Baku Airport: how to get to the city center

Baku Airport: how to get to the city

The capital of Azerbaijan attracts tourists from all over the world. Baku harmoniously combines the richness of customs and culture with the dynamics of modern life and unique sights. It is not for nothing that this city is called the “Paris of the East”. The historic quarters combined with the newest areas create a unique architecture of Baku, and the hospitality of the locals and the national colors leave an indelible impression on visitors.

General Information:

  • International Code: GYD
  • International Full Name: Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport
  • Location: AZ1109, Baku
  • Local time: GMT +04:00
  • Currency: Azerbaijani Manat (AZN)
  • Visa: not required for Russians for staying in the country for less than 90 days
  • Location Baku Airport: 25 km north-east of the city
  • Info Service Phone: (+9 9412) 497-27-27

How to get from Baku Airport to the city center

In the northeast, 23 km from the central district of Baku is the modern Heydar Aliyev Airport, terminal 2 (south exit) serves local and international airlines flights. This large-scale structure is considered a unique local landmark of Azerbaijan. There are 4 ways to get from Baku Airport to the city center, which differ in price and speed of arrival:

  • Airport Express H1;
  • individual transfer;
  • cab order;
  • car rental.

It only remains for tourists to decide what is more convenient and profitable to get to the center of the historic city with the subsequent transfer to the destination. Some hotels offer their own shuttle service, but it is not included in the accommodation price and must be paid for as part of the price.

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Scheme of Heydar Aliyev airport in Baku

Baku Airport | International Terminal | 1st floor

Scheme of the second floor

Baku airport | International terminal | 2nd floor

Plan of international terminal

Scheme of the terminal for domestic flights

Bus and routes to the center

After stepping down the ramp the first question is how to get to the city from Baku airport. It all depends on the financial capabilities of tourists, the time of arrival, the destination. For example you can take Airport Express H1 or use the expensive service of private carriage to get to the center of the city at night. The first option is preferred, the price for a one-way bus ride is 1.3 manat.

Airport Express H1 is a public transport that goes from Heydar Aliyev Airport to May 28 metro station (railway station). On the way, the bus passes the Keroglu station (about 20 minutes after the departure). The main advantage: when returning to the airport you have to take the bus at the same stop where you previously dropped off in the center. The disadvantage: you cannot pay with cash at Airport Express H1 and must buy a BakiKart upon arrival at the airport.

There are several types of BakiKart, which only work in Azerbaijan:

  • Plastic. The card is non-refundable, costs 2 manat for tourists, and can be purchased with a top-up and reusable.
  • Single use. The card is valid for 45 days, costs 0.2 manat, counts for 2 or 4 trips, recharged only once – at the time of purchase.
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One can buy BakiKart Travel Card at the airport only for cash. At the exit of the terminals there are special terminals that accept coins up to 5 manat, but do not give change. After the purchase you can recharge your account there, the main thing is to put the card in the specified area and add money to the account. The same card can be used to pay in the subway and red buses.

Important: the fare is paid when boarding the bus. You have to put your travel card to the special machine on the turnstile and wait a few seconds until the fare is automatically deducted.

Airport Express H1 runs daily from the airport to the city center without breaks and weekends. The waiting time during the day is 30 minutes and at night – 1 hour. It takes 40 minutes to travel by public transport. The stop at the airport is right at the exit of the terminal, so you don’t have to run around with heavy luggage. Upon arrival in the center you can:

  • Take the subway and get off after 2 stations at the Icheri-sheher stop, and then travel on foot through the Old Town;
  • walk along the Seaside Boulevard and enjoy the beauty of the historic center of the Old City.

All bus routes in Baku, including intercity buses, are collected in a special guide. The fare depends on the distance en route. In the city – 0,3 manat (12-15 rubles), outside the city – more expensive. One can get to the temple of fire worshippers Ateshgah for 0,4 manat, to Gobustan for 0,8 manat. Baku bus routes are the most budget-friendly way to get from the airport to the center of Baku.

General information about the bus station:

  • The name of the bus station in the local language: Veunalhalqualq Avtovağzal
  • Address: Azərbaycan, AZ1117 Sumqayıt şosesi 3-cü km
  • Phone: (+99412) 4997038
  • Works 24 hours a day
  • Bus station has luggage storage, parking, ticket sale, ATM, cafe, currency exchange

Approaching the terminal

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Cab to the city center

This is the most convenient mode of transport, which is in abundance at the airport. The drivers literally occupy the newcomers and start luring them into their cars with pleasant prices and extra conversations. The official cab in Baku is called “eggplant”, which is explained by the purple color of London cabs. You have to pay 1 manat for getting into a cab and the same amount for each kilometer en route. You should be prepared that local cab drivers will charge exorbitant prices and start to cheat. It is important to stipulate this point when boarding or personally supervise the timely turn on the counter. Also check the license for passenger transportation.

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The second option is “Kiwitaxi”. This is a reliable company, proven by many tourists not only in Baku. The main advantages of the choice: the ability to book a car in advance according to your taste and needs, to agree in advance on the cost of services, to count on assistance in transportation of luggage from the terminal to the car. It is important that the price does not change, does not differ from the previously agreed. And “the place of the meeting cannot be changed”.

Important: the average price of a cab in Baku from the airport to the center is 20-25 manat. To save on a trip to the city you can cooperate with other tourists after landing.

How much do private taxi drivers charge

When organizing a trip it is important not only to find out how to get to Baku, but also to decide in advance on the subsequent route in an unfamiliar city. If you plan to order a cab, it is better to cooperate with an official carrier. You can get to the center by purple cab for 25 manat, according to the indicator on the meter. Whereas, the private drivers take two or three times more expensive and try to cheat the tourists upon arrival in an unfamiliar country.

We should separately talk about the individual transfer, which can be ordered in advance – before the arrival at the airport in Baku and to clarify all the nuances. On the site of international transfers you can choose the brand of car and clarify the exact cost of services. Upon arrival at the airport cab driver with a sign will meet you at the terminal, will help you to take the luggage and bring you to a specified destination point for a fixed fee. No unpleasant surprises are not expected.

Note: The cost of the trip starts from 22 dollars, depends on remoteness and class of car – economy, comfort, business, availability of luggage and number of passengers (with children or without).

Second floor of the terminal

The cost of renting a car at Baku airport

This is another convenient and popular option, how to get to the city and then travel around Baku. The cost of the service – from $30 per day (2,000 rubles), depends on the brand of car, the duration of the lease, the company. There are several ways to rent a car:

  • A car hire stand at Baku airport in the arrivals hall on the first floor. Advantages – it is fast and affordable, there is no need to bother in advance. Disadvantages – you will have to choose from what is available, high prices.
  • Specialized sites on the Net. As an option they can be EconomyBookings, Rentalcars . The advantages are cost savings, early booking, and a wide range of cars. There are no disadvantages, except that unfounded worries that the car and the conditions of the lease do not correspond to reality.
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In this case there are no problems. Upon arrival, the tourist is transplanted into the rented vehicle, uses it until the departure home, and after leaving in the reception area. The need for a deposit and other nuances, including insurance, should be specified in advance.

Important: When choosing special services it is important to study real reviews, and only trust trusted car renters. Be especially careful about prepayment, so as not to end up on the losing end.

Territory photo from above

How to get from the airport to the Old City?

Baku International Airport on the map is not difficult to find. It will not be difficult to get to the Old City upon arrival. The main thing is to plan a tourist route in advance so as not to lose time waiting for transport, not to worry with heavy luggage. Upon arrival at Terminal 2 you should take a comfortable bus Airport Express H1, the bus stop is located right outside the terminal. The buses themselves are signed, so there should be no confusion upon arrival.

Airport Express H1 timetables are on the official website but if you don’t have internet access that’s ok. From 6 am to 9 pm buses run from the airport every half hour, from 9 pm to 5 am – every hour. The schedule is not broken, so you do not have to wait long for public transport. The main thing is to buy and recharge your travel card in advance, as the bus terminal does not accept cash.

The bus goes to the stop next to the railway station. There is also a metro station “28 May”. On the way – 40 minutes, there is only one stop. If you want to get to the Old Town, you can walk along Seaside Boulevard after getting off the bus. There are lots of interesting sights in the area. Or take the 28 May metro and go 2 stops. Get out at the station “Icheri-sheher” and then travel on foot (420 m) or use the service of a private carrier (in finance). Private drivers are expensive, so it is better to walk.

If tourists are at the airport at night, it is better to pre-order a cab to the Old Town and arrive at your destination without any problems. Walking around the night center, even with luggage, is not much fun. So it’s better to postpone boarding the bus. To save on travel, you can stop at the airport and wait for dawn. Then buy a card for Airport Express H1 and go. The airport provides comfortable sofas on which you can rest and wait out the time. Eating here is not recommended, the prices in the local buffet are exorbitant, and the food is modest.

The international airport in Baku is comfortable and admired for its luxury and architecture. It is impossible to get lost here – there are two passenger and as many cargo terminals. If a rented car is waiting for you on arrival, you should not rush on an overnight trip in an unfamiliar city. Therefore, each type of transport offered earlier has disadvantages and weighty advantages. It is desirable to lay the route in advance, so that on arrival there are no unpleasant surprises.

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Baku Airport: how to get to the city center

how to get from the airport to baku

What is the best way to get from the airport to the center of Baku and the Old City? Do buses run at night and how much does a cab cost? How to buy tickets for transportation?

The futuristic Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku (code GYD) is located around 20 km from the city. It has two terminals – for international and domestic flights. What is the best way to get to the city? Getting to the center of Baku from the airport is very simple – there are cheap buses, you can also take a cab or rent a car in the arrival hall. Unfortunately, there is no metro to the airport.

How to get from Baku Airport to the city by bus

Airport Express H1 bus is suitable for those who arrive in Baku at night and do not want to spend money on cabs. This bus will take you from the airport to the 28 May metro station (Samed Vurgun Garden) through the Koroglu station. When you go back to the airport, get on at the same stop where you left.

The fare costs 1.3 manat each way. You can’t pay the fare with cash on the bus, as they use BakiKart system. The card can be bought in special machines for cash (change money for manat in advance, the machine takes coins no more than 5 manat, and gives change). They are located at the exit of both terminals.

Kinds of BakiKart:

  1. Plastic card. Costs 2 AZN, its balance can be replenished. Card is nonreturnable. It is advantageous to buy this card if you visit Baku often or plan to come back.
  2. One-time Baki Kart Məhdud one time card. Period of use – 45 days. It costs 0.2 AZN. There is a limit of trips – 2 or 4 from the day of purchase of the card (for example, at the airport we could only buy a card for 2 trips, as the machine simply did not offer for 4!) You can refill the card only once during the purchase.

After buying a card you have to put it in the indicated place and deposit the money into the account. If you pay by card on the bus, you also need to attach it to a special machine (you must enter the bus through the front door) and wait for the money to be withdrawn. Read more about the card here in Russian.

If you have difficulty with the purchase, you can always ask for help – cab drivers at the airport are very friendly.

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The bus from the airport to Baku runs 24 hours a day, only in the daytime the waiting time is 20-30 minutes, at night it’s 1 hour. Travel time to the city is about 30-40 minutes.

The stop is opposite to the exit. Routes and stops can be seen on the official website.

Tip: Taxi drivers may say that the bus does not run, but it is not. If in doubt, it is better to ask the staff or police officers. By the way, with difficulty, but I managed to find out that bus #116 does not go from the airport to the center of Baku anymore, it was replaced by express train H1.

How to get from the airport to Baku

The express trains at the airport. Photo: canyalcin /

How to get to the Old Town

So you take the express train to the 28th of May metro station. If you need to go to the Old City, take the subway and get off at “Icheri-sheher” (that is after 2 stations). From there you go on foot.

We arrived in Baku early in the morning and decided that we would walk from May 28th station to the Seaside Boulevard – and we were right! The city in the morning sunlight is very beautiful and friendly, a bit like Paris and Peter at the same time. It is not too far to the boulevard and if you don’t have heavy luggage, we advise you to take a walk.

How to get from the airport to Baku

Baku Airport. Photo: Aleksandr Zykov / / CC BY-SA 2.0

Cab to the center of Baku from the airport

This is a more convenient way to get from the airport to Baku. There are plenty of cab drivers at the airport and they often occupy tourists. The official cabs are London cabs of purple color, called “eggplants”. The price is 1 manat per ride, the same per kilometer. Get ready for the steep prices. The normal price of cab from the airport to the center of Baku – no more than 20-25 manat . Before boarding make sure to stipulate the price or ask to turn on the counter.

Also, to avoid haggling with cab drivers, you can order a transfer from Baku airport in advance at the service KiwiTaxi – you will be met with a sign and will help to put your luggage. At this service you can also choose a car of the right class and capacity.

Attention: if you get in “eggplant” be sure to pay attention whether the car has a meter and a license, because some cars were bought by private individuals from the company and drive without a taximeter.

Rent a car at Baku airport

Perhaps the most comfortable way to travel is to rent a car. You can do this at the airport upon arrival or in advance at You can rent a car before you fly out, which is very convenient.

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