Anapa – the Crimea: how to reach

How to get from Anapa to the Crimea

You can get to the Crimea from Anapa by train, bus, ferry, cab or car. Before your vacation, it’s worth checking out ticket prices and studying tips on choosing transportation.

By a ferry

Ferries to the Crimea depart from the port “Kavkaz” near Anapa. You can get to the point of departure by bus. The duration of the trip is half an hour.

You can buy tickets at the cashier of the point of departure by showing your passport to the cashier. Boarding pass is issued by the staff of the ferry when the line for departure arrives. You pay for the ticket at the ticket office of the station.

It is necessary to have a passport and a boarding pass. On the ferry food stalls are open, where you can buy from soda to soup or shashlik. Working bio-toilets.

  • – comfortable ride even in hot weather;
  • – the trip does not last long;
  • – the opportunity to admire the beauty of nature.
  • – The trip is not suitable for families with young children and the elderly.

You should bring hats, food in order to save, just in case – drugs against nausea.

The ticket price is 200 rubles. The route is suitable for young people, families with children of school age and older, young pensioners.

By bus

To get from Anapa to the Crimea, you can buy a ticket for a regular bus. The point of departure is the city bus station. It is located in the center, it is convenient to get there from any district.

You can get to the Crimea by routes:

  • – to Kerch – a distance of 121 km;
  • – Feodosia – 213 km;
  • – Simferopol – 315 km;
  • – Yalta – 396 km.

The longest route will be to Sevastopol – 404 km. When buying tickets you can choose the end station from the list of transit cities. The trip will take 5-6 hours.

  • – The trip will not take much time;
  • – affordable ticket price;
  • – direct flight.
  • – Uncomfortable conditions of travel.

It is recommended to take a snack, personal hygiene products. The route is short: a change of clothes and shoes are unlikely to be useful.

Tickets cost 900-1300 rubles, depending on the distance to the resort in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the type of bus. To Yalta the trip will cost 1100 rubles. The trip is suitable for families with children, pensioners, young people.

By train

Suburban communication within the Crimea is limited to electric trains running from Simferopol to Sevastopol, Dzhankoy, Yevpatoria. It is possible to get by commuter trains in parlor cars, which move from Dzhankoi to Feodosia, Kerch.

There are only 2 long-distance passenger routes across the bridge:

  • – every other day: 7/8 Petersburg – Sevastopol;
  • – Every day: № 27/28 Moscow – Simferopol.

They cross the bridge at night.

Going by bus to the Crimea

By the summer of 2022, new long-distance train routes are expected, some will pass through the bridge during the day. If you wish, you can buy a single Anapa-Crimea ticket, which is sold at the train station’s ticket office. The price includes:

  • – Train fare to Anapa or Krasnodar;
  • – bus to the port “Kavkaz”;
  • – ferry crossing.

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How long is the trip from Anapa to the Crimea on a single ticket?

The route ends 4 hours after arrival at the end point. All flights are provided, there is no need to worry about availability of seats for those who bought a single ticket. From the Crimean port you can go to any city.

Ways to buy a single ticket:

  • – at the ticket office at the train station, together with the train ticket;
  • – Online – on the website of the railway company. To appear the form of purchase need to select the “way with change”;
  • – On arrival in Anapa or Krasnodar at the railway stations, but from the time of departure of the train to these cities must be no more than 30 days.

Passengers go to Crimea by bus over the bridge to the desired city in the Autonomous Republic.

  • – budget cost;
  • – comfortable travel conditions.
  • – long road.

The route will not be long – it is worth taking personal hygiene items, food, money, a change of clothes.

The cost of tickets – from 740 to 1115 rubles. The option is suitable for young people, passengers with children of school age, who love to travel.

How to get from Anapa to the Crimea

How to get from Anapa to the Crimea in 2021

By cab

If funds are not limited, you can order a transfer from Anapa to the Crimea. To do this, apply to the cab service of choice. Customers are given a car with a driver. You can choose the desired vehicle, from minivans to minibuses.

Those wishing to save money are offered cars of economy class. For luxury travel it is worth ordering a car of premium segment. Clients have the right to choose the route.

  • – comfortable trip;
  • – the route does not take long;
  • – it is possible to stop at the necessary places.
  • – high cost.

The price depends on the destination point in the Crimea, the class of the car. The cost can range from 2400 to 8000 rubles. It is recommended to take hygiene products, non-perishable food. The route is suitable for people of all ages, families with small children.

On a private car

You may also get to the Crimean peninsula by car. You need to get to the “Kavkaz” bay and pay for the ferry. Ferries arrive in the village of Zhukovka, which is an area on the outskirts of Kerch.

Both ports are located in a narrow part of the Kerch Strait. The distance between them is about 5 km. The time of the route is about 20 minutes. There is a large queue at the port. Upon arrival the driver is given two coupons. In one of them the place of the queue is written, in the other – the dimensions of the vehicle. Measurements are carried out by the port staff.

  • – The extreme trip will appeal to young people;
  • – you can take beautiful pictures during the trip.
  • – An exhausting trip.
Buses in Sudak: overview

Depending on the brand of vehicle, the service costs 1200-2500 rubles. Transportation of passengers will cost 170 rubles, including the driver. The route is suitable for young people and families without small children. It is recommended to take a change of clothes, hygiene items, non-perishable food.

Now you know all the ways to get from Anapa to the Crimea. When choosing should take into account the desired level of comfort, time, the cost of tickets:

  • – The most convenient and fastest method will be a catamaran;
  • – by train will be a long trip;
  • – motorists should consider the risk of standing in line for a long time;
  • – the trip by cab will be more expensive.

If possible, it is better to buy a single ticket – with it the trip will be quick and easy.

Anapa – Crimea: how to get in 2022 easily and quickly?

Active travelers, seeking to get the maximum experience, it can be difficult to spend the entire vacation in one location. To such tourists we recommend trips to nearby resorts. Vacationers in Anapa can go on trips to the Crimea or combine vacation in the Krasnodar region with a stay on the Crimean coast.

Those who plan to visit the peninsula, we advise to read the information about how many kilometers from Anapa to the Crimea, what ways you can get to the main cities, as well as the time and cost of the trip.

Anapa-Crimea: how to get by bus

To get from Anapa to the Crimea, you must first get to the bus station, located at 11 Krasnoarmeyskaya Street. To get to the bus station there is a large number of buses (you can also take a bus to the nearby Central Market).

Most of the flights to the peninsula are transit: public transport runs through Anapa from Novorossiysk, Sochi and Gelendzhik.

Below is a list of shuttle buses to the main resorts:

  • Novorossiysk-Yalta;
  • Novorossiysk-Sevastopol;
  • Krasnodar-Sevastopol;
  • Anapa-Yalta;
  • Gelendzhik-Simferopol.

Travel time depends on the direction: bus Anapa-Feodosia takes an average of 5-5.5 hours to get to Kerch in 3-4 hours, to Simferopol – for 5.5-7 hours. According to the bus route Anapa-Sudak, the road to the city will take from 6.5 to 8 hours. Those planning to get from Anapa to Sevastopol will take more than 9 hours.

Anapa-Yalta bus schedule and ticket price depends on the chosen transit flight; the road may take up to 10 hours.

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Fares and information on how many kilometers from Anapa to Feodosia, Sudak and other southern cities are shown in the table.

Destination Travel distance, km Ticket price, rubles.
Kerch 122 340-500
Feodosia 214 600-690
Yalta 395 1215
Sevastopol 406 1200-1259
Simferopol 316 900-1027
Sudak 270 800-1400

For information! Planning to travel on the route Anapa-Simferopol bus schedule and ticket prices advise clarify in advance on the website of the company “Kubanpassazhiravtoservis” or by phone: 8 (861) 238-71-77.

Since regular buses rarely go to Sudak, the passengers get to him on Shuttle buses. From the stop, located at Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, 6, leaves the transport carrier LLC “FlyBus”, from the railway station – IP Busygina Y.S. If you travel by bus Anapa-Sudak, the schedule and ticket prices can be clarified at

Where to look for airline tickets to the Crimea? We advise you to use with their handy tools to find cheap airline tickets. All tips for finding low-cost options.

It’s better to choose a hotel with, and to look for private accommodation near the sea – with the help of

Crimean scenery

Take a ferry

Until 2019, one of the popular options to get from Anapa to the Crimea was the ferry. In 2021, water transport from the seaport to Kerch, Feodosia and Yalta has been cancelled. As of today there is no information about resumption of transportation on the website of Black Sea high-speed lines which used to carry out maritime routes to Crimea. For specification of possible changes we recommend to address to administration of sea station by phones: +7 (86133) 4-02-04, 4-60-27, 5-41-00.

Unfortunately the routes of the catamaran Yalta-Sochi (and in the opposite direction) which delivered passengers by sea from one resort to another in 11 hours and made a stop in Feodosiya are cancelled now.

In 2022 you can get from Anapa to the Crimea by ferry from the port Kavkaz, located at a distance of 104 km in the village Chushka Temryukskogo area. The way from the city bus station (by transit bus from Sochi) will take about 2.5 hours and will cost about 250-300 rubles.

From the port of Kavkaz to the port of Crimea, located in Kerch, ferries run 24 hours a day with an hour interval. The trip by sea takes only 40 minutes. The cost of the crossing is 150 rubles for an adult and 80 rubles for a child 6-12 years old.

A ferry in Kerch

To get by train

To overcome the distance from Anapa to the Crimea you can take a train from the railway station located in the village Dzhemete. From the station to Kerch are trains number 6805 and 6806, which depart on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 12-35 and arrive at 14-34. The fare is a little bit more than 460 rubles.

To get to Feodosiya you need to change to electric trains № 6792, 6791 in Kerch. The train departs daily at 16:05 and arrives at 18:40. Price: 173 rubles.

Simferopol Airport: how to get there

You can buy tickets directly on the train or on the site of South Suburban Passenger Company LLC You can find the current schedule on the carrier’s website or by phone: +7(978) 978-39-39.

According to the annual schedule, from 26. 07. 2022, the train Anapa-Sudak № 503 A begins to run to the Crimea. Travel time is 7 hours. 45 min. In 9,5 hours to the same destination will take flight № 509A.

To get from Anapa to Yalta, Simferopol and Sevastopol by direct train from Krasnodar region is not possible. You can arrive by rail in Kerch and change to a bus, but we advise to go straight to the bus station.

The train over the Crimean bridge

Single ticket Anapa-Crimea in 2022

In order to save time and money, we advise buying a “single ticket” – a pass that gives the right to travel by train to Anapa and Krasnodar, and then by bus to Alushta, Feodosia, Sudak or Yalta. Such a ticket allows you to travel by any flight and, therefore, not to lose money if you are late for the bus chosen.

Traveling on a “single ticket” at the transfer point coordinators are waiting to help navigate, place luggage, etc.

You can purchase a “single ticket” on the website of JSC “Russian Railways” or directly at the ticket offices of the stations. The cost of bus transportation from the railway station and the airport is presented in the table.

Destination (from Anapa ) From railroad station/airport, rubles.
Feodosia 770/875
Sudak 825/925
Alushta 1055/1155
Yalta 1160/1260

Children under five years old are free of charge and have their own seat. One child may travel with one adult at no extra charge.

Important: at present, transportation by “single ticket” is suspended. To learn about their resumption you can contact representatives of the “United Transportation Directorate” by phone 8 (800) 250-18-04 or on the site

By cab

For those traveling with children and planning a long trip, we recommend taking a cab. The road to the remote corners of the peninsula can be tiring. For example, to overcome more than three hundred kilometers from Anapa to Simferopol, you will need to travel by bus 6-7 hours, while by car you can fit in 4.5 hours, the distance from Anapa to Yalta public transport takes 10 hours, and a cab just six.

There are many carriers in Krasnodar:

  • “Maxi,” +7 (978) 596-60-00; 568-06-40;
  •, 8 (800) 3020-919;
  •, +7 (978) 777-72-72, 777-15-72;
  • KUBTAXI (“Kuban Transfer Service”), 8 (800) 55-11-606;
  • “Yug Travel, +7 (969) 999-64-74 and others.

The cost of the trip from Anapa to the Crimea depends on the chosen destination, the place of departure (train station or airport) and the class of the car. Approximate prices in rubles are in the table.

Destination Car class
Economy Standard Comfort
Kerch 2090 2290 2690
Feodosia 3400 3700 4100
Koktebel 3400 3600 4000
Sudak 4600 4800 5300
New light 4700 4900 5400
Yalta 6400 6700 7300
Alushta 6200 6300 6900
Simferopol 5200 5800 6500
Sevastopol 6400 6700 7300
Evpatoria 6200 6700 7300
Holidays in the Crimea 2022: how to plan

At high season on the roads are traffic jams (for example, near Alushta and the Southern coastal highway), which does not allow you to calculate exactly how much to go from Anapa to the Crimea on time. In this regard, traveling with children is recommended to take a sufficient amount of water and food.

Road to Sevastopol

To get to Anapa by car

The most comfortable and fastest way to travel from the Krasnodar region to the peninsula is by personal transport. As written by motorists, the distance by car through the bridge from Anapa to Sevastopol can be passed in five hours, and the road to the nearest Kerch will take only two; if the journey time of the bus Anapa-Simferopol is 6-7 hours, then on a private car it will be reduced to four.

The advantage of independent travel is not only less time, but also the opportunity to admire the beautiful scenery. Route “Tavrida”, which runs the route from Anapa to the Crimea by car, is laid in the mountains and along the coast. Some of the most beautiful parts of the route are Sudak and Yuzhnoberezhnoe highways. The proximity to the sea allows you to stop during the trip not only for a snack, but also to swim.

The way to the peninsula is by the 19-kilometer Crimean bridge and takes an average of 20 minutes. The allowed speed is 90 km/h; stops are prohibited. After the construction of the bridge to get from Anapa to Simferopol and other Crimean cities has become much easier (previously drivers had to wait up to 40 hours for a ferry).

For information! According to reviews of independent travelers, the cost of gasoline at local gas stations is often overpriced. Drivers are advised to fill up at Rosneft or a local company ATAN. Acceptable quality is also noted at WOG, OKKO and TES.

Prices for gasoline in the Crimea are 2-5 rubles higher than in Moscow. So, if you can fill up with gasoline AI-92 in the capital for 45 rubles per liter, the fuel on the peninsula will cost 48-50.

To date, there are several ways to get to the Crimea from the Krasnodar region: to get by train, bus, ferry or overcome the distance by car. With this diversity, every tourist can choose a convenient option and make your vacation in the south more interesting.

My name is Sergey and I work as a guide in various cities in Europe, Asia, Eastern Russia, also as a manager of a large travel agency. During my travels I have experienced a lot of emotions, learned useful information about rest and prices, saw unique places, which I hurry to share on the pages of my blog about tourism.

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