Bali Holidays – 2022: Tourist Reviews

Bali Holiday Reviews 2022

We have studied the reviews of tourists about vacation in Bali in 2022 and collected them in one place. Let’s summarize how holidaymakers in Bali are responding about the beaches, excursions, food, hotels, price level and weather on the island.

Based on reviews of actual tourists give tips on a trip to the island of Bali: what to visit, what food to try, what to expect from the resort.

Bali general impressions from your Bali vacation – 2022

Tourist reviews of holidays to Bali in 2022 are different: some write rapturous praise about the resort, while others were dissatisfied with the trip. The reasons for these different reviews are different holiday conditions and different expectations for the Bali trip in 2022.

Most tourists remain delighted with the nature of Bali: the island has a dense green jungle, coastal bluffs over the ocean, high volcanoes, waterfalls, rice paddies. Therefore, Bali will appeal to lovers of outdoor activities such as trekking, surfing, diving, climbing volcanoes, snorkeling.

Almost all travelers note the friendliness and hospitality of the locals, many note the friendly and helpful staff at the hotels.

Those accustomed to evening entertainment somewhere in Thailand may be bored: in Bali, most establishments are closed by late evening (except for the party beach Kuta).

In negative reviews about Bali – 2022 tourists often write about dirty beaches, high prices (especially for alcohol), and monotonous food.

Can I go to Bali with a child? Yes, but it’s worth careful in choosing a hotel and a beach. Before a trip, we recommend getting insurance, especially for children.

Below we will try to figure out what to expect from each aspect of Bali and how to avoid the negative aspects.

Bali reviews 2022

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Bali Beach and Sea Reviews

Most tourists agree in their reviews that a beach vacation is not something worth going to Bali for. There are a lot of beaches on the island, but they often have certain shortcomings that prevent you from fully enjoying the sea and the beach.

On Bali there is no “ideal beaches” for swimming, where all conditions for a good holiday (eg, clean water, white sand, sea, no waves, availability of entertainment and hotels nearby), but there are beaches where these conditions are present in some or other proportions.

Please note: when choosing a beach, it is important to consider the tides in this place: they often interfere with swimming and spoil the view, which cause negative feedback from holidaymakers.

One of the best beaches in Bali in 2022 is considered Kuta, but it is suitable mainly for young people. There are many cafes, entertainment, shopping, and you can go surfing. Many establishments are open late – in other areas of Bali is rare). In addition, Kuta is considered a relatively inexpensive place. The disadvantages of Kuta are crowded, not always clean beach, the difficulty of bathing because of the abundance of surfers.

New Year in Bali - 2023

The best place to meet the sunrise is a sandy beach Sanur. It should go to it, and lovers of sights (near a lot of temples) and fans of scuba diving (the underwater world is diverse and beautiful).

Good beaches for recreation with children are Jimbaran, Padang Padang, Sanur, Pandava. It’s shallow near the shore, there are almost no waves, the sea and sand are good, the entrance to the water is gentle.

Other good beaches for swimming and sunbathing are Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Geger, Amed.

If you want clean sea and nice beaches – it is recommended to go for a few days to the islands of Gili, located near Bali. A trip there will not be cheap, but the beach holiday there is great.

Bali beaches reviews of tourists

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Bali: Bali weather reports

Bali has two distinct seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season lasts from November to March, while the dry season lasts from March to November.

However, according to the reviews of tourists, to vacation on the island of Bali is possible all year round. The rainy season is characterized by brief precipitation, mainly at night, so there is nothing particularly terrible in this season. Many tourists are advised to go to Bali during this period, as prices for recreation (particularly for tours and accommodation) are reduced.

The best months to visit the island are July and August, when the temperature remains at 30 degrees and the humidity is 60%.

Bali vacation reviews 2022

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Bali tours and excursions in Bali

The choice of tours in Bali is large, so before you go it’s better to get acquainted with tourist reviews and find out what to visit first and where not to go.

According to reviews vacationers one of the most popular tours in Bali is a trip to the Temple of Uluwatu. You can not get close to him, but you can make great pictures of the construction of the background of the sunset. It is important to keep a camera firmly in hand and not remove it from the neck.

Living in Paradise: food prices in Bali - 2022

Another popular temple is Tanah Lot.

Bali reviews from holidaymakers on the island

Photo: temple on the coast of Bali © Linh Vien Thai /

Many tourists are advised to go on an excursion to Lovin Beach with black volcanic sand. Here you can see flocks of dolphins, and on the way see a temple on the water and the Git Git waterfall. On the way back, tourists are taken to the hot springs.

For souvenir shopping, tourists are often advised to go to the woodcarving village near Ubud.

Good reviews and other excursions Bali: elephant safari, forest of monkeys, Lake Bratan, rice terraces Ubud and climbing the active volcanoes Agun and Batur.

Of the negative reviews of tours in Bali are increasingly common complaints about the large number of Chinese tourists, making it difficult to see the sights and beauties of the island.

Before your trip, you are also advised to read the article about the 10 best sights of Bali.

Bali reviews of excursions and things to do 2022

Image: view of one of Bali’s volcanoes © Martin Garrido /

Hotel reviews in 2022

Before you choose a hotel in Bali, decide on the town or beach where you will be vacationing.

Then start looking for hotels in the right place, specifying the necessary conditions (“4 stars,” “with pool,” etc.). Now most sites for searching accommodation – for example, Hotellook – allow you to configure the display of accommodation options by the specified criteria. From the hotel options found in Bali, choose those that have a good rating based on tourist reviews.

How much for accommodations with high ratings? Of the inexpensive hotels, Kedungu Surf Camp 2*, located nine minutes from the beach and two kilometers from Tanah Lot Temple, deservedly gets good reviews from tourists. The hotel has a responsive and friendly staff, the rooms are clean and comfortable. Double room at this hotel will cost 1200 rubles per night.

Where to vacation in Bali? The best beaches and resorts.

Of the three-star hotels, the Palm Garden Bali gets high marks from tourists: the beach Sanur can be reached in two minutes, the hotel area is well-groomed and comfortable, the rooms are clean and spacious. Tourists also liked the friendly staff and delicious breakfasts. Deluxe room can be booked for 2000 rubles.

Among the 4-star hotels the best reviews get Vasanti Kuta Hotel 4 * on the beach Kuta (from 2500 rubles) and Casa De Amed 4 * on the beach Amed (from 3500 rubles).

Mandapa, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve 5* in Ubud is especially recommended by guests among the chicest hotels in Bali. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery and lush greenery in a 10-minute walk from the city center. The hotel offers a wide range of services, including a beautiful swimming pool. The price for a double room is 38600 rubles per night.

The territory of the hotel Ritz-Carlton:

Tourist reviews of food and prices in Bali

Prices in Bali in 2022 are higher than in other popular resorts in Southeast Asia – in their holiday reviews, most tourists draw attention to this. You should be prepared for high prices for food (especially – alcohol), clothing, souvenirs.

In restaurants, for example, the check includes taxes and service charge, which automatically increases the total cost of food.

On a note: tourists note that on the island of Bali, alcohol is very expensive, which, in addition, is not easy to find outside of the beach Kuta. There are also difficulties with “their own drinks”: on the island you can bring only one bottle of liquor and two bottles of alcohol of medium strength.

Bali Price Reviews 2022

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What food is worth trying in Bali?

Our tourists who have been to Bali advise tasting fresh fish and seafood (on the island they are fresh, varied and very tasty). For example, you can order an ocean set, which includes shrimp, mussels, fish, lubster and other gifts of the sea.

Bali Excursions - 2022: prices, description, reviews

Of drinks most often recommended to try a delicious and fragrant Balinese coffee, as well as a variety of freshly squeezed juices. And do not forget the fresh fruit at reasonable prices!

At the same time, there are reviews in which people express dissatisfaction with the monotony of food in Bali, although such opinions are rare.

?? Important: the local cuisine is very spicy, so, ordering food in a restaurant, you need to keep this in mind. You can ask the waiters not to add a lot of spices in the dish.

Do not forget that when buying goods in the local markets and small shops you can haggle – sometimes the initial price can be reduced by 2-3 times.

If the information about Bali provided in the article is not enough for you, you can read the latest reviews and travel reports about the trip to Indonesia on this link.

Bali hotel reviews

The villa they gave me was awesome, the view is amazing! they have a huge area to walk around, wish there was a gym. the staff were just lovely, everything was clear, took into account all my requests. breakfast. The breakfast was good.

I liked almost everything the area service all you need a cool beach to relax Minuses : only the price of food. Read more

I have no other comments other than surprise from the good reviews. The staff at the reception are all female students who do not speak English. The room smells bad, a bed for a child costs 70 euros per night. The room smells bad the bed costs 70 euros per night for a child. Read more

They have a lot of things to do and would love to stay at our hotel. Read more

The hotel fully complies with the declared 4 *. It was clean, comfortable, quite spacious room, good breakfast. I did not like it: If you go to the hotel on foot, it is very difficult to cross the road in the hotel area. Read more

Bali Winter 2021-2022: December, January and February Holidays

I stayed here again! I like this place very much, friendly staff, nice and clean rooms. Read more

Enjoyed the lounge option for the villas with drinks during the day and cocktails and snacks in the evening. What we did not like : A few things: 1. We were at this hotel for 5 days and all five days were. Read more

The hotel is very nice and beautiful. Yes it’s not new, it’s not 5 stars, but we liked everything very much. We lived on the 5th floor, the windows looked partially onto the highway, but there was no noise. The food is very good, but a little pricey. Read more

Lovely villa for staying with a large group. It has a large swimming pool and 6 villas on the grounds as well as 20 rooms and we really enjoyed it. The staff were very friendly and made a great meal. There are a lot of things to do. Read more

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