August 2022 holiday in Russia: where to go

Holidays in August in Russia – 5 ideas.

Rest in Russia in August 2020

We find out where to go on holiday in August 2022! Beach holidays at the warm sea and not only.

Coronavirus and quarantine . Book hotels, tours and airline tickets for a vacation in Russia as early as possible. The best options are quickly sold out, because the demand for domestic tourism is still high with almost completely closed borders. Take advantage!

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Black Sea

Krasnodar Krai and the Crimea – two major destinations for a beach holiday in August 2022 in Russia. Every year, the best resorts of the country challenge each other for the right of primacy. If you want to vacation with kids, it’s better to choose a village near a big resort – you will see fewer tourists there, and the vacation will be quieter and calmer.

Weather in the Black Sea is wonderful: the average temperature during the day +27 ° C and at night +19 ° C, the sea is heated to +25 ° C. At noon it gets hot, the air heats up above +30 ° C, and at this time on the street is undesirable. It’s better to sunbathe until 11 am. Read more about the weather in August in Sochi and the Crimea.

In August, the rest in the resorts of Russia is almost entirely beach vacation: because of the heat and stuffiness, long excursions are in little demand, but you can afford short trips. For example, to visit a botanical garden, archaeological sites, Crimean palaces, caves and museums, or go to the tasting of local wine products. Very popular with holidaymakers evening promenades along the embankments, magnificent Olympic Park in Sochi, water parks and amusement parks. Find out what to see in the Crimea and where to go in Sochi.

Some go catamaraning, surfing and diving, but most vacationers just spend time on the beach. Coastal cafes and discos are open almost around the clock. For children, there are zoos, dolphinariums, aquariums and amusement parks.

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Maldives? Dominica? No, it is a beach in the Crimea! Olenevka village. Fine light sand, clear water and a rich underwater world – you can find this even on the Black Sea in Russia.

Sea of Azov

Where to go to rest by the sea in August 2022 in Russia, in addition to the Black Sea resorts? No less popular is rest on the shores of the Azov Sea. The most popular and inexpensive resorts: the city of Yeisk, Taganrog, stanitsa Golubitskaya, Kuchugury, Dolzhanskaya and Shelkino. Beaches on the coast of sand with an admixture of fine shell, they are often called children’s, because the shallow and warm. The main advantage of rest on Azov is reasonable prices and a wide range of housing in the private sector. Learn more about rest on the Azov Sea.

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Weather in August at the beginning of the month remains warm and sunny: +30 ° C during the day, +23 ° C at night, the water is warm +26 ° C, but sometimes strong winds blow, the sea storms and the water becomes muddy from the sand. After August 20, strong winds occur more often, it is better not to go with small children.

In terms of entertainment and comfort level confidently leads Yeisk. In the village Golubitskaya there is a dolphinarium and water park, in Yeisk – water park, dolphinarium, children’s entertainment centers and a park with rides, oceanarium and a canyon with crocodiles. At other resorts all entertainments more modest, but beach rest can be diluted by lessons of horse riding, employment windsurfing, excursions and sea walks.

Reviews about rest in Kuchugury.

On the beach in Kuchugury – the golden sand.


Fans of outdoor activities in August can go to one of the most beautiful places in Russia – Altai. It is a land of untouched nature, mountain ranges and dense taiga. August in Altai delighted with the weather: the average temperature during the day +25 ° C, at night +15 ° C.

Good camping sites on the lakes – near the Teletskoye Lake and Aya, very popular complex “Biryuzovaya Katun”. In August the water in the lakes is warmed up and you can swim. But the main entertainments in Altai are hunting, fishing, rafting, speleotourism, horseback riding and hiking.

There are many interesting places in Altai, some you can visit on your own, such as Kamyshly Waterfall, Chemal, Tavda Caves and the Patmos Island. The region is also famous for its places of power. If you plan your trip by car, you can take a fascinating trip along the Chuisky Route and admire the nature of the Altai Mountains. The main thing to keep in mind is that this region is harsh and the weather may change at any moment, and you will need warm clothes to climb the mountains.

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Uch-Enmek, Altai Mountains

Uch-Enmek Park scenery.


Everyone who is tired of crowded southern Russian resorts and who is attracted to the harsh Siberian nature will certainly like a vacation on the shores of the cleanest lake in Russia. In August, the weather in the Olkhon and Malyi Sea area is dry and warm. The daytime air temperature can reach +25°C, but breezes can cool the air dramatically, so a warm sweater and a jacket will come in handy. The temperature can drop especially sharply at night: up to +5. +10°С. Sometimes there are strong winds.

There are several interesting places on Baikal, especially popular among tourists: Chivyrkuisky bay, Listvyanka, Olkhon island and Sliudyanka. Fishermen prefer the bay, lovers of outdoor activities choose Olkhon, and Slyudyanka and Listvyanka are suitable for family vacations. The best tourist centers are at Maloye Morye, Listvyanka and Khuzhir. You can rent a humble village yurt or book a room in a luxury hotel, it all depends on the wishes of the guest. How much does a rest at Baikal cost?

Until the end of August you can swim in Baikal, but not everywhere, but only in the gulfs and bays. The warmest places are the bays Chivyrkuisky, Mukhor and Barguzinsky. The water can get up to +20°C and more. You won’t be warm until the first storm, but after a few days it will be warm again. Read our tips about rest at Baikal.

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The beach in Ust-Barguzin village, Buryatia, on the Eastern shore of Lake Baikal. Photo: Mickey O’neil /

Volga Region

Quite an unconventional option, where you can rest in August 2022 in Russia – the Volga region. The Volga region occupies a huge area of the East European Plain and extends all the way to the Caspian lowlands. In the Nizhny Novgorod region the most comfortable holiday in the first half of the month: day +26 ° C, night +16 ° C. In the south, in the Astrakhan region, it is hotter and drier: daytime +33 ° C, nighttime +23 ° C, water temperature +26 ° C, but the summer heat is mitigated by large water pools.

The most comfortable recreation centers and hotels for tourists are located in Samara, Nizhny Novgorod and Astrakhan regions. Vacationers spend a lot of time on the beaches, walking, hunting, fishing and going on excursions. Local sanatoriums successfully apply mud treatment and mineral water.

But the main highlight of holidays in the Volga region – is the organization of river cruises on the largest river in Europe. You can take a real mini-voyage and a few days to enjoy the scenery, get acquainted with the history of the glorious cities on the Volga.

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The cultural and excursion vacation will be interesting and rich: the Astrakhan Kremlin, the ancient architecture of Saratov and the embankments of Samara, the Kazan Kremlin, the memorial and museum complex and monuments of Volgograd. In the Volga region there are many places associated with the names of prominent Russian writers, painters and statesmen.

Where to go in August

Vacation in August has its own advantages: the summer heat is already on the wane, and the autumnal coolness has not yet set in. This month is the last chance to go somewhere this summer, and it’s a sin to miss this opportunity, because until the next summer again have to wait a whole year. We have thought about where to go in August 2022 in Russia, and want to share our thoughts and suggestions.

Volga Region

A very economical and non-hot vacation option. Volga expanses occupy a huge territory, comparable to the size of some states.

Wherever you go, up or down the Volga you will find an interesting city with a few curiosities. Nizhny Novgorod with its unique relief, Kazan with its amazing combination of two cultures, Samara with its charming embankment, Volgograd with its memorial and museum complex. You can also visit the birthplace of Lenin’s grandfather in Ulyanovsk, or Astrakhan – the homeland of those watermelons, which fill the shelves of all domestic markets and supermarkets.

In August the weather on the banks of the Volga becomes comfortable. It’s a little bit hotter near the Caspian Sea, but the rest of the region is a bit like heaven: summer is gone, but like a polite man, wants to leave a nice memory of itself and give you nice, but not hot days. You can relax on the beaches, go hunting and fishing, walk the cozy streets of the Volga cities and learn their history. Many places here are associated with the activities of great writers, artists and statesmen, so in the Volga region is not only all right with beach holidays, but also with cultural.

Krasnodar Krai

No matter how strong is our desire to compile an original list, but the brand “Resorts of the Krasnodar region” is so pressured by its authority that we simply have to succumb to its onslaught. And you can go to the Black Sea all summer, not only in August. Average daily air temperature in last summer month stays at +27 °С, and water gets warm up to +25 °С. It is better to sunbathe in the morning, because by noon the air smells fried. And it’s not just about the tasty treats in the cafe – it just gets a little hot.

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If you go to the Black Sea with children, we recommend choosing not large resorts, but the surrounding villages. There are a little less tourists, and in general it is quieter and calmer. The more so in such places places places are available basically in the private sector – you can find a pacified place.

Since the heat on the Black Sea in August is still not subsiding, the rest here is mainly of a beach nature. Go on excursions in such weather is not very comfortable, but if you catch a cool day, it is still worth to go and see the local beauties. Climb into a cave, walk through a botanical garden, or go to local winemakers to taste their products.

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In this region wonderfully intertwined clean sea, bright sun, natural beauty and historical sites. To all this is added local flavor, which creates the owners of Abkhazian guest houses and other accommodation on the coast. They will do everything for you: they will offer you accommodation, tell you where to go, and introduce you to local cuisine. And the food here is special, in other areas you will not find these: excellent wine, cheeses, meat dishes, an array of fruits, tea from the local plantations, and more.

As for beaches and sea, they are almost everywhere clean, no matter what Abkhazian resort you choose – Gagra, Pitsunda or Sukhum. Beaches are pebbly and sandy, for the most part well-equipped, but wild “stashes” are also present. All this is combined with ancient monuments, created during antiquity and the Middle Ages. For example, Kelasur wall, stretching for more than 150 kilometers, or the ruins of the fortress on Mount Satanjo, or the ancient fortifications on the ridge Aisra. Often you can find and religious buildings, among which we note the Patriarchal Cathedral in Pitsunda.

Crimea is good that you can rent a house practically all over the coast, within walking distance of the sea. And this applies to almost every resort. You can choose from comfortable mini-hotels, comfortable guest houses and other options in the private sector. It makes sense to stay in small villages, where, compared to the large and hyped resorts, holiday in August will be cheaper.

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On the eastern coast of the Crimea stand out Sudak and Feodosia. Beaches here are sand and pebble, and the mountains are gradually becoming steppe. If you want to windsurfing, you can get out to the Cape Kazantip. And if you are attracted by ancient buildings, it is worth evaluating the Genoese fortress in Sudak.

On the southern coast of Crimea, the most famous and, we can say, hyped. However, not for nothing. Alushta, Gaspra and Gurzuf have a good infrastructure, sharpened specifically for tourists. In the western part of the peninsula in isolation is Evpatoria, which is well suited for recreation with children. In general, the west coast is cheaper than others, a favorable price can always be found here, including in August.

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Southern resorts are certainly good, but there are other great places in Russia where you can rest in August. And hardly anyone will argue that Lake Baikal is one of them. Despite any exposé stories, it remains the cleanest in the country, and resting here at the end of summer is a fabulous pleasure. During this time it may be up to +25 degrees Celsius in the daytime, but the local winds and breezes blow, which may cool the air, so you’d better take some extra warm clothes with you.

The places for a rest on Baikal Lake are mostly chosen by tourists: Slyudyanka, Listvyanka, Chivyrkuisky Bay and Olkhon Island. Another option is to stay in Irkutsk (from which you have to drive to the lake) or in Baikalsk, which is located right on the shore.

You can swim in the lake till the end of summer, but in many places the water is cold, so we recommend to use the bays and gulfs (Chivyrkuisky, Mukhor, Barguzinsky), where the water temperature reaches +20 °Ñ. But even if the conditions for swimming are not good, the surrounding beauty is still there. From all sides, Baikal is tangled with mountain ranges and forests, which will provide you with a lot of impressions and an excellent set of memorable pictures.

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