Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba – 2022. Vacation reviews, beaches, tips

Cayo Santa Maria Hotel Reviews

They say in luxury hotels in the Caribbean Islands all regular visitors are known by sight and treated personally, but there is an exception to the personal treatment, in what cases, it is spelled out in the standards. Read more

The hotel is very well located, the rooms are excellent, and instead of the usual buffet service, you will be treated personally not only for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but round the clock. Professional waiters, excellent service. Read more

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, but service is good, professional waitresses, high class service, and the staff were on a business trip.Catering was good (don’t really know how they feed the real tourists).Rooms are great (fresh, good pillows, important to me, because I do not sleep very well). Read more

I stayed in this hotel very nicely. The service was impeccable and everyone was trying very hard. The food is delicious, avocado toast with shrimp and burger is excellent. for breakfast salmon with avocado and eggs Benedict is very good) clean rooms, cleaning in the morning. Read more

I was lucky enough to spend a heavenly vacation at the wonderful Royalton Santa Maria Hotel.Cuba is by far my favorite country. The Royalton of course was perfect for me. The Royalton of course. Read more

Were in Cuba for the first time. We were welcomed at the hotel with champagne and they checked us in quickly. Rooms are spacious, not very new furnishings, but all clean and functioning. The room looked out over the ocean. Most walkers at the hotel are Canadians. Read more

It was a dream once, a hundred years ago, I saw a television program about Cuba, where there were snow-white beaches, ocean, and a lot of local dance and music. We bought our tickets for November. Read more

I liked it very much in Cuba and we stayed in a wonderful all inclusive hotel, had a great time as they say! I would recommend this region, not the popsovy Varadero with the crowds of tourists. I would not recommend this place compared to Varadero with its tourist crowds. Read more

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The staff was very nice, mainly Spanish speaking. The staff was very helpful and spoke a lot of English, French, and Spanish. Read more

We stayed in the second half of March (15.03.20-23.03.20) as a family. It was our first trip to this region in general, so this review will be helpful for those who are also first time looking at this destination. Read more

We flew with Northwind Airline, fed once, but it was quite enough for us, on arrival immediately check in, everything goes fast. It’s a breeze from the airport)) about 1:30, not much in the way of the bus. Read more

In January 2020 I visited the Hotel Melia Cayo Santa Maria. It forms a single complex with the neighboring Hotel Melia Las Dunas. The grounds are beautifully manicured, you can see many exotic plants, which. Read more

We are independent tourists, we vacationed for 6 days in February 2020. We arrived on the Viazul bus from Trinidad at 3pm. We checked in at 4pm. The room is beautiful, in blue colors, building 8, 2nd floor, located. Read more

The beginning of our vacation at this hotel is detailed in my spouse’s review: Read more

After an almost endless flight a quick check-in is just a fairy tale. While we were checking in we brought watermelon juice. Then quick servants took us to the buildings. I got 3rd building and 2nd floor. Rooms. Read more

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New Year in Cuba. Cuba. The rebellious spirit of freedom, romance of the revolution, and the sea, beautiful beaches and hot sun. If you have decided to go here for the New Year holidays, it means you are an incorrigible romantic. Desperate and carefree.

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Cayo Santa Maria: Recreation tips

Tourist reviews of Cayo Santa Maria

Read tourist reviews about Cayo Santa Maria, one of Cuba’s most famous island resorts. How they evaluate the weather, beaches and sea, what they write about excursions. Pros and cons of vacationing in Cayo Santa Maria in 2022.

Check out: How to go to Cuba now – there you’ll find fresh tourist reviews, pandemic entry conditions, a list of available resorts and tour prices. See also the list of open countries. Below we talk about holidays in Cuba before the pandemic.


Weather reviews for Cayo Santa Maria

Thanks to the warm tropical climate, tourists come to the Cuban resort at any time of the year. In winter and summer, the air temperature is +27. +32 ° C, and the water in the ocean +25. +30°С.

According to feedback from tourists, the weather in Cayo Santa Maria is excellent from November to April, when there are 5-9 rainy days per month. From late spring to mid-autumn, there is more rainfall – 11 to 16 days per month. According to many, the wet season is not a reason to cancel a trip! The rains in Cuba are brief, and the moisture evaporates quickly. However, not everyone likes to vacation in the low season because of the heat, humidity and winds.

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Olya: “The sun is hellish, we poured all the creams on ourselves, and still even in the shade you can burn! Be careful in April.

Valeria: “In June, the weather is unstable, strong winds, there can be storms, the beach is drowning, you can not swim.

Reviews of vacations in Cayo Santa Maria

Tourists on the beach of Cayo Santa Maria. Photo:

Hotel reviews for Cayo Santa Maria

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The hotels are located along the beachfront in the northern part of the island resort. They all take guests on an all-inclusive system. In Cuba, it is good to vacation with children – the hotels have a children’s menu, mini-clubs, animation and babysitting services.

The hotels of Cayo Santa Maria have received good reviews from tourists:

Look for discounted hotels on Bookings. Here are the top hotel search rules.

Reviews of vacations in Cayo Santa Maria

Beach at Melia Las Duna Resort. Photo:

Reviews of the beaches and sea in Cayo Santa Maria

Magnificent sandy beaches are located near the hotel complexes – in the north of the resort. The beach areas of the hotels are separated from each other by mangroves and dunes. Rest on any of the beaches can be free. According to tourist reviews, the best beaches in Cayo Santa Maria are Sol Cayo Santa Maria, Melia Cayo Santa Maria, Barcelo, and Melia Las Dunas.

The shore is carefully cared for and all debris is removed. The bottom is cleaned of sea urchins, so it is safe to swim on the equipped beaches. Tourists like the fact that there are small crabs on the sand, dolphins swim to the shore, and pelicans fly overhead while swimming.

Holidays with children on the island is not quite comfortable! Going into the sea is gentle, the ocean is clean and warm, but the depth starts quickly, and near the shore are always small waves.

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alisa-fanka: “Santa Maria Beach has nice sand, fish swimming. A sea of beautiful seashells tossed ashore.”

Reviews of the beaches in Cayo Santa Maria

The beach at Cayo Santa Maria. Photo:

Cayo Santa Maria Island on a map of Cuba

Reviews of excursions to Cayo Santa Maria

The resort has built an entertainment village Pueblo La Estrella. Vacationers come here to buy souvenirs, have a good time in the restaurants and bars, have fun at the disco, play in the bowling club, relax in the spa and massage parlors.

During their vacation, tourists enjoy diving, snorkeling, surfing, fishing and watching shows at the dolphinarium. According to reviews, excursions to the small island of Cayo Ensenachos, trips to the towns of Santa Clara, Remedios and Caibarien are popular from Cayo Santa Maria.

shantaram1917: “We visited the dolphinarium during the catamaran excursion. We didn’t feel sorry for a single cookie spent. Everyone was happy with the interaction with the dolphins.”

Market in Cayo Santa Maria. Photo: Vacationers come here to buy souvenirs, have a good time in the restaurants and bars. Photo:

Pros and cons of vacationing in Cayo Santa Maria

All those who have come to Cayo Santa Maria in past years have left positive reviews and dream of returning to the island.

The pros of vacationing on Cayo Santa Maria in 2022, according to tourist reviews:

  • No visa required.
  • Clean Atlantic Ocean.
  • There are no cold currents. Water is always warm near the shore.
  • Gorgeous beaches with white coral sand.
  • Good hotels.
  • A high level of service.
  • Delicious cuisine.
  • Rich flora and fauna.

Elizabeth: “A lot of songbirds, wildlife, crab knocked on our room.

Cons :

  • Long flight from Russia.
  • Very active sun – easy to get burnt.
  • No water parks and amusement parks.
  • On wild beaches there are sea urchins.
  • In the evenings get mosquitoes.

TatianaS: “Be careful – very biting midges. Be sure to take something for allergies and mosquitoes.

When is the best time to rest in Cuba. Seasons and weather by month.

Reviews of Cayo Santa Maria

Holidaymakers under a canopy. Photo: HellAir /

Tips for vacationing in Cayo Santa Maria

The flight to Cuba takes 12 hours. Some airlines save money and cancel second meals. If one meal and drinks are not enough for you, take a snack with you.

Cayo Santa Maria is a small island in Cuba, which stretches for 13 km and is up to 2 km wide. Transfer from the airport by shuttle bus takes 1.5-2 hours. The bus goes through picturesque villages, so the way to the hotel is not boring.

The main road of Cayo Santa Maria is the Pedraplen Dam. It takes 2 CUC per car to drive along it. Sometimes vacationers are asked to show their hotel reservations. The other roads on the island are much worse, but scooters and jeeps can be used. Rent a scooter costs 31-32 CUC per day and a jeep – 55-70 CUC per 100 km.

Cashless payment is possible, but when paying by bank card the purchase costs 3% more.

Taisia: “In the hotel store and in the village you can buy cigarettes by the pack, but at the airport, in duty free only in cartons. At duty free, if you pay by card, the purchase must be at least 30 euros.

Reviews of vacations in Cayo Santa Maria

Seagulls on the beach. Photo:

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