Cape Tarkhankut and Dzhangul. Rest in Olenevka in the Crimea: 2022

8 reasons to go to Olenevka – from beaches to Extreme Crimea 2022

Olenevka village in the Crimea deserves a lot of raptures and epithets. They call it the “Crimean Maldives”, “a new Kazantip” (thanks to the Extreme Crime Festival), and the coast from the advertising “Bounty”. At least 80% of vacationers remain under the impression of white sand, bright blue sea and spacious coast. But there is a downside. The rest 20% see nothing extraordinary in Olenevka. Only steppe, sand and dangerous cliffs in the vicinity.


In this article we collected eight reasons to visit Olenevka 2022. But we did not ignore the disadvantages of local recreation. So, what camp to join – those who are delighted, or those who are left in perplexity – it is up to you to decide. However, go at least once before making a verdict, is still worth it.

Excursions to Tarkhankut.

Most tours to Tarkhankut are organized from Evpatoria. A 9-hour tour of the Western Crimea is an opportunity to see the coast Dzhangul, the cape itself and Bakalskaya Spit. There is a 12-hour tour “The fabulous Tarkhankut Peninsula” (Donuzlav, Belyaus Spit, Big Atlesh and viewing platforms).

Why go to Olenevka 2022

1. The beach

Coordinates: 45.367461, 32.515084

One reason why tourists go to Olenevka is the beach. There are actually several of them (Karadzha Bay, Extreme Crimea, etc.), although they represent almost a single line. The main advantages of beaches Olenevka – white sand and clear turquoise water. Because of this they are often compared to the Maldives.

White Pearl Beach, Olenevka

White Pearl in Olenevka Photo:

Sand beaches are quite rare in the Crimea. And in Olenevka there is also a wide coastline. So, even in high season, everyone finds a place.

  1. Beach Sunset . One of the best beaches Olenevka. Parking for cars, camping, toilets, free showers, cafes, tents, beach bungalows.
  2. Beach Extreme Crimea . Territory of the village, which is a youth festival. There is everything: from restaurants and an open-air cinema to sports equipment. And a full set of beach equipment.
  3. Karadzha Bay . The beach on the spit between the estuary and the sea. Equipped under the program “accessible environment”. Good for recreation with children.
  4. White Pearl Beach . Located just behind the beach pension “Sun Valley”. Perfectly equipped. Among other things, there is a volleyball court, you can rent a sup or a kayak. Toilet and shower are paid.
  5. Olenevka Village . This site at the homonymous campsite. Here you can meet boulders and algae. Although at 70-80% still consists of sand.

Olenevka beaches are ideal for family holidays (except Olenevka Village). Their main advantage is safe entry to the sea.

2. Western point of Crimea

Coordinates: 45.346916, 32.493694.

Olenevka is also worth visiting, because it is the westernmost settlement in the Crimea. It is the only village on the coast of Tarkhankut. The latter is famous for its picturesque views. But also has a harsh terrain and climate. Therefore, to inhabit it for centuries, people did not seek. Tarkhankutsky lighthouse rises in the western geographical point of the Crimea – it is 5 km from Olenevka.

3. lighthouse

Coordinates: 45.346950, 32.494265

Tarkhankutsky lighthouse, Crimea

The lighthouse is a symbol of Tarkhankut and Olenevka Photo: Laurie Photobank

Tarkhankutsky lighthouse is the most impressive structure on Cape Tarkhankut. In 2016 it turned 200 years old. During its long history it has experienced a lot. And the Crimean War, and the Great Patriotic War, and a major earthquake in 1927. There were the periods of prosperity (when the lighthouse was meticulously maintained) and decay (mainly after the collapse of the Soviet Union). Today the lighthouse is finally restored. Inside there is a museum of anchors.

Holidays in the Crimea in July 2022. Weather and prices

Its height is 40 meters. And the snow-white outlines are especially beautiful from the water. In addition, it is the westernmost point of the Crimea. And it would be cool if they began issuing certificates of visit here, as they do at Cape Rock.

Victor XX: “Be sure to take a boat trip to Olenevka, preferably individual, to the lighthouse and beyond. Yes, the price sucks, but the feeling is super. Us even freshly caught fish treated.”

4. Sculpture “The Thinker”

Coordinates: 45.340851, 32.522611

The Thinker Sculpture, Olenevka

The “Thinker” sculpture on Cape Tarkhankut Photo: Laurie Photobank

Not far from the lighthouse, on top of the White Cliff, since 2013, the art object “Thinker. The Heart of Tarkhankut. The sculptor from St. Petersburg was inspired by the local beauty. The composition symbolizes the unity of man and nature. And through the specially made hole the rays of pre-sunset sunlight fall into the center – this is the “heart” of the sculpture. The effect is impressive! Three-meter high “Thinker” managed to become a cult. And at the same time a symbol of Olenevka and the whole Tarkhankuta.

5. Extreme Crimea

Coordinates: 45.362230, 32.513773

Extreme Crimea summer festival has brought the popularity of Olenevka to a new level. In 2022 it will be held for the 10th time. The three-day musical marathon is scheduled from August 19 to 21. Participants: the band Chicherina, ST, Burito, Sergei Bobunets, Uma2rman, Dana Sokolova, band Total. Entrance to the event is free, but registration on the official website is required.

But Extreme Crimea has long gone beyond the main festival. Now it is a tourist park, beach, glamping and non-stop events:

  • 30.07 – “Pirate Station Circus”;
  • 8-14.08 – “Music Camp Up!Up!Up! Music.”
  • 08-13-14 – Music for Kids;
  • 15-21.08 – “Music Camp Sergei Bobuntz.

Olenevka in summer attracts not only families with children, but also young people. And to a large extent thanks to the Extreme Crimea festival. Naturally, in different periods, these groups have not always been easy to coexist with each other. The organization of the children’s music camp on the 13th and 14th of August, the participants of which will even be able to record their own song, is an attempt to unite the unbreakable.

Ekaterina Bystrova: “It is a good place for both adults and children. The program is different every day, there are youth bmx tournaments, parkour and others. Every night there is a movie on the big screen, like in a movie theater, but at the seaside)) Romance)”)

6. Jangul Coast

Coordinates: 45.430968, 32.516842

Dzhangul tract, Tarkhankut

Dzhangul – northern shore of Tarkhankut.

Dzhangul tract is located on the opposite side from the lighthouse. To the north of Olenevka (∼ 5-8 km). It is even more wild than Tarkhankutsky Nature Park. However, it is easier to get down to the coast there. Many people even swim and sunbathe there. But the main reason why you should go from Olenevka to Dzhangul – are stunning views. Especially in the spring, when the grass blooms.

7. “Sunny Beach.

Coordinates: 45.384519, 32.507472

Sculpture of a lion at the entrance to the estate Photo:

The only architectural attraction of Olenevka is the manor of General Popov. The building is in the spirit of Italian Renaissance and is in excellent condition. And since the Soviet times it has been a part of the sanatorium “Sunny Beach”. Thanks to the manor house the pension has a spacious park. Such a wealth can usually boast only resorts in the South Coast. And in the steppe Olenevka relict plants and trees are generally worth their weight in gold.

The Crimea or Sochi? Honestly compare where to relax.

8. Sailing, diving and kayaking

Coordinates: 45.381980, 32.509116

  1. Sea walks – excursion #1 . The coast of Tarkhankut is very picturesque from the sea. You can book a boat in Olenevka. It usually comes out cheaper than the Tarkhankutsky lighthouse or Bolshoi Atlesh.
  2. Tarkhankut – the center of diving in the Crimea . The minimum program – to see the “Alley of Chiefs” in the vicinity of Olenevka (at a depth of 13 m).
  3. Sup-surfing and kayaking in Olenevka . On a kayak or sapa with a paddle you can go to the lighthouse, the Bowl of Love or the “Thinker”.

Where to stay in Olenevka

Hotel fund Olenevka consists mainly of the private sector. These are guest houses, mini-hotels and wooden houses. Large hotel complex in the village of one – “Sunny Beach”, which told us about above. Below we’ve collected options with high ratings, where there are free rooms in the season 2022.

1. Sun Valley ***.

Address: 25, Eliseeva str.

Olenevka, Olenevka

The largest pension in Olenevka. With infrastructure, a full buffet, swimming pools, etc. “Sun Valley” also owns an estate of Popov, and a five-storey building from the Soviet Union, and new cottages. The pride of boarding house is a magnificent park. The beach is its own, well-equipped.

2. Mini-hotel Zamorem

Address: Eliseeva street, Olenevka

Hotel Zamorem, Olenevka

This is a complex of wooden houses in Olenevka village (the newest and recently repaired). The number of beds from two to four or five. Each cottage has a kitchenette with a set of appliances and utensils. The hotel has its own swimming pool with sea water. The nearest beach is Karadzha Bay.

Olenevka on the map of Crimea

Map shows top 5 best beaches in Olenevka.

Question – answer

Is it worthwhile to relax in Olenevka?

It’s worth it if the priority is a sandy beach and easy entrance to the water. Otherwise, in parallel with the popularity grow and prices in Olenevka. And you can not say that the service is so keep up with them. Besides there is nothing in the village, except for beaches and coastal restaurants. Even with roads not everything is smooth.

How much do the sun beds, awnings and bungalows cost on the beaches of Olenevka?

Sun beds ∼ 400 rubles, individual awnings ∼ 600-800 rubles. A beach bungalow with a mattress for a day will cost 2000 rubles in the 2022 season.

When is Extreme Crimea 2022?

The dates of the main show are August 19-21.

How to get to Olenevka?

You can get to Olenevka by public transport from Chornomorskiy (the bus runs three times a day) or from Evpatoria (twice a day). But since five trips a day for all is not enough, most often you go to Olenevka on their cars.

My Telegram – Krym Fest . I write about recreation and the situation in the Crimea. I live in Sevastopol and I share what is happening on the peninsula right now.

Tarkhankut, Dzhangul and Olenevka – the other side of the Crimea

Reviews about rest on the Tarkhankut

Cape Tarkhankut is a Maldivian beach and white dorset cliffs that transition into volcanic shores. Amazing place! Learn about recreation on Tarkhankut, how to get there, what the prices in Olenevka in 2022 and what to see.

I first learned about Cape Tarkhankut many years ago, when I was looking for interesting places in the Crimea. Then there was almost no information about it on the Internet – a couple of brief lines and a few photos. Tarkhankut, Dzhangul, Atlesh, Olenevka – places with such alluring names is impossible not to visit. And you know – the places are really fantastic!

    – hotels with flashback. – hotels with discounts. – private sector. – Our author’s guide to the Crimea. It costs 200 ₽, is installed on any smartphone and works without internet.
Holidays in the Crimea 2022: how to plan


Tarkhankut, Crimea

Tarkhankut is no less beautiful in cloudy weather.

How to get to Tarkhankut

Tarkhankut is both a cape and a peninsula. It is located in the most western point of Crimea. In the northeast of the peninsula there is Dzhangul landslide, and in the southeast – Bolshoy and Malyi Atlesh.

The easiest way to get to Tarkhankut is by car or by rented car. You must go as far as Olenevka village – most tourists live there. Someone stops in Chornomorske, but it’s still a long way from there.

If there is no car, go by bus. From Evpatoria three times a day by bus to Olenevka – at 10:15, 13:00 and 16:20. The morning bus leaves from Simferopol and arrives in Evpatoria. The ticket costs about 400 rubles. We bought tickets at the bus station in Evpatoria, but now you can and online on See the current schedule there, too.

The most convenient option for a day trip – tour . We buy them only on the site Tripster, because we do not trust the sellers on the streets. From Evpatoria, there are several individual tours to Tarkhankut with excellent reviews of tourists. It’s convenient – in one day you will be shown all the most interesting things.

Tarkhankut on the map of Crimea. Route to Olenevka from Simferopol

Prices for accommodation in Olenevka – 2022

If you want to see the sights of Tarkhankut you should consider staying in Olenevka. There are a lot of accommodation, cafes and stores, and the cape is close by. There are a few proposals in the village of Mayak. There are a lot of options in Chernomorskoye, but still a long way to the cape.

Private housing and hotels in Olenevka now a lot – it seems every second house is guest. You’d better book in advance on, and, or search on the spot. In the Crimea it is quite common to rent a house the old-fashioned way – the tables “Lodging by the sea” with the phone numbers are hanging everywhere. The hosts don’t like working with the booking systems, as they have to pay the commission. They hand out business cards and ask to call and book directly. That’s how sly they are.

The prices for hotels and private sector on Tarkhankut in 2022 are the same as in the whole Crimea: in high season a double room with a bathroom in a guest house costs from 1000 rubles per day, but more often – from 1300 rubles. Accommodation in a hotel with a pool – from 3000 rubles. And there was a time when we lived in Olenevka for 200 rubles in September! Now such prices do not exist in the past, the minimum price in the private sector in the low season – 800 rubles, in high season – 1500 rubles.

We lived in budget guest houses “Selena” and “Cactus” – we recommend! More good options in Olenevka: pension “Sun Valley”, complex “Smerekova Hata”, guest house “Aghidel” with a pool, a beautiful “Olvia” with a playground and a modern villa “Atlantic”.

Advice. If you’re going to the Crimea off-season, book accommodation with a free cancellation. After booking you will be given the number of the owner of the hotel. Call and ask if the hotel is ready to take you. In the Crimea, the owners of housing is a mess – it may be that the owner is even in the Ukraine, and has long forgotten that he put the ad on the site. We came across this twice.

Beautiful Crimea: 8 Reasons to Come

Only about 1500 people permanently live in the village, and in low season the owners of guest houses go away, so accommodation is not easy to find.

Olenevka, Crimea

Horses in the steppes near Olenevka.

Beaches Olenevka (Crimean Maldives).

Olenevka has only one beach – a sandy “Miami Beach”. It is located on a long spit between the estuary and the sea. The beach is cleaned in high season, its left side is landscaped. Sandy beach is a rarity in the Crimea, so on vacation in Olenevka many tourists come just for him.

When the sea is calm, “Miami Beach” becomes a paradise place – it’s just like the Crimean Maldives! We could not believe our eyes: the water is most transparent, the sand is light and calm. If there are waves, the idyll disappears. The beach is good for a holiday with small children, because the entrance is flat, and the sea is shallow.

We liked Miami Beach, it is spacious and beautiful. And what romantic sunsets there! But not everyone is delighted with it. Some tourists in reviews criticize the beach because of underdeveloped infrastructure, garbage, smell from the estuary and the invasion of jellyfish.

Yes, the infrastructure is still in its infancy and typical southern entertainment and callers is not, but for us it is a plus – it was so quiet on the beach, you can meditate. Odor during our vacation was not, garbage – too, but there are a lot of jellyfish.

On Tarkhankut still have beaches under the cliffs. There stay nudists and lovers of secluded wild leisure. But it’s not safe – the coast is washed away by the sea, and the beach can collapse.

There are wild pebble and rock beaches on Small Atlesh – near the Bowl of Love, behind it and in the Rotten Bay. Behind the Bowl there is a campsite.

That’s how we saw the beach “Miami Beach” in Olenevka for the first time in the calm before noon. Sunset on the beach “Miami” in Olenevka.

Food and stores in Olenevka

Catering . As everywhere else in Olenevka there are establishments of different levels. There is a dining room “Equator” and many cafes and restaurants: super-budget “Anna”, inexpensive “Seagull”, an expensive restaurant Olivia del Mar, cafe “Baracuda”, “Hutorok” and “Miami Club” (it is located on the beach).

We ate mainly in “Anna” where the prices were like in a canteen: chebureks 70-90 rubles, chicken chop – 150 rubles, mashed potatoes – 50 rubles, soups – 100 rubles, lagman – 150 rubles, mullet – 100 rubles, dumplings 10 pcs. – 80 rubles, drinks – 40-50 rubles. Also ate in “Chaika” – the prices are higher, but the preparation is tastier.

Stores . Usual rural grocery stores a lot, the assortment there is good. There are no supermarkets. Prices at Tarkhankut higher than in other Crimean cities: bananas – 100 rubles per kg, oranges – 120 rubles, juice – 80-120 rubles per 1 liter.

Big and Small Attlesh

Bolshoy and Malyi Atlesh are dazzling white precipices, undermined by water. They look like a birthday puff cake. They are beautiful arches and fragments of rocks in the turquoise sea, wild hard-to-reach beaches, natural amphitheaters in bays, grottos, underwater caves, the famous through channel in the cape and the popular tourist Love Bowl. Atlesh filmed scenes from the cult Soviet films “Pirates of the 20th Century” and “Amphibian Man.

The Crimea or Turkey: where to have a rest in 2022. Our review

The Bowl of Love in sunny weather is not impressive – just a natural pool surrounded by reefs. On cloudy weather with a rough sea presents a very different picture – it’s no longer a pop-up attraction with a sentimental and wispy legend, but a rugged coastline with an alien landscape, like somewhere in Scotland or Iceland.

Do not miss the snow-white lighthouse in the village of Mayak and the sunken dry cargo ship “Ibrahim-Yakim” nearby, as well as the unusual monument “The Thinker”, resembling a pagan menhir.

In inclement weather, the Love Bowl on Trakhankut resembles the shores of Iceland. Grounded dry cargo ship near the coast, Tarkhankut.


Dzhangul landslide coast is striking in its scale and wildness. From the coast you can see the landslides and rockslides, eventually covered with grass and trees. The landscape interestingly combines the idyllic with the harsh and chaotic. We didn’t encounter a single soul here!

The reserve is good for hiking – there are many paths along the cliffs (about 5 km). However, it is more convenient to come by car, as the size of the tract is huge – 100 hectares. There are a few bays and safe beaches, and from the water sadly looks out the remains of the sunken cargo ship “Sirius”.

Dzhangulskoe coast

Dzhangul landslide coast.

The underwater museum “Alley of Leaders”.

If you are a diver, you can visit the underwater museum “Alley of the leaders” on the Bolshoi Atlesh. The museum began with a bust of Lenin, and then added busts of Marx, Zinoviev, Stalin, Dzerzhinsky and others. Then they began to add monuments to figures of art. Busts in seaweed look unusual!


Rest in Olenevka is not so much beach, as active. The sea is considered the cleanest in the Crimea, there are comfortable places for diving and underwater reefs, so here come divers, sappersurfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers. The village has a school Wind Extreme Crimea – there you can learn and get a certificate and rent equipment.

There are also rentals for bikes and ATVs. Also you can go fishing, underwater hunting and take a boat ride.

Sea Tours in Tarkhankut

Is it worth taking a sea tour of Tarkhankut? Yes, we really enjoyed it! There are boat rides along the Atlesh and Dzhangul. They are expensive, but worth it, because the best view of the coast is from the sea.

We took a one-hour walk along Atlesh for 3000 rubles from Victor – he showed us the caves, grottoes, drove us through a tunnel and even showed us dolphins at our request!

Our friends took a boat trip with us along the coast of Tarkhankut. The steep shore of Tarkhankut – view from the sea during the boat ride.

Is it worth going to Tarkhankut?

While Tarkhankut is a secluded spot away from civilization. Not everyone knows about it and comes here. Olenevka has few tourists, poorly developed infrastructure, but that’s the whole charm. Perhaps in a few years the village will no longer be so secluded.

Who should go on holiday to Olenevka in 2022?

  • romantics and connoisseurs of nature
  • lovers of sandy beaches
  • athletes and fans of active sports
  • tourists who like solitude.

Photos of Tarkhankuta

White lighthouse in the village of Mayak. You can ride a bicycle or car on the steppes of the coast. You can ride a bicycle or a car along the steppes of the coast. You can often see horses on the outskirts of Olenevka.

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