs for you and give recommendations for visiting places of interest.

Do I need a visa to Cyprus for Russians in 2022?

Cyprus, all-inclusive tours in 2022 are popular with the Russians due to the simplified visa regime for entry into the country. You can stay for up to 90 days on the so-called PRO-visa, which is easy to arrange by buying a tour to Cyprus from tour operator “Tez Tour”.

After long disputes between Turkey and Greece in 1978 the island was divided by “green line” into two territories: the northern part belongs to Turkey, and the southern part of the island – Cyprus itself, which requires a PRO-visa.

The best beaches in Cyprus

Sea tourism in Cyprus successfully combines pleasant prices with good quality. Beaches in Cyprus advantage of municipal. Some hotels have their own separate areas, well-maintained and clean, where almost no local residents. But also free public beaches please clean – so you can safely take a tour with children in Cyprus, the kids on the beach will be safe.

Larnaca 2022 traveler reviews. Holiday prices, tips

On many beaches are available free (or at a very modest charge) sun loungers and umbrellas. And bought in any local shop a miracle product of olive oil with lemon juice will contribute to a perfect tan. Looking for an option for an inexpensive, but enjoyable trip with a loved one on the coast?

  • Coral Bay is the best sandy beach in Cyprus, and is located in Paphos.
  • Lara Beach, a hidden place where rare sea turtles swim in summer.
  • Mackenzie Beach, near Larnaca, one of the best in the world, awarded with the “Blue Flag”.
  • Nissi is the most beautiful beach of Ayia Napa, Cyprus with white sand.
  • The beach, located in Fig Tree Bay, is the best in Protaras

How to get there?

The only way to get to the south coast of Cyprus is by air. There are many airlines flying to Cyprus. If you made up your mind to travel and bought a tour to Cyprus, the flight from Moscow takes about 3.5 hours. The main airport where travelers who bought a tour to Cyprus arrive is Larnaca. From there is an easy transfer by coach or cab to any resort in Cyprus. Cab cars on Cyprus only brand “Mercedes-Benz”, but the prices are very reasonable. The northern Turkish part of Cyprus can be visited in recent years, without any problems, both from southern Cyprus, as well as from Turkey, where there are regular boat connections from Marmaris.

Language and communication.

Tourists who have bought a tour to Cyprus in the summer of 2022 will not have a problem communicating, because at every step you can hear the Russian language. Thousands of Russians have moved here permanently or bought real estate for the summer time. All reputable stores, small shops and bazaars necessarily employ Russian-speaking staff. Greek is the official language, but everyone is fluent in English, as Cyprus was a British colony for many years.

Cyprus is populated by many nationalities but the Greeks make up 75% of the population, the Turks are about 20% and the rest are from various nationalities.

You are advised to visit:

  • Protaras Ocean Aquarium;
  • Larnaca Medieval Castle;
  • Greek Turtle Sanctuary in the Bay of Logos;
  • Aphrodite Brewing Company in Paphos;
  • Walk the Connos Nature Trail, Protaras;
  • Explore the sea caves of Cape Greco.

Where to buy a tour to Cyprus in 2022?

By ordering a tour search in Turkey with our managers you will get a correctly chosen hotel, flight, and inexpensive price “all inclusive” from a reliable tour operator TEZ TOUR.

You can also buy tours by phone, ordering a callback or by dialing: 8-800-333-50-16 (free).

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