Berendeyevo the kingdom of waterfalls near Lazarevskiy

Berendeyevo Tsarstvo recreational site. Lazarevskoe, Sochi. – review

Our vacation 2022. Few people, insanely delicious in the cafe. And a little adrenaline with snakes)

Good afternoon. I want to tell you about how we hiked the recreation site “Berendeyevo kingdom”. We went the whole route. I made a video. And, if you are interested, you can watch it at the end of the review.

We got to the place by bus. Since the gorge itself is not directly in Lazarevskoe, but more in Mammadov slot. On the bus we drove from strength 10 minutes. They ply quite often. But because of the traffic jams, there may be delays. You can get there by cab, but the price for 10 minutes you will get 400 rubles. My husband didn’t want to drive the car, because it was parked on the parking lot, propped up by another car).

The price of .

We found the place quickly enough. There were signs all over the place. Get lost just not real. Login per person 200 rubles. It seems like there is no charge for large families, but you should check this at the entrance.

But there is a cafe and a big area with pavilions before the entrance. A tip of the institution is that it is possible to catch a trout and you will be cooked it.

The cafe .

We did not kill the fish)). We chose other dishes. There were few visitors there. When we had lunch we were alone. That’s why the food was brought to us quickly.

The food was very good and just cooked. The potatoes were crispy and very hot. It was very good. I haven’t had such good fries in a long time.

The only thing was, there was a very burning sauce. But I just didn’t eat it.

After we ate lunch we went on our route. There are no cafes next, they don’t sell water either. Accordingly, you have to take everything you need with you. There are also advertisements for other gorges. For example Svirsky, where we have already been.

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The route .

Before entering, we were given a map. You could also buy ribbons and tie them on the bridge. We took only the map.

The route is divided into two parts. The first part is the brightest and most spectacular. Children can cope with it. Because the beauty changes one on the other. It is worthwhile to go a little higher up the stairs and we see another waterfall. We didn’t want to turn off the camera. Since we were in the summer, it was not raining, the waterfalls were not full. I suspect that in the spring and fall after the rains, well, very beautiful.

All equipped with bridges and railings. The area is clean enough. The first part of the trail we passed very easily. She only 500m. There are garbage cans and the area is clean enough.

After the bridge with the wishes you can admire the beauty and finish the route. The trail itself is looped. The trail to the exit is not interesting. All you will do is walk up the steps. Apparently this is done so that lovers don’t run into each other.

There will be a warning sign next. With children, I would not advise walking further. But our route can not end so quickly in principle, and so we went).

The path is mostly uphill. On the way we saw two snakes. And I realized that there are just a huge number of them. Came out on the trail to get warm. I don’t know about snakes, I have no idea what kind they are. But they were running away fast, I didn’t even have time to take a picture of them.

As we climbed higher, we had a view of the mountains. I suspect that behind this fence is just the designated tea plantations. The whole place was closed, and it looked like someone’s dacha. We did not go in there and went on.

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We came across fallen trees. But the trail itself was not blocked. We just walked uphill, and we didn’t even have to climb.

The entire route is marked with red paint. It was impossible to get lost there. Although there were a lot of trails, ours was marked in red, so we did not invent a bicycle and followed the planned route.

At the very top, we were waiting for such a view. We took a picture. We had a little rest on the rocks, drank some water and went back.

In general I liked this route even more than the Svirsky gorge. There were very few people. Due to this neither one interfered with each other nor spoiled the frame.

Below I am going to attach the video of the route, as promised.

I recommend that you take mosquito repellents and mosquito repellents. Though we had them with us, they bit us.

In general we liked the trip very much. My rating is 5 and I recommend it!

Berendeyevo Tsarstvo Park in Sochi (Lazarevskoe)

This tourist spot is one of the facilities of the Sochi National Park. “Berendeyevo kingdom” is an ecological route, on which all the objects are named after the fairy tale of A. Ostrovsky “Snegurochka”. In this work, the action took place in a fictional country, where King Berendei rules. On the route travelers will see rocks, waterfalls, mountain fonts. A significant part of the forest is an ancient rare boxwood of Colchis.

The walk can be divided into two stages:

  • Passing the first part of the path will take 30-40 minutes and is about 500 meters of equipped path along the gorge along the stream. The water here is clear and clean. Along the way you will be able to stop at special rest spots. On this section you will meet the first two waterfalls: “Kupava” and “Nameless”. Further the way lies through the bridge “Mizgir” to the waterfall “Snegurochka”. Following the trail, you can see three more waterfalls: “Emerald”, “Tears of Snegurochka” bowl “Goddess of Love. After walking along the riverbed, tourists will come to the highest waterfall of the route – “Berendey’s Beard” height of 27 meters. Water breaks on the rocks and flows on the ledges in different directions, reminiscent of this beard. There is an observation deck, which completes the first stage of the walk.
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  • The second stage is a little over 2 kilometers. All the way is marked with red paint, to make it easy for tourists to navigate. In general, the road here is not as well equipped, but does not cause difficulties. From the observation deck you need to walk along the path through the forest to the mountain “Nameless”. On the way you can consider the megalithic complex of dolmen culture. There is a “sanctuary” and a dolmen with vertically mounted stones – menhirs. There is an assumption that they performed a ritual function, but there is no exact scientific explanation. Petroglyphs – scratched drawings made during the Bronze Age – have been found on one of these stones. An interesting medieval cemetery was found not far from here. It is recommended to take a swimsuit to take a dip in the lake “Happiness” with clean, cool water.

The route of the first part is suitable for walking with children. Regularly the park holds a themed fairy tale show for children.

Prices in Lazarev Park “Berendeyevo Tsarstvo”

The entrance to the fairy tale park is charged with an environmental fee, as for visiting any of the objects of the Sochi National Park:

  • Adults – 200 rubles;
  • Children under 7 years old – free of charge.

The ticket office is open in spring and summer, the opening hours can be clarified by phone: +7 (8622) 62-18-42.

Fairy tale objects of the park

In “Berendey’s Kingdom” there are not just natural objects named after the characters of fairy tales, but also wooden figures of the characters. Tourists especially like to take pictures on the throne of Berendey. A. Ostrovsky’s work “The Snow Maiden” is based on folk tales, but has its own unique plot and interesting characters. It was on the territory of the park, where the film “The Snow Maiden” was shot in 1968, based on the fairy tale.

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Here are the main characters of the play “The Snow Maiden”, in honor of which the park’s attractions are named:

  • The Berendei are a nomadic Turkic people who actually existed in ancient times.
  • The Snow Maiden is the main character, the daughter of Frost and Spring, who was allowed by her parents to stay with the people. Born with a cold heart, she is eager to feel love, though she understands that it will ruin her. Two waterfalls are named after the heroine.
  • Kupava is a friend of the Snow Maiden, who was about to marry Mizgir, until he fell in love with the Snow Maiden at first sight. One of the waterfalls in the park is named after the girl.
  • Mizgir – a merchant who fell in love with Snow Maiden and violated all the customs of the Berendeys – left his bride, for which he was banished. The bridge leading to Snegurochka’s waterfall is named after this character.
  • Lel is a carefree shepherd boy who awakens in Snow Maiden the desire for love. In the park there is a stream of the same name, which sounds very melodious.
  • King Berendei is the ruler in a fictional country, who invents ways to placate the sun – Yarilo. The park’s highest waterfall is named after the ruler.

How to get to the park “Berendey’s Kingdom” in Lazarevsky district of Sochi

The natural attraction is located in the valley of the river Kuapse, if you have time, you can also visit Mamedovo Gorge. From Lazarevsky to the park can be reached by the following ways:

  • By bus: №71, 80, 159, 161, the stop “Mamedova slit”; № 162, the stop “Lower Mamedka”; № 68, get off at the stop “Yantar”. Then go in the direction of the bus to the right turn. Take unpaved road going down to the river Kuapse, walk along the bridge to the ticket office. On the glade next to the ticket office there is a cafe for tourists. From Lazarevskoe choose buses that go in the direction of Tuapse.
  • By car: in 500 m after the road sign “Lazarevskoe” turn behind the sign “Berendeyevo Tsarstvo” and drive to the parking lot. Then walk across the bridge to the ticket office.
  • By cab: in Sochi there are Yandex.Taxi, Uber, Gett, Taxi Veset, Maxim.
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Berendeyevo Tsarstvo sign from Victory Street – panorama on Google Maps

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