Bases and holiday homes in Goryachinsk: 7 best

Recreation centers in Goryachinsk.

Very comfortable, cozy place! Stayed for a week and very happy. All clean, each room has a toilet with sinks, and there are rooms even with a shower.

What can I say gentlemen the hotel is very good all rooms are clean. Toilet, shower inside the area has a sauna and barbecue area. Dining kitchen. Children’s playground. Trampoline, a tennis table. Gazebo. The base is designed for 48 beds generally large. To the shore of Lake Baikal 800 meters of clean air. Accommodation from 800r per person well, in other words, depending on the room.

Cozy, clean, has hot water, pleasant staff. It is very quiet and peaceful. Fresh air and Lake Baikal! There was a fridge and a kettle in the room, but not a TV. There is Wi-Fi, and very fast. We recommend.

Cozy, clean, has hot water, pleasant staff. It is very quiet and peaceful. Fresh air and Lake Baikal! There was a fridge and a kettle in the room, but not a TV. There is Wi-Fi, and very fast. We recommend.

Located on the highway, hence to the beach to walk 25 minutes (there from the mountain, back up the mountain). The room is tiny but clean. We put one towel per person. The room has a kettle and two cups. The room was very clean and the breakfast buffet was excellent.

I will not advertised here, because I will not give my family’s tour. The hotel is located on the first line of Baikal, which has its pluses and minuses. We lived in standard rooms in the main building of the hotel. For those who travel and stay in the room at night, not live, not a bad option, the room is small but cozy enough, has a kettle, a hair dryer (which is important for the “weak” floor.

Good guest house. There are several rooms under one roof. Different capacity, up to 4 people. Room from one room, also has a shower, toilet (no soap). A small refrigerator, underfloor heating. Kettle, glasses and plates. There is no stove in the room. The common kitchen is separate, there is a sink, stove and refrigerator. At night the kitchen is closed. The base has a trampoline for children.

Holidays in winter in the guest house Papa Carlo, and very pleased! Very kind hosts, cozy and warm rooms with all conveniences! everything at the highest level! We wish you prosperity and expansion! Thank you for your hospitality!

Mini hotel “Gusi-Fly” is located in Goryachinsk. Private parking is available for a fee. All rooms have a desk. The rooms have a closet.

A good campground with an excellent kitchen. In 5 days, not a single repeat on the menu! There is a sauna with a pool, hammam, Russian billiards. We were there in the winter, so we even ran out in the snow when it was -30))). We stayed in winter, so we even ran out into the snow in -30! In summer there was a volleyball playground. Near the base built a new sports complex.

A fine base. Area, sauna, tennis, volleyball and shashlyk. The rooms are all necessary.

Booked through Bucking, which the center works with not so long ago. Location is not on the part of the main part of the village of Maksimikha, but on the other side of the road, a walk to Baikal go about 15 minutes. The territory is large. Behind the territory of a soccer field. On the territory of two-story wooden cottages, which tend to have four rooms (two on the floor) with separate entrances. Rooms include an entrance hall, bedroom, shower and toilet.

Everything is great! Stayed here for 4 nights. The lodge is clean, has everything for living – TV, fridge, convector. Very nice and well maintained area. In summer there is probably general beauty, because there is an outdoor pool, area for volleyball, barbecue, spa house with baths (Russian, Finnish), massage chair. You can take skates and buns.

Bases of rest in Khuzhir: 7 best

Worked 9 days as administrator. Modern design of the rooms, clean forest air, quality service, emphasis on natural materials and products, worth the money you pay for the rooms. Recommended .

Great place to relax with friends and family. Too bad there is no Buryat cuisine, but there is a wonderful bathhouse, cozy dining room and chic rooms!

We went to Shale to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and see Baikal. In delight at everything: the location (very close to the lake), well-groomed territory, wonderful rooms, friendly staff, a delightful breakfast and dinner (to lunch, I’m sure, too, delicious), service is just the highest level, this care for the residents have not met anywhere, even abroad. In addition, the Chalet.

Sauna, Water sports facilities (on site), Table tennis, Barbecue facilities.

Base very much liked to Baikal is not far, the rooms are clean and well maintained, there is a children’s playground, recreation area, kvchelyami and gazebo, barbecue at the area under the canopy, sauna and more. There is a minus in the entrance door, but the owners of the bases all eventually will do. I ADVISE EVERYONE TO COME AND DO NOT REGRET IT.

Rested well! Rooms in the houses are clean. Only had a small problem with the lock in the toilet, hard to close, with a great effort. Taps with hot water knocked down in the shower. But all in all, thanks, maybe we’ll come back!

Great place for a family vacation. Cozy, clean, friendly staff. Baikal nearby, the hotel has a swimming pool, a great playground. The area is decorated very nicely. Food is tasty and nourishing. There is a bar where you can order from the menu. There is even a so called contact zoo, where your kids can feed the rabbits and goats.

Excellent base of rest, the big beautiful area, cozy comfortable rooms, with TV, a refrigerator, a toilet and a shower. Dining room, nice and fast, but the first day you can not know about your arrival, and the number of guests, the issue is resolved quickly. Subsequently, you are assigned a specific table for all days of stay. There is wi-fi, good reception only on the first floor. A small pool under the open sky.

Went to the restaurant of the resort. Autumn all delicious and beautiful. The only downside – long wait for your order. The area of the camp is awesome. Children have things to do: animator, pool, pony.

It was a great place to relax. Clean and comfortable. Very responsive staff. The restaurant was fed just to death and very, very tasty! Girls, thank you for the rest!

A good place to relax. Bath and swimming pool on high. The pool is comfortable for children and adults. Respect to the owner. Minus to the staff.

We liked the camping site, it was very close to the shore Baikal Food was good, clean room too, Yulia the administrator answered all your questions and requests.)

It was a great place to relax. sauna pool. was cool. but one But the kebab area is not cleaned as long as were so and not cleaned. bad.

Average rating, as we were in a suite, for two adults paid a lot of money, with us was rebenk 4 years old, for some reason he was forced to pay, although the child slept with me in the room did not occupy a place. Heartburn from their food.

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I liked it. For a quiet family holiday. Bike rentals, museum, salt room. Clean toilets, which is rare. Separate toilet for children. Showers. All good. Thank you Lyudmila the administrator for the friendliness. We want to come back here again.

I was there once in the summer, I liked it all, great rooms at a good price, all that it is necessary, and even fed to the blade.

We have been staying with my family at Emchi Tour for three years now and we love it! For the warm welcome from the staff, for the pine forest, the sincerity and of course Baikal! Sandy pure (!) shore! And this year we christened our younger son in the Church of Intercession of Holy Mary, which is located in the ethnographic park-museum “Svetlaya Polyana” next to the tourist center. And here everything coincided: the sun, the beautiful church, the beautiful view.

All in all good, with the exception: Food is very scarce, while the price is like in a restaurant. The problem with the shower, specifically with the water heater, as the receptionist explained to me. The bath house, on the shore is just lame. I froze in it! Can you imagine?

Dates of stay: 26.07-02.08.2021. Wonderful place and nature. All for a comfortable stay, as long as the owners provide that comfort. The shower is working, then not. And only until 20 pm…. in soap boxes often there is no soap, as well as toilet paper in the toilet at the end of the day. Houses are good, but not well-maintained, in the cobwebs. Bedding, blankets, pillows are old. The menu in the cafe is poor. Despite all this, the staff.

Were at this base with my husband and mothers in August 2020. Quiet, quiet, cozy, sat around the fire in the evening, took a nap on the swing set in the morning. We took rooms with conveniences on the street – all new, clean, well-groomed, hot water is. On the territory there are charming rabbits, run where they want))). Natasha the hostess very much, open, sociable and cooks tasty. During the entire vacation – the most delicious eggs at her place.

Ophigenski – zashibensky place, the base in the shade, the children in delight, abrupt dyatka, do not spare money, take on hire a moped, so many beautiful places it is possible to go, simply in delight.

I liked it very much, camping “Lesnaya”. Clean comfortable rooms, friendly staff. Very tasty food. Quiet and peaceful. I recommend it.

A great place for a quiet holiday. Just a piece of civilization in Kharantsy. All modern facilities, hot water is really hot! And the magnificent nature around.

Excellent base. Comfortable rest and hearty welcome. I liked it absolutely everything. Baikal is walking distance. Want to visit more.

The lodges are 6 km away from Khujir, in a village, which we were very happy about when we came to Khujir. It is dusty in the city, lots of people here, but the village has space, you can go out and see Baikal and the mountains, there is a store and 2 cafes if you don’t feel like cooking. The houses are very clean and the hosts are friendly.

It’s a 5-minute walk to Baikal. Nearby there are cafes and mogashchin. Comoforte houses, utensils, large refrigerator, stove. Wifi Internet really doesn’t take everywhere. Price-quality ratio is adequate.

I liked it all . Wonderful base with a view of Baikal. Cabin with all amenities,shower,toilet,tile,fridge,TV.

A great place! Wonderful vacation from the bustle and noise of the city. Comfort and unique nature Olkhon help to restore strength and thoughts in a short time.

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Pleasantly surprised by the comfort and excellent food! The morning fresh pastries are something, a premium vacation for adequate spending.

Good food, close to the beach (200 meters), on the territory there is a pool, playground, volleyball field, trampoline, a lot of books in the library and games for all ages (all free), you can order hookah and barbecue or fry meat yourself, there is a tandoor and several grills, parking for cars. Prices are normal, an average of 3000 p per day with breakfast and dinner.

Breakfast, excellent service, tasty food, clean rooms. Breakfast is not too expensive, not far from the hotel.

Perfect location, nice sandy beach, the base itself is very comfortable and cozy, the staff is polite, attentive, and fed to death! As for the food – there is a menu for vegetarians, if you need it, all the food is European style and tasty homemade. Rooms – all neat, clean, cozy, the only downside – a good hearing, but it particularly not paying attention. In general your rest impressions.

Recreation base “First Expedition” with a Russian bathhouse is located 200 meters from the sandy beach on Lake Baikal and 4 km from the village of Khuzhir. There is an outside shared bathroom and rooms with a stove, towels and linens.

Great recreation base on the shore of Lake Baikal! Wonderful staff, cozy rooms, delicious cuisine. There are areas for games and recreation. At the best of times (outside of pandemics, epidemics, quarantines, etc.) take children in the summer period.

Olkhon park is notable for large territory and the fact, that it is situated on the very coast (though it is windy), great view, entertainment zone, children’s base. From minuses – sanitary units and showers in the street separately from lodges.

Very cozy place on the shore of Lake Baikal. Excellent management and staff, who will make your stay the best on the whole coast.

I stayed at the tourist lodge “OLKHONSKIYE ZORI” while travelling along the Olkhon river. First of all I was very pleased with the hospitality and kind hostess. Cleanliness and service.

HOTEL Zvezda Very good location, just opposite the Saraisky beach, about 300 meters to Baikal, great view, especially from the restaurant “Orange Bar” Rooms were comfortable, well appointed, beds with white bed linen, staff was responsive, polite, with a smile, in general we liked the hotel, breakfast was good and tasty, I wish the hotel to develop and keep everything at 5*.

I really liked the view from the window on Baikal and the breakfast. Breakfast was really good and really tasty. I would recommend this place.

The base is new. All furniture and bathroom fixtures are not yet spoiled by sloppy people. Our bedding and towels are white and clean, unlike many bases on the olkhon and the small sea where all it is colourful and shabby. We took different products with us to cook food, but we did not do it once, because the cafe has a great cook. The food was better than in many restaurants in Irkutsk. Special thanks to the management of the base.

A beautiful view from the window, quite convenient location in relation to the cafe and stores (10-15 minutes on foot), and to Shamanka – just to climb the mountain)))

Good afternoon to all. We went with my family to have a rest at the base “Olkhon”. The base is placed in the tremendous place. On the island. Nature, forest, mountains, beautiful lake just like in a fairy tale The air is fresh, you can’t breathe in Great place, it is very beautiful. The base is planned and built smart and with heart. The location is just right for anyone who wants a break from.

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The base is suitable for those who like comfort and personal space. Spacious veranda, a separate bathroom in each room, and large tables. Separately, I’d like to note the staff, friendly and polite. Good rest in general).

Olkhon! What can I tell you? If you want to have unforgettable experience you have to visit Olkhon Island. It is nice and cool, with positive energy.

Very good place. I’ve been staying here many years in a row. In summer and winter. Always hospitable hosts. Not a bad meal. Rooms are comfortable. Quiet and quiet.

I really enjoyed my stay at the lodge, good hospitality, great food, I think I’ll stay there one more time).

Convenient, comfortable place for hiking. Along the coast is a walkway of planks, a forest of larch. From the shore you can see the rock Shamanka, Cape Burkhan.

Hello! We liked it very much. Especially your attentive attitude to guests and your guest houses! This is the case when reality exceeded expectations! And the first encounter with Olhon attenuates the pleasant aftertaste! Caring beautiful Nina, cozy rooms, nice smell of cleanliness and wood, tastefully chosen furniture, snow-white linen, towels, have everything you need. A restaurant and a terrace.

One of the best variants on Olkhon: in immediate proximity to the main visiting card – Shamanka cliff – and practically on the territory of the largest and the most beautiful Sarai beach on the island. In the village of Khuzhir, where the hotel is located, has everything you need: stores, local cafes, post office, souvenirs, excursion points, etc. There is a cafe with a limited but delicious menu until 23:00 on the territory of the tourist complex.

Dear readers, I had the opportunity to become a guest of the above mentioned tourist complex, I will tell you how it all works. First, I want to note the location of the complex, it is located near the shoreline (Sarayskaya bay) to the left of which is a sacred place (shaman). The territory of the complex is fenced with a solid wall of profiled sheet metal, there are two entrances, the first from the village.

Recreation centers in Goryachinsk.

Rest in Goryachinsk

Best holiday resorts in Goryachinsk – with good reviews and high ratings of tourists. Find out what the prices of holidays in Goryachinsk are in 2022.

Hotelluk – guest houses and recreation centers in Goryachinsk

Guest House “Sadovaya”

This pretty wooden house is a budget accommodation for a vacation in Baikal. It stands in the center of Goryachinsk, 30-40 minutes walk from the lake. The lodging is heated, so guests are welcomed both in summer and winter. You can use the kitchen-dining room with a refrigerator, gas stove and kettle. The toilets and baths are shared, one on each floor. Clean and comfortable rooms have wooden beds with good linens and roomy closets for clothes.

In 2022 a double room with a large bed costs from 1800 rubles per night.

A nice wooden house stands in the center of Goryachinsk. Photo: Sadovaya guest house. Family room. Photo: guest house “Sadovaya”.

Guest house “Gorkhon”.

A small recreation center in Goryachinsk is a 10-15 minute walk from the lake shore and 5 minutes from the thermal spring. The wood-clad rooms are pleasant to relax in after a walk to Baikal. Tourists like the gazebo, barbecue area, parking and a playground for children. Cooking is convenient – the shared kitchen has a stove and all the necessary tools. Next to the guest house there is a store.

A room for two people costs from 1900 rubles, and a spacious family suite for 5 people – from 3900 rubles. For 150 rubles you can have a hearty breakfast.

Holkhon Island - 2022. Best camping sites, prices and tips

Rest in Goryachinsk on Lake Baikal

Wooden rooms. Photo: guest house “Gorkhon”.

“White Carriage”.

Stylish mini-hotel with city amenities – a rare find for Goryachinsk! Perfect for a vacation in Buryatia with children. A beautiful building with peaked turrets stands close to the center and stands out among other rural buildings. Bright and warm rooms please with new furniture, modern design and original lighting. Parents with children and elderly tourists are advised to book rooms on the first floor, because the stairs in the house are quite steep.

A double room studio with a good breakfast in 2022 costs from 5500 rubles.

The building with peaked turrets. Photo: mini-hotel “White Carriage. Bright and warm rooms with new furniture. Photo: mini-hotel “White Caret”.

Papa Karlo

In the center of the village is noisy, but at the “Papa Karlo” nothing will disturb you. Clean wooden house with family rooms is ideal for holidays with children. In Goryachinsk there is not much entertainment for little tourists, but there is a trampoline and a pool on the territory of the guest house. Tourists who come in winter are delighted with the heated floors. Although cafes are open nearby, most vacationers cook their own food in the shared kitchen.

A cozy four-bed room with a shower costs from 4000 rubles. If you come alone, you’ll pay 2400 rubles per night.

House for rest in Goryachinsk

A wooden house with family rooms. Photo: Papa Karlo guest house.

“Cozy house”.

Vacation home in Goryachinsk with free parking and a private beach area is located in a quiet part of the village. The living room and bedroom smells wonderfully of wood. Friendly hosts, a wonderful sauna and delicious morning coffee are waiting for you. If you don’t want to cook, order homemade food and drinks directly to your room. The area around the resort is popular for skiing and biking. The resort has bicycle rentals and ski storage facilities.

Accommodation can be booked for a minimum of two nights – from 5760 rubles.

Private beach area. Photo: guest house “Cozy House”. The living room and bedroom smells great wood. Photo: guest house “Cozy House”.

“Hot Key.”

Most of the year, the water in Baikal is cold, so if you like to swim, book a room in this guest house with an indoor pool. There is good service, beautiful rooms with showers, breakfasts and spa treatments. For the little ones, there’s a playroom, playground, contact zoo, and kids’ bike rentals. Come and relax in the massage room and take a steam in a wooden bath!

A room for two people costs from 2900 rubles. The price includes a swimming pool and parking.

Beautiful rooms with showers. Photo: guest house “Goryachy Klyuch”. Indoor pool. Photo: guest house “Goryachy Klyuch”. In winter. Photo: guest house “Goryachy Klyuch”.


The camping house, where you can have a good rest and enjoy the unique nature of Lake Baikal, is located 1.5 km from the shore. Around the two-storey house there is a pine forest, and nearby there are supermarkets “Prichal” and “Amur”, small stores and cafes. On the first floor there is a family restaurant that serves delicious Russian-Buryat cuisine. The second floor is a hotel with 8 rooms. To keep tourists from getting bored, there is a children’s play area, a table for table tennis and a badminton court.

Double room costs from 2500 rubles, and a family room for four – from 4000 rubles. Guests are served a good breakfast for 170 rubles.

The second floor is occupied by a hotel with 8 rooms. Photo: guest house “Goryachinsk”. Table for table tennis. Photo: guest house “Goryachinsk”.

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