Cabs, tuk-tuks and buses in Pattaya: which is more convenient?

Tuk Tuk in Pattaya. Routes, prices and how to use tuk-tuks

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Tuk Tuk – this is the name of public transport in Pattaya. Tuk tuk is a pickup truck with a covered body, in which the passengers sit. Getting around Pattaya by tuk tuk is safe and cheap. Tuk tuk tuk on all major streets in Pattaya.

Tuk Tuk Pattaya

Pattaya Tuk Tuk in Jomtien

What is a tuk tuk in Pattaya? This is a full-fledged public transport, which can easily be taken for token money almost anywhere in the city on a single route or with a change. Go to all major stores and bus stations.

Features tuk tuk in Pattaya

  • Tuk tuk costs 10 baht (20 rub / $0.3).
  • Running time: 24 hours a day. Go at short intervals of 1-5 minutes during the day, less frequent in the evening.
  • Don’t look at the numbers, the routes depend on the street.
  • You can catch a tuk tuk with a wave of the hand, like a cab. They stop anywhere.
  • There are no windows in the cabin. In case it rains, they put a film down. You can ride on the rear platform, standing on the street.
  • Do not sit half-side up (sign of a tourist). Sit upright, do not put your bags on the seat and always move over so that other people can sit down too. Put a small child on your lap if there are many people.
  • To get out, press the bell button on the ceiling.
  • Give your fare money to the driver when you leave through the front window. It is better to pay in small change, because the change can be “accidentally” undercounted.
  • If the driver suddenly turns off the route at his whim, you will have to get out and catch another one. It is useless to argue, do not waste your nerves. For example, the tuk-tuks often do not go to the end of Jomtien or do not go from the center to Wongamat, and turn to the beach. There is no logic, just take it for granted.
  • Can work as a cab. Average prices from 150 to 300 baht per car or 50 baht per person.

Tuk tuk salon photo in Pattaya

Photo of a typical Pattaya tuk tuk interior

Tuk tuk tuk routes in Pattaya

Tuk tuk tuk operates on all major streets of the city. In the center at the beginning of almost every major street there is always a tuk tuk, picking up people. If you get on it, you can drive down that street to the end.

In Jomtien, the songteo runs the entire length of the beach street. In central Pattaya, the beach street and the second and third from the sea, as well as the three vertical streets to Sukhumvit. In the area of Naklya and Wongamat Beach there is only one route along the main street. There are no routes in Pratamnak and Kozi Beach.

The following is a detailed description of a few of the main routes.

1. Jomtien – Pattaya Center Route

tuk tuk jomtien pattaya

This tuk-tuk can be taken from Jomtien:

  • To Tesco Lotus and Theprazit Market (with a transfer to Theprazit Road).
  • Central Pattaya: Volking Street, Tukkom Market, Central festival, Big C and Terminal 21
  • To the ferry pier to Ko Lan Island (Walking through Wolking Street)
  • To Wongamat Beach (usually with a transfer).
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The route goes all the way along the beach street in Jomtien. Starts differently, sometimes from the police station at the intersection with Chayapryek Street, and sometimes a little further south, in the Na Jomtien area. Tuk-tuks, which go from the center back, do not always go further than Chayapriek Street. In this case, if you need to go further, just get off and wait for the next one.

Jomtien – Central Pattaya route map

The terminus in downtown PTT is most often at the Dolphin Roundabout. Occasionally may go further into the Naklua area. Terminus with dolphins on the map

crossroads with dolphins

Dolphin Roundabout on map

The stop to go back to Jomtien is at the intersection of Second Street and South Street. This is the southern part of central Pattaya, close to Walking Street. There are always a lot of tuk-tuks there, just get in the last one where other people are sitting. Point on the map

2. Theprazit Road route.

tuk tuk on tepprasit road

This route is used by everyone who lives in Jomtien and Pratamnak. Where you can get to:

  • Big Tesco Lotus
  • The Outlet Mall sports mall.
  • The Temprasit Night Market
  • The Fruit Market near the Colosseum
  • To Sukhumvit Highway to catch a white tuk-tuk toward The Ambassador.

Starts at the beginning of Thep Prasit road, near the Food Mart. Goes to Sukhumvit, then turns around near the Outlet. Sometimes on weekends it may turn a little earlier, near the night market. It stops in the opposite direction near the cab drivers in front of the Outlet.

The tuk tuk route on Teprasit Street

The Central Pattaya – Wongamat – Naklua route.

tuk tuk vongamat pattaya

The route connects the northern parts of Pattaya with central Pattaya and the south. You can take this bus:

  • From the center to the Naklua area.
  • To the northern beaches: Wongamat, Crescent Beach, Wong Prachan
  • To the Temple of Truth and the Chicken King’s Palace
  • From Wongamat, go to Terminal 21, Central Festival and big department stores like Tesco, Big C without a transfer.
  • From Wongamat, there is no direct link to Wolking Street.

The route starts from the Dolphin Junction across from Terminal 21 and goes along Pattaya Naklua Street to about the fish market. It does not go to Wongamat beach, it takes about 20 minutes to walk to the sea from the main street. Back from Wongamat goes to the center on Naklua Street, passes through the new Terminal 21 shopping center, turn around and then goes on Beach Road, past Central Festival to Walking Street.

Central Pattaya – Wongamat tuk tuk tuk scheme

4. Central Pattaya tuk tuk tuk routes

There are several routes in central PTT. On the beach street, Beach Road, the traffic is one-way and the tuk-tuks go only one way from north to south, that is in the direction of Wolkin Street. They start at the intersection with the Dolphins. The end point near the tuk-tuk stop on Jomtien.

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On the second street from the sea go in the opposite direction, from south to north.

Tuk-tuk traffic in downtown Pattaya along Beach Road

There are also 3 streets in downtown Pattaya from the beach towards Sukhumvit Highway – North, Central and South. There are also 10-baht sunteos running along them.

Between the second and third streets, there is a street of pink lanterns, Soi Bakao. It is also the route of the songteo. You can ride from Tukkom and Friendship store to main street (and then walk to central Big C) or further to the beach in the area.

5. White tuk-tuk on Sukhumvit Highway

white tuk tuk in pattaya on sukhumvit road

There are also shuttles on Sukhumvit Highway. Where you can get to by white tuk tuk:

  • Mini Siam Miniature Park.
  • Underwater World Pattaya Aquarium
  • The Floating Market
  • Ambassador Hotel & Beach and Mimosa Shopping Mall
  • Cartoon Network Waterpark
  • Take the turn to Nong Nooch
  • To the turnoff to Sai Kaew Military Beach

The fare for short distances within central Pattaya is 10 baht, and if you go a little farther, to the Ambassador’s Palace, for example, it is 20 baht per person. But more often now drivers require tourists to pay 20 baht per person. It is useless to argue, just pay and forget it. On Sukhumvit route go not only white, but also blue sunteo. The blue ones only go to the floating market (they don’t go to the Ambassador). The white ones pass the Ambassador and go on to Sataheep town. It is not known where their terminus is.

Map of white tuk tuk on Sukhumvit

The marks on the map at the beginning and end of the route are arbitrary, I don’t know exactly where it starts and where it ends. But these are the exact points where it passes.

Map of Pattaya with tuk tuk routes

You can get this map for free outside many stores in Pattaya. I got this copy at Foodmart, I also saw such maps near 7-Eleven. In addition to an abundance of advertising, it has useful information about the city, emergency numbers and a tuk tuk traffic diagram.

Click on link to download in full size (6,5mb)

A map of Pattaya tuk tuk tuk traffic

Pattaya tuk tuk tuk traffic map

How to get there by tuk tuk.

I will use the route numbers in the order as described in the article above to make it clearer.

dolphins in pattaya

  • How to go from Jomtien to the center of Pattaya (Volking Street or Festival)? You get on any tuk-tuk on the beach street and it takes 10-15 minutes without changing the line. For details, see route 1.
  • How to get from Jomtien to the pier on Ko Lan. On the tuk tuk go to the center of Pttt. Get out after 2 minutes as you pass the overpass at the intersection with 16th Street. Then take the 16th junction and go towards the sea and you will find the pier (route 1).
  • How to get from Jomtien to Tesco Lotus? The route with one change. Go to the intersection with Theprasit Street. It is easily recognized by the traffic light and the big TV. On Teprasit Road, get on the tuk tuk at the beginning of the street (route 1 + route 2).
  • How do I get to the North Bus station? Route 1 + 4. That is, first drive towards the center, go all the way to the center of Pattaya to the composition with the dolphins. At the traffic circle cross two roads and opposite the liquor store take another tuk tuk, which goes on the north street towards Sukhumvit. By the way, the same way you can get to Macro, which is opposite the bass station.
  • How to get from the bus station to the center of Pattaya, Pratamnak and Jomtien? When you first get off the bus, you are surrounded by cab drivers. Ignore them, go out into the street, cross the road and catch a tuk toward the sea. Most of the time it goes to Dolphins and then along Beach Road across the boardwalk all the way to Wolking Street. That is, you will get to where the tuk tuk stop on Jomtien. Then just cross the intersection diagonally and take a tuk tuk to Jomtien. Route 4 + 1. If it suddenly takes a wrong turn at the dolphins or in the middle of the beach, you will have to get off and wait for the next one.
  • How to get from Jomtien to Wongamat? Route 1 + 3. You go all the way to the center of Pttt, and at the junction with the dolphins you change to another tuk tuk. You can also walk to Wongamat from the dolphins. In the same way you can reach the Temple of Truth on your own.
  • From Vongamat to Jomtien, take 1 transfer. The sequence is as follows: routes 3 + 1. Take a tuk tuk toward the city center, drive on Beach Road to Wolking Street. There you change to a tuk tuk towards Jomtien.
  • How do I get to the Ambassador? From central Pattaya, Pratamnak and from Jomtien you can get to the Ambassador Hotel and Beach with 2 transfers. Same route to mimosa. From central PTT route 4 + 5. Go to Sukhumvit and catch a white tuk tuk there. From Jomtien and Pratamnak route 1 + 2 + 5. First you go or walk to Theprasit Road, then take it to Sukhumvit and then take a white tuk tuk tuk to the Ambassador.
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Pattaya tuk tuk photo

Tuk-tuk as a cab at the viewing point in Pattaya

Fun fact

In the rest of Thailand, public transport of this type is called a songteo or baht bus. And the very word “tuk tuk” in Asian countries always means a motorcycle on three wheels, which works like a cab.

Transportation in Pattaya

Transport in Pattaya is very well developed, this applies to both urban and intercity transport. Problems with the movement here for sure, and you will only have to choose – an inexpensive public transport that runs on certain routes, or more expensive and fast, which will take you to any place.

Air-conditioned cab and sunteo in Pattaya

Here is how to get around in Pattaya:

  • Songteo,
  • tuk-tuk,
  • motorcycle cabs,
  • air-conditioned cabs,
  • ferries and speedboats,
  • minivans and buses.

In addition, in Pattaya you can rent a car or motorcycle and move around the resort on your own. Rentals are everywhere, especially for small scooters, which are called motorcycles here. They cost from 150 baht a day and from 2000 baht a month. The cost of renting a car – from 800 baht a day.

Buses and minivans

Transport is used for traveling between cities and resorts in Thailand. From bus stations in Pattaya you can get to Bangkok (to all its bus terminals), Suvarnabhumi Airport, Samui, Korat. There are companies that take tourists to Phuket, Hua Hin and the islands of Ko Chang, Ko Samet, Ko Kood and Ko Mak.

In addition to buses to Bangkok, departing from the bus station on North Street, there is a carrier that offers minivans (minibuses). They run more often, the fare is lower by 20-30 baht.

Tickets for transport in Thailand

Tickets from Pattaya can be purchased online. Various destinations are available. Use the form below.


Ferries run between Pattaya and the island of Ko Lan, the most popular swimming spot with clean beaches and white sand. They depart from Bali Hai Pier. Travel time is approximately 40 minutes. They run on a schedule.

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Ferries to Ko Lan

Alternatively, from here you can get to the other islands around Pattaya in speedboats.


The cheapest transportation within the city limits is the Songteo. They are an open pickup with two parallel benches. They run on the main streets and can be used to get to many shopping centers and entertainment, including Wolkin Street. The fare within the city limits is only 10 baht.


Tuk-tuk Taxi

Where the sunteo doesn’t go, the tuk-tuks do. They look the same, but are a cab that can take you anywhere in the city and suburbs. The fare starts at 100 baht for the whole car. And since it can fit even 10 people, it comes out very cheap if you have a large company or several families.

Tuk-tuk cab in Pattaya

In general, the price depends on the distance and time of day. After 9 pm, and even more at midnight, a ride by car from Wolkin Street to your hotel may well cost 400-500 baht (to distant hotels in Pattaya, such as Jomtien or Naklua). Cab drivers are rather cheeky and spoiled tourists, who are constantly swiping money. They believe that the extra 100-200 baht for foreigners – is pennies and will not lower the fare, especially if there are no other tuk-tuks nearby.

Tuk-tuks are located in all places of tourist interest in Pattaya: near the beaches, shopping malls, hypermarkets, souvenir stores, etc. There are especially many near Volkin Street and Bali Hai Pier (where the water transport from the islands departs and arrives).

You can also walk up to any free tuk-tuk that is public (sungteo) and take it off the route for your needs (for an unlimited amount of time). In this case, it will not drop off other passengers and will only take you and your company.


The most maneuverable transport in Pattaya – motorcycle cab, which are not afraid of any traffic jams. These are ordinary motorcycles, where the passenger simply sits behind the driver.

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It is the most affordable type of cab, the cheapest and the most dangerous. There are motorcycle stands on every corner, even in non-touristy areas. You do not have to look for them for a long time, in addition, they drive through the streets and beep themselves if they see that a person is on foot.

Motorcycle cab

In general, in Pattaya (and in the whole of Thailand) is that if a foreigner is on foot, he just has not found a cab, and try to help him in every way. This is true, because Europeans and Americans are unaccustomed to the hot Thai climate and few of them walk. And Thais themselves prefer two-wheeled transport rather than their feet.

The cost of travel on a motorcycle cab depends on the distance and starts at 30 baht. However, for this money you can get only to the nearest store, located 1-2 kilometers away. The average price – 50 baht (eg, from the Pratamnak Hill to Big C on Sukhumvit).

There is no fixed fare, it depends mostly on your bargaining skills and the mood of the driver at the moment. For longer distances, say from Pratamnak Hill to North Street, the price can be 100 baht. If you ask for a ride to the bus station on the same street (and if you have a few bags in addition), the motorcycle cab driver may well sound the amount of 120-150 baht.

In general, this kind of transport is quite dangerous, so we do not advise you to use it with children, especially small ones. Better choose a tuk-tuk cab.

Air-conditioned cab

Air-conditioned cabs are the most comfortable way to get around the city. You can immediately recognize them by their blue-and-yellow color (see photo). Outwardly, they are our usual passenger cars. You can meet them near large shopping and entertainment centers. This type of cab has only recently appeared in Pattaya (unlike in Bangkok, where it is widespread), so there are not so many of them and they are quite rare.


They have meters and you pay only by it. There are unscrupulous drivers who do not include it and require a certain amount for the trip. In this case, you can tell them that you will find another cab – it usually makes cab drivers immediately turn on the meter.

For a trip outside the city, you can negotiate with the driver or order a transfer at any travel agency. For example, a cab from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok will cost from 1000 baht. For a relatively short distance (Nong Nuch, Khao Kheow Zoo, Blue Lagoon Beach) is cheaper to get on the Songteo.

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