Beach holidays in February 2022. Where it’s best to vacation at sea

17 countries where you can go to the sea in February

Some Russians deliberately fly to hot countries in the winter months.

In summer, and in Russia, the weather is warm, but the long winter causes a burning desire to fly to where you can bathe and sunbathe a lot. Where to go in February, to be warm and inexpensive?

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Vietnam Nha Trang Beach

© ntt / / CC BY 2.0

At a time when the winds are raging and rains are pouring in the northern regions of Vietnam, the southern resorts can relax, enjoying comfortable weather.

Unique nature is famous for the island of Phu Quoc. Bright blue sea and mountain landscapes with waterfalls as if descended from colorful postcards. Beach break can be varied by a trip to the jungle and hiking in the mountains. Pearl farms and black pepper plantations are of keen interest for tourists.

Holidays in Nha Trang in February – is surfing, diving, sailing. Sunbathing and swimming is better in the morning hours. In the afternoon, waves rise, and surfers go into the sea.

The average temperature in the resorts of Vietnam:

  • 29-31° during the day;
  • 21° at night;
  • The water in the Gulf of Thailand does not drop below 27 °.

If you are looking for a cheap trip to the sea in February, choose a tour to Vietnam. Your own trip will cost more. A package with a week’s stay in a 3* hotel will cost about 60,000 rubles for two.

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phuket thailand beach

© linvoyage / / CC BY 2.0

To spend the February holidays in Thailand means to plunge into a joyful atmosphere of sincere fun and friendliness. Locals love to hold carnivals and festivals for any occasion. In February, it is the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. Tourists take part in the mass festivities and enjoy the colorful processions and fireworks. And newlyweds arriving on vacation have memorable wedding ceremonies.

But no one cancels the beach season. The best rest awaits you at the resorts of Pattaya and Phuket. Endless sandy beaches, lush shady gardens, tropical jungle with pristine fauna loved by tourists. Weather after the Russian snow is fabulous:

  • daytime heat – 26-32 °;
  • 24-25° at night;
  • Warm sea along the coast – 28 °.

To fly together for a week to the Kingdom of a Thousand Smiles for 58,000 rubles without a visa is realistic.

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Goa beach


Don’t know where to go in February at the sea to be hot and sunny? Go vacation in Goa – you won’t go wrong. The Indian state on the shores of the Arabian Sea is divided into two parts. North Goa attracts a huge number of young people who spend time at endless discos, sleep right on the beach, refresh themselves in the clear water, have a snack here and go to the next party with dancing until dawn and night swimming.

Proponents of silence and unity with nature choose South Goa, where a break from the hustle and bustle can be found on almost deserted beaches. For vacationers are organized sailboat trips, sea fishing, diving. Bored, you can take an excursion tour inland.

About the weather in February:

  • At noon hours, 31-36°;
  • 23-25° at night;
  • In the sea 28-29 °.

The cost of the tour begins at 47 000r. You can have a budget vacation by using the early booking or tracking the last minute tours.

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Turkey Ankara Mosque

© Bjørn Christian Tørrissen / / CC BY 2.0

If you want a cheap vacation, welcome to Turkey. The weather, of course, is to your liking. February is the coldest month of the year with big temperature swings:

  • 16° maximum during the daytime, more often 10-13°;
  • At night from 0 ° in Ankara to 13 ° in Alanya;
  • Swimming is not possible, the sea 15-17 °.

Cold rain and leaden clouds cover the entire coast. The sky only clears up at the end of February. That’s when nature is transformed. The sea acquires the color of sapphire, the sun gets hot and you can sunbathe in March.

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Tourists are attracted by the opportunity to travel abroad at low prices, without a visa. The stores offer great discounts. Enthusiasts of winter sports head for the ski resorts with their snowy weather and temperatures that drop to -12°.

A week’s tour for two would cost 31,500 rubles at a 4* hotel.

Save money on lodging by renting apartments from locals with Airbnb. Get 2100 rubles as a gift on your first booking.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka beach sea

© paaddor / / CC BY 2.0

February is the peak of the dry season in the state of Sri Lanka. You can not puzzle over where best to rest. After heavy rains all over the island establishes a flat, comfortable weather:

  • 29-33° during the daytime hours;
  • 23-25° at night;
  • the water in the sea 28 °.

Sea rest on the sandy beaches under the coconut palms will allow you to relax from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the peace. Active people can get bored. They are better to choose resorts with developed water sports: spearfishing, fishing, water skiing. Lovers of the exotic go to the jungle.

Tourists combine tours at sea with trips to markets and stores, where they sell batik, clothes made of Sri Lankan silk, Ceylon tea, spices. Particularly prized is jewelry with local sapphires, topaz and rubies.

The cost of the trip starts from 91,000 rubles.

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Egypt beach

© July_24 / / CC BY 2.0

Just a few years ago, there was no more popular country for a winter vacation than Egypt. A great opportunity to fly in cheaply and get all the joys of a beach vacation. Although the Red Sea in early February remains cool, hardened Russians dive into the clear waters, and then tan under the gentle sun, sheltered from the winds in picturesque bays.

Air and water temperatures are about the same:

  • Daytime readings are 21-24°, up to 28° at the end of the month;
  • The nights are cool – up to 16°;
  • In the sea 21-23°.

When you get tired of sunbathing, go to the Egyptian pyramids.

Prices for an all-inclusive hotel room start at 59,000 r. You can track down hot tours costing from 25,000 р.

playa pilar catamaran beach cuba

© JT72 / / CC BY 2.0

Where it’s warm in February is in Cuba:

  • The air warms to 26-30° at midday;
  • At night, it gets as cold as 16-19°;
  • You can swim in the sea from morning to evening – 26-27°.

Tourists are greeted by calm sea, snow-white beaches, luxurious nature. There are legends about the friendliness and hospitality of Cubans. A beach holiday is successfully combined with historical excursions, colorful festivals, wedding ceremonies. Active tourists are engaged in sports fishing, diving, snorkeling.

Of the disadvantages – a long flight and the high cost of the tour – from 145,000 p.

oaa emirates hotel pool

© Nikon-D80-45 / / CC BY 2.0

The Emirates in February offers a budget holiday and quality service. The weather is not spoiling the heat, but the sun is warming up and the brave tourists open the sea season:

  • Daytime temperatures are 21-25 °, in March already 28 °;
  • At night 18-20 °;
  • In the sea 20-22°.

Hotels offer their guests heated swimming pools.

In January in Dubai opens Trade Festival, which covers the first week of February. Oriental bazaars, sales in shopping malls, and parents with children are invited to attractions and theme parks.

Compared with other months in February in the UAE a cheap holiday – from 48 000 p. per tour.


china imperial winter palace

© -wit- / / CC BY 2.0

A trip to China can be compared to a trip to another planet, so striking a different culture, the combination of hot deserts with the arctic cold of eternal glaciers, volcanoes with hot springs, emerald forests with giant trees and babbling streams.

The best places for tourists to relax found on the island of Hainan. Long sandy beaches stretched on the shores of the bay, surrounded by picturesque mountains and safely sheltered from the strong waves. But in February there is a cold breath of north, a lot of overcast days. The sun appears from time to time, and immediately it gets warmer:

  • 22° in the air during the day;
  • at night the thermometer dips to 15°;
  • in the water 25 °.
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In bad weather, tourists bathe in thermal springs and undergo treatments at Chinese medicine centers.

Low season tours to Hainan cost 60,000 pp.

Dominican Republic

Dominica punta cana beach

© kucinski / / CC BY 2.0

The list of countries where you can swim and sunbathe year-round includes the Dominican Republic. Tourism in the country is developing rapidly and the level of service has reached European standards.

The whitest sand on the beaches does not burn your feet, the sea strikes an unusual azure color. February weather is especially pleasant:

  • 27-30° during the daytime hours;
  • 22-24° at night;
  • In the sea all year round 26-27 °.

In the last month of winter, there is a carnival with colorful processions, bright costumes, songs and dancing until morning. Tired of the noise tourists get acquainted with the life of local people, visit the plantations of sugar cane, mango and coffee.

A 10-day trip in February will cost about 135,000 rubles for two people.

Bali February Bedugul Ulun Danu Temple

© joanet / / CC BY 2.0

Flying to Bali in February is like playing roulette with nature, so unpredictable is the last month of the wet season. You get 200mm of rainfall per month, that is 16-18 days of rain. It’s true that it rains at night, but during the day the sky is often covered with leaden clouds. The rare sun shines on the algae-covered beach. The water in the ocean is murky, and because of the strong waves, you can only swim near the shore.

Temperature readings:

  • 32° during the day and high humidity;
  • 24° and rain at night;
  • the ocean is choppy but warm at 29°.

February in Bali is the Chinese New Year, temple festivals with ritual dances, museums, walks in the National Park and communion with monkeys. There are also volcanoes, rice and coffee plantations, but the rains often disrupt the plans of tourists.

Tour packages cost from 100 000 p.p. for two people, including flight.


tunisia sea thermal springs

© archer10 / / CC BY 2.0

February is the most unpredictable month in Tunisia. The wind is still blowing, but you can already feel the breath of spring. The heavy clouds over the restless sea suddenly disperse, the sky clears, and the sun shines and the weather is good. Temperatures in February:

  • 14-16° during the day;
  • only 6-8° at night;
  • Water in the sea 10-12 °.

Beach recreation at the sea is very questionable. But tourists take the opportunity to go abroad for cheap and improve their health in the thalassotherapy centers, thermal springs, and at the same time to breathe the healing air of pine and oak groves.

Recreation with treatment costs from $600 to $1000.


dead sea israel resort

© Gina Dittmer / / CC BY 2.0

In February, Israel is not the best place for beach activities. Still, it is worth flying here. Tourists find recreation to their liking: trips to holy places, tours to the traces of ancient civilizations, and the main natural attraction – the Dead Sea. Mud and sea water, due to the high content of salts and minerals, have a healing effect on the human body and cure many diseases. The weather at the Dead Sea in February:

  • 22° during the day, maximum 26°;
  • At night no higher than 18 °;
  • Water temperature 18-19 °.

There is a high probability of rain. Treatments are best taken in sanatoriums, where the mud and water are fed from the sea depths, and heated to a comfortable condition.

The cost of a last minute all-inclusive package is 36,000 rubles.


Mexico cancun hotel beach

© Mariamichelle / / CC BY 2.0

Every traveler dreams of combining a vacation abroad with luxurious beaches, tropical exotics and historical monuments of world significance. Mexico harmoniously combines the splendor of nature with a rich excursion program. To see even a small part of the sights, one trip will not be enough.

It is hard to tear yourself away from the blue ocean and warm soft sand. Still, it’s worth replacing the beach vacation at least one excursion to get to know this amazing country better.

  • 25-29° during the day;
  • 18-24° at night;
  • water – 28 ° in Acapulco and from 22 ° to 26 ° in other resorts.
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Rains are unlikely. Expect hot tours for February from 77,000 p.


 Philippines Boracay beach

© BANITAtour / / CC BY 2.0

Winds dominate the Philippine islands in February. Monsoons and thus high humidity gradually give way to dry weather:

  • 28-31° during daytime hours;
  • The nights are cooler – 21-23°;
  • In the sea 26-27°.

The holiday season in February may be overshadowed by unexpected rainfall. For the whole month there are 5-6 rainy days, but the downpours end quickly, the puddles instantly dry out under the hot sun, you can relax and enjoy the sea and the beautiful scenery.

Local travel agencies invite you on a trip to the islands, where you will be introduced to the tropical flora and fauna, show the capital skyscrapers and old forts. The most daring go on a hike to the top of one of the volcanoes.

The price for the tour starts at 145 000 p.


maldives beach island

© BKD / / CC BY 2.0

One of the most romantic places on the planet is the Maldives, scattered across the turquoise ocean like precious pearls. The proximity of the equator ensures warm weather and a “swimming” sea at any time of year:

  • 29-31° during the day;
  • The nights are warm – 25°;
  • water, as fresh milk – 28-29 °.

Beach holidays are better to plan in the first half of the month. The heat at the end of February is still there, but the waves appear and the beaches are occupied by surfers.

Honeymooners come to the islands to be alone with each other and once again experience happy emotions at a colorful wedding ceremony.

Summer in February will not be cheap – from 154,000 p, but the expenses are justified.


Jamaica Montego Bay Hotel Beach

© Op. Deo / / CC BY 2.0

February in Jamaica is the best month for those who can’t stand the humidity and stuffiness. It is the peak of the dry season:

  • 28-31° during the day;
  • at night it’s warm – 25°;
  • In the sea all year round 26-27 °.

From the sea blows a gentle breeze, clean sandy beaches stretch to the horizon, the crystal clear sea does not let go of the water captivity.

If you are lucky enough to be in Jamaica, you must:

  • Take a ride in a glass-bottomed boat to a coral island;
  • See the luminous lagoon, where sea creatures emit a magical glow;
  • Taste Jamaican rum;
  • see “dancing” waterfalls with your own eyes.

Recreation is not cheap. The cost of the tour – from 162 000 p. and above.

A trip to a warm country in the middle of winter will be a bright adventure that will warm you up in the winter cold, and entertain you with pleasant memories for a long time.

Where to go to the sea in February

Where to rest in February at sea

Find out where the best places to relax by the sea in February 2022! Where the sea is warm, where it is cheap, where to go without a visa. Let’s take a look!

Because of the pandemic, not all of the countries listed can be flown to for vacation. Check the current list of open countries. Also see where to go in the winter in Russia – we know lots of great places!

Few people fly on vacation in February. And in vain! Personally, I spend every winter in warm countries. While at home there are raging blizzards and rampant acute respiratory viral infections, you can wonderfully and quite inexpensively rest by the warm sea in the tropics. New Year rush at the end of winter has already come to naught, so prices are going down. Let’s see where it is best to rest in February 2022 at sea, where at this time it is warm and sunny.



For a beach holiday in February 2022, go to Thailand: tours are relatively inexpensive, and the weather is gorgeous. The daytime air temperature is +30. +32 ° C, sea +28 ° C, there is almost no precipitation. See the weather in Thailand in February.

We love Thailand, have been here many times and will definitely come again. It’s a wonderful country: the beaches are fabulous, prices are low, the infrastructure is very well developed, people are nice, the food is delicious, safe, no visa required.

What to do besides a lazy beach holiday? There are many options: trips to temples and parks, diving, water fun, shopping and exotic shows. Go to tropical islands: Phi Phi, James Bond and others. Try Thai food and seafood, all inexpensive and very tasty.

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Where to rest in Thailand in February

Amazing Banana Beach in Phuket with a minimum of people, clear sea and scenic views.


For a good beach holiday in February 2022, head to the south of Vietnam, preferably Phu Quoc. It’s +32°C during the day, +21°C at night, and the water is warm to +24. +26°С. Rains are rare – no more than two to three days per month. Read about the weather in Vietnam in winter.

Vietnam – an inexpensive beach vacation, visa-free country, wonderful nature, nice people, Asian color, exotic food, amusement parks. In February, tours cost from 70 thousand rubles. Excursions, food, Vietnamese coffee, transportation, souvenirs – everything is cheap!

We have lived and traveled around Vietnam for many months, visited all the popular resorts. I can make these conclusions. Phu Quoc has the best beaches in the whole country, Nha Trang has the best infrastructure and low prices, Mui Ne has the tastiest and cheapest seafood and cool natural attractions (White Dunes, Red Dunes, Fei Creek).

Surfing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, go on excursions to other cities: Dalat, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, as well as visit temples and national parks. Near Nha Trang there is an island Vinpearl Land, which is the best place for a vacation with kids! In Phu Quoc, there is also a park. In late January or early February, the Vietnamese New Year is celebrated with spectacular parades and concerts.

Bai Sao beach on Phu Quoc Island is one of the best and most popular. White dunes in Mui Ne. Beautiful! We liked it very much.


В феврале 2022 года отлично отдохнуть на море можно в Доминикане. При этом без визы. Погода комфортная: днем температура +27. +30°С, ночью +19. +22°С, вода в Карибском море +26°С. Дожди кратковременные и выпадают ночью, что никак не мешает пляжному отдыху. Отдых в Доминикане в феврале >>

What can I say? Beach vacation in the Dominican Republic is excellent! The sea is clean, the sand is white, hotels “all inclusive” work as it should, do not let you down. In general, rest well! But it’s pretty expensive: it’s a long flight, and the prices in the resorts of the country are pretty overpriced. However, we went to the Dominican Republic for only $ 1,000 for two people. Read more: how much does it cost to stay in the Dominican Republic.

Excursions are standard – to islands, beaches, waterfalls. But there are more interesting things to do: in February you can watch the humpback whales, you can also go scuba diving.

Where to rest in February at sea

Our hotel Whala! bayahibe 4* is the best value for money hotel in the Dominican Republic.


In February 2022 to vacation at sea without a visa is possible in the Philippines. The time of typhoons and hurricanes is over, and the weather in the south is ideal for a beach holiday. In February, the daytime +31 ° C, night +23 ° C, sea water +27 ° C. Northern and central regions are occasionally sprinkled with rain, mostly in the evening and at night.

Beach holidays can be varied by excursions to the islands, snorkeling, surfing and diving. Philippines are 7,000 islands, so beaches there is enough. Very popular is the island of Boracay, which has recently been completely cleaned up and reopened to tourists. We loved the paradise island of Bantayan – where the beach is just fantastic.

The beach on Bantayan Island, where we vacationed for two weeks. In the Philippines we visited many beautiful places, one of the best is the Chocolate Hills.


Where is an inexpensive beach vacation in February 2022? Very cheap in Cambodia, but there are no tours there. The infrastructure is underdeveloped, and flights from Russia only with connections. However, tourists are attracted by the beaches, which are not inferior to the Thai, the ancient temple complexes, low prices for goods and services. In February the weather here is wonderful: +30. +34 ° C, the sea +28 ° C.

Lovers of antiquities go on excursions to Siem Reap, Angkor, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. Nature lovers go to national parks, waterfalls and mountains. Shopping lovers buy natural silk products and jewelry with emeralds and sapphires at affordable prices.

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Where to go in February at sea

(Photo: / @mili_vigerova)


If you’re bored with traditional destinations, discover new countries and territories. A seaside vacation in February 2022 can be found on the island of Aruba in the southern Caribbean. It has beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise water. Conditions for a beach holiday in February are optimal: air +28. +30 ° C, the sea water +26 ° C, precipitation is rare and insignificant.

There are no hurricanes in Aruba, but sea breezes always blow, so tourists practice windsurfing and sailing. The casinos can compete with Monte Carlo, and in late winter there are carnival processions, big shows, and dance parties. You can also see the Dutch settlements in Masiduri and the old colonial buildings in Prince Valleys.

Where to go in February cheap

On the paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean islands. Photo: Israel Gil /


Another non-obvious solution, where to vacation in February 2022 at sea without a visa is Brazil, the country of fragrant coffee and crazy carnivals, golden beaches and unique architectural monuments. It’s expensive and time-consuming to get there, but it’s worth it. As for the weather, the coast is warm and dry: the air during the day +28. +30 ° C, the water +26. +28°С. Read more about beach holidays in Brazil.

There are about 20 national parks and reserves on the territory of the country. The wilds of the river are inhabited by exotic animals and poorly studied plants, still live wild Indian tribes.

What to do in February in Brazil, in addition to beach holidays? Take a trip to Iguazu Falls (the most powerful in Latin America) and Rio de Janeiro, where at this time of the year is the main event – the famous Grand Carnival. The date of the carnival depends on the beginning of Lent, so it varies: sometimes it takes place in February and sometimes in March.

where to go in February without a visa

Statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Shot by Cerqueira /

Where to go in February without a visa

Few people like to mess around with visas. Below I will list the destinations where you can go without a visa or make it simplified. All of these countries are warm and suitable for a beach vacation in February. You can safely go!

In the Emirates and Jordan in February is not hot, so you can safely go on excursions. Mexico and Cuba enjoy nice weather – warm but not too hot. It is better to travel to Bali in summer, but our fellow countrymen for some reason prefer to go there in winter: it will be hot and humid, but ours doesn’t stop. In February the Maldives and Sri Lanka have ideal conditions for recreation by the sea.

Where to go in February to the warm sea without a visa

This is us resting in the Maldives. Snow-white beaches, azure waters, fish, corals. It’s beautiful! And for the rest we spent only 45,000 ₽ for two people – very inexpensive.

Where to go on an inexpensive vacation in February 2022?

Below I list the countries where you can inexpensively go on vacation in February 2022 abroad. Here are the current prices for tours for 7 nights for two people with a flight from Moscow. Because of the pandemic, the list turned out to be small.

Turkey 25 000 ₽ Find tour
Greece 45 000 ₽ Find tour
Cyprus 46 000 ₽ Find tour
Egypt 57 000 ₽ Find tour
UAE 67 000 ₽ Find tour
Cuba, Maldives, Dominican Republic, Mexico 120 000 ₽ Find tour

Pre-pandemic tour prices to other popular and relatively inexpensive countries:

    — от 31 000 ₽. Найти тур >> — от 55 000 ₽. Найти тур >> — от 58 000 ₽. Найти тур >> — от 70 000 ₽. Найти тур >>

Keep in mind that in Turkey, Greece, Cyprus in February the sea is cold – you can’t swim. But in winter there are not many tourists, it is nice to go on excursions, and no one canceled the “all inclusive”, spa and swimming pools, plus there are discounts. In the UAE, Egypt, Jordan is warmer, but also not too hot. In the other countries in the list is much warmer, but the flight is further, so the prices for the tours are higher.

Where to go in January to rest abroad

Beach with starfish Rush Vem. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam.

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