Amsterdam to The Hague: how to get there

Amsterdam to The Hague.

How far is it to travel from Amsterdam to The Hague by different modes of transportation? Amsterdam to The Hague route: travel time, distance in kilometers and miles and route on the map, fares, transportation choices, and reviews and tips from experienced travelers 2022.

Fares and travel time

Below you can see how many hours it takes to get from Amsterdam to The Hague and the approximate cost (average ticket price) for each mode of transportation.

Amsterdam – The Hague – route on the map

Distance from Amsterdam to The Hague

The distance between Amsterdam and The Hague is 51 kilometers or 32 miles in a straight line and 62 kilometers or 39 miles by road.

Interesting Facts

  • If you decide to ride it by bike, you will spend 3 hours and 16,740 calories
  • It would take you 10 hours to walk it.
  • Your dog will cover that distance in 6 hours.

Where to go from The Hague?

If you are planning a long trip where The Hague is just one of the stages, the following routes will be useful for you.

You can read more about The Hague and its attractions in the article The Hague.

Airfare Amsterdam – The Hague.

Rode through the Netherlands recently with my husband. The country impressed me so much that I wanted to stay there! Well, everything is so well-thought-out, clean and well-groomed! I did not think I would like The Hague, because I associated it exclusively with politics. But I was wrong!

From Amsterdam to The Hague by car

I wish we had such roads, and perhaps I would have gone to pass the driver’s license, well, really, they’re perfect! And another plus is that they are absolutely free (a couple of toll tunnels I don’t count). To Hague to go about 60 km, yes, many of my acquaintances from Moscow to work farther away!

Rent a car for a trip around the country is very easy, there are special sites for that, such as this. The cost of renting a car for a day – from 50 euros and above. Keep in mind that gasoline is not cheap here, almost 1.80 euros per liter.

In fact, we considered this option. But in the end I did not like tasting beer and wine alone.

From Amsterdam to The Hague by train

I love the Dutch railroads for their user-friendliness. There are direct trains to The Hague from Amsterdam Central Station 24 hours a day, almost every couple of minutes, I’m not kidding. They take about an hour. The train stations are very easy to get to, there are a lot of signposts so kids won’t get lost.

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Buying tickets

Judging by the number of flights, we can conclude that it is not necessary to buy tickets in advance. You can, of course, go to the booking office, writing on a piece of paper the time of departure and the city of arrival. Unfortunately, not all cashiers speak English. But I liked using the yellow ticket vending machines. And there is nothing complicated there. However, once I had a panic. We were in a hurry to the train and bought only the first part of the ticket, and had to go with a transfer (that’s another story, I’ll tell later). Well, we thought, no problem, let’s buy tickets at the transfer station on the way. When we arrived, there was no station. That is no station at all. Railway bridge, crossing the rails into the village, and that’s it! But I had no time to cry, local resident showed us that right on the pillar for the bridge attached yellow ticket machine! Civilization!

The fare

The price is fixed, although the trains on the route are different, – 11.70 euros.

From Amsterdam to The Hague by Eurolines bus

There are only three flights:

Here’s just to watch your dates carefully, as only the first bus runs daily, the others run differently on different days of the week.

The comfort in the cabin is unmistakable! There’s wireless internet, toilets, air conditioning and comfortable seats – a dream. Buses leave from the station Duivendrecht, which is located here:

They bring passengers to the bus station in The Hague, which is next to the Central Railway Station. The journey takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Buying tickets

You can easily do this directly on the website of the carrier or go to the bus station ticket office before the trip. But the second option is less convenient, and the cheapest tickets are better to catch in advance.

The fare

It depends on how far in advance you are going to buy tickets, and also from the flight. In general, the range is as follows: from 6 to 16 euros, and paying 16, you’ll arrive as much as 15 minutes faster! :)

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From Amsterdam to The Hague by bus Flixbus

The Flixbus offers many more trips a day – 10-11. They go from morning (from 7:30-9:00) and till 12:30 at night. Convenient, I think. Travel time and services are the same as for Eurolines. On the road – 45-65 minutes. :)

Only the departure station is different. All flights depart from Amsterdam Sloterdijk:

Buying tickets

Best to go online in advance and buy there. But you can also buy them at the ticket office (although Dutch is a bit of a mystery!).

The fare

You can buy tickets for 5-7 euros.

From Amsterdam to The Hague by plane

You don’t need to buy tickets because you can walk 60 km between the cities! :)


My husband and I took Flixbus – it was great! I got so comfortable that I didn’t even want to get off when we arrived.

How to get from Amsterdam to The Hague – 3 ways

If you are planning a trip to the Dutch capital, be sure to think about traveling to other cities in the country. There are rail and bus connections between the settlements of the Netherlands, so it is not difficult to get from the capital to any city. Our article is dedicated to the topic – Amsterdam – The Hague – how to get there and which way is the easiest.

Possible ways to travel from Amsterdam to The Hague are described below.

The Hague

By car

Driving from Amsterdam to The Hague

There are no toll roads in Holland, so many tourists choose to travel by car. Thus, there is no need to take a free route or spend money to pay the highway toll.

Between Amsterdam and The Hague is the highway A-4. The route should be designed to leave the capital on this highway, which has several one-way lanes and a divider that protects drivers from head-on collisions.

The Netherlands is rightly called the land of lowlands and lakes. Before reaching your destination, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road. Next to The Hague, on the right hand side, is a small canal. Even in hot weather there is plenty of vegetation.

Important! Occasionally there are exits to the right or left, but to get to The Hague from Amsterdam, take the A-4 only.

The A-4 to The Hague

A distinctive feature of roads in Holland is safety. There are several levels of interchanges at the intersection of highways, so the likelihood of accidents is minimal.

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Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport

Part of the way out of Amsterdam is through Schiphol Airport, so be prepared for the occasional overhead flight. It is not possible to see the airport building and the surrounding area, as it is densely vegetated.

Interesting fact! During World War II, the Schiphol building was the subject of fierce fighting between the German and Dutch armies. By the time of surrender Schiphol remained the only object in the country, which the Dutch controlled. Today this airport is considered the main airport in the Netherlands.

The distance from Amsterdam to The Hague, 58.8 km car covers in 40 minutes.

2. By train

Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Central Station

Probably the most comfortable and fastest way to get from Amsterdam to The Hague. Trains leave from Amsterdam Central Station (address: Stationsplein, 1012 AB) and arrive at the Central Station in The Hague (2595 aa den, Kon. Julianaplein 10).

The trip from Amsterdam takes about an hour, the first flight leaves at 5-45 and the last one at 23-45. The exact timetable is better to learn in advance at the official railroad website –

The seats in the cars are quite comfortable, so the trip does not seem long or exhausting.

Comfortable seats in carriages

  • The train Amsterdam – The Hague leaves every 15-30 minutes;
  • there are direct and indirect voyages;
  • the fare is about 12,80 €, but you can check the current price on the railroad’s website.

The Hague can be reached directly from Schiphol Airport, and from The Hague you can easily travel to Rotterdam and Delft. Trains and streetcars run between the cities.

In the Netherlands there is a special system for purchasing rail tickets. The fact that the official website provides information about the cost and the current schedule. You can buy a ticket at the ticket office of the station or in a special machine. If you plan several trips during the day, you can buy a travel card that gives the right to travel on any train, but only for one day.

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On a side note! See what to see in The Hague in 1 day here.

3. How to get from Amsterdam to The Hague by bus

Eurolines bus to The Hague

There are bus services between the Dutch cities, but they are fewer than the rail schedule. There are comfortable buses between the cities, so the trip will not be cumbersome. Transportation is provided by the company Flixbus.

  • The schedule is two trips in the morning, three in the afternoon and one in the evening;
  • The Amsterdam Sloterdijk bus stop is next to the train station;
  • It takes an average of 45 minutes to get to The Hague;
  • The fare is 5-12 € depending on the train.

There are no difficulties with the purchase – just go to the official website of the carrier and book a seat online at

This is important! There is no air communication between Amsterdam in the Netherlands and The Hague, so you can’t take a flight from the capital.

How to get from Schiphol Airport to The Hague

  1. By train. Flights of Dutch Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) leave every 8-30 minutes and take on average 39 minutes to get from Amsterdam. The fare is 9.3 €.
  2. Bus no. 116. Flights leave twice a day. The trip takes 40 minutes. The fare is 4.5 €.
  3. Cab. You can order a transfer from the airport directly to the hotel. The cost ranges from 100 to 130 €.
  4. By car. The distance between Schiphol airport and The Hague is only 45 km so it is an easy 28 minutes drive.

The prices on the page are for August 2022.

Useful tips

  1. The most convenient way to get to the desired point in the country – the train. There are many flights, the cars are comfortable.
  2. The ticket is valid for one day, but gives you travel only on trains following one branch. This system is convenient if you want to visit several cities.
  3. You can buy a ticket in the machine, selecting in advance the English language. It is more advantageous to buy tickets in both directions. It is enough to enter the first letter of the destination and the machine will provide possible options.
  4. You can pay for the ticket in the machine in cash or by card. If you pay in cash, use only coins, the machine doesn’t accept bills.
  5. At each railway station there are transportation maps, where you can see the current schedule.
  6. You can find out the route for one branch in the following ways: – at the machine, if the stop you are interested in is not on that branch, just cancel your purchase and go back to the beginning of the choice; – at the information booth, all data is provided for free.
  7. Do not try to pass for free – the controllers will catch up with you anyway. Moreover, you have to buy a ticket only once and then use it throughout the day.
  8. It’s important not to forget to punch your ticket when you enter the car and when you leave, otherwise it will be considered invalid. In large cities in station buildings there are special turnstiles or readers for punching tickets.
  9. The desired train can be found as follows: – on the ticket indicates the final destination; – on the light board installed on the platform.
  10. In the building of each station there are boards, where you can see the schedule and the desired platform.
  11. Almost all trains have two floors, to go, of course, it is preferable to the second floor – it opens the best view.
  12. The toilets on the trains are free, but at the stations you have to pay.
  13. Keep track of your route on the light board, which is in every carriage. As soon as the train starts moving, the screen shows the next station.
How to get to Amsterdam cheaply? The fullest instruction

The question – Amsterdam – The Hague – how to get and which way is the most comfortable – is studied in detail and the trip will not cause unpleasant impressions, and will deliver only positive emotions.

Video: walk around Amsterdam and useful tips for travelers on transportation in the city.

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