Bases and rest houses in Maksimikha: 7 best

Bases of rest in Maksimikha

Worked 9 days as an administrator. Modern design of the rooms, clean forest air, quality service, emphasis on natural materials and products, worth the money you pay for the rooms. Recommended .

Great place to relax with friends and family. Too bad there is no Buryat cuisine, but there is a wonderful bathhouse, cozy dining room and chic rooms!

We went to Shale to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and see Baikal. In delight at everything: the location (very close to the lake), well-groomed territory, wonderful rooms, friendly staff, a delightful breakfast and dinner (to lunch, I’m sure, too, delicious), service is just the highest level, this care for the residents have not met anywhere, even abroad. In addition, the Chalet.

Sauna, Water sports facilities (on site), Table tennis, Barbecue facilities.

Base very much liked to Baikal is not far, the rooms are clean and well maintained, there is a children’s playground, recreation area, kvchelyami and gazebo, barbecue at the area under the canopy, sauna and more. There is a minus in the entrance door, but the owners of the bases all eventually will do. I ADVISE EVERYONE TO COME AND DO NOT REGRET IT.

Rested well! Rooms in the houses are clean. Only had a small problem with the lock in the toilet, hard to close, with a great effort. Taps with hot water knocked down in the shower. But all in all, thanks, maybe we’ll come back!

Good campground with great food. In 5 days, not a single repeat on the menu! There is a sauna with a pool, hammam and Russian billiards. We were there in the winter, so we even ran out in the snow when it was -30))). We stayed in winter, so we even ran out into the snow in -30! In summer there was a volleyball playground. Near the base built a new sports complex.

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A fine base. Area, sauna, tennis, volleyball and shashlyk. The rooms are all necessary.

Booked through Bucking, which the center works with not so long ago. Location is not on the part of the main part of the village of Maksimikha, but on the other side of the road, a walk to Lake Baikal go about 15 minutes. The territory is large. Behind the territory of a soccer field. On the territory of two-story wooden cottages, which tend to have four rooms (two on the floor) with separate entrances. In the room antechamber, bedroom, shower and toilet.

All excellent! Stayed here for 4 nights. The house is clean and has everything to live in – TV, fridge, convector. Very nice and well maintained area. In summer there is probably general beauty, because there is an outdoor pool, area for volleyball, barbecue, spa house with baths (Russian, Finnish), massage chair. You can take skates, buns.

Liked. For a quiet family vacation. Rental bikes, a museum, salt room. Clean toilets, which is a rarity. A separate toilet for children. Showers. All good. Thank you Lyudmila the administrator for the friendliness. We want to come back here again.

I was there once in the summer, I liked it all, great rooms at a good price, everything you need is there, and even fed to the brim.

It was a great place for family vacations. It was comfortable, clean and the staff was friendly. It is close to Baikal, has a swimming pool and an excellent children’s playground. The area is decorated very nicely. Food is tasty and nourishing. There is a bar where you can order from the menu. There is even a so-called contact zoo, where your kids can feed rabbits and goats.

Excellent recreation base, large beautiful area, comfortable comfortable rooms, with TV, refrigerator, toilet and shower. Dining room, tasty and fast, but the first day may not know about your arrival, and the number of guests, the issue is resolved quickly. Subsequently, you are assigned a specific table for all days of stay. There is wi-fi, good reception only on the first floor. A small pool under the open sky.

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Went to the restaurant of the resort. Autumn all delicious and beautiful. The only downside – long wait for your order. The area of the camp is awesome. Children have things to do: animator, pool, pony.

It was a great place to relax. Clean and comfortable. Very responsive staff. The restaurant was fed just to death and very, very tasty! Girls, thank you for the rest!

A good place to relax. Bath and swimming pool on high. The pool is comfortable for children and adults. Respect to the owner. Minus to the staff.

We liked the camping site, it was very close to the shore Baikal Food was good, the room was clean too, Yulia the administrator answered all questions and requests (we liked the sauna, but no brooms).

It was a great place to relax sauna and pool.

Average rating, as there were in a suite, for two adults a lot of money paid, with us was rebenk 4 years old, why that forced him to pay, although the child slept with me in place did not occupy. Heartburn from their food.

We have been staying with our family at Emchi Tour for three years now and we love it! For the warm welcome from the staff, the pine forest, the sincerity and of course Baikal! Sandy pure (!) shore! And this year we christened our younger son in the Church of Intercession of Holy Mary, which is located in the ethnographic park-museum “Svetlaya Polyana” near the tourist camp. And here everything coincided: the sun, the beautiful church, the beautiful view.

All in all good, with the exception: Food is very scarce, while the price is like in a restaurant. The problem with the shower, specifically with the water heater, as the receptionist explained to me. The bath house, on the shore is just lame. I froze in it! Can you imagine?

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Dates of stay: 26.07-02.08.2021. Wonderful place and nature. All for a comfortable stay, as long as the owners provide that comfort. The shower is working, then not. And only until 20 pm…. in soap boxes often there is no soap, as well as toilet paper in the toilet at the end of the day. Houses are good, but not well-maintained, in the cobwebs. Bedding, blankets, pillows are old. The menu in the cafe is poor. In spite of all this, the staff.

Bases of rest in Maksimikha

Rest in Maksimikha

On vacation in Maksimikha worth going for the sandy beaches, fishing and eco-tourism. We tell you about the best campgrounds, houses and cottages in Maksimikha in 2022.

Bucking and Hotelluk – guest houses and vacation bases in Maksimikha

On the shore of Lake Baikal

A modern chopped-beam cottage on Baikalskaya Street, 53, will be a good match for any recreation center in Maksimikha! Take a huge glassed-in terrace for guests, which offers a great view over the sandy beach and the blue expanse of Lake Baikal. The owners tried to create a very homely atmosphere. The floors in the rooms and halls are covered with soft carpets, and there is a wooden sauna and flower beds. A double room with all conveniences costs from 3600 rubles.

Legends of Baikal

An unusual guest house in the hunting style is located between the lake shore and the road to Ulan-Ude. The original design pleases fans of wood and stone handicrafts. The walls are decorated with posters depicting Baikal and hunting trophies – horns and heads of animals that have been inhabiting the forests of Buryatia for a long time. The centers of attraction for all guests are a cozy dining room with a fireplace and a cedar sauna with a steam room. The house is heated, so you can plan your vacation in Maksimikha at any time of the year! Room for two people costs from 4100 rubles.

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Rest in Maksimikha

Guest house in the hunting style. Photo: guest house “Legends of Lake Baikal”.

Recreation Bases in Maksimikha on Lake Baikal

Guest house offers one room in the guest house. Photo: guest house “Legends of Lake Baikal”.

Baikal chalet

If you like fishing, biking, kayaking, skiing and boating, come to this excellent recreation base in Maksimikha! The wooden houses in the pine forest have urban conveniences – glass shower cabins, stylish sanitary fixtures, excellent lighting and pleasant design. A wonderful opportunity to relax in nature in a modern, comfortable hotel! A double room with breakfast costs from 5900 rubles in 2022 and a suite with a mountain view from 7900 rubles. Lunch is 500 rubles and dinner is 400 rubles.

Photo: Baikal Chalet recreation center. A room at the resort. Photo: recreation center “Baikal Chalet”.

Azure Coast

The new recreation base in Maksimikha is a great place to sunbathe on the stunning beach, swim in Baikal, pick berries and mushrooms. The five-room wooden house is built 15 meters from the water’s edge. The windows offer a beautiful view of the bay and the Svyatoy Nos Peninsula. There is a comfortable kitchen area with a stove and a refrigerator, barbecue facilities and a nice log sauna. Family room for 5 guests costs only from 2700 rubles!

A view from the room. Photo: recreation center “Azure Coast. 5-room wooden house. Photo: “Lazurny bereg”.

Baikal seal.

This recreation center is 600 meters away from Baikal and is a quiet place for comfortable and inexpensive rest in Maksimikha! The guests are served an à la carte breakfast, and for dinner the hosts offer to taste the famous Buryat poses. There are also many cafes around, where you can have an inexpensive and hearty lunch. There is a neat barbecue area, a summer shower and a wood-fired sauna on the grounds. In 2022 a double room costs from 2100 rubles.

Guest houses in Maksimikha

Children’s corner. Photo: “Baikalskaya Nerva” recreation base.

Khada Dalai.

This recreation base in the valley of the small river Maksimikha is very liked by parents with children. Little tourists enjoy spending time at the playground, frolic on trampolines and swim in the pool. The wooden two-story building with large windows stands right in the woods. You can cook food by yourself in the common kitchen or order at any time of your choice from the menu. A double room costs from 4500 rubles.

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A living room in the house. Photo: Khada Dalai Recreation Center. A wooden two-storey building with big windows is right in the forest. Photo: recreation center “Hada Dalai”.


If you want to relax in Maksimikha with family or friends, choose this two-story tourist base on the shore of Lake Baikal. The complex of 15 rooms was built in 2005. Spacious rooms with large beds are decorated in a classic style. Tourists praise the friendly staff, interesting tours to thermal springs and an excellent restaurant, where delicious Buryat and European dishes are prepared. In the morning and in the evening it is nice to come out to the balcony and admire the panorama of Barguzin Bay! A room for two costs from 2400 rubles.

The spacious rooms with large beds are decorated in classic style. Photo: Recreation Center Lukomorye. In the morning and in the evening is nice to go out on the balcony and admire the panorama of Barguzin Bay! Photo: Recreation center “Lukomorye”.

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