Creepy Crimea: 7 Reasons Not to Rest

Creepy Crimea: 7 Reasons Not to Rest

Honestly tell us about the worst that awaits the tourist in the Crimea. Learn why holidays in the Crimea are bad and why they are contraindicated for many people.

We love the Crimea! We have been to the peninsula 4 times – we rested by ourselves and brought friends and relatives. But no matter how strong is our love and affection, we can not keep silent about its shortcomings. And the Crimea has a lot of flaws, and they are serious.

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Mentality of residents.

Grumpy grannies on buses, disgruntled sales clerks in stores, pushy vapors of excursions and photos with animals, suspicious guesthouse owners. General negligence, laziness, and piffilism. The motto of the Crimeans: “My house on the edge, I do not know anything”. Do you want to hear a lot about yourself? When you enter the bus stop and ask the driver how much fare, and the crowd of angry grannies will fall on you in their righteous anger – you just took two seconds to get on the bus.

Many locals are rude. They can not restrain negative emotions, react sharply to reasonable criticism, rude, and imagining that no one knows anything about themselves. They make remarks along the lines of “Why did you come here in the first place? Of course, there are exceptions – there are intelligent and nice, but in general, the impression is the same. Honestly, we have never met such disgruntled and annoyed people.


Rest in Crimea

Dangerous drivers

Impatient drivers who honk before the light turns green, driving blindly and universally violate the traffic rules. No one has ever heard of politeness on the road. They don’t like newcomers because they drive slowly and carefully along the serpentines.

“Parking like a king” – this is also about the local drivers. By the way, this is a disease in the South of Russia, and vacationers from Kuban are not behind the Crimeans. Perhaps there is no other way, because there is a huge parking lot problem.

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Rest in Crimea

Service? No, you haven’t!

The word “service” has been recently learned in the Crimea. If you are spoiled by Turkish hospitality and animation, you will have a hard time.

Livadia Palace

In resorts used to live at the expense of tourists and operate on the principle of “good enough,” because the unpretentious tourist will agree to any shack and will tolerate any inconvenience, once arrived in such a distance. And it does not occur to them to take care of their reputation and to get a loyal customer. This applies to everything: hotels, restaurants, tours, cabs, museums.

They are not friendly with the Internet on the peninsula either. In general, the business in the Crimean is something incredible.

Rest in Crimea

Rest in Crimea

Rest in Crimea

Pay more and get less.

There is no competition in the Crimea, so the prices in the season is exorbitant, and service – well, you have already read what it is. Not the fact that the expensive hotel will match the declared stars, and the excursion for 2000 rubles per person – interesting.

Alas, it is unlikely that the quality will improve in the near future. What to do? Come to the Crimea without inflated expectations, or do not come at all, if you are not ready to sacrifice comfort and money for the sake of nature.

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The contingent

Holidaymakers is a separate sore subject of the Crimea. They are noisy, dissatisfied and do not know how to relax. Even on vacation they fuss and are nervous.

In general, many Russians have no idea about cultural recreation, but in the Crimea this is most evident. Once I watched with horror as a man came to a quiet and meditative Sunny glade on a massif of Demerdzhi with a barbecue, raw meat and a portable bluetooth speaker, from which was shouting pops.

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Why not relax in the Crimea

Scary self-buildings and ruin.

Have you seen what’s behind the facade of Yalta’s beautiful embankment? Have you ever walked along the streets of Alushta? Sudak is nothing but guest houses and hotels. In the cities there is no uniform style, all building at random and stick ugly advertising (that’s a free range for criticism Varlamov!). This is a wild mixture of scandals, the 90s and noughties. This makes the hair on my head stand on end!

Some ancient buildings and streets remained in Sevastopol, Evpatoria, Bakhchisarai, Kerch, Feodosia, Yalta, but basically all in a sad condition.

Somewhere there are beautiful buildings from the Soviet era, which are still in operation. They organically fit in and even give color. But most are in shambles. Broken glass, rusted fixtures, ruined and abandoned buildings.

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On the beaches – rusty fittings, crumbling concrete sheds, half-destroyed breakwaters. Often rebar or something concrete sticking out of the water. There are no lifeguards. What kind of safety are we talking about?

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Rest in Crimea

Rest in Crimea

Rest in Crimea

Souvenir game

Souvenir markets are the scourge of the Russian south, and the Crimea did not escape this fate. I hate them with all my soul! Chinese trinkets, obscene inscriptions on T-shirts, sailor’s jackets, captain’s caps, and magnets haunt my nightmares.

Rest in Crimea

Varlamov: 10 reasons why I hate the Crimea

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Why lie so much about little things? Rest in the Crimea for at least five months, not two months. The food is good and cheap. If for you the absence of McDonald’s is a disaster, I will advise you Crimean chebureks! Amazing dish. Full of transport and city and cabs on every corner and sea rockets. I took the money on my cards. Not everywhere, but enough machines. Megaphone works. Lovely people very hospitable. The waiters are as good as the Turkish ones. I am from St. Petersburg and I travelled all over the world and can compare. There are plenty of boorish people in service everywhere. Especially in France, especially if you don’t speak French. In principle I can write much more, but I understand that you have other tasks in the coverage of rest in the Crimea.

7 good reasons not to go to the Crimea

New light Crimea

In Soviet times, the Crimea was one of the few resorts available to anyone. Then the peninsula became a health resort for families with children, people who could not travel abroad. After the Crimea became ours, the flow of holidaymakers increased dramatically. But the wave of patriotism recedes, and with it the number of families who want to spend a vacation in the conditions offered by the resort decreases. More and more often, people are disappointed and dissuade others from going. The reasons why you should not go to the Crimea are related to the discomfort that vacationers begin to experience from the first minutes of their stay in the peninsula.

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Transportation and roads


With the opening of the bridge over the Kerch Strait, it has become easier to get to the peninsula by car. But all the huge flow of cars, after leaving the new bridge, ends up on roads that were built many years ago and were not designed for heavy traffic. Construction of new sections, interchanges, reconstruction of old roads improve the situation only in the suburbs and between settlements. The layout of the main resort towns does not allow widening the streets for multi-lane traffic.

Local drivers are impatient, irritable. They honk their horns at people in front of them even before the traffic lights turn on. Widespread violations of traffic rules, reckless driving on serpentines have become the norm.

Lack of parking, constant traffic jams do not add to the convenience of traveling by car or taking public transportation.

Widespread pollution

dirty sea

Tourists used to cleanliness of foreign resorts usually get a shock from mountains of garbage in the streets, dirty beaches, the sea with sticking out reinforcements. A delicate detail – very few free toilets, some tourists use for natural needs of the sea, the nearest bushes, dark alleys.

Separately we should pay attention to the sound pollution. From numerous bars, stores from early morning till late evening a variety of music and vocal advertising pours out. In sanatoriums and rest homes from early morning excursions are offered through a loudspeaker.

Not being able to walk quietly along a clean promenade or park, listening to the sounds of nature and admiring the southern stars, becomes another disappointment.

Self-constructed and ruined buildings


In the resorts of the Crimea every corner of the land where you can make money is built up. The cities are drowning in self-buildings, barns, outbuildings in the private sector, and spontaneous markets. It is difficult to define a single style of building in the settlements. Ugly advertising overshadows the charming old buildings, unique architectural views.

Behind the facades of the beautiful buildings on the waterfront, you can find houses that have long been unrepaired, ruined or abandoned. Narrow old spa streets, winding along the slopes of the mountains, are in a sad state.

The prospect of the evening bridge on the sea embankment among the endless market, offering obscure souvenirs and goods, does not please all tourists.

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Service in the Crimean way


Real tourist service in the Crimea was not and does not exist. If before the unpretentious vacationers easy to put up with it, but now the tourists, spoiled by Turkish and Egyptian hospitality, have hard time. Particularly affected by this fact residents of large cities. They are used to the fact that the service personnel are polite and neat, and the customer is always right.

Often there are situations when no one welcomes hotel guests, there are no long-accustomed slippers and shower sets in the rooms. Employees of sanatoriums, stores, cafes do not smile and do not say hello.

At a canteen they can forget about a basic laying of the table or bring a cold meal. To the expressed complaints about the quality of food in the best case they do not answer. Instead of a uniformed waiter, some incomprehensible person may come out to the visitors.

Of the presence of these little things is the overall level of service of any resort. And service in the Crimean style makes rest nervous and uncomfortable.

Unobjectively overpriced.


The lack of real competition allows you to jack up prices on everything. Do not hope that the services provided will match their cost. An expensive hotel may turn out to be an ordinary hotel with unfinished repairs. Excursion costs 2 thousand rubles per person turns out to be a story about the other excursions, occasionally diluted with a recitation of all the known facts.

The prices in restaurants, cafe are more expensive, than in capital cities. Cab services are realistic to use only if necessary – to lay out some thousand rubles for a ride to fifty kilometers it seems illogical even to the well-to-do person. Moreover, cab drivers do not hide their intentions: “I have loans, I need to feed my family. It’s a paradox, but the laws of economics do not work in the Crimea – when there are no clients, the private business owners raise their prices even more.

Expectations of receiving quality services for the money spent are not met. To feel like a machine for giving out money does not like anyone.

Expensive fruits and vegetables


The quality of Crimean products for a long time will be remembered by everyone who at least once tried them. Crimean peaches, cherries, strawberries, grapes, fleshy tomatoes – the list of useful fruits and vegetables can go on for a long time. But alas, their prices are higher than in the northern cities of the country.

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The same sad trend is observed with dairy and meat products, juices, world-famous wines and cognacs.

People’s choice is obvious and not in favor of Crimea: it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on food. Tasty fruits and vegetables can be found for less money in other resort areas, with bonuses in the form of normal service and order.

The mass of people with zero infrastructure

crowded beach

For any resort, a large influx of tourists is a blessing, because the financial well-being of the local population depends directly on the amount of money left by these tourists on vacation. But unfortunately, Crimea is out of that equation. It is not ready for a large number of tourists. Soviet-era boarding houses and sanatoriums are physically unable to provide proper recreation to everyone who wants it. The quality of hotels, guest houses leaves much to be desired. Representatives of private businesses are aggressive towards tourists. The phrase “come and go here”, sounding from the mouths of people whose salary depends on them, the newcomers, is considered common.

On the famous beaches are very crowded, there are few toilets, showers, changing rooms. The approaches to the sea are blocked by various buildings. The sewage system of the new buildings are joined to the existing systems, which require major repairs.

To lie on a beach among a crowd, to try to find in the sea a place free from people, to have a snack with boiled corn and churchella, bought for the huge money, – doubtful pleasure for the person dreaming about quiet rest.

We would like to believe that the Crimea will regain its reputation as the country’s main health resort, and that it will once again be a popular and favorite vacation spot for Russians. But in the next few years is unlikely to improve the quality of tourist services dramatically. Therefore, the Crimea is becoming a holiday destination for those who are ready to sacrifice comfort, convenience, money for the sake of the opportunity to visit a unique historical place and admire the southern nature.

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