Bentota, Sri Lanka: vacation reviews. Is it worth the trip?

Benetota – reviews by tourists

Reviews about Bentota, based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and didn’t like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (Sri Lanka) is suitable as a place for family or youth vacation. The main attractions and entertainment, what is famous for the city of Bentote. Tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

Why did I go on vacation to Bentota? I really wanted to get to the paradise island of Sri Lanka, but honestly, after reading the reviews on the Internet, I was afraid to get poisoned in a 3-star hotel, and the hostel was just terrifying. Therefore, my choice fell on one of the most expensive hotels in the country, it was located in a previously unknown to me the city of Bentota. This experience was very useful to me, I hope it will be useful to you.

Advantages of Bentota

  • Location. We got from the airport to the hotel in 1.5-2 hours. A trip to the south or east of the island would have taken at least 2-5-10 times longer. The closer to Bandaranaike airport, the less uncertainty and fears that you might miss your return flight. Especially you become convinced of the right choice of Bentota, when you see the Asian type of traffic in the cities – a maximum of 40 km per hour, with shouting from everywhere klaxons, and traffic jams, which you can stand for a very long time.
  • Paradise beaches. A huge strip of pristine sand, which stretches for miles, palm trees and other previously unknown exotic plants, the noise of the ocean waves and the complete absence of people. It gives the impression that you – Robinson on a desert island. I can tell by experience that such an atmosphere and complete absence of civilization completely clears the brain and vanity and other negative thoughts. By the way, many people choose Sri Lanka just for the opportunity to be alone and find a new self.
  • The delicious seafood. It’s something amazing. I have never eaten such fresh fish and seafood, literally caught in front of your eyes. Each fish, like a work of art – then blue, then red, then with iridescent iridescence, such were only in children’s coloring books.
  • Developed SPA-infrastructure. Bentota is a prestigious Ayurvedic resort, which is visited for rest and treatment from all over the world. Almost every hotel has its own spa center with a wide range of procedures. You can find an activity for any taste – from ordinary massages understandable for a Russian person to absolutely exotic rituals. Here, too, unobtrusively offer to buy a variety of oils, creams and other products.
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Disadvantages of Bentota

Generally speaking, the disadvantages of Bentota is difficult to find, if only to pay your attention to the following points:

  • All monuments and landmarks of UNESCO in Sri Lanka are located in the interior of the island. To go there from Bentota, you need at least 3-4 days. So we had to limit ourselves to local excursions.
  • The cost of accommodation, services, entertainment. All focused on the rich tourist. For the cool service of luxury hotels have to pay, although it is worth it.
  • As it turned out later, the beaches of Sri Lanka are public, anyone can come to our beach! But the “foreign” tourists, I suspect, were dominated by the culture of lying by the pool in their hotel, so there was no one in particular on the beach. Especially not to meet the locals, who, apparently, do not want to look for adventure from the security guards of the serious hotels in Bentota.

What to do in Bentota

  • Be sure to sign up for a course of spa treatments or massage, at least try it. It’s great to relax, gain new strength and inspiration. If you come to a health cluster, then take advantage of the opportunities to the full. I do not recommend street clinics and spas, they are very suspicious.
  • The Bentota Ganga River flows next to the resort. I recommend a boat ride through the local jungle. Everything is safe, but for 2 hours I got a lot of extreme experiences. Varans and crocodiles were occasionally encountered, and tree roots almost eclipsed the sun.
  • The discovery for me was a visit to Bivis Bawa’s Tropical Modern Garden. Until that moment, I had no idea that Sri Lanka had a rather strong school of painting, architecture, and landscape design. I visited his colonial-style villa, but more importantly an interesting fairy-tale garden with intricate labyrinthine terraces.
  • The turtle farm in Kosgoda is another nice place about 10 km from Bentota (I got there with other tourists by tuk-tuk). Watched turtles of different ages from 3 day olds to 30 year olds. The children were insanely interesting.
  • Even from Bentota you can see a huge statue of Buddha, located in the nearby town of Alutgama. I recommend going there to see what the Buddhist temples of Sri Lanka look like and what happens inside.
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Should you go to Bentota with children?

Absolutely, yes. And here’s why:

  • Four- to five-star hotels have special meals for children, playgrounds, and sometimes even dedicated animators.
  • If the child is an adult, the small ocean waves are no hindrance to him, and for the very young there is an opportunity to frolic in the pool at the hotel.
  • Do not choose a hotel on the Bentota Ganga River, as there are a lot of mosquitoes at night, and the sounds of critters coming from the jungle are quite frightening.
  • Lankans love children, so there will be increased attention from both hotel staff and locals. For example, a salesperson in a store or market vendor can give the baby’s mother a good discount.

It is possible to save money in Bentota, but is it worth it when all the best of Sri Lanka is at your feet. For a budget vacation on the island, you can find other equally interesting resort towns. I wish everyone a good vacation!

Sri Lanka – review

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Planning another vacation, considered Thailand Phuket and Sri Lanka. Before the trip was actively watching videos on the internet, reading reviews. The most interesting thing is that a lot of reviews from 2014-2015, and there are almost no modern ones. A lot of negative reviews, so the trip initially made me doubt. But! friends who visited Sri Lanka were delighted. And my husband and I decided to go:)

After a long choice of beaches ? settled on a visit to two: Bentota and Unawatuna. The trip took place in February 2019. We went on our own, without a tour operator. A cab from the airport to the beach in Bentota cost us around 3500 rubles. I will write the calculation in rubles, the national currency is the rupee. We exchanged dollars for rupees at the airport.

So, Bentota!) The beaches are wide and long, there are almost no tourists, you feel like you’re on a desert island. There are insanely expensive packaged hotels and quite democratic guest houses.

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We rented a guest house for a reasonable price and the ocean was just across the street. Sun loungers were free.

The pictures from Bentota beach amazed all my friends and left no one indifferent. 100% relaxing and restful.

The plant life is also amazing – trees sprouting through walls, hotel fences, everywhere.

About the minuses of Bentota:

1. Giant waves – vacation with children is hardly possible here, as we adults were diving, and we were turning inside the waves;

2. (For some, a plus) underdeveloped entertainment infrastructure, restaurant business, etc. We had 3 cafes on the beach, and the length of the beach is about a kilometer.

3. The water is not turquoise, but clean.


I want to warn you right away, the traffic in Sri Lanka – fire)))). However, as in Thailand. Especially furious buses drive here – “kings of the road” – leaving the oncoming lane, frantically rushing, all give way to them. Be careful! But I advise to take a train – unforgettable experience and tickets cost cheap. On the internet you can find train schedules

After a week of relaxation in Benton, we moved to Unawatuna?!

And here everything is completely different, as if we had come to a new country))))

The ocean is very calm, the water is bright turquoise.

A lot of tourists, a huge number of restaurants, cafes, sun beds on the beach.

And we were insanely glad that on this beach booked a full hotel with a pool, as we did not always want to go to the beach and look for a free sun lounger.

From Unawatuna went on an excursion to the national park Yala, where animals live in their natural environment – the size of the park is impressive, on a safari tour lasts about 3 hours.

And most importantly – the cuisine in Sri Lanka is very edible, adapted to our tourist and insanely delicious. Fruit, as I thought, tastes better than in Thailand.

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In Unawatuna there are a lot of badgers, monkeys and flying foxes.

On the downsides of Unawatuna:

1. lots of tourists, restaurants, sun loungers, etc.

2. After the endless beaches of Bentota – not at all impressive.

Sri – Lanka was an unforgettable vacation and a lot of positive experiences!

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